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Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Kenzo / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      18.04.2010 12:12
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      Not my cup of tea but other people may like it

      Kenzo perfume

      I received this as a little present from my little sister for me getting an A in my a level psychology exam! and first of all I love the bottle it is so quirky and different and it looks quite cool on my dressing table thing. it reminds me of Afflecks in town (Manchester) as it is really quirky and different like afflecks. (I just have to say afflecks is one of the most amazing places in the world and its also where I got my nose pierced). Anyway but to the review, I love the cute little elephant on the lid of the bottle it is so cute.

      The perfume I have is the womens 5ml travel version and it is not a clear liquid it is like a yellow musty kind of colour, but it does not stain my white tops. It contains the ingredients mandarin (small asian fruit), Cardamon (spicy seeds that I use it curries) and Ylang - ylang (a flower with fragrant essential oils). I think that this prefume is quite nice but personally it is a bit too 'oriental', it has a woody, earthy smell to it which is a bit similar to my dads aftershave. Which is ok for guys but for women not so much.

      In my opinion it is ok if you like your oriental, woody, earthy perfumes but I like more floral sweeter lighter perfumes. A really nice bottle and some people would like this, but not me.


      *Really quirky, cute bottle
      *Oriental, woody, earthy scent which is not for me
      *Comes in a mini 5ml bottle as part of the kenzo miniature set and on its own
      *Pale yellow colour
      *Quite string and the fragrance lasts all day
      *Kenzo is a really good high quality brand
      *You can buy it from the perfume emporium online for £39.95 for 50ml and £43.95 for 100ml but for me that it too expensive and I don't particularly like the scent
      *It can also be bought from Amazon

      Thank you for reading my review


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        01.01.2010 21:18
        Very helpful



        A uniqe and heady decoction of ylang and amber.

        Launched: 1996
        Group: Spicy oriental

        ~ INTRODUCTION ~

        Kenzo Jungle Elephant arrived last spring in a miniature box inside a lot of miniature perfumes I bought for testing / resell. I was already familiar with the descriptions and that it was a radically different scent from the more known Eau de Kenzo or Fleur line. Funny how design houses make one or two groundbreaking creations at their beginning such as Elephant, then quickly turn to mass producing watery colognes to stay in the market possibly.

        ~ THE PACKAGING ~

        The outer packaging itself isn't too inspiring being a two-tone yellow and white carton with a recurring vegetal / floral motive which in Elephant's case is purple. Consequently, the distinguishing feature is the bottle itself. A lovely, thin and transparent rectangle body with an (aluminium) Elephant figurine sitting on top. Attention, it's not easy to prise off the elephant cap off the miniature, but boy it's worth it.

        ~ THE FRAGRANCE ~

        Top notes: mandarin, clove, cardamome

        A drop of Elephant on my wrist and my nose is hit with a spicy and fresh accord of citruses and flowers only to be gone in literally seconds and be replaced by a strong, almost overpowering ylang-ylang. You have to be brave though and stand it and not wash it off, it's that strong. It took me a few applications just to get myself used to the scent until I could wear it comfortably. Do not expect the top notes to linger, a drop (the equivalent of 2 - 3 sprays) will lead you straight into the thick of it!

        Middle notes: caraway, mango, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, licorice

        A few minutes later Elephant smells of a the heady cocktail of sweet, syrupy fruit, deep floral notes and a more and more apparent amber note that anchors the composition and gears it towards animalic territory. This is the effect amber can have sometimes when mixed with strong, exotic floral notes like jasmine, lily or gardenia. It isn't too animalistic though as a wave of warm and gourmand (but not food-like!) vanilla is weaving its way across the notes. I cannot discern any spices being the amber so prevalent. This phase gradually gets warmer and warmer until losing its intensity in about six hours. It's also the phase where you get most of the sillage that people will comment on around you.

        Base notes: amber, patchouli, vanilla

        If you've even been to a greenhouse of tropical flowers full in boom on a sunny day, this is the impression you'd get. Intoxicating, syrupy sweet floral smell mixed with warm, wet earth and that slightly dirty, rotting vegetable smell. Or is it the freshly deposited dung? The longer I wear this scent, the warmer and more animalistic it becomes as it reacts with my skin's natural oils.

        There's a marked honey-vanilla infused woody-ambery note that I would describe as a 'steamy' note here that must be coming from the combination of patchouli and amber. This may put some people off but if you made it so far, you're more than likely, like me to have already fallen in love with this rich, mature, real and sensual potion. If we took away this slightly dirty accord, we'd lose the essense of Elephant anyway so let's just be and continue to enjoy its presence. The presence which does slowly fade away into a gentle, ylang-ylang-woody-vanilla and can be clearly detected on the skin after about 20 hours and a shower in between.


        Coming so quickly to the heart notes right after application is due to the high concentration of oils in the fragrance. I would even say it has the equivalence of a pure perfume rather than an eau de parfum. I wore it to new year's eve and it stood the dance test well. It even surprised me as I couldn't help thinking it even became more intense with my moving about as time went on.

        To sum up, Jungle took its time to seduce me (when I put it on for the first time I was repulsed by it) and has been sitting on my shelves since last spring.

        Waiting for winter to come was a good thing as I turn to creamier, heavier and stronger perfumes to wear this time of the year. Jungle Elephant is an absolute gem and I haven't come across anything remotely similar in its genre.

        Recommended to ladies who like heady orientals with a heavy ambery base (and for men to enjoy so as a gift) for big nights out and ideally in winter.


        Readily available in perfume outlets or online for a standard price in its category meaning around 30£ for 30ml, £40 for 50ml and £50 / 100ml Eau de Parfum. Quality and longevity wise it's absolutely worth it.

        Thanks for reading.

        ©powered by lillybee also posted on ciao.co.uk


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      • Product Details

        Kenzo Jungle will bring out the animal in you. Unleash yourself with this sensual fragrance. This exotic fragrance is great for office and evening wear.

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