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Kenzo L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo

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2 Reviews

Brand: Kenzo / Gender: for men

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    2 Reviews
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      27.06.2011 09:57
      Very helpful




      The wife bought me this for last Christmas. I was running out of Aftershave and to be honest I don't stick to a certain one. The ones I like are more Woody scented smells but I do like Aqua ones as well. I don't tend to spend a lot of money on an Aftershave, but then again since I tend to get lots of products like this for presents then I don't tend to have to buy my own anyway which is good.

      I think 1 of the reasons the wife bought me this is that she quite likes Kenzo scents herself, and I think when she bought this for me down the high street there was a bit of an offer on at the time.

      The bottle looks alright. It is quite a chunky glass bottle which is a thick glass bottle. I think it looks quite crisp with the clear glass and the dark blue bit at the bottom which fades a bit to a lighter blue.

      The scent in here is a mixture of a few different notes. These are Lime, Coriander, Vetiver and Cedarwood. I had to look up online to see what notes were in here as I don't know by scent anyway. This smelt a bit different than the usual Forest wood and Pine kind of scents that I usually use. It was a nice enough scent and I would say that the Cedarwood smell was pretty noticible. I think the fresh scent I could smell was the Lime but I was expecting that if this was Lime then it would smell bright and Sour, which it didn't really.

      After looking online I see that this comes in a 50ml bottle which is anything upwards of £28, and the 100ml which is upwards of £34. So quite an average price for a main brand.

      This is a nice scent and I am still using it now. It smells different than a lto of other ones that I use and if you feel like trying a new Aftershave then this could be worth a try.


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      03.08.2010 17:39
      Very helpful



      A light and quite linear woody aromatic bordering on unisex cologne

      Launched: 2009
      Group: Woody Aromatic


      I mainly test and review fragrances for women however I like a change so I was quite pleased to see my boyfriend handing me a couple of vials he was given whilst shopping in town.


      Eau Indigo is the spinoff of sibling fragrance L'Eau par Kenzo launched in 1999 and comes in the same tall, chunky rectangular bottle with a curve on the side as its predecessor. The only difference is Eau Indigo's slightly darker hue of blue. L'Eau par Kenzo and L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo also exists in a ladies version.


      Top notes: lime

      After the first spray, Eau Indigo comes forth with a burst of sparkling, freshly-squeezed, bittersweet lime that has a greenish understone which reminded me of the opening accord of unisex eau de toilette Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil. The note was fresh, invigorating and quite realistic in feel. It was on its own until a few minutes before other notes started joining in.

      Middle notes: coriander

      A few minutes later a smoky note emerged which I didn't identify as coriander and I know a coriander when I see one, but rather as vetiver coming from the base notes. The smoky aroma wasn't dominant, it had an aromatic, herby edge that deepened the composition and added a slight masculine touch to the scent. It still managed to stay quite unisex and now distinctly reminded me of Bulgari's unisex cologne The Rouge. The overall heart was a citrusy-aromatic blend, now more bitter than sweet and with a distinct, lightly smoked tea aroma. The structure was light, airy, didn't project very well and lasted for 2 - 3 hours on my skin.

      Base notes: cedarwood, vetiver

      It took about a good three hours for the smoky undertones to actually develop into an earthy and woody base. The accord still retained some freshness from the previous phases, it wasn't at all the heavy, oily, overpowering vetiver you'll find in classic colognes and your grandpa might have worn in the seventies. The original citrus note that remained was laced with a grainy, spicy edge giving it an al-together aromatic feel that stopped it from becoming too linear.

      The woods were subtle and soft here and I'd almost say weak, without much of an interest, as they blended in with the still present freshness coming from the citrus. I also detected a hint of creaminess like that of sandalwood or musk which might have come from the fixatives. This pinch of aromatic feel just saved it from being ordinary. The base notes lasted for about 2 hours before completely fading giving an average staying power of 5 - 6 hours to the eau de toilette.

      ~ CONCLUSION ~

      Eau Indigo is a nice enough cologne when you want to have something simple, light and uncompli-cated however it isn't as sophisticated and complex as a Bulgari or Hermes cologne would be. It seems to stay on the skin for a fair amount of time of an eau de toilette but its lack of projection (the sign of low concentration of aromas) made me question the point of wearing it at all.

      Overall, the fragrance is linear, kind of aquatic and belongs to the likes of Issey Miyake but clearer, fresher and with an aromatic touch instead of being a straight aquatic. I would call this a shy fragrance that doesn't dare to express itself. It has a unisex feel and this is a continuing trend from Kenzo so fans of earlier offerings will not be surprised about not getting a full-blown power fragrance here, it's all watered down nicely so as not to offend anyone or raise the question: 'What smells so good on you?' as others will barely notice it.

      Boyfriend's verdict: too thin, cologne-y. But he likes his fragrance full-bodied, masculine as well as sophisticated like Fahrenheit or Rykiel Homme which are anything but this gentle, bordering on unisex and watery number. If you want to blend in, wear Eau Indigo otherwise, I suggest you go for more masculine and full of character Bulgari or Hermes offerings.


      Can be found at department stores, perfume shops for about £34 / 50ml Eau de Toilette or £36 / 100ml Eau de Toilette on Ebay.

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on ciao.co.uk


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