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L'Artisan Eau de Parfum Poivre Piquant Eau de Toilette

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Brand: L'Artisan Perfume / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2010 08:14
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      This is definitely among the best perfumes I ever used. I have a penchant for crisp spicy fragrances- and this perfume really does blend everything that I like: Elegance, subtlety, spiciness and freshness. I purchased this in L'Artisan Shop in Paris and I have to say that for once, I had didn't have my customary hard time in selecting the perfume. This one definitely won over me with its very exotic fragrance and freshness. I usually go for more subtle tones but there was nothing subtle about this one: If perfumes had their own strength of characters, I would say that Poivre Piquant would be among the strongest out there! For those who are familiar with Indra (yet another one of my favorite perfumes), I would say that Poive Piquant bears some resemblance to Indra- but it's just more spicy and exuberant and certainly more original. The one downside is that it tends to irritate my skin so I wear it over my clothes, and thankfully, it never ever leaves any stain. I would say that this perfume definitely conveys a sense of mystery, elegance and a subtle hint of sexiness.

      The bottle is similar to other Artisan bottles: Tall, and rather rectangular with a large, flat gold/copper cap. It's transparent and you can easily spot the pale yellowish liquid inside. What I found quite funny was how the perfume looks weak and rather watery in the bottle but it's definitely one of the spiciest scents around. Therefore, I think it's safe to say that the bottle is certainly not an accurate reflection of the fragrance. The firm, solid shape, however, makes it easy to hold and easy to use. It also caps/uncaps very smoothly- something which I genuinely appreciate, especially when I'm in a hurry.

      I have to say that I was extremely pleased at the very first spray. It certainly didn't stink of pepper, like the title suggests, but it was rather an amazing blend of sugar and spice which really does titillate the senses! The dominant scent was definitely a sort of milkfish-peppery smell, topped with something sweet and slightly musky. After the initial scent fades off, something a little more earthly is revealed, maybe a touch of jasmine and most definitely honey. I also recognized some whiffs of sandalwood, but I might have been mistaken on that since the box doesn't include sandalwood on the list of fragrances included in the perfume. However, the sweetness was amazingly present despite the powerful spiciness of the perfume. What truly pleased me, however, was the way in which the perfume managed to remain quite light and refreshing: I certainly expected something heavier and more overpowering, considering the strong spicy scent but I guess that the honey scent masked the heaviness a bit- which is a good thing since am not overly fond of heavy perfumes. In fact, according to the Artisan website, the blend of sugar and spice in this perfume is supposed to be reminiscent of the Indian wedding tradition of mingling sugar and pepper to make life sweet and passionate. I have no idea if that claim is true but I can definitely vouch for the fact that there's something really, really original about the scent- I personally never came across a perfume which could bring to mind both sweetness and blazing spiciness before. Also, I really liked the simplicity of the scent- it smelled spicy, honeyish and slightly musky, nothing more. There were no additional flowery or fruity smells. I would say that after a couple of hours, the spicy smell lightens a bit to reveal a crisper note.

      Like I mentioned above, the staying power is excellent. I can definitely smell it on my clothes the following day. To top it all, I usually have the tendency to spray a huge cloud of perfume in the air and step into it so that it clings to my hair and clothes and believe it or not- this even leaves my bedroom smelling absolutely divine. I would consider this perfume to be both appropriate for day wear as well as evening- but I would personally wear it in lighter doses during the day, especially on hot, sunny days. But this is definitely the perfect fragrance for an elegant evening occasion. However, if you've got sensitive skin, avoid spraying this directly on your skin- I prefer applying it to my clothes since it tends to burn my skin a bit. According to their website, the complete lists of ingredients would be pink peppercorn, white pepper, milk and honey. Except for the milk & honey bits, I would say that the other ingredients are not at all sensitive skin friendly but it thankfully doesn't stain my clothes- therefore not a real drawback.

      Overall, I would most definitely recommend this perfume if you are in the mood for something sweet and spicy. It really does smell of pepper, although it's (thankfully) perfectly masked by the scent of honey and therefore keeps you from smelling like a kitchen. The scent is not at all subtle but it's not overpowering either and the amazing lightness of it keeps you feeling crisp and refreshed. You can buy it from the Artisan website:

      The price is £65 for a 500ml bottle. I know it's not that cheap but if you want to indulge, believe me when I say that this perfume is definitely worth every penny!

      ~Thanks for reading~


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    • Product Details

      Strong notes of white pepper, slight bitterness of liquorice and velvety softness of milk and honey

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