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L'Occitane Cedar Eau de Parfum

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Brand: L'Occitane / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Eau de Parfum

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2012 23:01
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      A great masculine scent that last well and reminds you of country walks and forest trips

      This is a fragrance I bought in December last year as part of my husband's birthday present. It is a wonderful scent.

      About L'Occitane
      For those of you unfamiliar with this brand L'Occitane is a French company with its roots in the Province region. They try to use natural ingredients within their products and try where possible to also use organic products if possible. They try to keep to a minimum artificial preservatives and silicones within their goods. If you want to know more about them they have a very good website http://uk.loccitane.com. Within the UK they sell their goods either over the internet, in a few L'Occitane boutiques up and down the country and some of their goods are available via QVC

      The packaging
      The box this scent came in was a lovely rich green cardboard box embossed with gold. There is a nice touch of the label also being in braille. The bottle inside is a beautifully square shaped glass bottle the edges of the bottle are all curves giving the bottle a very tactile feel. There is embossed on the top of the bottle on each of the four sides is a letter with an N north S for south etc. The bottle has an atomiser for spraying the scent. The spray mechanism is excellent and performs very well giving a small soft diffusion, in a precise way. The top of the bottle is actually a gold metallic top that has a stylised sun compass on it and it provides a very good fit and keeps on even in a travel bag.

      The fragrance
      L'Occitane markets this as part of their Voyage en Mediterranean range and coming from the Atlas region of Morocco. Now never having been there I can't really comment on how accurate they have pitch the scent to the smell of the area but to me it does certainly smell of woody glades and fresh air from the mountains and hills.

      Top notes: Grapefruit and wood sap

      The first notes that come through are the sharp citrus notes of the grapefruit and give a wonderful fresh zingy smell. My husband loves this zingy after a shave as he finds it helps close his pores and leaves his skin feel lovely and fresh. The woody sap notes follow on from this after a couple of minutes and give a lovely earthy scent to the mixture that stops you smelling like shower gel and adds a more masculine note to the nose.

      Middle notes: cumin and tobacco leaves

      The middle notes we both find get a bit lost really with the woody sap of the top notes and the base notes of the rich cedar wood fragrance later on. The spiciness that we were expecting from the cumin is very soft and rather than it being reminiscent of the jar of spices is more like a garden scent from growing the spice that reminds my husband of some of our National Trust visits to herb and aromatherapy gardens.

      Base notes: Cedar and Tonka bean

      The cedar of the base notes is a lovely strong presence in the fragrance and comes through in gradual soft waves. You can almost smell woods and forests with mossy grass underneath as you walk through them when they come in. The smell conjures up wonderful images in your mind and if you like the outdoors and walking in hills forests then this is a scent for you as these are smells that it is reminiscent of. The woody notes also have a slight hint spice with the Tonka bean and this gives it a great outdoors type of smell of fresh air and country walks especially in the autumn with leaves and crisp days of late sun warming the ground.

      This is a wonderful invigorating scent that reminds both my husband and I of country walks and walking though herb gardens. The smell is very warm and masculine and though this is marketed as a unisex fragrance I personally think it is a scent for men rather than women because of spicy woody notes that are so earthy. The scent lingers well and it is certainly still noticeable on my husband at the end of the day as much as it was in the morning which is great for longevity. My husband loves this fragrance as he likes the woody notes and the images it conjures up. It is also a fragrance that people have commented on and asked him about what it is, I think this is the sign of a great fragrance if people like it so much. The fragrance I think is suitable for both day and evening wear and though it last well it is not an over powering scent that leaves others gasping for breath when they smell you, instead it leaves them with nice notes of woody spice with a freshness that makes it invigorating to wear.

      Availability and price
      Available on line and from L'Occitane shops it is £53 for a 75ml bottle so is certainly not a cheap buy however it last well and a little of the fragrance goes a long way.


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