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La Prairie Silver Rain Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: La Prairie / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      03.07.2012 20:53
      Very helpful



      something a little bit different

      La Prairie originated in Switzerland. The company specialise is producing top quality (and eyewateringly expensive) skin care products! They also have a fragrance range which includes scents such as 'Midnight Rain' and 'Life Threads'.

      *~Silver Rain~*

      'An extravagant fragrance that hides its secret sensuality behind a cool silvery facade'.

      Silver Rain has been created using the finest and most expensive herbs, flowers and essential oils from various parts of the world. La Prairie describe it as being 'seductive and provocative' but also 'elegant and enduring'.

      La Prairie is presented in eau de parfum for the ultimate staying power. Complimenting products in this fragrance collection can also be purchased. The Silver Rain fragrance can be layered thanks to the release of a shower gel and a perfumed body cream.

      La Prairie have created Silver Rain using three sets of fragrance notes which develop on the skin. Silver Rain is part of the floral/oriental fragrance families.

      *'The Embracement' - the top notes of Silver Rain bring together various fruit notes including crisp green apple and blackberry. These fruit notes are blended with coriander and anise. Bergamot and lemon verbena also feature.

      *'The Captivation' - the heart of Silver Rain takes a floral twist by offering red rose, magnolia and a white floral composition with a touch of plum.

      *'The Seduction' - Silver Rain finishes with an intoxicating blend of musk, rich woods and rare spices including red sandalwood and patchouli.


      A simple yet stylish bottle holds this stunning fragrance. The bottle is, as you would expect, silver and adopts a tear drop appearance with a rounded base which allows the bottle to sit neatly on any surface. I love the design of the bottle. I own a miniature which is identical to the full size bottle in terms of design. It made be plainly designed but it looks attractive on any dressing table. The bottle is robust and has a high quality finish.

      *~Price and Availability~*

      Silver Rain is available in 30ml, 50ml and purse spray sets. Stockists include John Lewis, Harrods and www.escentual.com. Expect to pay £64.00 for a 30ml and £94 for 50ml. Purse sets include the bottle and 3 x 7.5ml sprays for around £68.00. The body cream is £100.00 (!) for 200ml and the shower gel will set you back £64.00 for a 200ml bottle!

      *~My Thoughts~*

      I love my fragrances and always get excited at the thought of adding a new bottle to my collection. I have previously reviewed 'Life Threads Silver' by La Prairie and liked it but if you want something a bit more special and unique, then you should check out the Silver Rain and Midnight Rain fragrances.

      I was introduced to Silver Rain by my sister and absolutely love it. I have a miniature which takes pride of place in my miniature collection of fragrances. It is definitely the most expensive I own and therefore I use it sparingly and only occasionally. It is far too special to use on a daily basis given the high cost.

      *~Raindrops of Pleasure..~*

      A tiny drop (or spray) of Silver Rain is all that is required for long lasting, perfect scent. Silver Rain will not appeal to all and is definitely an acquired scent in my opinion. It offers unique fragrance notes which compliment each other well and create a scent like no other.

      The opening scent of Silver Rain is quite heavy at first but never overpowering. The main top notes are the apple and lemon verbena which blend together to form a crisp, fresh and sweet aroma with a hint of bitterness running through it. This stunning blend is quickly mingled with the anise and coriander which offer a warm, delicate spicy blend. Whilst the top notes were noticeable on my skin, I could always witness a slight medicinal, herb like undertone which emphasised the 'unique' stance of Silver Rain.

      A subtle sweetness from the top notes remained on my skin as the heart of Silver Rain graced my senses with its presence. The floral fragrance notes come into play and have been well selected to form an unusual, layered heart composition. My nose detects a deep, hearty rose aroma which is warm and inviting rather than fresh and floral. The heart notes are tinged with a gentle touch of magnolia to lighten the scent without detracting from it. A subtle sweetness flows through the heart and the overall aroma is stunning as the different notes mingle together but at other times they shine through on their own. The heart of Silver Rain is somewhat mysterious and is quite rich and romantic in my opinion.

      After 6 hours or so, the floral notes start to fade and the base of Silver Rain captivates the skin. Before the floral notes fade, they do float around the woody notes that the base has to offer - an Oriental aroma presents itself. An hour or so later, the floral notes are gone and the base of Silver Rain can perform in all its glory. Whilst I love the entire scent of Silver Rain, I always look forward to the base note combination is it is very tantalising and full of character.

      There is a gorgeous blend of fragrance notes within the base notes allow the scent to be powdery, sweet, woody and spicy whilst on my skin. The base is warm, comforting and beautiful at the same time. I love the spicy element to it - not sure which spices are used but it isn't your typical cinnamon and the likes - it is warm, unique and very special. The vanilla adds a creamy, natural sweetness to the base notes. The woody notes give the scent depth and there is a slight, earthy undertone to the scent which reminds me of the herb note I witnessed in the opening scent. I can still witness, albeit a much subtler, spicy/woody scent on my skin around 10 hours after I initially apply this EDP and much longer on my jacket/scarf which is excellent.


      In my opinion, Silver Rain will not be suited to everyone. It is such a mixed scent which doesn't focus on one fragrance group. It gives lots of fragrance notes a chance to shine through and I do feel you would need to appreciate the different fragrance elements to enjoy this fragrance. I am in my mid 20s and my sister is in her early 30s and we both like it though my friend who is the same age as myself isn't keen. Definitely try before you buy or it could work out to be an expensive mistake!

      Personally I find Silver Rain to be the perfect scent to apply early evening for dinner or a special occasion. Apply in the early evening will give the scent full opportunity to reach its peak. It remains consistent during wear and is always noticeable (by myself and those around me). It is very comforting to detect on the skin at bedtime - I find it very soothing!


      Silver Rain is very expensive but you are paying for quality ingredients and a unique and stunning fragrance in my opinion. I always feel special when wearing Silver Rain and have been impressed by the staying power and all round scent that it offers. It gives me something less generic to wear on my skin and other than the high price tag, I cannot fault it. I love it!

      Highly recommended - thanks for reading!


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        12.06.2009 20:40
        Very helpful



        Treat yourself or treat someone special

        This delightful perfume is displayed in a clear circular Perspex box in which hovers delicately a raindrop shaped, sleek, silver metal bottle containing the most beautiful fragrance I have recently experienced.

        I actually have a purple raindrop shaped bottle as there was recently a limited edition with purple, blue or green raindrops - all gorgeous looking and containing the same luxurious perfume.

        On opening the perspex box and removing the raindrop - a little bit tricky the first time but you soon get the hang of it - the bottle feels robust and beautifully shaped in your hand. The "sharp end" of the raindrop is the top which has to be removed to reveal the atomizer. Press the top and the perfume is dispensed. The raindrop shaped bottle has a slightly flattened bottom so it can stand upright when not in its perspex box.

        The perfume is really beautiful with top notes of crisp green apple, verbena flower, calabrain, bergamot, anise and crushed coriander, heart notes of dewfruit berry, plum, crystallized sugar accord, gardenia and tuberose blossom, base notes of red sandalwood, rare agarwood, tonka bean and vanilla.

        I have found that this perfume last ages on the skin and can even linger overnight!

        La Prarie have just brought out a sister fragrance called Midnight Rain.

        The only places I have found Silver Rain on sale are Harvey Nicks and airport duty free shopping.


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        07.10.2008 10:01
        Very helpful



        A nice floral oriental scent that isn't worth the price tag

        Launched: 2007
        Group: floral oriental

        ~ Introduction ~

        It was during a visit to France a couple of mnths ago that I spotted this exquisitely made fragrance from the luxury Swiss skin care brand. I do not covet luxury products just for the sake of it, rather I look for is a well made and original scent. I was given a few samples I brought with me here to Mauritius where - away from London - I spend the rest of the year working, relaxing and travelling.

        ~ The packaging ~

        The full size bottle of the fragrance is a raindrop-shaped silver metal case that has a fairly round bottom and a somewhat emaciated top that serves as the lid for the atomizer. This unusual and attractively designed bottle is sold in a transparent plastic gift case.

        ~ The fragrance ~

        Top notes: coriander, blueberry, green apple, verbena, anis, bergamot

        A complex and initially heady mixture of soapy florals and and bittery citrus notes hit my nose as I apply two sprays from the sample atomizer. The mixture also has a dry, woody hint of camphorous patchouli hidden in notes of bergamot and bittersweet spice, the two notes I can distinguish. The head of the perfume is surpisingly sweetly floral and almost cloying at first, though the overall tone is of the dry, woody notes that stop the soapy notes from being overly dominating. Overall, the impression of the top notes was a soapier, sweeter and more feminine Bvlgari Blv.

        Middle notes: magnolia, rose, plum, jasmine

        The middle notes of Silver Rain are somewhat reminiscent of Blv without its characteristic long-lasting fresh edge. Silver Rain is stronger, deeper and 'darker' here mainly due to the strong essense of jasmine flower. Having said that, the sweet floral theme is also stronger so it feels the notes are meant to be heavy to accentuate all the facets of the fragrance and make them equally present in the heart of the composition.

        After 1 1/2 - 2 hours I notice that most of the perfume has blended in with my skin without leaving any unnecessary sillage. The fragrance is less harsh and has a powdery fresh edge I was secretly hoping for. This gentle and bittersweet 'cocktail' reminds me of a cold tonic drink on a hot summer day.

        To sum up, a complex, dry and sweet, heavy and bittery start that develops into an even headier oriental juice that has now a woodier but also sweeter tone too.

        Base notes: tonka bean, patchouli, agarwood, vanilla, sandal

        After 3 - 4 hours with all the heavier notes of the heart having settled the fragrance reaches a stage of tender, powdery oriental finish with notes of woods and sweet, slightly spicy undertones. It isn't fresh but rather dry and clings nicely to the skin. The subtle woods and sensually comforting vanilla - sandalwood aroma can still be detected at the end of the day.

        ~ Conclusion ~

        At first I had misgivings first about this heavy, heady oriental, thinking it wouldn't suit my skin or the climate for that matter. Having worn it on colder days recently in London and in the pre-summer Mediterranean Mauritius, I would say Silver Rain is a clever, versatile juice that is capable of adapting to colder and hotter temperatures. When used sparingly it becomes subtle and woody in moderate and warm climate and bolder, sweeter oriental in cold times. Silver Rain is especially nice when worn in the evening but I equally like it daytime. Still, I doesn't justify the price tag, my rating is only 'good' for this reason.

        ~ Price / where to buy ~

        Available in La Prairie counters in department stores starting from £56 / 30ml Eau de Parfum

        Thank you for reading.

        powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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      • Product Details

        Silver Rain creators were inspired by the phenomenon that takes place in spring in the mountains of the Alps. Rain is transformed into ice crystals of breathtaking beauty. In the spring ,these crystal melt and fall from the height of 1000 feet. This is called " silver rain". This fragrance includes rare ingredients from all over the world. Top notes include spicy green apple, citrusy-floral accord of Verbena Blossom from the South of France, dewy red fruits, anise oil from Thailand and bergamot from Calabria. At its heart, Moroccan red rose petals meet Chinese star magnolia, tropical Agarwood and night-blooming Indian jasmine, leaving a trail of warm red sandalwood, creamy Tonka bean from Venezuela, heliotrope, vanilla from Madagascar and mix of different musks. The perfume was created by Claude Dir in 2004.

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