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Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme

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4 Reviews

Brand: Lacoste / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    4 Reviews
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      17.03.2014 14:31
      Very helpful



      I'm not a fan!

      When Eau de Lacoste was released they were giving away free roller ball pens of the fragrance and I was lucky enough to get one. This is definitely the most generous perfume sample I've ever had, being 6ml in size - which doesn't sound huge, but is actually quite big when you see it.

      I don't think this is a scent I would have ever been drawn to try in a shop, as I am really not keen on the bottle. In fact, the round glass bottle itself is fine, it's the lid I don't really like. I'm not sure why I dislike it so much, although I do think it makes it look a little bit cheap. My roller ball pen is plain glass with a silver lid and I think it looks much nicer, as it's quite sleek.

      The perfume has notes of pineapple, mandarin, bergamot, jasmine, orange blossom, sandalwood and vetiver. On paper I really like the sound of that, I tend to like fruity, juicy scents and the pineapple and mandarin sounds really lovely, if a tad unusual for a perfume.

      When first applied to my skin, the immediate thing that always comes to my mind is how much this reminds me of a perfume I used to wear in the 90's. I have no idea what it was, but I believe it was quite a cheap fragrance, such as Exclamation Eau or So...? Something like that anyway. If by any chance anyone reading uses this scent and knows what I'm talking about, please let me know, it's been driving me mad for months!!

      The perfume is quite fruity at first. I can smell the mandarin in it quite clearly and it also has a sort of white floral smell to it. It perhaps sounds a strange thing to say, but I think this is quite a sporty fragrance, although I don't know if that's just a subconscious thing because it is the Lacoste brand.

      I find after a while on the skin, the perfume starts to smell more floral and it loses some of the fruitiness that comes out when first applied. I find it to be a nice, inoffensive scent, but nothing I find special. In fact I'd say it's quite generic and doesn't stand out to me as being particularly special or unique. Once settled on the skin and the mandarin fragrance has gone, I find it difficult to pick out any one ingredient from the scent - it just smells like a fresh, floral.

      I think the longevity of the fragrance is quite good. Last night I applied it and I could smell it for several hours afterwards. I'd say I tend to get around 5-6 hours staying power from this scent.

      This is not a scent I wear often. I can't really find the right occasion for it to be honest. I do think it is a daytime scent, rather than a night time or evening fragrance as it's quite light. I'd also say it's suitable for all year round. I put this on last night because I knew I wanted to review it and asked my husband for his opinion. His response was 'err...it's a bit different'. I take that to mean he doesn't like it!

      A 50ml bottle of this perfume costs £27.20 from Allbeauty.com. Personally I do not think it is worth that, I wouldn't have said it was worth any more than £15 at the most.

      As you can probably tell I'm not overly keen on this fragrance. There's nothing wrong with it as such, it's just not special and doesn't stand out in any way. If I wanted a light, daytime scent, there are several I would choose ahead of this one, as I feel there are much better fragrances available for a similar price.


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        02.03.2013 22:38
        Very helpful



        Good fragrance

        First of the bottle that I have looks nothing like the one in the picture on Dooyoo. The bottle I have which is the 30ml size and cost me £23 is a tall glass bottle and not the bulb shape shown above. The bottle has sleek curved lines to it. It is not the most stylish bottle that I have seen for a fragrance more functional and I guess a little sporty which is the image that I have of Lacoste anyway. The Lacoste logo is in black lettering and it comes in a nice gold coloured box.

        However do not be fooled into thinking that this is a perfume for the inner tomboy, rather it is a long lasting very feminine fragrance that has great staying power. It is essentially a quite floral fragrance with sandalwood providing the strength to it. The floral fragrance comes from the jasmine, habiscus flower, something called heliotrope flower and rose. Out of all of those it is the jasmine that I tend to find the easiest to detect making it the more dominant of the fragrances.

        There is a nice fresh feel to this fragrance and for me it is ideal for day wear when you want to make a bit of a statement and to ensure that your fragrance is noticed as the strong staying power also gives the perfume some strength as well and I do notice the smell all through the day when I wear this. What I also like is the fact that it does not take very long to settle down so it is ideal for applying just after a gym visit as by the time my hair is dry it has settled down into a very enjoyable and fresh smelling fragrance.

        As I have said before the staying power is excellent which means that you can use this sparingly and it means I get a lot of use from a bottle. It does contain cedar wood and musk as well which help with the strength alongside the sandalwood, so there is a nice edge to offset the essentially floral overtones of this fragrance.

        Certainly a fragrance worth considering as it is moderately priced and great quality as well.


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          01.03.2013 01:14
          Very helpful



          I would recommend this

          ~~~~~~EAU de LACOSTE~~~~~~


          I was very surprised when a week or so ago when a small box landed through my letterbox and fell onto the mat with the rest of my mail for the day. I had no idea what was inside and so when I opened the small white box I saw that it held a small (6ml miniature size) perfume which had been sent from Lacoste as a free sample. Naturally I was very pleased; I don't often get freebies and, on the very rare occasions that I do, they aren't often much use to me. Apparently I was chosen this time because I had 'liked' the Lacoste Facebook page which made me a fan of theirs. The miniature was in a 6ml glass bottle with a roll-on top. I immediately took of the lid and applied a small amount to my wrist. I straight away thought it was an impressive fragrance. As I had some money still unspent from Christmas I thought I would treat myself to a larger bottle of this fragrance and then I could enjoy the perfume at home and keep the miniature sample to take on holiday, as it's an ideal size for packing in a suitcase; it doesn't take up barely any space in a toiletry bag or weigh too much either.

          It isn't often that I buy myself a fragrance (I usually rely on gifts) but, as my father-in-law had sent the Christmas money I thought of it more as a gift from him than of me being extravagant. It's always nice to get a freebie but seeing as Lacoste is one of my favourite makes of both perfumes and aftershaves, and it being a new fragrance from them made it an even better surprise.

          WHAT LACOSTE SAYS (about Eau de Lacoste)

          "Eau de Lacoste, the spirit of Lacoste is a feminine fragrance that captures the simple sensuality of delicate flowers and pure white cotton on skin. Modern, iconic and breathtakingly simple. EAU DE LACOSTE is built on a classical fragrance structure, where the fragrance evolves smoothly from top to base notes over time, but superimposing modern ingredients on traditional to generate a light fragrance profile."


          Top Notes

          Juicy White Pineapple, Calabrian Mandarin, Calabrian Bergamot
          Heart Notes

          Pineapple Flower, Jasmine Sambac
          Base Notes

          Sandalwood, Vetyver, Vanilla, Peru Balsam

          On initially spraying this perfume upon my skin and smelling it, I would have said that the top notes contained fruit ingredients and something more which must have been the bergamot. I'm not really sure if I would have detected the pineapple scent without first looking up the notes. I feel that the next notes were deeper and of a more sensual touch but perhaps not quite so sweet. I have to say that I am no expert on perfume notes and didn't even know about the different notes until I started to read reviews a few years ago, but I now always try to detect the different smells blended in different perfumes. I like to do this throughout the time of wearing any perfume to try to see how the smell changes and whether it's lasted well.

          DO I SMELL NICE?

          Why yes, thank you I believe I smell even better than usual! I think this is a beautiful fragrance. Admittedly it is very sweet when first spraying, although it was still a hit with me from the start. I did wonder though if some would find it too sweet, maybe even sickly, but then after a short time the middle notes evolved and I found the aroma became much more subtle but still remained ultimately feminine.
          It reminded me a little of perfumes by Oscar de la Renta because of its very feminine scent. I thought if I had smelt this without knowing which perfume house it was from I would guess on it being an expensive purchase.


          For the purpose of this review I sprayed a little of this on my arm above my wrist and the scent lasted all day, albeit quite faintly. On initially spraying this I thought that judging by its early strength it would stay strong for a long time but I don't think it did. The scent will linger for hours but in a faint and soft way. As long as you're able to top up on Eau de Lacoste throughout the day then this is a beautiful perfume, in my opinion. But, even without re-applying it's a very pretty fragrance and already has become one of my favourites.

          OCCASION WEAR?

          I believe this perfume from Lacoste is suitable for both day and evening wear. It has a light, fresh aroma, making it ideal for daytime wear but I also think its sweet, sensuous and highly feminine scent will make it also suitable for evenings out and special occasions.

          I think Eau De Lacoste will suit any female who likes dreamy feminine fragrances. It is, in my opinion, a very versatile perfume and worth having in any fragrance collection.


          The spherical container for this fragrance is both pretty and feminine. I think the sphere is supposed to put one in mind of magic. The lid is white with its base being of golden thread, and a Lacoste label hanging decoratively from this. The famous Lacoste crocodile appears on the bottle in gold. The bottle itself is pale and of white and pink.


          There are different sized bottles in this range. These are:

          30ml, 50ml and 90ml vaporiser sprays.

          As well as these, gift sets are available and so are shower gels and body lotions and gift sets.
          I purchased a 30 ml sized vaporiser spray from Boots.



          30ml £33.00
          50ml £45.00
          90ml £61.00


          30ml £30.00
          50ml £44.00
          90ml £60.00

          The Perfume Shop

          30ml £32.50
          50ml £39.99 (with free gift)
          90ml £59.99 (with free gift)


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            20.02.2013 13:14
            Very helpful



            A nice spring fragrance

            This is a review of Eau De Lacoste, a new fragrance from Lacoste the brand that has a crocodile for a logo and has been seen on many polo style t shirts over the years. I received this perfume in a beauty box and was pleased to try such a well known branded perfume.

            First impressions
            The top notes are described as mandarin and pineapple on the Superdrug website which sounds a bit fruity for my liking but on the Lacoste website it is more tastefully described as 'a feminine fragrance that captures the simple sensuality of delicate flowers' which makes them sound like two totally different perfumes!

            In use
            I am definitely getting a hit of pineapple when I first apply the perfume and the floral undertones are pleasant too. This doesn't remind me of any other fragrances I own and whilst it is subtle, it is nice and detectable and long lasting on my skin.

            My thoughts
            I liked this fragrance from the first time I used it and I would never have imagined liking a fragrance that has an initial smell of pineapple (this bit wears off quite quickly I think). The floral fragrance seems suited to a thirty something such as myself and it is neither a young or old smell in my opinion.

            The perfume sells for £45 (for 50ml) on the Lacoste website. This seems expensive but you only need a dab so a bottle will last for ages.

            Final word
            The key question is whether I would repurchase this fragrance. I really found it quite pleasant to wear but I think I would start wearing it for spring / summer rather than in the winter months. Perhaps this is due to the floral notes. I liked the longevity of this edp and also found that I could still notice it on me after a few hours when usually I stop noticing a perfume after I have applied it. This may be due to the fact that it smells quite unique to me as far as fragrances go. I would definitely have this on a shortlist of fragrances but won't be buying any just now.


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