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Lacoste Inspiration Eau de Parfum

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6 Reviews

Brand: Lacoste / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    6 Reviews
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      11.10.2012 15:37
      Very helpful



      Another great scent from Lacoste

      Another birthday, another perfume.

      I think I can safely say I am close to having enough perfume to last me a lifetime. Every birthday and Christmas I am guaranteed to get a couple of bottles, at least on this particular occasion my boyfriend took the time to notice that I have about 5 bottles of the Lacoste 'Touch of Pink' perfume and decided to try a different scent.
      I hadn't seen this perfume advertised or heard about it before I received it as a gift.
      I did read somewhere that it has now been discontinued, but it's still available to buy many places online.
      I was never an everyday wearer of perfume, but now I spray a little most days to try and use some of it up. This is certainly a subtle scent that is clean, fresh and not in any way overpowering. It does have good staying power, but isn't strong so you may want to spray it more than once for a stronger scent.
      It is described as having 'an oriental floral scent'.
      Top notes ' mirabelle plum, pink pepper, pomegranate and mandarin'.
      Middle notes 'tuberose, peony, jasmine and lily of the valley'
      Base notes 'Iris, musk, vanilla and sandalwood'.

      I don't think his smells too floral or strong, more light and refreshing. Many people have commented on how nice the scent is, even hours after applying.
      Not Aftershave
      When we moved into our flat, conveniently located near a pub, it became a meeting place for friends and family to get together for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks before heading out. On one occasion I said "is someone wearing Lacoste?" and my boyfriend's brother said "I am!" and I said no the womens perfume. He then said "Oh no it's not me, I just sprayed some of his aftershave in the bathroom". Oh dear. We then had to tell him the round glass Lacoste bottle containing blue liquid was actually my perfume, not aftershave! He then went on to tell us that for weeks his girlfriend has been telling him he smells of perfume when he's been on a night out and he's telling her she's mad! Some apologies needed there.
      So as you may have gathered, the appearance is somewhat masculine, mainly down to the blue colour, I think it's still easy to tell it's perfume but maybe not so much without the lid which got lost in the moving process. The bottle seems to be ever lasting, especially considering there had been two of us using it for a time! I do switch between a few perfumes though, so it's hard to tell how long it lasts.

      The bottle comes in a nice little light blue Lacoste box, it is also available in a gift set which contains shower gel and body lotion. I have the 50ml bottle, there is also a smaller 30ml bottle and a larger 75ml bottle. The 30ml bottle retails at around £13, the 50ml around £23 and £30 for the 75ml. I think this is a reasonable price for a perfume I really like. If I didn't have so much perfume I would definitely buy it again, I would certainly recommend it as a gift for someone who doesn't like heavy scents.


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      26.01.2009 22:40



      I can assure you that you will like this perfume

      I bought this perfume about a year ago for the first time and I absolutely love it!

      It's very light and not over-powering or musty like some perfumes. It has a fresh, clean smell. It also lasts all day so you don't have to keep applying it - convenient and cheaper!

      It comes in an attractive looking bottle with a spray top. It seems like this perfume doesn't go down too quickly. I have used two bottles in a year, which I think is good considering I wear it every day.

      I wear this both in the daytime and in the evening, and am always complemented on it. I have tried other perfumes since but cannot find anything I prefer.

      I would definately recommend this perfume. I have found it very popular with my friends, and so think it would be perfect as a gift. I have looked for other perfumes that I prefer and have failed to find one!!


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      21.01.2009 21:42
      Very helpful



      Great young persons perfume at an affordable price.

      A light refreshing perfume that would appeal to most people, that is how I would sum up this particular fragrance. It comes in a light blue bottle in a blue box, I get the impression it is aimed at twenties to thirties as it is not old fashioned or what I call flowery- in other words it doesnt make you smell like your gran!!
      Every time I have worn this perfume I have had people ask what I am wearing because although it is not overpowering or particularly strong it has a lovely fresh sporty fragrance that is quite sweet.
      You can also buy the body lotion which you can use to layer the smell, I have sensitive skin also but have never been irritated by this product.
      At various outlets you can get this quite cheap and I would definitely choose it over some of the more expensive perfumes.


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      13.06.2008 23:12
      Very helpful



      a good summer fragrance but not one I would recommend for use in the winter as it is too light

      Lacoste inspiration is a fragrance which was launched by Lacoste approximately three years or so ago. As well as the Lacoste Inspiration Perfume you can also purchase Lacoste Inspiration bath and body products which help to layer and compliment the scent of the perfume. People who have dry skin and find that the perfume doesn't have particularly good staying power on them would benefit from using the complimentary shower gel and body lotion before applying the perfume as this would gave the scent a base to layer itself upon therefore increasing the longevity of the perfume fragrance. All peoples skin types are different and perfumes, body lotions, shower gels etc act differently on each individual because of the different oils in our skin.

      As you can see from the picture at the top of this review the bottle of Lacoste Inspiration is supplied in a circular shaped clear glass bottle which has a chunky see through glass lid as well. The perfume bottle is really simplistically designed yet still looks nice and elegant sitting on top of my dressing table. The fact that the bottle is see through is an added advantage because you can easily see how much of the perfume you have remaining inside the bottle because the perfume is a lovely light blue coloured liquid. The Lacoste emblem and the name of the perfume is printed onto the front of the perfume bottle in white lettering which almost looks as if it is frosted. I really like the design of the bottle because it isn't too fussy and overloaded with lots of different colours and designs.

      ~*~Fragrance Notes~*~

      Lacoste Inspiration is described as having ~

      Top Notes of Pink Peppercorn, Pomegranate, Plum and Mandarin
      The top notes are the first phase of the perfume; they are usually the most volatile and evaporate from the skin very quickly. The top notes are usually very light and refreshing and their scent usually lasts for anything between five and ninety minutes.

      Middle Notes of Peony, Jasmine, Tuberose and Muguet
      The middle notes of a scent are therapeutic and balancing oils, sometimes the middle notes are often referred to as the heart notes of a scent. The middle notes are not always evident and can take between thirty and sixty minutes to develop on your skin, and they last for anything between two to four hours

      Base Notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Iris and Musk
      The base notes are the longest lasting notes in a fragrance, most perfumes use the same base notes. This is because they give the perfume more staying power and stop the top and middle notes from evaporating from your skin as quickly.

      ~*~The Scent~*~

      As soon as Lactose Inspiration is sprayed onto your skin it has an ever so slight strong fruity aroma which has a subtle spicy kick to it. After about 2 minutes or so the fragrance settles down dramatically and changes into a very light airy fruity fragrance. I was actually quite surprised by how quickly the fragrance settled down into a lighter airier aroma because it is an Eau De Parfum and generally these types of perfumes aren't as light smelling because they contain more concentrated perfume oils and higher alcohol contents. I think that the light airy composition of Lacoste Inspiration makes this perfume the perfect casual wear scent, much more suited to the warmer summer months

      The fruity top note which you can smell as soon as Lacoste Inspiration is sprayed is that of Mandarin because it has a really fresh, sweet aroma. The Mandarin top note is the most prominent and seems to somewhat overpower the Pomegranate and Plum; although you can identify a lightly spicy note which adds a little bit of a kick to the scent therefore adding more depth to the fruity notes. The slightly spicy note which you can identify is that of the Pink Peppercorn, the spiciness from the Pink Peppercorns isn't too obtrusive, it is more of a background note which compliments the others perfectly.

      The Fruity Top notes of Lacoste Inspiration don't really last for a long length of time before they gradually fade away and blend in with the middle notes of the fragrance. I would say that the top notes of Lacoste Inspiration linger for approximately 10 minutes or so before they are no longer identifiable. The Mandarin top note seems to linger for the longest length of time compared to the Pomegranate and Plum; mainly because the Mandarin is the most pungent note and seems to somewhat overpower the others.

      The Middle notes of Lacoste Inspiration are completely different to that of the fruity slightly spicy top notes of the fragrance. The middle notes are more of a sweet floral composition, even although the middle notes are all floral the scent of the perfume isn't too floral and heavy smelling. I'm not particularly fond of heavy floral scents but the floral notes aren't heavy or overpowering like you may expect they have a sweet nature which gives the scent a lighter edge. The fragrance which is most evident in the middle phase of the perfume is that of the Muguet and Tuberose because they seem to blend in with one another perfectly creating a very soft, light almost creamy aroma which isn't overpowering or cloying, combined they both have a very light feminine scent. The addition of the Tuberose aroma adds an exotic twist to the fragrance which adds richness and sweetness to the fragrance, again the tuberose is a very light smelling middle note in this phase of the fragrance. All of the middle notes combine well with one another and some of the notes are more identifiable and prominent than others are. Peony is one of the fragrance notes which is barely identifiable, it is extremely subtle smelling and is somewhat masked by the other notes, but the addition of Peony adds a slight sweet, summery twist to the scents composition and stops it from having too much of a floral scent. The floral middle notes of Lacoste Inspiration linger for a longer length of time then the top notes do. I would say that the middle notes linger for approximately 4 hours or so on my skin before they gradually start to blend in with the base notes of the fragrance and are no longer identifiable.

      Again after the middle notes have worn off the fragrance seems to smell totally different again. The fragrance changes from being floral to more of a sweet almost powdery musky scent; which is good for those whom aren't particularly fond of floral aromas. The base notes of the fragrance are mainly musky/sweet slightly woody tones. The musk base note is the most evident at this phase in the perfume because it has a sweet powdery aroma which is really feminine and sweet. The musk is complimented nicely with a subtle hint of Sandalwood which gives the base notes a slightly woody/rich fragrance which again adds depth to the fragrance. The musk and Sandalwood are complimented nicely with the scent of sweet Vanilla, the fragrance from the vanilla has a slightly creamy edge somewhat similar to that of Vanilla Ice Cream although it isn't as sickly sweet smelling. The base notes of Lacoste Inspiration seem to linger for the same length of time as the middle notes of the fragrance do. On average the base notes of the perfume linger on my skin for approximately 4 hours or so before they totally fade away and can no longer be smelt and the perfume needs to be reapplied.

      The funny thing about the base notes of Lacoste Inspiration is the fact that they are identical to that of the base notes in Lacoste Touch Of Pink. The only difference is that Lacoste Inspiration has an extra base note which is Iris and which adds an ever so slight floral twist to the scent of the combines base notes therefore giving it an ever so slight different aroma from the Touch Of Pink base notes.

      ~*~Perfume Information~*~

      All perfumes smell slightly different on different people, and this is due to us having different oils in our skin. The staying power of a scent also differs from person to person because we have different types of skin oils too. I said in the review that this perfume lasts for about three or four hours on me, but it could last a longer or shorter amount of time on you.

      People who have dry skin types will notice that perfumes don't last long on their skin. If you have dry skin and have this problem you should try layering the scent of a perfume by using the matching body lotion or shower gel before applying the perfume. By doing this you are layering the scent and applying a base for the perfume to layer itself upon, so you should notice that the fragrance will last a lot longer on your skin.

      If you like the sound of this perfume then I advise that you go into your local perfume store and test it before you buy it. When testing the scent spray it onto your wrist and wear it for a few hours before you decide whether you like it or not, because the scent changes the longer you wear it due to the different notes which make up the fragrance.

      When testing a perfume don't smell the scent on a perfume card because it might smell lovely on the card and when you buy it and wear it at home it might smell totally different and you might not like the scent you are wearing. I made this mistake a few times in the past and wasted £30 on a fragrance which I didn't wear again and put in the bin.

      ~*~Staying Power~*~

      Lacoste Inspiration has relatively good staying power considering it is an Eau De Parfum fragrance. On average the scent lasts on my skin for approximately eight hours or so before it gradually fades away and I need to reapply it. I can apply a few sprays of this perfume in the morning before I got to work and I can still smell it on my skin when I return home at 5pm. I think that Lacoste Inspiration has a really light fresh aroma which is most probably best used as a casual wear perfume especially suited for the spring and summer months.

      When using this perfume I feel that I need to use quite a lot of it because it has quite a light fresh aroma. I use approximately 5 or 6 sprays of this perfume every time I use it, because it is an eau de Parfum fragrance I thought that I wouldn't have to use a lot of it but in this instance you really do need to use an extra few squirts.

      ~*~Price and Availability~*~

      Lacoste Inspiration Eau De Parfum Eau De Toilette is available from most large department stores such as Boots, Debenhams, Superdrug and Body Care. You can also purchase it from some online retailers too although priced may differ from place to place; so it is a good idea to have a look around and get the cheapest offer to you.

      As well as the Lacoste Inspiration Perfume you can also purchase the complimentary fragranced bath and body products which layer the scent of the perfume. People whom find that the perfume doesn't last ling on their skin would benefit from using the body lotion and shower gel before applying the perfume as this acts as a base for the perfume to layer itself upon therefore increasing the longevity of the fragrance on your skin.
      The prices for Lacoste Inspiration are as follows ~

      30ml EDP £24
      50ml EDP £30
      75ml EDP £35
      150ml Shower Gel £12.50
      150ml Body Lotion £17

      ~*~My Opinion~*~

      I think that Lacoste Inspiration is a really fresh light and airy fragrance, which would suit females of any age as the scent is quite fresh and sophisticated and doesn't smell cheap and sweet. Personally I think that this is a very fresh vibrant fragrance which can be worn during the day. If you like fragrances such as Jean Paul Gaultier Classique or Davidoff Cool Waters then you will definitely like Lacoste Inspiration.

      © Butterfly-Wings

      ~~~Review written by me and also posted on Ciao~~~~


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        08.03.2008 11:04
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I will definitely be wearing this again!

        I have never been one to wear perfumes but when I smelled this scent I was hooked and consequently received a box from my husband on my birthday containing this gorgeous scent with a matching body lotion.

        The packaging for this product is a very pale blue box that suggests a calm,refreshing scent, it depicts the bottle and a transparent version of the Lacoste crocodile enveloped in a bubble, surrounded by other bubbles.

        The perfume is contained in a clear glass oval shape bottle decorated with the word Inspiration in calligraphy style writing below the trademark crocodile. The bottle features a spritzer for dispensing and a clear glass curved oblong top.

        The perfume itself is a refreshing scent that suggests spring, summer, light airy rooms and even a hint of innocent romance.

        This scent reminds me of spring flowers with an undercurrent of lilies and parma violets,along with a fresh fruity air to it, I would say it smells vaguely of clementines or mandarins but I can't be sure, there is a definite citrus fruit smell but to this day I can't decide which fruit it is! I realise it sounds strange but trust me it is divine!

        The perfume is an incredibly light blue in colour and is a soft smell suitable for the office, day-to-day wear, casual get togethers and nightime wear if you are a fan of subtle smells like myself.

        If you are somebody who prefers to wear a stronger scent for evening occasions this is not the scent you are looking for and may prefer it for daytime occasions only!

        This product is made in the Uk (the body lotion made in Ireland)
        and can be brought from lots of retailers, including those listed below...

        www.boots.com or boots stores - 50ml for £31.00

        www.debenhams.com or debenhams stores- 50ml for £31.00

        www.theperfumeshop.com or The perfume shop stores- 50ml for £29.99


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          23.01.2007 20:25
          Very helpful



          Another winner from Lacoste

          /.\/.\ Lacoste INSPIRATION Eau de Parfum /.\/.\

          Cost: £27.95 (approximately) for 50ml/1.6fl oz from Debenhams

          /\/\ Packaging: /\/\

          This lovely light perfume comes in a light cornflower blue square box. On the front of the box is the Lacoste crocodile emblem circled in white.

          The bottle is of clear glass and oval in shape. The perfume inside is a very delicate blue, almost clear. This reflects the light scent it contains. On the front of the bottle is a white Lacoste crocodile emblem with the word Inspiration underneath also in white.

          The lid of the bottle is also glass and oval in shape. The Perfume bottle has a spray dispenser.

          /\/\ Why buy? /\/\

          I brought this product because I was sent a sample of the perfume through the post. After wearing the sample for a day, I decided that I loved this light delicate scent and needed to go and buy a bottle.

          /\/\ Smell /\/\

          In my opinion, Lacoste Inspiration is a light scent with violet undertones. With a fresh smell it makes an ideal scent for everyday. There is also a cosy, warming appeal that the aroma gives. I wear this everyday and feel that it is not an overpowering scent which lasts all day.

          Lacoste Inspiration would not be out of place worn in the evening either, though I do prefer a more heavier scent if I am going out somewhere special.

          /\/\ Who Makes It? /\/\

          Lacoste Inspiration is made by P & G Presteige Beaute, London EC1A4DD UK.

          /\/\ My Opinion /\/\

          This is the first bottle of Lacoste Inspiration I have had, though I have purchased other Lacoste perfums in the past. Being a lover of perfums which I wear everyday, I find this is ideal for day to day use as it has a light scent.

          I would buy this again when it runs out. The only reason I did not give this five stars was because I would like something a bit heavier in the evenings for going out.


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