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Lalique Claire de Nilang Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lalique / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      20.06.2009 13:03
      Very helpful



      An unusual aquatic floral scent with an bitter edge.

      Launched: 1997
      Group: floral


      I've come across Nilang when my friend accidentally ordered Claire Nilang Eau de Toilette from Amazon instead of the now discontinued Nilang Eau de Toilette she fell in love with. When the fragrance arrived, we both liked Claire Eau de Toilette so I decided to order one for myself.


      Following the tradition the founder of the perfume house, Jules Lalique, a renowned jeweller and glass-maker at the turn of the century, Lalique's line of perfumes are showcases of Lalique's dictintive artistic and decorative design. The Nilang bottles, both Nilang and Claire Nilang Eau de Toilettes are representations of a flower.

      The bottle itself is clear glass with a ribbed motive twisted on its axis and is adorned by a semi-open lotus blossom top, made from plastic. The perfume itself is pale green in colour and the 'Claire' signature is placed on the base of the bottle.


      Top notes: freesia, coriander, bergamot

      Claire Nilang opens as a less gourmand and more of a floral aquatic than its older sister, Nilang. The ambery base is only slightly present and immediately adds depth to the otherwise fresh and light composition. A few minutes later a pronouned, bitter and herbal note appears, the coriander mingling with the fresh, floral accord and creating a markedly bittersweet floral aroma. The opening notes stay on the skin for approximately half an hour.

      Middle notes: pink pepper, black locust

      The second phase to my nose is a mixture of opulent white flowers that cannot be picked out one by one and has a hazy and somewhat dense structure, unlike most modern florals that tend to be sheer and stripped clean. Claire Nilang isn't transparent or 'perfumey', it is herbaceous and natural with a touch of wet earth.

      The bittersweet accords create a heavy, laden atmosphere of soggy vegetation and soil. Only after about 3 hours does the composition start to sweeten and brighten up due to the softening base notes.

      Base notes: hibiscus, vanilla, sandalwood

      I detect the drydown of Claire Nilang about 4 hours after the first application. The fragrance is soft and aquatic now with a floral undertone, with all the bitterness having disappeared earlier. It isn't sweet either, it's a clean floral - woody note that stays very close to the skin for another couple of hours.

      ~ CONCLUSION ~

      I initially liked Claire Nilang due to its similarities with Nilang, however the prolonged bitterness of coriander and the dense florals put me off somewhat. Being lighter and less oriental, it could be a nice alternative to Nilang in summer or for someone who likes bitter floral scents, it can be worn throughout the year. For me, Claire Nilang is an interesting and possibly one of a kind aquatic floral fragrance with an inimitable Nilang feel. For the moment, I'll stick to Nilang though.


      Claire Nilang is becoming increasingly hard to find in shops in the UK. You may find it abroad though or online on Amazon Marketplace or at fragrance discounters e.g. www.overstockperfume.com starting at $30 + shipping for a 100ml Eau de Toilette Spray.

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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        12.04.2009 23:07
        Very helpful



        im glad i bought it

        ****Lalique: Claire de Nilang, Eau de Toilette ****

        I love buying perfumes so when i was on holiday last week i bought several and this was one of them.

        Not a brand i have ever heard of before but looking online they have made several different perfumes.

        The first thing that drew me to this perfume was the lovely bottle that it came in.It comes in a lovely round-ish green shape . The lid which is a slightly darker green looks like a flower to me and i think that this is what it is supposed to look like.

        My first impressions of this perfume is that this is a daytime perfume. It just doesn't have that night time smell to it and i wouldn't wear it at night. That doesn't mean that it isn't nice because it is. This has a very nice flower smell to it, very like freshly cut flowers. It also has a fruity smell to it but it isn't as strong as the flower smell.This is a very feminine scent and as it isn't so widely known quite unique.

        **Where to get**
        I picked this up at a market for 8euros and looking around it does seem quite hard to get a hold of in the Uk apart from ebay and amazon i couldn't see it any where else. I think this is a shame because it smells really nice.

        Im glad i picked this up as it is really nice and looking at the few places that do sell it online i got it for a good price.


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      • Product Details

        A fresh floral blend of white flowers, sweet fruits, spices and woods /

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