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Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum

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10 Reviews

Brand: Lancome / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    10 Reviews
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      08.10.2013 12:20
      Very helpful



      A beautiful fragrance

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*
      I absolutely love fragrances and own far too many, with quite a large collection (including my beloved Yves Rocher perfumes), though many are more high street than premium with the odd exception in and amongst my collection. My husband's aunty is in her late 80's and lives next door to us, and having had no children of her own tends to spoil us all rotten with her buying me a 30ml size bottle of Lancome's 'Tresor' EDP for Christmas last year.

      Having used this fragrance for most of the year I will now share my thoughts on wearing Tresor..

      I've never bought anything from the Lancome range though I am fully away with it being a premium brand that their products also come with premium price tags. I am unsure as to where hubby's aunty purchased this from exactly but I do know she shops at Boots quite a lot and a quick look online tells me that the 30ml that I have has an RRP of £39.50, so although it's not exactly cheap it isn't as ridiculously over priced as I imagined it would be, though it is still out of my budget range.

      As Lancome is a well known premium brand, this fragrance can be found in large department stores, Chemists (such as Boots) and Perfume stores as well as extensively online.

      Tresor is presented in a simplistic, yet stunning flacon which is almost diamond shaped at the top before tapering in gently to the base in fluted layers. The bottle is completely transparent and features an equally clear glass lid which is more like a cube and this sits upon the black neck of the bottle where the nozzle is housed within.

      Because of the transparency of the bottle we can see that the liquid inside is a rich warm honey in colour which just oozes sheer class and sensuality..and this is whilst still in it the bottle.

      Although I recently threw the box away that this was packaged in, I do remember it being a pinky/ peach in colour with the Tresor logo emblazoned boldly on the front and overall had a very sophisticated if not dare I say it, dated appearance.

      *~*The composition*~*

      Tresor is made up of the following:

      *Top Notes*
      Rose Petals
      Apricot Blossoms
      Peach Tree Flowers

      *Middle Notes*
      Lily of the Valley

      *Base Notes*

      *~*What Lancome have to say about this*~*

      "..Love is a treasure. Lancôme's iconic perfume, Trésor for treasured moments.."

      *~*The fragrance itself*~*
      Tresor in french apparently means 'treasure'. It was launched way back in 1990 and is one of the most popular and best selling fragrances even now after 20 years. For those 'in the know' (i.e not me) it was created by perfumer Sophia Grojsman which will no doubt mean something to perfume buffs, but alas not me.

      Tresor is classed as an Oriental/ Floral fragrance and is available in both 30ml as well as 50ml sized bottles with prices varying on where you decide to shop. There are also a plethora of matching toiletries available including body lotions, body milks and shower gels to name but a few.

      *~*My thoughts on wearing this fragrance*~*
      I have to admit that when I opened this on Christmas morning it was a real surprise and I was very pleased as I've never owned anything by this brand before. I've told hubby's aunty to not spend so much on us as when we reciprocate we can't afford to be as luxurious with gifts with money being much tighter for us, but she doesn't listen as last year she bought me a Clarins gift set and reprimanded her then for spending too much! On opening the box I was really eager to see..or should that be smell, what this actually was like as it was a fragrance I was familiar with by name only.

      I'm quite shallow in the fact despite how beautiful a perfume may be if it has a plain or boring bottle I'm more likely to pick a fragrance in a more decorative or colourful looking flacon (I know..)
      Luckily for me Tresor's bottle is very unique with its tapered glass design, and is instantly recognisable amongst my other perfume bottles on my dressing table. It has an understated appearance and whilst it may not showcase extravagant decoration it's classic design is extremely stylish resulting in being very aesthetically pleasing and I do like its design immensely.

      I'm no perfume expert at all and certainly don't claim or pretend to be, but if I've been bought a new perfume or simply when I am on the lookout for new fragrances I do tend to look up it's notes to see if there are any that I can pick out when wearing. I have to admit that if given a choice of buying this myself or say a Calvin Klein fragrance (which I do have a soft spot for most CK fragrances though not owned any for a while) then I would most definitely have chosen a CK perfume. It wasn't until I was bought this and discovered how beautiful it actually is that I've noticed it fast becoming a favourite of mine, I certainly wouldn't go as far as to say it has become my signature scent because it hasn't, but it is one I seem to be choosing for special occasions as it is simply stunning to wear.

      On removing the fairly sturdy lid I was instantly greeted with a powerful fruity aroma despite this being classed as a floral fragrance, and could easily detect definite peach notes. Tresor is nothing like I expected it to be, and to be honest I expected it to be overpowering and very heavy on the floral notes so I was pleasantly surprised with what I was presented with.

      Once applied to my wrist and neck the apricot and peach were decidedly more noticeable and at first were all I could smell on my skin. After a few minutes though the fruit notes started to become more delicate and it was then that I noticed the beautiful rose petal notes which though were also subtle, stood out enough to differentiate between the fruit and floral notes.

      The dry down is quite long, slow and smoldering really and took at least 30 to 40 minutes before the scent started to change at all. Once it did though the fragrance took on a whole new level and became more focused on its floral heart notes with lily of the valley mingling perfectly with the iris which was stunning - and this is from someone who isn't normally a fan of floral based fragrances, but there was no denying that this was turning into one charming and bewitching fragrance.

      The vanilla adds a softness and breaks up the floral notes gently without taking over completely, which I thought was nice as sometimes vanilla notes can take over a fragrance completely by drowning out other notes but here it just added a warmth and combined with the rose petals it gives the EDP a powdery, subdued effect which creates that little bit more depth.

      Tresor ends on a much more deeper and intense tone, with the sandalwood giving a warm sensual feel and the musk notes adding that little touch of sexiness making it seem a much more provocative scent.

      *~*Would I recommend Tresor?*~*
      As I've previously mentioned in an above paragraph this wouldn't be the sort of perfume I'd normally go for as generally speaking I prefer more oriental/ woody fragrances as opposed to those with a floral heart like this. Having worn this on numerous occasions over the past 10 months or so I can whole heartedly recommend this EDP for anyone looking to invest in a new evening scent. I say evening scent as I have worn it on the odd occasion during the day but haven't found it to suit daylight hours for some reason, it seems out of place and far more 'natural' to wear on an evening.

      Longevity wise this is impressive as a few small spritzes on each wrist and neck meant that this was still noticeable 6 to 7 hours later - more delicately as the time went on though which was only to be expected.

      I've been really impressed with Tresor and have since been told that if I like this (which I very much do) then I will adore Tresor Midnight Rose, which having since sent for a free sample online and been seduced by I can see myself dropping heavy hints to my husband for my upcoming birthday..

      Tresor is a beautiful fragrance that is soft, powdery and very feminine. It is seductive and sexy in a very subtle way and has really won me over. The 30ml size bottle I own barely looks like any has been used despite me wearing at least two to three times a week so value wise it's a very economical purchase as only a small amount is needed per application.

      I've taken this out in my bag on the odd occasion and found the bottle to be sturdy and resilient enough to withstand being 'bashed about' but to be honest I've ended up not really using it as I've felt the level of fragrance to still be adequate enough to not have to top up.

      Although I'd say this would suit most women of any age it probably wont appeal to teenagers but the fragrance is neutral enough for any age in my opinion.

      Simply beautiful, and one of my favourite special occasion fragrances.



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        13.06.2013 16:34
        Very helpful
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        My best ever perfume

        I am reviewing Lancome Tresor eau de parfum

        I bought the 30ml Tresor eau de parfum as a present to myself about 6 months ago and this is my review.

        Tresor comes in a pale orange cardboard box with a black label on the front with the Tresor logo in gold writing .looks really elegant .

        The bottle inside is a kind of four sided triangle in glass with a square glass top,underneath this top is a black spray mechanism .
        Very easy to hold for spraying .
        On the website it says it has the following notes.......

        Top Notes [Rose Petals, Apricot Blossoms, Peach Tree Flowers]
        Middle Notes [Lilly of the Valley, Vanilla, Heliotrope, Iris]
        Base Notes [Sandalwood, Musk]

        I can smell the rose,and the sandalwood ,I love this perfume and when I wear it , I get many compliments
        I have fallen in love with this perfume, when you put it on it is strong at first , a little bit heady , but this is soon replaced with a lingering blossomy perfume , which has great staying power

        On the Lancome Tresor website the 30 ml is priced at £40 , but I,m sure you can find it at a lower price if you shop around.
        I think I paid about £30 for mine

        I will give this perfume 5 big stars , I would give it 10 if the stars went up that high .
        Tresor by Lancome is one of my all time favourites and I would reccomend it to all


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          12.08.2012 20:45



          timeless classic perfume

          A pleasant-smelling perfume, with a fairly strong fragrance, but not overpoweringly so. It has a kind of floral scent, though it's not really reminiscent of any flower in particular and is certainly not like the old-fashioned flowery perfumes.

          Though it's not overly rich and heavy, I wouldn't describe it as a light, summery perfume, either. It's more of a lingering and distinctive smell. I would say it's suitable for both day and evening wear.

          Its packaging - diamond-shaped when looked at from the top of the bottle, and tapering down to form an elegant glass shape - suggests it more falls into the 'classic' category than the latest must-have.

          The light-amber colour of the perfume suits the fragrance well.

          Retailing at around £35 for 30ml it's not the cheapest perfume, but nor is it as pricey as some of the other brands, possibly because its packaging is not too o.t.t. It's worth paying, in my opinion, for a good quality, classic fragrance that won't go out of fashion before you've used the bottle!

          I should also add the body lotion and shower gel are just as nice to use as the perfume itself.


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          26.03.2012 08:03
          Very helpful



          Pleasant sensual perfume from Lancome

          After Christmas I bought a set of miniature Lancome perfumes in the Boots sale. This review will discuss my experience with the Trésor fragrance.

          The bottle for this Trésor fragrance is pretty and unique, designed to give the impression of a precious treasure. It is a square bottle that tapers down - rather like an upside-down pyramid. The full-size bottle is a more detailed version of my miniature. Inside the clear glass bottle you can see the pinky-brown liquid. The bottle is very sophisticated but it looks to me something like an older woman might have.

          ***The Fragrance***
          Trésor is a floral, fruity, powdery amber fragrance. The fragrance is described as 'luminous' and is meant to give a "refined and radiant" aura to the woman wearing it.

          The top notes of the fragrance are rose petals and apricot blossom, settling into middle notes of peach tree flowers. The base notes are lily of the valley, vanilla, heliotrope and iris.

          ***My Experience***
          When I first smelled the fragrance I thought it was a sensual, sophisticated scent. I thought it was quite rich and could imagine an older woman wearing it (which didn't stop me giving it a go!).

          I don't know what many of the ingredients in this perfume are supposed to smell like, however I could certainly detect the rose petals when I first applied the perfume. There was also a lighter hint of something else which I assume to be the apricot blossom. Later on the perfume settled into a fruity floral which I assumed to be the peach tree flowers. There was certainly a powdery undertone. I could detect the vanilla during this time which came out more strongly later on. I don't know what the other elements of the base notes are supposed to smell like but there was definitely some floral in there.

          The perfume lasted around 6-7 hours on my skin. This is better than a lot of fragrances but not as good as some other expensive perfumes. On my clothes it lasted a bit longer - until the end of the day.

          I didn't find that this perfume was overpowering or too strong, though I thought the scent could be quite sickly if it was too strong so this was just as well. I don't know if this is because I had a miniature dab bottle - a spray might be stronger as spray lands everywhere!

          ***Price and Availability***
          Lancome Trésor is widely available at Boots and other department stores. It is quite pricey at £34 for a 30ml eau de toilette and £47 for 50ml. You'd probably be better off getting the eau de parfum at £36 for 30ml and £52 for 50ml as eau de parfum is the more highly concentrated version of the fragrance.

          This isn't one of my favourite fragrances but it is a pleasant sensual scent. The combination of vanilla and unusual florals make this perfume stand out. I think it is one for slightly older women but younger people might like it too. I definitely think it is more of an evening perfume and would be suitable for all seasons.


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            26.03.2012 01:26
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Just too large a cost for a perfume I'm not 100% in love with.

            This perfume is one of five lancome fragrances I received as part of a gift set from my Grandmother. I like almost all of the perfumes but this was one of my favourite ones.

            The fragrance sits inside a tiered glass bottle which tapers towards the base. On top is a very elegant clear, square lid with black rim and pump. The pump is extremely effective and works exactly as you would expect it to. The bottle has the effect of cut glass/crystal and is very elegant and expensive looking. It certainly feels very luxurious. The bottle feels very heavy from the weight of the glass which adds to the image of expense - though if you were travelling with it or a little clumsy I would worry about breaking it. That said, for home use I think it adds a refined touch to your dressing table and stands out among other perfumes. In fact I liked everything about the appearance of the perfume excluding the perfume itself. I find the bright orange colour of the liquid a little gaudy and I think it ages the style and design of the bottle which is a shame. It looks more like a drink than a perfume and I find this a slightly disappointing touch from lancome.

            The fragrance is fruity and floral with the subtle, sweet warmth of vanilla. I really like the smell of the perfume, though a little sweeter than my usual scents, it achieves a sense of richness and luxury which I associate with such a well established brand. The core notes are rose petals, apricot blossom and peach tree flowers. This is complemented by lilly of the valley, vanilla, heliotrope and iris flowers. The overall impression is expensive and elegant with fun, flirty edge. Again I think the design of the perfume, and the colour in particular, ages the perfume and really does it a disservice. The actual perfume is quite young smelling, though rich and expensive it does achieve a timeless quality that you would associate with a designer brand like lancome. In terms of scent I would say this is best suited to evening as it is a little heavy for a day perfume. That said, the warmth and sweetness do make it a perfectly uplifting smell for cold winter days.

            The price of the perfume is probably the deciding factor for me and this one is a little overpriced. At £52.00 for 50ml it is just too expensive for me to overlook the things I don't like about it. If you absolutely loved everything about it then it might be something you treat yourself to once a year, but it certainly isn't something I can afford on a regular basis. If I did buy it at that price I would feel very precious about how much I am using - which takes away some of the fun of using a perfume you love.

            So, there are cheaper perfumes on the market and there are perfumes from lancome that I prefer too. It wouldn't be my first pick for a perfume to buy for myself and therefore I probably won't buy it. However, as a gift it would be perfect for me. It is a little outside my comfort zone in terms of fragrance and design and not something I would buy myself. I do think you would need to be careful buying it for someone else though just because of the luxurious design and distinctive smell - it certainly won't be to the taste of everyone and that is okay because it gives it a unique edge.

            Overall, too much money for a perfume that has some minor flaws.


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              24.12.2010 22:58
              Very helpful



              Lovely fragrance, well worth a try.

              Review of Lancome Tresor Eau De Parfum Spray

              I was given a bottle of this fragrance sometime ago and it has sat unopened in my drawer ever since. I used to use fragrances and perfumes a lot in the past and this was one of my favourites, however due to a change of lifestyle a couple of years ago, perfume has not featured highly on my agenda!
              I recently got round to opening my Tresor and thought I'd see if I still liked it.


              The outer packaging is a very pretty, feminine, marbled effect, pink cardboard box with the Lancome logo and the fragrance name in black and gold.

              Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum is presented in a very distinctive glass bottle. The shape is almost like an upside-down pyramid with a flattened point. The glass of the bottle is ridged and it has a definite Deco feel about it. The spray mechanism is black and covered by a glass crystal type lid. Although I say the lid is glass, I am not 100% certain that it IS, I feel it may be a plastic material, as it does feel a little different to the bottle itself. Hardly important, but worth mentioning!

              The actual fragrance is a pinky gold in colour. My bottle contains 30ml and a quick web search shows that this currently retails for around £30, although of course it is always worth shopping around. I believe it also comes in a larger size of 50ml and smaller trial sizes, usually found in gift sets.

              Fragrance should be stored in a cool dark place to retain the essence of the scent. Mine as mentioned has been in the back of a drawer, unopened, for several years. The fragrance does not seem to have deteriorated in the slightest.

              ~~**The Fragrance**~~

              Lancome first introduced Tresor perfume in 1990.

              It is an interesting blend of florals. The top notes, those you first notice after application, are rose, apricot and lily of the valley. The middle notes are lilac, peach and iris and the base of the fragrance is amber, vanilla and musk. It is the base notes that linger on the skin.

              The floral top notes of Tresor disappear fairly quickly after application, leaving the warm, feminine under-notes. I do like fragrances with musky undertones and although these are rather delicate in Tresor they are definitely there.

              Tresor is not one of those heady fragrances, I find it is light and fresh. The base notes make for a fairly long lasting scent on my skin, although more of that later.
              Other products available in the Tresor fragrance range include Eau de toilette, bathing products, deodorant body spray and body lotions, useful for achieving fragrance layering.

              Lancome suggest that Tresor is ideal for day or evening use. I feel that the actual fragrance is a very versatile one which could suit almost all age groups.


              Lancome introduced a range of five fragrances back in the 1930s. They are a well known brand and their products are widely available from department stores, chemists and of course many on line sources. Lancome produce a massive range of fragrances, skin care, cosmetics, haircare and sun care for both men and women. I won't bore readers with a history lesson on Lancome, if anyone is sufficiently interested, the company have an excellent website http://www.lancome.co.uk

              ~~**My Thoughts and Conclusion**~~

              Fragrance is a very personal thing, what smells great on one person can smell quite different on another. This is due to the differing chemical make up of our skins. In turn, this will also effect the lasting qualities of a fragrance. Naturally an Eau de Parfum is a stronger fragrance and you can expect these to be longer lasting than Eau de Toilette. For these reasons, I would suggest anyone interested in trying Tresor, first has a trial spray from an in-store tester. It is a fairly expensive perfume and it would be a pity to buy without trying, only to find it doesn't suit you!

              Lancome Tresor is quite long lasting on my skin, if sprayed in the morning I can still detect the fragrance at lunchtime and by mid afternoon it is still there, although very diluted. I agree with Lancome's categorisation of Tresor, it is definitely suitable for daytime or evening wear in my opinion.

              As mentioned at the top of the review, I used to wear this a great deal and have only opened this bottle recently after having it in storage. I was intrigued to find that the fragrance smelled more strongly than I recalled, now that could be that my skin has changed as I've grown older or simply that my memory is weak! Had the change been to the weaker side, I would have assumed that storing the product had caused this, even though it had been in the dark, in a cool room. One of life's mysteries or the onset of memory loss? Who knows!

              To conclude, I really like this fragrance and now I have rediscovered it, I intend to use it regularly. I would recommend Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum to others and am awarding it 4*.

              Thank you for reading.

              ©brittle1906 December 2010

              N.B. My review may be found on other review sites under the same user name.


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                04.11.2010 20:14
                Very helpful



                Lancôme Trésor In Love

                ** Lancôme Trésor In Love - Eau de Parfum **

                I just appreciate the brand Lancôme and always like to try out their fragrances. Lancôme's founder, Armand Petitjean, aperfumer and cosmetist, has dedicated his life to his dream of giving women the most beautiful. He was fond of roses and grew them in his own garden in Ville d'Avray, just outside Paris. Because of his passion for the rose, is it not surprising that the rose is the symbol of Lancôme perfumes. His passion for perfumes has Armand Petitjean inspired to the spectacular step: in 1935, he launched Lancôme with five great fragrances. Almost all Lancôme bottles were created by Georges Delhomme. Today they are collectors items.


                On March 6, 1990 Lancome comes out with a unique Lancôme Trésor perfume. Tresor is a perfume for the precious moments and tells us twenty years the story of the thousand nuances of absolute love. According to the brand the fragrance Tresor In Love tells us a new story about a modern love which flourishes in the heart of Paris, the precious moment where it all begins ...The scent of Tresor in Love consists of several contrasts. There is a floral fragrance with rose and jasmine, which in turn is complemented by extracts of nectarine, bergamot and pear, and the base is used again made of cedar and musk.


                The Lancôme Tresor In Love sits in a high current tapered glass bottle which resembles the original bottle of Tresor, only this one was lower and wider. On the front is only in elegant black letters 'Tresor In Love' and at bottom of the bottle 'Lancôme'. The bottle has a silver spray. It's actually a nice bottle because of its simplicity. Around the neck of the bottle is a black satin rose as a ring. The bottle comes in the sizes 30ml, 50ml and 75ml.


                The Lancome Tresor love Eau de parfum is very light pink of color. It is a very subtle fragrance and light but sweet and with the smell of fresh flowers. It is not a fragrance that really stands out and I find him extremely well suited for day and for younger women. The smell will hang around one hour or five.


                For some years I've been a fan of some of the Lancôme perfumes and I was also curious about the smell of this new perfume. Unfortunately it's not as special as I expected. It's a relatively light scented like roses and jasmine. It is quite the opposite of the original Tresor which is quite heavy and oriental. But this was certainly the intention of to appeal to a younger audience. It's a nice subtle scent, but not for me.


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                01.11.2010 23:14
                Very helpful



                A very classy fruity floral blend

                Lancome have a varied range of fragrances including perfumes and EDTs. Amongst the range is the gorgeous and completely intoxicating Tresor Eau de Parfum. I have tried both the EDT and the Eau de parfum in this Tresor fragrance and I like it in both versions. The main difference between the two is that the EDT fades more quickly than the Eau de Parfum although both to my mind are very long lasting and remain on the skin for many hours after the initial first spray.

                The first thing that catches your eye when you come across Tresor is the very clever design of the bottle. Its very interesting and comprises layers of the same shape getting ever smaller until you get down to the base of the bottle. The glass seems very thick and smooth with curves softening the edges of the glass bottle to give an elegant finish that I really like. Its a heavy bottle and so it sits well on a flat surface and is not easy to knock over.

                The top of the bottle has a plastic lid that is very similar to some of the old glass stopper type lids. It looks like glass from a distance but being made from plastic means it is less likely to break if you accidently drop it. The black plastic piece in the middle does detract from the look of the bottle and I would have liked it more had it been in sliver, but I can see it matches with the black detailing used behind the Tresor name on the box.

                The shape of the Tresor bottle does look lovely on a dressing table where it catches the light, but as I like to keep my scents smelling as fresh as a daisy I tend to keep them away from direct sunlight or mirrors. That way I know that the contents will remain in better condition for me, so that when I want to use them they smell as they should.

                The fragrance is very individual and although I have come across cheaper copies of this I have yet to come across anything as lovely and long lasting in a similar long lasting blend. I find that I can spray on some Tresor EDP and it will remain on my skin all day long. When your skin warms up the fragrance seems to be enhanced a little more and wafts gently so that you are reminded you have it on.

                Yet again in Tresor gorgeous green and fresh lilly of the valley is used to add a lovely interesting tangy feel to this floral blend. White rose and lilac are more of the florals amongst the top notes or first hints that you get with Tresor. Although this is a very floral and sweet mix, there is more to Tresor than just a few floral bouquets hastily thrown together, it has class and endurance and even over the course of many hours remains true to itself.

                Other scents that you can smell in the mix are fruity fuzzy peach and apricot which are both real winners in Tresor. They remain interesting and alive and even when the base notes of amber and musk hit, the peachy warmth and sweetness still comes through. The over all effect of this blend is fruity, floral, long lasting and very pleasing to the senses.

                Last year I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a gift set in the sale for which I paid just £19.99. This was a fantastic price for the set, as it also had a shower gel and a body lotion with the 30ml bottle. I haven't often seen Tresor reduced this low and so felt very pleased with my bargain. Usually you can expect to pay closer to £32/ £34 for a bottle in this size.

                As for rating tresor I feel I that considering how it performs and remains true over many hours wear, its a fantastic scent blended to last on the skin. It is a lovely fragrance that I enjoy wearing. I want to give this scent a full 5 star rating as I feel it has something unique and special which sets it apart from many other fragrances you can buy.


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                02.10.2009 15:34
                1 Comment



                overall a nice perfume but not highly recommended

                i got this for a present and at first i was not too keen on the colour of the perfume because i prefer lighter coloured perfumes but the smell more than made up for the colour. its a really light fragrance which can be worn both in the daytime and on an evening out. the smell actually lasted quite well through the day unlike some perfumes which fade ina few hours.
                i think the bottle design could have been a bit better too but overall not too bad. the lid on top of the bottle also became loose after a while. so although i really liked the scent of this perfume i personally would not pay 26.99 for a bottle but not bad to receive as a present. there are are many other cheaper perfumes on the market that are much better value for money and look better too. i myself prefer a 100ml bottle but for this particular perfume it would be too pricey for me.


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                  29.05.2009 20:32
                  Very helpful



                  A versatile and flowery perfume

                  I can honestly say that l'ancome Tresor is the only perfume I've ever liked enough to wear! I don't wear perfume very often so I've had this bottle for over a year (it could be a few years - I'm not really sure!) but it's still fine.

                  According to Lancome....

                  "Love is a treasure.

                  The Eau de Parfum unveils the floral, fruity, powdery and amber notes of TRÉSOR. Its bottle, with its luxurious design, nestles in the hand, like a precious treasure. Its luminous fragrance gives a refined and radiant aura to the woman who wears it.

                  A fragrance of emotion is in the air... TRÉSOR."

                  MY OPINION

                  ~*~*THE PACKAGING*~*~
                  The box is a nice peach-like colour with the name of the perfume on. The shape of the bottle is unusual yet pretty - definitely something I would display. The bottle is like an upside down ridged pyramid with a black neck and the lid is a chunky square. The name of the perfume is written on the neck of the bottle and since it is transparent, the goldish/orangey/champagne colour of the perfume can be seen. The bottle definitely looks expensive and is of high quality (I've dropped it a good few times and it's still fine).

                  ~*~*THE FRAGRANCE*~*~
                  Since I have the eau de parfum, I think this has a stronger fragrance than the eau de toilette (apparently Eau de parfum contains about 7-15% perfume concentrate while Eau de toilette has around 1-6% perfume concentrate) but since I haven't tried the two separately and compared, I can't say for sure.

                  To me, the fragrance is the closest I have found to that of blossom, which have always wished I could bottle the fragrance of - it is definitely flowery and sweet, but in a way that smells fresh and clean, yet grown up (i.e not sickly, or like a cheap body spray). It also smells slightly musky (I have always loved the smell of 'white musk') and maybe very slightly of rose. I really like this fragrance because it smells almost natural - I can't really smell the alcohol in it.

                  When sprayed on the skin, I think this lasts roughly half a day - if I put it on in the morning and still wanted the fragrance for the evening, I would reapply it in the evening. However, if sprayed on my clothes, it still has the gorgeous fragrance the next time I wear them (I love spraying the inside of my hats and having them smell great for next time). I would probably spray it once on my hair and once on one wrist and rub my wrists together - I don't like any fragrance to be too strong. For that reason, this perfume has lasted me ages.

                  I wear this perfume all year round, during the day or night, on days that I feel like wearing perfume - I personally think it's really verssatile.

                  ~*~*THE PRICE*~*~
                  On the actual lancome website, this perfume is £31.50 for 30 ml but it is £21 on cheapsmells.com, which is the website I'll buy it from when mine runs out. I have seen this available at Lancome counters in large stores like Boots and Debenhams. Sometimes after Christmas, the sets with the parfum, the body spray and the body lotion together sell for the price the perfume on its own would sell for, so keep a lookout for these kind of fab deals!

                  There is also a 50ml and 100ml size.

                  Overall, I really like this perfume, and would recommend it, but do test it out first to see if you do too!

                  Thanks for reading


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                • Product Details

                  This spicy, floral scent is recommended for office and evening wear. It has notes of rose, apricot blossom, peach, iris, jasmine, musk, and vanilla.