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Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Lancome / Type: Perfume

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    4 Reviews
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      01.08.2013 17:26
      Very helpful



      A beautifully designed girly fragrance great all year round

      I bought Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancôme as a treat for myself from Boots. It took ages for me to decide on this one instead of a different perfume by Lacoste but I'm so glad I chose this one. It is designed with a love and romance theme in mind and has a vivid description: "a captivating, playful fragrance letting you capture hearts and play the game of love. Inspired by the most romantic hour, just before midnight, when magic tints the sky a violet hue, it is the moment when anything is possible. "

      --- Price & Availability ---
      It is available in two sizes; the smaller 30ml which costs £38 and the larger 50ml (which is the one I have) costs £52. It is a bit pricey but you are paying for a very high quality brand that lasts a long time. It is available from many shops including Boots, Selfridges, House of Fraser, Debenhams and Amazon.

      --- The Look ---
      Although the square box with its white background and dark purple sides is nothing special, the actual bottle which can be seen through a clear window is beautifully designed. It is comprised of clear glass with shades of colour ranging from a powdery pink to a dark purple as you get to the bottom. The part that stands out best though is the spray nozzle which has been designed to resemble the stem of a rose covered with thorns. This is finished by a pretty rose with purple satin petals tied by a green ribbon around the neck of the bottle. The only downside is that the rose can get annoying when you want to spray but is easily removed. I love this bottle and it looks really impressive on the dressing table.

      --- The Fragrance ---
      The scent is a gorgeous fruity and floral smell that I absolutely love. It contains jasmine, peony, pink pepper and blackcurrant combined with rose absolute and raspberry on top of a base of vanilla, musk and virginia cedar essence. The strongest scent is that of the floral elements followed by the raspberry and blackcurrant which give the smell a bit more sweetness. There is also a faint smell of the vanilla which warms up the scent. I like the feminine and summery feel to this smell and I definitely feel more sophisticated when wearing it. I tend to spray it on my wrists and sometimes my hair so I can keep catching wafts of it. Unfortunately it doesn't last that long and I have to reapply mine every couple of hours or so. This is a shame as it is very strong when first sprayed but fades quickly.

      --- Summary ---
      This is a lovely, pretty perfume for girls that is floral without being overly sweet that smells amazing and looks even better. It would make a lovely, albeit expensive gift for someone special or a great treat if you're feeling indulgent ; )


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      24.02.2013 13:13
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A gorgeous scent but the longevity is really disappointing

      Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose

      I entered a Debenhams beauty club online competition late last year and I won some lancome goodies, one of those goodies was this fragrance. I was very happy that I received this fragrance as I have wanted to buy it as soon as I saw the commercial for it with Emma Watson (who I think composed this fragrance actually).

      - Bottle

      The bottle for this fragrance is really nice as it is fairly simple and pain as is the shape of the bottle. The bottle is made out of glass but the lid is made from plastic, or that is what is feels like. The bottle has a gradient effect which starts at the bottom of the bottle with a strong deep violet colour and the colour gets lighter towards to the top of the bottle. The only text on the bottle is "Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose" and "Lancome Paris". The bottle Also has a fairly large fabric purple rose around the bottom of the lid which is connected to the bottle with a small, black elastic band which makes the bottle look quite unique. This rose addition can be removed which is what I have done with mine, as it just gets in the way when I am trying to spray the perfume. The bottle I have is the 30ml bottle and it is the eau de parfum version. I have two now as I received the first one as part of the prize for the Debenhams competition and I also received another 30ml bottle as part of a christmas present - so I do now have 60ml of this perfume.

      - Notes

      *Top notes (these are the notes that you smell a few seconds after you have sprayed the fragrance): Jasmine, Peony, Fresh Blackcurrent and Intense Pink Pepper.

      *Middle/Heart notes (these are the notes that compose the main body of the fragrance after the top notes have dissipated): Intense Rose Absolute and Bold Raspberry.

      *Base notes (these are the components of the fragrance that evaporate slowly and with the middle/heart notes form the main body of the fragrance): Cedar, Vanilla and Musk.

      - My opinion of the scent

      The scent of this fragrance is really nice, I received this fragrance as a prize before I had chance to smell it in a store and this is a fragrance that I definitely would have bought after smelling it, as it is just the kind of fragrance that I like - although it is more fruity/berry than my other perfumes. My initial thoughts on this fragrance was that it is very spring/summery and also that is was very feminine. Although the addition of the musks and rose make this fragrance feminine and girly but sophisticated as well. The initial scent of this fragrance is really nice, like berries (artificial berries though) and also really quite strong which I like - I hate weak/subtle perfumes. Once the fragrance has time to dry and settle on my skin, it beings to smell a bit more musky but in a good way - a warm, evening musky scent that works well with the fruity/floral notes previously. The main scents I can detect from this fragrance are that of blackcurrent and rose, mainly blackcurrent, with some musky notes too. I would rate the scent overall at 5/5.

      - Longevity

      The initial scent of this product as I sprayed it on my skin/clothing was really strong so I thought that it would last for a while on my skin, which is what I like, as I don't want to carry around the perfume bottle with me (or a travalo as I don't want to use up the perfume really quickly). The longevity of this fragrance on me is not very long which is really disappointing as it is amazing so far but the fragrance only stays quite strong on my skin/clothing for about three hours. After three hours or so the scent begins to fade and become indetectable fairly quickly, I would say that on me this fragrance lasts for a maximum of five hours - six hours if I spray two/three sprays of perfume. Overall, I love the scent, but the longevity is really quite poor in my opinion as I want a scent to stay for most of the day. Therefore I only really wear this fragrance if I have a short day at university or a shopping day. I would rate the longevity overall at 2/5 unfortunately.

      - Price and availability

      I did not pay for either of the bottles of this fragrance that I have but this fragrance can be bought as a 30ml bottle from debenhams for £31.50, Boots.co.uk for £34, House of Fraser for £35, Selfridges for £35, John Lewis for £30.50 and the perfume shop for £34.50. This perfume is available in 30ml and 50ml bottles (and I think 75ml bottles too).



      *Scent is gorgeous, feminine, summery and sophisticated

      *Bottle design is nice and simple - yet it still looks nice on my dressing table

      *Great brand, fairly widely available, not as expensive as some other perfumes


      *Longevity is not fantastic - it last for a maximum of five to six hours (with the slightest hint of the fragrance after that)

      Thank you for reading my review


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        23.01.2013 10:49
        Very helpful



        a special, appealing rose scent

        I am a big fan of premium beauty brand Lancome. This brand is expensive but the quality is high in my opinion. I have recently expanded my Lancome collection with a range of make up and fragrances. I received a few miniature perfumes in my Lancome Advent Calender last month. Previously I have sampled the original Tresor and also Tresor In Love. This review discusses my use of Tresor Midnight Rose.

        ~Tresor Midnight Rose~

        Released : 2011
        Fragrance family : Floral

        Lancome chosen Emma Watson (Harry Potter actress) to front the campaign for Tresor Midnight Rose. Midnight Rose is promoted as being a 'sexy, sweet and playful fragrance'. It is available in an eau de parfum and there is a gift set available which includes a body lotion and shower gel.

        Tresor Midnight Rose has been created by blending different fragrance notes :

        *Top notes offer the initial scent - peony, jasmine, blackcurrant bud absolute and pink pepper
        *Heart notes offer the main body of the scent - raspberry and rose absolute
        *Base notes finish off the scent - vanilla, musk and Viriginia cedar essence


        The bottle for Tresor Midnight Rose adopts the same slender, facted glass design as Tresor In Love. The bottom of the bottle is a deep purple and this gradually lightens until neck. The neck of the bottle features a little purple rose charm which gives a classy, sophisticated appearance. I find the bottle to me feminine, unique and really gorgeous. It is certainly one which I am not ashamed to show off.

        ~Price and Availability~

        Tresor Midnight Rose EDP can be bought at an Lancome stockist (Debenhams, House of Fraser etc) and also online from www.lancome.co.uk, www.perfumeshop.com and www.boots.com. Expect to pay £34.00 for a 30ml bottle and £47.00 for a 50ml bottle. Prices vary so it is worth shopping around.

        ~My Thoughts~

        In the past I have avoided floral orientated perfumes as I was convinced I wouldn't like them. I have expanded my perfume collection to include some floral perfumes - some I have liked and others haven't really been for me. I suppose that is why it is best to sample before you buy! As I previously mentioned I own a miniature and was delighted to add this to my growing collection of perfumes.

        I would say Tresor Midnight Rose would make a beautiful gift for someone special. The bottle is stunning and well crafted to look special. Buying a perfume as a gift isn't easy but if you are aware of someones love of rose scented perfumes then this may be an obvious choice. It isn't overly expensive either and is of a high quality as you would expect from a brand such as Lancome.

        I have tried all of the Tresor perfumes and had mixed feelings. I wasn't keen on the original but really liked Tresor In Love. I would say the different variations of the original scent are more appealing to a wider audience and perhaps a younger audience too. It is likely that younger Lancome fans may be tempted by having a younger female promoting this perfume.

        Tresor Midnight Rose is an absolutely gorgeous scent and one which I wouldn't have had the chance to try had it not came in my calender. It is a powerful, heady scent when first applied and I would recommend only spraying or dabbing a little onto your skin as too much may lead to the scent being overpowering. I find that a small amount on my wrists and neck more than sufficient to leave my skin and clothing beautifully fragranced.

        The initial scent offered by Midnight Rose is a gorgeous rich, addictive sweetness thanks to the blackcurrant. The pink pepper note comes through well and mingles with the fruity sweet blackcurrant offering an indulgent and slightly spicy feel to the scent. I love the way they top notes flow and are completely different to every other perfume I have worn before. The jasmine and peony take a back seat in this scent but can be witnessed as undertones and simply enhance the sensual sweetness of this scent.

        Tresor Midnight Rose develops at a steady, smooth pace. After an hour or so after application, the scent changes and the focus changes to the rose absolute. The rose scent gives Midnight Rose its character and is the main appeal. It comes through quite light against the top notes and the strength increases after a shortwhile. A dramatic, confident rose aroma which screams quality comes through and is a true treat to experience. Although I am not a floral person, I do appreciate the way the rose is presented in this scent. It is warm, powerful and yet not overpowering as it is laced with the sweetness of raspberries. It is an unusual combination but it works very well to give the scent a layered but not confused feel which I really like.

        The rose never quite fades but it does become more subtle and lingers for the duration of the scent. The dry down of Tresor Midnight Rose doesn't disappoint. The warming feel of the scent is enhanced here as a delightful woody essence is evident and quite earthy. This combined with a naturally sweet and creamy vanilla with a delicate rose sweetness completes this scent perfectly.


        I would say that Tresor Midnight Rose EDP is the perfect scent for evening wear given its sensual, warming nature. It is a beautiful, feminine scent which is neither too young nor too mature but I would say it is an acquired smell and one which not everyone will appreciate. At times it comes across as being quite food-y due to the sweet rose and reminds me a little of Turkish Delight!


        I liked this scent more than I thought I would. There is something very unique and special about it. It is so different from Lancome Magnifique (another Lancome scent which offers rose as its main fragrance note) and has its own character. I have received many a compliment whilst wearing this perfume as it radiates from my skin and is noticeable by those around me. I notice that once the base notes come through, the scent starts to become less intense but sits at a comfortable, close to the skin strength which is perfectly fine for me. The entire scent is noticeable on my skin for a good 8 hours which I consider excellent. I can detect it on my jacket or scarf the following day too.

        Tresor Midnight Rose isn't a signature scent for me nor is it one which I choose to wear on a daily basis. It is a perfume which I like to wear on special occasions as it is simply gorgeous and very special. It is definitely worth the money as it is so nice and I can highly recommend it.

        Thanks for reading :)


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          13.01.2013 22:37
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          This unique perfume is definitely worth its price and I recommend it to everyone

          I have always been a fan of Lancome products and when I first saw the advertisement for this perfume -I must admit, the lovely Emma Watson was quite convincing while looking dreamy and perfect on the billboards-, I knew that I had to get it, it just looked so pretty with the simple but elegant bottle. I knew if the perfume itself is half as good as the bottle and the campaign, it will be a must have. And besides, when was Emma Watson ever wrong? When I went to the drugstore it was even better than what I expected.

          It is a really girly perfume but not in the too-sugary, almost stranglingly strong way. It is delicate, fragile but at the same time, a statement. Unlike many famous perfumes, it really does last all day long, in the first hour it is more of a fresh and sweet scent and it gradually changes into a deeper and more flowery smell as the day passes.
          I have got countless of compliments while wearing this perfume, it is such a unique but still very pleasant scent and they all wanted to know where I got it.

          The bottle of the perfume is a really modern, simple and it (especially the cap) closely resemles a diamond so it looks really good on your shelf or basically anywhere. It really does look like the one in the picture, even the little rose with a rubber band which can be used as a hairband too!

          If you are lucky you can even find this perfume in a box set for the same price. The box is lovely, with white and purple colours, I now use it to store my rings. This set either includes a shower gel and a body lotion or Lancome eyeliner and mascara in travel size. My set included the eyeliner which is amazing quality, every eyeliner I use smudges except this one and the mascara is really natural looking.

          Though a bit expensive, this perfume definitely lives up to the Lancome quality, the scent is unique and great for every occasion, the packaging is beautiful (and you with the box set you can cet valuable products for free) and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fresh, new perfume.


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        • Product Details

          Tresor Midnight Rose was released in September 2011. Tresor Midnight Rose is a colourful, upbeat and joyful fragrance...It embodies mischievous femininity: rose becomes playful, driven by deliciously tangy raspberry tones, wooden shimmers and voluptuous vanilla notes. A candied rose of love, warm and juicy, sweetly addictive. A vivacious scent enhanced with intense rose and bold blackcurrant notes.

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