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Lancome Hypnose Eau Legere Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Lancome / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      26.03.2012 00:40
      Very helpful



      A nice perfume at a ridiculous price.

      I received this perfume as part of a lancome fragrance set from my Grandmother. This was one of the miniature bottles I was lucky enough to test out and though it didn't totally captivate me I still think it is a lovely perfume.

      The perfume comes in a glass bottle, essentially square in shape but twisted round to give a very elegant silhouette. The perfume itself is a mauve/blue colour which looks very pretty in the bottle and is a slightly unusual colour for a perfume so it definitely stands out on your dresser. The bottle has a clear lid and silver metal pump which works exactly as you would expect. Overall I really like the bottle - although it is very streamlined and elegant and I prefer my perfumes to have a bit more of a pretty, feminine edge to them.

      The perfume itself is a lovely, light fragrance which smells woody and musky with an added kick of spice. The smell at the perfume seems entirely at odds with the bottle design and the colour of the fragrance to me - not that it really matters, but perhaps the design is a little ill conceived when matched with the fragrance. I was expecting something a little fresher given the blue colour of the liquid. It is said to act like a 'sensual love potion' leaving a magic trail which charms and fascinates men. Perhaps a little over the top in the description of the scent. I, personally, didn't find it quite as beguiling as I think it is meant to be - but then I much prefer simple feminine smells rather than the more heavy musky smell of this scent. That said, it is a velvety and warm smell which is very long lasting. The core notes of the perfume are woody and oriental. These are complemented by passion flower, vanilla and vetiver which add a sensuality and and sense of luxury to the perfume. It isn't my favourite type of smell but it is certainly very pleasant and for some it might be their perfect scent.

      In terms of price I think this is another massively over-priced lancome perfume. At £36.00 for 30ml this really is the high end of the perfumes within the designer brands. I think really what you pay for is the name of the brand and what you get is a perfectly pleasant and slightly underwhelming perfume (underwhelming if only based on the price).

      Overall, I am happy to buy into a brand if it delivers on smell but this one slightly misses the mark.


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      25.09.2009 20:54
      Very helpful



      A clean and refreshing fragrance.

      Perfume is a very personal gift but always a very welcome one in my opinion, I love wearing perfume and if I happen to see a free sample advertised on the internet or being handed out in a department store then I am first in the queue to try it out. But I have felt a bit let down lately by some of the free samples that I have received, they have been little `sticking plasters` that have been coated with the fragrance and then stuck onto a postcard and sent to you, this means that you only get the gist of the perfume, one rub over with the scented plaster and the fragrance has vanished.

      Lancome are a well known name in the world of perfume and they have a wide range of classic perfumes that have classic price tags to match. But in all fairness you will only get what you pay for, good perfume comes at a price and most of us have learned that to our cost.
      The Lancome Poeme is just perfection in a bottle and one of my ultimate favourites in the Lancome range but I have recently come across the Lancome Hypnose which has struck a chord.

      Perfume bottles are a work of art in themselves, some of the designs are stunning and Lancome have excelled themselves with the bottle design for Hypnose.
      The thick glass bottle has a hint of a lavender hue and that colour is deeper at the bottom of the bottle and then lightens towards the top of the bottle.
      The four sided bottle is twisted in the middle to give it a very unusual and unique appearance that looks really classic and extravagant. The chunky glass stopper is also slightly off skew to fit in with the design of the bottle.

      Lancome describe Hypnose as being an oriental floral, I love florals but I was also drawn in by the addition of vanilla, one of those smells that captivates me.
      Lancome launched Hypnose in 2007.

      Lancome Hypnose has often been referred to as having a sensual fragrance but I think of it as having a fresh and enlivening smell. I myself would see it more as a good light daytime perfume, one that I would be more than happy to wear regularly as opposed to having to save it for an evening out.
      The perfume has a mix of passion flower, citrus, guava and vanilla so this should give you a good insight into how the perfume smells. I like to wear enough perfume so that it is noticeable but on the other hand I wouldn't drown myself in it.
      I like to put it on the inside of my wrists where the skin is warm, once the cold perfume hits the skin and starts to warm up that seems to bring the fragrance to life.

      The Hypnose Eau Legere is airy and although the citrus smell is there for all the world to enjoy I think that the vanilla is the fragrance that comes bursting to the forefront. Maybe that is because I tend to lean towards favouring the vanilla and it is the one smell that I instantly pick up on.
      I would wear it all year round, the light and pretty smell makes it worthwhile but I would rather use a slightly stronger fragrance for evening wear.
      Lancome Hypnose appeals to me but it may not have the same appeal to someone who is far younger, I always seem to prefer the light airy florals over the heavier woody perfumes.

      The fragrance lingers for a good while after you have sprayed it and you can still smell it at the end of a busy day. If you are like me and you prefer the sweeter lighter perfumes that make you feel like a woman but don't make you feel as though you stand out in a crowd then the Lancome Hypnose would be worth testing.
      If you pop into a chemists or large department store then try the tester and see what you think.
      A 75ml bottle of Hypnose Eau De toilette will be in the region of £30 but that small bottle lasts ages.


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        31.01.2008 13:45
        Very helpful



        A creamy and fresh, delicately floral scent perfect for any age.

        Launched: 2007
        Perfumers: Annick Menardo and Thierry Wasser
        Classification: Oriental Fruity

        The house

        The Lancome perfume house was created in 1935 by Armand Petitjean and produced prestigious fragrances throughout the century in bottles made by artist Georges Delhomme which are still sought after by collectors.

        Some of these signature perfumes are Tropiques (1935) , Marrakech (1947), Magie (1950), Ô (1969). The new range contains Tresor (1990), Poeme (1995), Miracle (2000), Attraction (2003) and Hypnose (2005). Lancome is also a maker of cosmetics including skincare and makeup products.

        The bottle

        The design of the bottle is sleek and original. The base is rectangular, square all the way up but it is twisted halfway so it actually turns on its axis. This lilac tinted bottle that turns slightly clearer towards the top. The clear stopper has the same cut as the bottle and snaps perfectly into place.

        Full or empty, it will definitely deserve a place on a shelf or dressing table. The fluid is amethyst lilac which does fade if you expose it to sunlight. The box is shiny multi-toned lilac and has hypnose written in embossed letters across the four sides in various tones sizes.

        The fragrance

        Hypnose Sheer Eau Legere is a limited edition summer version of Hypnose launched in 2005. The original Hypnose was the first Lancome perfume I instantly loved and was dazzled by it but after half a year, I got bored with the scent. It smelled nice but felt average, too overpowering and the practically missing middle notes left me with a drydown of strong woody vanilla.

        Top notes: citrus fruits, guava

        The creators of Hypnose kindly revisited this and added guava and citrus fruits in the top note that creates a fresh, long-lasting opening which then nicely turns into a sumptuous, flowery passionfruit cocktail.

        Middle notes: passionflower

        That 'oomph' in Eau Legere - just like guava in the top - is a sweet, juicy and fruity note that is exotic and floral, resembling apples, strawberries, passionfruit and rose petals.

        Base notes: vanilla, vetiver, musk, woods

        The base is mainly composed of vanilla, which makes it warm and creamy but not heady as opposed to its predecessor, Hypnose. It stays vibrant like delicately scented water that's never tiring, one-sided or too strong.


        Hypnose Eau Legere is creamy and fresh fragrance and has good staying power up to 10 hours and even longer on clothes or hair. This makes it ideal to wear all year round. It's delicately floral and light and can be perfect for any age.

        Price and where to buy

        A great bargain from Boots is £30 for 75 ml Eau de Toilette

        Other products such as shower gel and body lotion only available for Hypnose Eau de Parfum.

        Staying power: 4 / 5
        Composition: 5 / 5
        Value for money: 4 / 5
        Overall value: 5 / 5

        Thanks for reading my review.


        ©powered by lillybee


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