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Lancome Magnifique Eau de Parfum

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7 Reviews
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  • Hard to get hold of these days
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    7 Reviews
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      06.02.2015 19:24



      not magnificent

      I bought this perfume mid 2009 after reading a review by lilamartinI don't think she is active anymore :() although her review wasn't the most complimentary I had found that some of the scents she rated less I quite liked.

      **Price and where to get**
      A 30ml bottle of this costs around £31 - I cant remember if this is what I paid/near what I paid . It can be bought from amazon/ebay etc

      **Bottle design**
      I think that the bottle for this is quite pretty,its lighter at the bottom going into a deep red. The bottle itself is round - its supposed to be shaped like a jewel
      This comes in 30ml,50,75ml

      **Top Note**
      Saffron - the first note you are hit with this is quite spicy but does not linger that long.

      ** Heart Note:**
      Rose - this is the smell you are left with for a few hours. its quite nice but a bit strong.

      ** Base Note**
      Nagarmôta Wood- a more woody smell . Different to most perfumes I tend to go for- I don't think I have seen this listed very often. I found it a bit spicy for me.

      I think this is a fancy wear at night sort of perfume. It's too strong for me anyway for it to be a daytime perfume
      A little of this goes a long way.

      **Would I rebuy**
      Since ive had this about 6 years and im not even about 10% through the bottle I would say that it is highly unlikely. Trust me I tried to like it with it being a more expensive perfume (well I saw it as expensive at the time). On the plus side the bottle is really pretty
      I would recommend this to people who like spicy/woody perfumes


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      01.12.2014 19:04
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Lasts well"
      • Warm


      • Expensive
      • "Hard to get hold of these days"

      Sadly no longer daring, audacious or passionate


      I thought I was a real Dior girl, but then I remembered that I also rather like Poeme and Tresor by Lancome. To that list I now add Magnifique.

      Mr P. bought me a gift set (Gatwick duty free) as a carefully thought out birthday present a few years ago (ha ha!). I’m not complaining too much as assisted by my daughter, he selected a Magnifique duo – a 30 ml spray bottle with a smaller 5 ml travel size companion. I really appreciate having the two bottles. I like to take my perfume with me when I’m out for the day in case I need a refresh but don’t’ want to lug a great heavy bottle with me. So this is ideal. I can use the bigger bottle to apply in the morning and then if I know I’m going out straight from work in the evening, can take the smaller bottle with me to refresh.

      The crystal bottle is supposedly faceted like a jewel. It does remind me a little of a ruby with its colour deepening from pink at the bottom to a deep red at the top.

      Magnifique is described as a woody floral musk and was launched in 2008. It was created by Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier for the 'daring, audacious, passionate woman' to celebrate 'her vibrant femininity’.

      Top Note: Saffron
      Heart Note: Rose
      Base Note: Nagarmôta Wood

      Nagamota is an exotic grass, a member of the papyrus family. It brings a complex spicy feel to the perfume which adds depth and complexity to the rose and stops it being too sweet. It’s a warm fragrance and I think is perfect for autumn. It also lasts well and I can detect it after 4 or 5 hours. .

      Unfortunately very limited! As a relative newcomer to the market, I am surprised that Lancome appear to have discontinued this line already. You can still pick up on ebay and other on line retailers but at a price. Amazon currently has a 30ml eau de perfume spray for sale at the £95 mark. Perhaps if you have any unopened boxes in your cupboard, you might want to think of selling them!


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        14.11.2010 16:17
        Very helpful




        Lancome is a worldwide beauty brand founded by Armand Petitjean and now owned by L'Oreal.. The extensive range includes skincare, cosmetics, bodycare and fragrances. 2010 brings the 75th anniversary of this wonderful brand.


        In 1935, Lancome released their first 5 fragrances. Since then, others have been released and discontinued to reflect the different decades and styles. There are fragrances available for both men and woman such as Hypnose, Tresor and Miracle.


        Magnifique is a fairly new addition to the Lancome market. It is available in Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum alongside the matching body and shower products for layering up the scent. Magnifique is described as being ultra feminine.


        Magnifique has been created using a blend of fragrance notes. The fragrance develops through 3 different stages before exiting the skin.

        ~~~Top notes open up the fragrance and last a matter of minutes. Magnifique gets going with a simple yet pleasurable saffron top note for a spicy offering~~~

        ~~~Heart notes create the main body of the fragrance and often last for several hours. Magnifique offers rose as its only heart note~~~

        ~~~Base notes leave the final trace of fragrance on the skin. A woody note known as nagarmota concludes Magnifiques quest~~~


        The bottle is certainly eyecatching and feminine. The rounded design is faceted like a gemstone. The body of the bottle begins with a powerful, red shade and gradually lightens towards the base. The round, glass lid is clear and sits comfortably on top of the bottle. The bottle glistens gently as it catches the light and looks truly stunning alongside any other bottles.

        The box housing the bottle is equally attractive combining succulent reds and sweeps of black for a modern and sophisticated appearance. The silver writing stands out detailing the brand name and perfume name and adds a distinct touch of class to the overall appearance.

        ***Availability and Price***

        The Eau de Parfum can be purchased in various sizes. Gift sets are also available. Current prices :


        ~30ml - £30.50
        ~50ml - £46.50
        ~75ml - £57.50
        ~Shower gel 200ml - £24.00
        ~Gift set including 30ml EDP, 50ml Body Veil and 50ml Shower Gel - £32.00

        Online prices vary but here are a few


        ~30ml - £22.99
        ~50ml - £29.57
        ~75ml - £67.08

        ***My Thoughts***

        Lancome is a brand which I consider luxurious. Whilst not quite up at the level of Dior, it sits with the desirable brands such as Estee Lauder and Clarins. I sell Lancome on ebay and at carboots and have found it to be extremely popular but moreso the skincare and cosmetics.

        When I think of Lancome perfumes, I think old fashioned and simply not young enough for me personally. I think this stems back to believing a lot of the bottle designs are quite old fashioned in appearance. So why am I reviewing Lancome Magnifique then? Well the truth is, I received a 5ml boxed bottle of Magnifique a few months ago in an ebay lot. The reason I kept it as opposed to selling was the bottle.

        The bottle is simply stunning and certainly one of Lancomes best designs aswell as Hypnose! The miniature bottle I hold is an exact replica of the full size bottle with the exception of it being a dab bottle as opposed to a spray bottle. The texture is slightly faceted and the colour and shape gives a elegant and super chic appearance which stands out from my collection of fragrances. Lancome have certainly excelled with updating the overall look of their perfume bottles.

        As this is a miniature, I can keep it in my handbag for dabbing on when the notion takes hold. As this is a dab bottle, I can pop off the lid and get my nose in for a good sniff before applying. My first impression of Magnifique is extremely positive and I feel like I am being tempted to dab it on. Its freshness is evident and the fragrance is quite heady and powerful which is to be expected as it is an Eau de Parfum.

        Dabbing a small drop on my wrist and a splash on my neck proves plentiful as the fragrance quickly overtakes my senses. A spicy and slightly sweet aroma takes hold of my attention and is an unusual experience for my nose. At first, I felt quite overpowered by Magnifique as it is powerful and not what I expected. Saffron isn't a fragrance note that is familiar to my nose so although I couldn't identify it, I could sense it was spicy.

        As the spiciness lightens on my skin, a familiar and exciting fragrance tickled by senses. It took a good few wears for me to decide what it reminded me of and eventually I concluded that it resembled Parma Violets..you know..they weird but strangely appealing purple sweets in the plastic wrapper. I adored these as a child and Magnifique allowed me to relive these childhood memories which was most welcome.

        I was aware that rose was present in Magnifique but didn't realise it made up the main body of the fragrance. Surely this would prove to be too floral? Well no not really. As you may have realised, overpowering floral combinations are not my thing but Magnifique captures the rose scent perfectly and adapts it to be surprisingly light and pleasant. I could detect the slight spiciness of the opening notes blending in to the floral rose to create a smooth and desirable scent which really grew on me and I feel became fresher and more appealing as time went on.

        The delightful rose heart lasted a good few hours before being overshadowed with a base that isn't familiar to me. Whilst many brands choose to combine sweet and warm tones of amber and vanilla to create the final scent, Lancome has shyed away on this occasion and finished off Magnifique with nagarmota. I have no inclination or previous experience on this note but can only say that the base surprised me. Whilst I appreciate the common sweet base, the woody base created by nagarmota was quite seductive and had a delicate, spicy tone which finished off the scent perfectly.

        The overall fragrance lasted fluently on my skin for around 8 hours and even after this, a slight detection was evident but I did require a top up. Perhaps using the corresponding products would pro long the fragrance a little further and therefore would last most of the day. I really love Magnifique despite not being sure I would. I feel that the Parma Violet comparison sealed the deal for my senses.

        I would say that Magnifique is a sophisticated and feminine scent which would suit those who are young matures..perhaps 20-40 years. It is heavy and longlasting and the scent would suit day time use but would be more appealing for evening wear and special occasions.

        ***Would I Recommend***

        Yes I would recommend Magnifique. The notes works well and take you by surprise. Rose is Lancomes main emblem and Magnifique captures the rose element perfectly. The bottle is stunning and would make a beautiful gift, the set would be even nicer and proves excellent value for money.


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          01.11.2010 21:13
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          ** Lancôme Magnifique Eau de Toilette**

          ** Lancôme Magnifique Eau de Toilette**

          Lancôme's founder, Armand Petitjean, aperfumer and cosmetist, has dedicated his life to his dream of giving women the most beautiful. He was fond of roses and grew them in his own garden in Ville d'Avray, just outside Paris. Because of his passion for the rose, is it not surprising that the rose is the symbol of Lancôme perfumes. His passion for perfumes has Armand Petitjean inspired to the spectacular step: in 1935, he launched Lancôme with five great fragrances. Almost all Lancôme bottles were created by Georges Delhomme. Today they are collectors items.


          Magnifique was launched in 2008. The fragrance according to Jacques Cavallier and Olivier Cresp, who also developed this fragrance, is a feminine fragrance for women who are looking for passion, femininity, sensuality and intense. The scent note of this fragrance is floral and woody. They used the extracts of rose, jasmine, saffron, nargamotâ, cumin, cinnamon, Mai de Grasse, vetiver and sandalwood. Nagarmotâ are extracts from the papyrus plant. Magnifique has a sharp, oriental wood and it smells delicious. They call it a woody, floral and spicy perfume. This perfume has a top note of saffron, a heart of roses.


          The Lancôme Magnifique eau de toilette is colorless and looks like water. It has a lovely spicy scent with an oriental touch. The scent of the flowers is hardly reflected in the smell, you smell the scent of flowers only when you have just sprayed. This eau de toilette is great for daytime, but one spray is more than enough because it is quite sharp and heavy fragrance. The bottle of Lancome is red and stands for femininity, it's the first time that Lancôme choose this color in his designs. The bottle was designed by Georges Delhomme. He was inspired by a diamond. The bottle is also so polished, that the light always seems to get a different color. The bottle is made of glass.


          The fragrance Magnifique is surely one of my favorites. It is a fragrance that meets all my expectations. A lovely oriental fragrance, economical eau de toilette that evaporates very slowly. The scent is spicy and is quite heavy so be careful with how much you spray. The Lancôme Magnifique Eau de Toilette costs around 50 pounds for 50ml.


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            24.06.2010 17:03
            Very helpful



            please go buy it, and see what I mean!

            This fragrance is so beautiful, I'm not even sure where to start. I will tell you though, that I am actually wearing this today, completely by coincidence... That tells you how much I love it, and how often I wear it.

            I first found this fragrance just before christmas 2009, I was walking through Debenhams with ma mere, when it called to me, like a siren on a rock. I sprayed myself liberally in store, but it was only when I got myself home that I realised just how nice it is. I'll give you all the details later in this review, but suffice it to say, I had no hope of being able to afford it myself, and had to beg and plead with my mum to get it for christmas. Luckily, Santa came good on Christmas day, and now here you are reading my review.

            Again, I'm no packaging freak, but the box on this is amazing. I really love the luxurious red and black streaks, and the fact that the box is really glossy, rather than matte. It's this glossy finish that really stands out, in my opinion.

            The bottle too is amazing. I really love the faceted glass, it looks (and is!) very expensive. It really dresses up any dressing table, and will elicit gasps from any of your friends. I love the graduated red, I always love smoke effect on glass bottles, and this just proves how good it looks.

            I got mine in a Christmas gift set, but you should expect to pay around £40-£50 for a 50ml bottle instore. Looking at these online ads, you won't find a much better deal online. This I suppose is always the way with a brand like Lancome. Especially since you are buying an EDP, which as it has a higher concentration of perfume, is always more expensive than an EDT.

            I had never been into Lancome, viewing it as a rather fuddy duddy brand, and not worth my interest. However, when they used Anne Hathaway as their spokesperson, I realised that perhaps it was time to give them a chance. And I'm so glad!

            I'm not 100% sure which category this fragrance falls into. I would be tempted to put it as an oriental (yawn!) just because I love this scent, and oriental is my family of choice. It is however quite woody, and heavily floral, too. So therfore, I have no idea.

            The opening notes of this scent are mazing, and realy like something I have never smelled before. I am reliably informed that the note is Saffron, and I have to say in my experience I have not come across a Saffron-based scent before. I'm sure they must exist, but for now, Magnifique is my only Saffron experience! I love this top note, and whether people could tell what it is or not, it is a beautifully mysterious opener.

            The heart notes are unashamedly floral, consisting mainly of heady Rose. I'm never usually a Rose fan, I always think it smells 'old' but as with the saffron, I really don't think that the majority of people would guess that you were wearing rose...

            The heavily floral heart seagues nicely into the woody base, leaving you with the beautiful long lasting base notes of nagarmot, and acirc. No? Me neither. But I can tell you, whatever they are, they smell beautiful.

            To sum up (nearly impossible with a scent like this) I really love this scent, I feel sensual and feminine whenever I wear it. I mainly use it on a night out, but I have been known to wear it in the day, and I received a lot of compliments from passers by. I would say though that you never need a lot of this scent, least of all in the daytime.

            I most certainly would recommend this, it is a really beautiful scent, and I defy anyone not to feel amazing whilst wearing it! I would say that it is worth the price, as you do use so little each time. Perhaps try instore and buy online though, if you find a great offer.


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              22.10.2009 17:50
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Lancome Magnifique

              C'est Magnifique

              I was recently given a sample of Magnifique by Lancome and I have to say that I really liked the scent. I had never tried a Lancome fragrance before but know they are a well know company so giving out free samples definitely helped to promote this fragrance.

              The model for this fragrance is Anne Hathaway, the American actress. She appears in their advertising in a very sexy strapless black dress holding the hand of an unseen gentleman. This to be gives the illusion of glamour, sophistication and something that is magnificent and so I think her inclusion in the advertising definitely works and gives this perfume an upmarket feel. She has been the brand ambassador since January 2007.

              According to an article I read Lancome began in 1935 and in that same year launched their first 5 fragrances at World's Fair in Brussels.
              Lancome's tag line for this perfume is, You are Unique, you are Magnifique. According to their website they market the fragrance as such, "For the first time, Lancôme is interpreting the colour red, from bottle to fragrance. This intense and deep colour is a symbol of passion and expresses an audacious woman. Its absolutely contemporary bottle is facetted like a diamond and lights up with a captivating sparkle.The fragrance is a perfect illustration of this ultra-femininity: rose is set alight by saffron and nagarmotâ."

              I have to say the bottle is very nice and has a wonderful deep red colour to it which would make it look very nice on a dressing table. It is clear at the bottom and then changes to the red colour on the way up giving it a sense of fire sprouting from the flames in my opinion. The bottle is shaped like a cylinder and has a big stopper at the top.

              The smell to me is quite sweet, even though it has a rose fragrance I would not say that this is the over lying fragrance, it is not like rosewater or anything like that. It is not overly flowerly, I would describe it as being heavier that that but fresh at the same time. It lasts extremely well, I sprayed some on this morning and can still smell it on my wrists now. It also contains the following fragrances, cinnamon, Bulgarian rose, Mai de Grasse rose absolute, jasmine, Australian sandalwood and vetiver. It has been described as having quite a woody fragrance but I do not get that at all, neither do I get a spicy aroma.

              A 30ml costs £30.50 which is a little on the expensive side but in keeping with fragrance prices as a whole.


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                20.02.2009 16:07
                Very helpful



                A fragrance I do not understand

                Launched: 2008
                Group: Woody oriental

                :: Introduction ::

                Lancome is one of those luxury design houses who year after year have been producing extremely popular fragrances for men and women alike such as my Hypnose and Miracle or the lesser-known traveller's editions 'Tropiques' and 'Benghal'. Owning all four of the above fragrances, I'm always keen to get a sample and test their latest addition. In 2008 it was Magnifique Eau de Parfum.

                :: The packaging ::

                The packaging is a fiery red-coloured carton with brown - black stripe effects. The heavy glass bottle is tall and cylindrical with an oversized click top and thick bottom giving it an expensive, crafted look.

                :: The fragrance ::

                Top notes: saffron, caraway

                bitter, dry, powdery, with only traces of sweetness, the deep saffron notes combined with spicy tones of Magnifique remind me of peppery citrus notres blended with woodiness and just a subtle sweetness of fruits. I detect a note similar to neroli (orange blossom), which are the twigs and leaves of the orange tree, though somewhat darker.

                Middle notes: jasmine, rose

                An hour or so later the scene changes but mostly in intensity than in composition. The saffron note is still dominant, but is now less fuzzy. Magnifique has become a sheer, more floral scent but it's still sharp and practically drowns all sweetness around it, apart from a slight powdery feel of fresh rose, a very unusual green rose note, floating on the top.

                Thankfully 1 1/2 hours later the rose emerges as the winner with a sweeter tone that's finally lost its bitterness. Magnifique is less woody, somewhat mellow, with some powdery dark hints still going on. However, the overall impression was still a cold, formal blend I couldn't grow to like. Maybe the oils didn't take to my skin so for me, compared to many other fragrances, the fragrance had a sickeningly harsh heart which only subdued after 4 hours into a gentle rose, revealed only on close inspection.

                Base notes: cypress wood (nagarmotha)

                After a good half a day's wear Magnifique developed a certain soapiness, a mixture of sandalwood, patchouli and heavy violet petals with sour undertones. On the whole the arrogant middle phase turned into a musky and husky base, the dryness and sweetness finally finding its balance. A very, very long-lasting dry down of a dry, woody and lightly spiced rose aroma I could smell on my wrist the following day after an evening shower.

                :: Conclusion ::

                Funny how Lancome seem to have changed direction with this fragrance, a complete antidote to the more often than not sensual, sophisticated, sweet statement of scents we've grown to like. Magnifique would possibly fit in the floral woody category but it certainly is not floral enough for me. As the woody notes dominate, it's somehow masculine and too overpowering, drawn-out and sharp. I do not recommend if you're after the usual sweet and tender Lancome.

                :: Additional Rating ::

                Originality: 4 / 5
                Composition: 2 / 5
                Staying power: 5 / 5
                Value for money: 3 / 5

                :: Price / where to buy ::

                Being a new release, the full price is expected either in shops or online, approx. £30 / 30ml Eau de Parfum up to £57 for 75ml Eau de Parfum.

                Thanks for reading.

                ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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