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Lanvin Marry Me Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Lanvin / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau De Parfum

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    3 Reviews
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      16.03.2015 11:08
      Very helpful



      An Unwanted Proposal

      I bought Lanvin’s Marry Me! eau de parfum last year from allbeauty.com.

      ~ Price ~
      The 30ml bottle is available from allbeauty.com for £13.65 (RRP £33.00).
      The 50ml bottle is £18.95 (RRP £48.50).
      The 75ml bottle is £24.25 (RRP £60.00).

      ~ Bottle ~
      From above the bottle is shaped like a bow, narrowing in the middle.
      There is a purple, satin bow attached to the neck of the bottle and a silver, almost cube shaped lid finishes the bottle off nicely.
      I quite like the bottle design. It is fairly simple, but unique at the same time.

      ~ Scent ~
      This fragrance was launched in 2010.
      It is very easy to overdo and I find even with a couple of sprays it is very intense and sometimes a bit too much.
      With one spray it is quite pleasant and has a sweet, fresh, floral scent. There is quite a harsh floral note in this fragrance, which is probably why it only needs to be sprayed once on each wrist to avoid being overpowering.
      The top notes are bitter Tunisian orange and Sambac jasmine, zest of peach and jasmine tea.
      The heart notes are listed as jasmine, magnolia blossom and rose petals.
      The base notes are amber and musk.

      The best way I can describe this fragrance is fresh and harsh at the same time. It has quite an interesting combination of notes and it is rather unique.
      I can detect the orange, the peach and the jasmine tea. The orange is bitter and I think this is the note that gives the fragrance its harshness. The florals are fresh and feminine in this fragrance.
      The orange seems to last with the fragrance, so it doesn’t lose the harsh scent as the fragrance starts to wear.
      The fragrance makes me think of spring time, but I do think it is a scent that would be suitable to wear any time of year. It is definitely a day time scent and I wouldn’t choose to wear this for a night out or special occasion.
      When I first tried this fragrance I was surprised at its harshness. The fragrance’s name, ‘Marry Me’ is very cheesy and I expected it would be something a bit more universally appealing, but I don’t think this fragrance will be for everyone.
      I find the name a bit weird. Is someone supposed to present this to their partner instead of a ring as a proposal of marriage? It wouldn’t be a very traditional or particularly nice way of proposing, especially as this is a mass produced perfume.
      I find I have to be in the mood to wear this fragrance and I always have to be careful not to spray too much.
      The scent is quite nice and it lasts well (around 6 hours), but it is a bit harsh and it isn’t very memorable or exciting. I wouldn’t recommend this fragrance and I wouldn’t repurchase it, but it is quite reasonably priced.


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      22.07.2012 18:23
      Very helpful



      A happy-go-lucky, modern jasmine scent that's a bit on the soapy side


      Launched: 2010
      Group: Fruity Floral


      I'm currently testing summery, floral fragrances due to the warm weather and while browsing through my miniature collection my attention turned to a fairly recent addition of the Lanvin house, Marry Me Eau de Parfum.


      The fragrance comes in a white packaging with fuchsia pink borders and a clear, sculpted rectangular bottle that's adorned with a pink bow. It's not at all cheap or tacky looking, I think it's modern but with a classy feel to it while of course staying girly and flirty.


      Top notes: bitter orange, freesia, peach

      On first sniff a rather dominant soapy and a plasticky shampoo-like note hits my nose and I immediately go 'aah freesia here we go' without even knowing what notes the composition consists of as I always blind test. Freesia does tend to come out as soapy clean and intensely sweet and musky indeed reminiscent of soaps or shampoo products.

      Apart from the soapy floral note I can sense a sharper, fresher facet of some citrusy element as well as an all-enveloping sweet and powdery feel that may well be magnolia accompanied by a strong projection around me. The soapy, white floral freesia accord dominated for almost an hour which I consider long.

      Heart notes: jasmine, rose, magnolia

      Surprisingly, the heart lost the powdery aspect of the head and turned into a light, fresh bouquet of predominantly white flowers that blended in seamlessly with each other while keeping their individual character making it easy to identify them. This is what I like in the creations of real perfume houses, they don't try to blur too much what goes on and you end up with a clear-cut, honest work instead of a mish-mash of aromachemicals and bubblegum.

      I quite liked the interpretation of a sweet, but light and watery jasmine that recalled fresh, dewy flowers in the morning garden paired with zingy, fruity rose that even though had only a second role to play, stopped the jasmine-heavy middle from becoming cloying. I could still discern a sort of soapiness however it was far from distracting or annoying now and actually helped the fragrance project longer and further up to 6 - 7 hours in total.

      Base notes: musk, cedarwood, amber

      In the final 8 to 10 hours when Marry Me settled into a very light musky base with practically no sillage to speak of the fragrance seemed to become a quieter version of its heart retaining a watery jasmine and a light powdery background sitting on a layer of musk. It never developed a substantial base on my skin which didn't surprise me as modern white florals rarely do anyway. What I didn't like was the soapy, shampoo-like note that persisted until the end.


      To sum up, Marry Me is nothing extraordinary or groundbreaking nor did it push my imagination or intrigue me to uncover more of its secrets. It plays its cards fairly openly and does not take itself too seriously. Marry Me is a pleasant and everyday romantic and somewhat powdery sweet jasmine - freesia - musk fragrance with a frivolous fruity kick that would suit the modern audience. The dense musky and soapy white floral combination only softens at the end meaning it's hard wearing and long-lasting. It even lasts after a shower.

      As for the name, well, I thought it was a kind of wedding fragrance, however it's not unique or sophisticated enough and a tad too synthetic for that. There are many fragrances out there with the same structure, ingredients and similar smell such as J'adore or Alien that have more presence and personality than Marry Me.

      Despite its fruity elements, it's a full-blown, powerful musky white floral number that is sadly- unlike a marriage - easily forgettable. Ideal for all occasions when you just want to wear a light but consistent floral with a carefree, modern attitude that's above the fruity syrupy masses.


      Prices vary greatly however you can get a 50ml Eau de Parfum for 26£ on Amazon UK. The 75ml Eau de Parfum costs around 30£ online and around the 60£ mark in shops.

      Thank you for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on ciao.co.uk


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        16.07.2012 10:00
        Very helpful



        A perfume that I never would have thought to try for myself, but has quickly become a favourite

        It's been a long running joke between me and Mark that despite becoming engaged within a year of meeting, I still don't have an engagement ring and we're still not married. After seventeen years I simply think we can't be bothered going down the whole marriage route but our excellent relationship means we can have a giggle at our mutual tardiness to 'put a ring on it' - so I wasn't particularly surprised when he handed me a bottle of Lanvin's Marry Me! perfume in a rare display of romance. If you class romance as 'here y'are Chris' and a bottle of perfume being practically thrown at me.

        The bottle is very pretty in the flesh, looking much nicer than it does in the piccie above. The clear glass has been created with large bubbles and twists inside which makes it so much more interesting than it would have been otherwise, there's a pretty pinkness in the glass and this makes it look uber feminine - the thin pink ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle is a bit tacky but it's not glued down so wasn't a problem at all to snip off and the overall look is much nicer without it. This isn't particularly the sort of bottle that will look good amongst my collection of 'empties' but this is mainly down to the fact that it has such a squat shape that it simply doesn't look as elegant as other perfume bottles.

        Marry Me! is a completely floral perfume, there's a quick burst of citrus as you first apply it thanks to a Tunisian orange top note but this has been so expertly blended that I can't pick out this specific citrus fruit other than to say it's definitely a citrus note and it's slightly bitter in comparison to the wonderful jasmine that comes through in the fragrance at the same time. The jasmine is definitely the stronger fragrance and (as my favourite flower scent EVER) I can honestly say it has been done absolutely beautifully; it's natural and rich with a stunning lingering aroma that clouds around me. It's not a traditionally heavy scent by any means but this first few minutes of Marry Me! has a pungency that I really wasn't expecting from something that markets itself as a 'romantic' perfume, I really do like the opening but find it a bit too 'heady' for my tastes and am glad when the notes calm down a little.

        When they do calm down it's to a more mellow peach/jasmine combination, Fragrance Direct have these as a continuation of the top notes but I personally think they blend much more tidily into the heart of the perfume. Actually, and I've only just noticed this, the jasmine is apparent throughout the lifespan of the perfume but it changes noticeably as Marry Me! runs through a cycle of complimenting (and sometimes competing) scents. After the initial burst of fresh jasmine a more muted variation comes through, it's described as jasmine tea and I'd probably agree with that without ever having smelled jasmine tea - it's a mellowed out version of jasmine, still very much a lead note in the perfume but at this point it seems to take a step back and allow a beautiful floral fragrance to come through. Magnolia and rose petals make up the heart together with this mellow jasmine, each of these fragrances are easily picked out once they've had time to develop (and I suppose your sense of smell needs time to react) but even before this they form a nice feminine bouquet.

        Marry Me! is surprisingly long lasting for such a floral perfume, and this is mainly due to the fact that the amber and musk linger for so long. I can't honestly pick out amber although do notice that the fresh fragrance of the perfume warms up quite dramatically once the ever-present jasmine disappears, rather than amber I can smell a kind of 'forest fruits' concoction where nothing really jumps out at ms but I get the gist of the blend. Underlying this is a very subtle floral, nowhere near as visible in the fragrance as earlier on but there and I think it's done well as without this the fruity and warm tones wouldn't have matched together so well.

        Overall I think it's a stunning perfume. It's as romantic as the name would suggest; hugely feminine, a beautifully chosen collection of florals with just enough fruit and sweetness to give it a younger edge than you'd probably imagine from a perfume containing magnolia and jasmine in such high quantities! My daughter is almost sixteen and wore it when she went to a party recently, she isn't really a perfume wearer these days and appreciated the fact that it's not an 'in your face' kind of fragrance but still has character. At 36 (boo! hiss!) I love the girliness of it, it's youthful but doesn't have the mutton effect when I wear it - don't get me wrong, I'll wear just about anything from any price bracket but this is lovely quality and that shines through.

        I know Mark didn't buy it as a romantic gesture (ha!) but he knows I like perfume so as a joke present it was a good choice. It would actually be a nice wedding day fragrance; a friend of mine gave her bridesmaids each a bottle of perfume on her wedding day, she chose Armani Code but I think Marry Me! would be a fab memento of a special day. Of course there are the Christmas and birthday perfume buyers, for those I'd say Marry Me! is a pretty safe bet - you'll (presumably) know if your partner has an aversion to florals or hates jasmine so will avoid if this is the case, otherwise if you like the sound of it then your girlfriend/wife probably will too. And girls, if you've no one to utter those immortal words (Marry Me!) to you go ahead and buy yourself a bottle!

        Mark bought my bottle in House of Fraser and (he thinks) he paid £35 for a 75ml bottle; for such a delicious perfume, and considering it's a long lasting Eau de Parfum, I think that's a fabulous price. He (obviously) didn't notice if there were testers available in House of Fraser but its worth a look as perfume is so hard to choose without physically smelling it first, failing that you can currently buy a 4.5ml miniature on Ebay for around £4 including postage.


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