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Lanvin Oxygene Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Lanvin / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2009 23:30
      Very helpful



      A unique fragrance that lasts well.

      Reasons For Using:
      I was bought the French Lanvin Oxygene Eau de Toilette Spray as a gift for my Birthday last year by my Mother. I had never seen or even heard of this fragrance before so was quite curious to try it out and pleased to have received it as a gift really as my Mum usually chooses something quite different and it's rarely I dislike it. Apparently (according to my Mum) this fragrance is hard to pick up now though in department stores, but it can be purchased online at quite good discounted prices if you shop around for it.

      A Little About Oxygene:
      Founded in 1889 at, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré by Jeanne Lanvin (Paris 1867 - 1946), Lanvin is apparently the oldest Parisian fashion house, although it was not until 1993 that they expanded out and into the perfume industry.

      Well after doing more research online, I discovered that the Oxygene Eau de Toilette perfume was launched in 2000 by the Parisian house of Lanvin. It is also available in a Homme Eau de Toilette Spray (for men). Both male and female body lotions, shower gels and deodorants are also available, so if you do fall in love with this fragrance, there is plenty of other products in the range to match.

      Gift Box:
      The Oxygene Eau de Toilette perfume I received came in an attractive, very likable, sky blue gift box, so it certainly would be nice to give this to a friend as a present. It was also pleasing for me to receive it as one. I personally think the design of the gift box is very modern, very stylish and well designed. It looks expensive also. Everything you need to know about this fragrance is nicely and clearly printed onto the box also. The size (mine is 75ml) is printed onto the back of the box in white lettering and the name of the makers Lanvin is circled in navy blue print onto the front. The make of this perfume "Oxygene" is clearly printed in white on the front of the box also. Overall the gift box looks very nice and certainly is one you could happily give to a friend with the perfume inside, as a beautiful gift.

      Perfume Bottle:
      Well, when I first opened up my Lanvin Oxygene gift box, I was extremely pleased at seeing the perfume bottle. It really looked very stylish, modern and was very nicely designed indeed. It certainly was very different to all my other perfume bottles in my collection and I was very impressed. The bottle is shaped as a leaf in design from the side, so from the front it looks almost flat, yet with rounded sides. The bottle is also spilt into two halves. The bottom half is made from thick clear glass with a nice little border around it in frosted glass. It is good that the bottle is see-through I find, as you can see exactly how much of the aqua marine perfume you have left in there.

      Well the other half and top of the perfume bottle is designed as a lid. This cannot be removed though. This part of the perfume bottle is made from a thick white plastic and has the name Lanvin engraved onto the front of it. This part of the bottle also houses the spray pump. At the top of the bottle there is a baby blue, opaque, leaf designed, push button. It looks like a gemstone to me, but sadly it is made of thick bevelled plastic.

      Spray Nozzle:
      The gemstone like button is what you push down to spray the perfume out with. To me I find it a little stiff at times and hard to press. I think the reason for this is because the bottle is quite chunky and it is awkward to get your hand around it. Well it is to me anyway. Once you do get the button pressed though, I find the little spray nozzle lets out the perfect amount of perfume in a very fine mist, every single time. It certainly does not give out too much spray and saves wasting it or overpowering you with fragrance.

      Overall it is a well designed perfume bottle that looks very stylish and is one I now love. It looks well sitting in my bathroom and lets out the perfect amount of perfume unlike a few others I own that certainly do not.

      The Fragrance Itself:
      The Oxygene perfume inside the stylish bottle is aqua marine in colour 'as I said above'. On first smelling the fragrance from the bottle 'without spraying it' I thought it actually smelt a little bit similar to Davidoff's Cool Water perfume. Cool Water is not a perfume I personally wear though, but I do like the scent of it. Well after giving the perfume a quick sniff, I spayed some onto my wrist and rubbed it in. My first impressions where ok I guess. It did smell rather strong (but likable), but I did let the fragrance settle for five minutes before smelling it again and it certainly had died down a lot.

      This Lanvin Oxygene was coming across to me at first as a very fresh, sharp, clean, warm and a somewhat floral scent. It did at first smell a little bit musky and I could detect a hint of sandalwood 'that apparently it contains' from it also, but this quickly faded leaving a more cooler fragrance and certainly a more unique floral and peppery scent was coming through after around fifteen minutes of wearing it. It certainly was all very pleasing though and I did like this fragrance from the word go.

      Top Notes:

      Middle Notes:
      White Pepper.

      Base Notes:
      White Musk.

      Well to me Lanvins Oxygene is certainly a very unique perfume. It is quite a citrus scent when it dies down in strength 'after an hour or so' and it really is a very fresh and feminine fragrance to me. It really did liberate my senses to a gradual introduction of different and unusual scents indeed. It certainly is a deliciously fresh and a sensuous, yet gentle fragrance when it all dies down also, that is a real pleasure to wear really.

      I would personally describe Oxygene as a daytime fragrance to wear, but if you do not like your perfume overpowering or strong, then you could wear this scent as an evening one also. I think it is a very sophisticated and a quite striking fragrance also.

      Strength and Longevity:
      Lanvin Oxygene is quite strong when you first spray it on. It does quickly fade down though to a more softer and gentler fragrance, but it is not a weak one really. Even after a few hours wear you really can smell this perfume from your clothes and skin without having to hold them close to take a sniff of it. There is so many scents that fade away very quickly, that I do love the smell off, but thankfully Oxygene does seem to last that little bit longer in strength so this is good.

      Well if I apply Lanvins Oxygene in the morning I can smell it a little fainter by lunch time and can still smell it from my skin at tea time. It does seem to wear well on me and I think it is quite long lasting. If you are going out in the evening though I would then say that you really will need to top this up if it is a favourite of yours to wear. Overall it is certainly one of the better lasting perfumes in strength that I have come across myself.

      My Opinion On Lanvin Oxygene:
      Well I will have to honestly say that Oxygene is not my favourite perfume to wear. I do like it and it certainly suits me well, but I really do have a few other fragrances that I favour more. On saying that though, Oxygene really is a very unique fragrance I found. It really has a lovely fresh aroma to it that starts off as quite a warm one and fades down to a more cooler one also. It really is a very unusual blend of scents and notes that do work very well together in my opinion to create this wonderful and very sophisticated perfume.

      I do love musky and citrus notes in perfumes myself, but I did find the musky scent to fade down quite quickly with this Oxygene fragrance leaving it with a more floral and woody one. It certainly is a lovely feminine fragrance, that I do wear from time to time, but it would not be one I would buy for myself, although I would happily receive it as a gift again. It does make a nice change to wear it at times also.

      I have received a few compliments on wearing this Lanvin Oxygene perfume and I have been asked what the scent was called. My husband has complimented on it also, so this has to be a good thing.

      I would have to highly recommend this perfume though to try out. It would make a great gift for friends and I am sure some woman would love this fragrance a lot. I just have a few other perfumes that I love better than Oxygene. It really was nice trying it out as a present and at the moment I really think it is selling for a very cheap price. You really should give this fragrance a sniff if you do get the chance to, but it is hard to come across in the shops.

      Well overall I was going to award this fragrance three stars. I think this might be unfair though as I was knocking one star off because it did not win me completely over, but I do like this perfume and I honestly think that there is woman out there that will love it, so I am awarding it four stars. Overall it really is a very fresh unique fragrance, that does smell great and lasts well.

      This Lanvin Oxygene Eau de Toillette Spray can be purchased from Amazon at this present time for the very cheap price of £10.99 for 100ml. This really is a bargain in my opinion.



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