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Lipsy 24/7 Trio Roll

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Brand: Lipsy / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2013 10:48
      Very helpful



      ideal for a gift for a young person

      ~Lipsy 24/7 Rollerball Trio~

      This pretty little gift set from Lipsy London includes three eau de toilettes. Each EDT is presented in a rollerball style bottle containing 10ml of perfume. The bottles are packaged within a simple and colourful cardboard box with a perspex window at the front. Lipsy state 'feel sexy, confident and gorgeous with these three sensual fragrances for day, night and 24/7' - from the box.

      ~Where To Buy~

      This gift set is available to purchase direct from www.lipsy.co.uk priced at £14.00. It can also be bought from catalogue websites (Freemans, Very etc) for a similar price.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I received this gift set for my birthday a few months ago from a friend. I have a Pauls Boutique trio set too but personally like this set better despite it being a little different. The set is nicely presented to appeal to a younger person or teenager in my opinion. This would make an inexpensive gift for a young member of the family as it gives them a few new perfumes to try and with a fun, modern design. I wear perfume daily and own several but like these for carrying about. The 10ml rollerball sizes are perfect for placing in my handbag and I can take all three out with me should I wish to but find that they clink about quite a bit in my bag!

      I would say that these EDTs are perfectly suitable for day to day wear as opposed to special occasion wear. They are cheap and certainly do not smell expensive or look it. On opening each little bottle, there is a initial alcohol aroma which makes me think of a cheap perfume but thankfully this aroma disappears quickly and the main body of the scent becomes noticeable. Each rollerball head is silver and runs smoothly across my skin. The perfume leaves an initial damp feeling on my skin but this absorbs quickly leaving nothing but soft, scented skin behind. Each bottle has a Lipsy print design which makes it stand out and look a bit different if a bit tacky. The bottles are well made though the label running around each one gives a cheap appearance in my opinion. Whilst I haven't noticed any major leakages, if the bottle is turned upside down and shaken, the liquid does slosh out of the rollerball - worth noting.

      ~Day, Night or 24/7?~

      Well, I personally like them all! The day bottle features a leapord print design. Day EDT is a gorgeous aroma which is perfectly suited to day time wear so has been appointed well. It is succulently sweet but not sickly sweet and has a gorgeous blend of what I consider to be flavoursome, fruits - possibly red berries with an undertone of citrus and bergamot giving it a fresh, zingy edge. This scent is quite strong but very refreshing at the same time and I find it to be the perfect Summer scent as it does make me think of a cocktail. I consider it to be a youthful, modern scent and whilst it doesn't have depth like a more expensive perfume, it does have a lot going for it. Longevity isn't brilliant - 2-3hours maximum but it is easy to top up to bring the scent alive again.

      Night EDT features a gold and pink print design which is quite attractive. Once the initial alcohol aroma has left my skin, I am able to witness a lovely scent. It is warm, sweet and slightly floral. The scent of Night EDT is definitely more grown up smelling than the other two scents in this set. I find it difficult to pinpoint the individual notes as the scent is well blended but I would say that jasmine or something equally as sensual is in there with a touch of amber and vanilla - nothing particularly unusual compared to other scents but favourable all the same. After an hour or so, I can detect a slight musky undertone to the scent which is well balanced and never becomes too heavy or mature. Night EDT is a pleasant scent to wear and lasts for a good 4 hours. It is suited to evening wear but perhaps on a Summery evening as a light scent rather than for a special evening out as it will need topped up.

      Finally we have 24/7 EDT which features a black print with pink lips on it. This is definitely an 'all-rounder' scent which really does suit being worn day or night. 24/7 flows well and I get a sense of top, heart and base notes like with any other perfume - it is well layered and smells beautiful on my skin. The initial scent is fresh and deliciously sweet like a candy sort of scent - very nice indeed. The scent develops further to reveal a very subtle floral heart melted in to the candy sweetness for depth and more appeal to the younger market. The sweet aroma lets go slightly after 3hours but is still noticeable up close - only a warm, whisper of woody aroma is left on my skin until 4hours after application. I would say that this is my favourite scent out of all three as it is so sweet but possibly too sweet for some. I find it to be gorgeous.

      ~Final Thoughts~

      I do like all three scents in this gift set but they definitely won't appeal to all. I find them all to be perfectly wearable and pretty but definitely youthful smelling. I suppose it is a matter of taste but I wouldn't see my Granny buying this set! Each individual scent has its own character and appeal to me. You could easily apply one and then top up with the other later on as despite being individual scents, they seem to compliment each other well.

      Unfortuantely, as far as I can see, there various scents are not available seperaretly so you need to buy the full set which isn't ideal if there is only one scent in particular that you really like. This gift set won't win any awards but the perfumes are lovely and I can recommend it. The liquid lasts well inside each bottle and 10ml goes a long way.

      Thanks for reading :)


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