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Lipsy Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lipsy / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      23.03.2015 09:52
      Very helpful



      Lovely from Lipsy

      I was given this fragrance as a miniature in a gift set I received from my sister for Christmas. I had seen the fragrance online and in the shops and had been tempted by it.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This Lipsy fragrance is available from Superdrug in a 30ml bottle, which costs £17.00 and a 50ml bottle which costs £24.00.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottle is shaped like a heart and it doesn’t stand up on its own. It is made from clear, light pink glass and is cut with lots of angles so it reflects the light well and looks pretty.
      It has a little, silver chain, which goes around the neck of the bottle and has a heart shaped charm attached to it.

      ~ Scent ~
      I knew this fragrance was reasonably priced as I had looked at it before and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out.
      It has notes of bitter orange, mandarin, pear, jasmine, rose and violet.

      It opens with a lovely, fruity scent. I can definitely detect the pear and the mandarin gives the fragrance a bright, uplifting feel. The orange note is not too bitter or sharp. These notes combine really well with the floral notes. The jasmine and rose blend together to give off a soft, but pleasant floral scent. The violet is quite subtle in this fragrance and brings just a tinge of powderiness to the scent.
      The orange, mandarin and pear are sweet, but not sickly sweet and they have an almost fizzy scent, but the fragrance does not smell cheap like some sweet scents can.
      As the fragrance wears on I can detect a subtle woodiness in this perfume although there are no woody notes listed in the perfume’s description. The woodiness is light and not at all harsh.
      The fragrance has more depth than I expected for a reasonably priced fragrance and for a fragrance with not too many notes listed in it.
      It could easily work as a night time perfume; it strikes me as more of a night time fragrance than one I’d choose to wear during the day. The fruity notes are quite heavy in this fragrance.
      It lasts on my skin for around 5 hours before wearing off and I find that I notice it on myself for the first 2-3 hours when I am wearing it, but as it gradually wears off I find I don’t notice it as much.
      I am impressed with this perfume. It has a nice, unique scent. It has good projection and not bad staying power.
      I would recommend this fragrance. I think it would be best suited to younger women.
      I would consider purchasing a larger bottle of this fragrance.
      The only thing I don’t particularly like about it is the fact that the bottle cannot stand up on its own, which would get on my nerves a bit.


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      20.01.2012 16:55
      Very helpful



      A wonderful, sweet fragrance from well known brand Lipsy.

      I have really gotten in to the brand Lipsy recently, as I adore most of their clothing range, particularly their dresses. Due to their price tags, I can never really afford to treat myself to much from there, however I was super excited when I purchased their fragrance set. I got it for an absolute steal from Boots in the post Christmas sale half price for only £10 for a 30ml bottle and body lotion in a gorgeous set. For this price, I did not even have a sniff of the perfume, I just went straight to the counter and hoped for the best. So, did my impulse purchase impress?

      If you are interested in purchasing the Lipsy fragrance, it is available directly from Lipsy in their stores and online, as well as many fragrance shops, department stores and pharmacies. I was quite lucky for snapping mine up at such a bargain, however they are still extremely affordable to purchase if you so wish. The smallest bottle's RRP is £18.00 and the slightly larger 50ml bottle retails at £25.00, however if you shop around you can get them for a few pounds cheaper. Overall, a very reasonable price making it afforable for most for a little treat, or wonderful to spoil somebody as a gift.

      The first thing that attracted me to the perfume had to be its gorgeous packaging. I am aware that it is not to everyone's taste, however it is perfect for teenagers and younger adults and it is perfect for me as I love all things pink and glamorous. As you can see from the image, the packaging comes with pink stripes, animal print and lots of sparkle all over it making it stand out from the crowd, and perfect for a diva! Once you open out the bottle, it is absolutely beautiful. You are presented with a pink, heart shaped bottle which looks fantastic, and it a little different from your average perfume bottle. Around the neck of the bottle is a little charm with the Lipsy logo and some little beads attached, and this could be added to your phone, keys or on to a necklace if you prefer. The bottle itself is lovely and unique and perfect for a girly girl, however there is one issue. Due to it being shaped as a heart, there is great difficulty in standing it up. This means you have to actually have the bottle lying down at all times unless it is propped up by something instead, or put back into the packaging. I find this a little bit of a nightmare as it has leaked at some points due to it being lay down, so the bottle shape does make it problematic.

      The most important part of a perfume however is obviously its scent. I was willing to get past the annoyance of the bottle shape if it delivered the scent I was after. The Lipsy EDT scent contains a mixture of orange, pear and ginger with hints of floral undertones rose, jasmine and violet. Therefore, as you can imagine this is an extremely sweet scent, making it perfect for everyday use. I think it is suitable for using if you are just going to work, or out for the day shopping as it is quite a daytime scent, considering it is floral and sweet. However, I have worn this for nights out at the same time, making it quite a versatile scent. You do not need to spray a lot of the perfume as it can become a little too sweet and overpowering, however just a few sprays gives off a gorgeous, feminine scent which I adore. I would say this is best suited for older teenagers and younger adults. I was over the moon at how lovely the scent is considering the price in which I snapped it up for, so it is really worth it. Unfortunately, when you initially spray it, it does smell over the top and a little too sweet, however do not let this put you off! If you give it a minute or two to sink into your skin, the smell is absolutely gorgeous!

      I knew that the staying power was not going to be exceptional, bearing in mind the price of the fragrance, but I was hoping for the best at least. The scent does start to die down after a few hours, however you are still able to smell it on clothes and skin clearly, just not as strong as when initially sprayed. It sounds silly, but I somehow find that the smell starts to get better over time, as it really leaves you smelling delicious, and I have had many compliments using this. It does last the whole day, and I do not feel the need to carry it around with me constantly, therefore I would give the staying power for this fragrance top marks considering its price. Many celebrity fragrances also retail around the same price, and in the past I have found that the staying power is absolutely rubbish, however the Lipsy fragrance really does shine through much better than these, so do not let the price affect your thoughts on the overall quality!

      Overall, this fragrance is a beautiful, sweet and floral scent and one which I would love to recommend to those who are interested in these scents. Lipsy is not a brand for everyone, however I do think that a number of people would actually end up loving this perfume. It is perfect for princesses and those who like me, are extremely girly! I would urge you to have a spray if you see it in any stores, however do not let the initial stench put you off, because as it sinks in the scent is absolutely divine! I am really impressed with this fragrance and I will continue to buy it in the future, therefore I will be awarding it with four stars. One star is knocked off purely due to the awkward shape of the bottle making it difficult to stand up on your vanity table! Thanks for reading.


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