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Lush 1000 Kisses Deep Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews
  • Interesting ingredients
  • Too musky
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    3 Reviews
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      01.08.2014 12:12
      Very helpful


      • "Interesting ingredients"


      • "Too musky"

      Not for me

      My favourite store, Lush, makes beautiful and unusual fragrances under the name Gorilla Perfume. Many of these are available in-store, with some exclusively online. Several are available in sample sizes, and you can also buy two miniature sets each containing eight of the sample size fragrances.

      I bought the second set, including many of the perfumes originally called ‘B sides and rarities’. These are scents from Lush past and also from B Never, Lush’s sister company which closed a few years ago. I have sampled all the perfumes in turn and I am going to review them all. The fragrance I am going to review today is 1000 Kisses Deep.

      Each fragrance comes in a tiny 2ml glass vial and the bottles are laid out together in a recycled cardboard case. It is also possible to buy the fragrances in the following forms:
      - Solid GBP6
      - Spritzer GBP12
      - Atomiser GBP24

      The concentrations are different depending on the form purchased, with the atomiser having the highest concentration. The perfumes come in the standard black packaging which is slightly dull, but fits in with the Gorilla Perfume ethos of concentrating on the perfume rather than the packaging. Some people on the Lush forum have found that perfume can leak from these black bottles, but I haven’t had any problems.

      *The Fragrance*
      Lush describe this fragrance as complex and developing. It is made up of top notes of mandarin and osmanthus blossom, with undertones of myrrh and labdanum. I thought this combination of ingredients sounded rather bizarre, so I was looking forward to trying it.

      *My Experience*
      When I first smelled this I thought it was really unusual. It was light and fresh with a musky undertone, unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before.

      Unfortunately, after a while the scent dried down and became a bit too musky for me. It did last for ages, but I wasn’t that keen on it.

      1000 Kisses Deep is a good value fragrance and I would recommend it if you like unusual perfumes. Unfortunately, it isn’t really for me.


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      25.10.2012 10:45
      Very helpful
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      A really lovely perfume from Lush

      I really like Lush and I normally love most of their perfumes. I tend to buy them in solid form however as I find that they are much cheaper this way and it means that I can experiment with buying a few at a time whereas with the spray bottles being more expensive I could only really afford to buy one at a time.

      I also just find the solid sticks of perfume to be really easy and convenient to use. I wouldn't wear them for a big night out but they are great for having in my handbag or in the glove compartment of my car and being able to just dab some on my skin whenever I like. If I end up loving a particular fragrance then I buy the spray bottle and the solid perfume stick just helps to intensify the fragrance and give it more longevity.

      1000 kisses deep is a fairly newish perfume for me personally that my local store have only just got in not so long ago. I'm not sure if this means it is a pretty new fragrance or else my store is just really slow at stocking the perfumes but it is one that I have decided I really like and I am toying with buying the perfume spray bottle after originally buying solid perfume stick.

      The solid perfume stick comes in a little black stick with an orange coloured solid perfume and costs £6. I really am a big fan of the solid sticks as I find that it is the best way to experience the perfume without going to the cost of buying the bottle of perfume. I also think they are pretty good quality and they last for ages whereas a little sample bottle costs £2.50 and is gone with one or two uses and you don't get the chance to really experience the fragrance enough to know if you really like it enough to buy it.

      1000 kisses deep is a more unusual perfume than most of the ones that I smell. It has mandarin, labdanum, myrrh, musk and something called osmanthus. I wasn't sure what osmanthus was but apparently it is a shrub from the Himalayas and is also known as fragrant olive and it produces a floral absolute with green and fruity notes. Whatever it is when it is combined with the rest of the smells in this perfume it helps to make it a richer and more complex smelling perfume than most of the ones available especially at this price point.

      The fragrance is hard to describe as it isn't just one thing. It is citrusy but it is also musky and floral all at the same time. It doesn't smell too flowery and girly and the mandarin gives it a lighter smell than it would have had otherwise. The floral notes are lovely as they aren't as delicate and sweet as some other perfumes and I always love the smell of mandarin.
      It smells a lot more expensive than what I paid for it and the quality of the solid stick is absolutely top notch.

      I like to rub the stick on the pulse points of my neck and wrist and also on my arm just where the inside of my elbow is. I find that the scent immediately combines with the heat of my body and releases the fragrance. It is one of the more stronger smelling Lush solid perfumes at least on my skin and it lasts a good while. Sometimes with the solid perfumes they can be too subtle where no one else can really smell them but with this one I have worn it and other people have asked what the lovely smell is.

      I do need to reapply the perfume throughout the day as it does tend to fade a little after a few hours but this is one of the beauties of the solid perfume as it is so easy to just rub some more on and I can put it in the smallest of my handbags without it taking up too much room.

      Because I have found this to be such a lovely and unique smelling perfume I have been really tempted to treat myself to the perfume spay which costs £24.00. I usually only save this for my absolute favourites which I am sure this is destined to become. £24 is not expensive for a perfume of this quality so I will probably end up buying it at the weekend when I am in town. I would recommend this perfume to anyone who is looking for something that is just a little bit different from all the other perfumes that are available and for people who are wanting to try it then get yourself the solid stick first as it is a great way of experiencing the smell without having to pay lots of money first.


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        14.07.2012 20:06
        Very helpful



        A perfume created to represent love

        Lush - '1000 Kisse's solid perfume

        We are very lucky in Derby because our lovely Lush shop in the Westfield centre has the entire range of Lush perfumes as well as the essential oil elements of some. Lush sells a fairly large range of perfumes now and every scent comes in three or four different forms. There is usually a solid perfume which tends to be the form which has the shortest staying power; the next is a small spray which is less concentrated than the 30ml black bottle which has the strongest concentration. Many of the scents also have a small 2ml sample bottle too which is usually in the same concentration as the mini spray or spritzers which I believe has 8ml in it. The solid perfumes weigh 12g so they are not huge but I rather like them to carry in my handbag as there is never a danger of any leakage and you can quickly pop a little on your pulse points without spritzing others in the bargain.

        HOW MUCH?
        The perfume I am reviewing here is the solid version of 1000 kisses which I bought to take on my last holiday. The solid version costs £5.50 while the small spritzers are £11, the large 30ml version is £23 and the 2ml sample sells for £2.50. I think the solid version offers good value as the 2ml wouldn't give me many uses and the solid one has given me plenty of use over the last month I was away and I still have plenty left. You don't need a lot to get a pretty decent aroma but you do have to be careful if it is very hot weather as it does melt very easily. I would also suggest that keeping it in the fridge may affect the scent so would not advise that.

        I love hearing the inspiration behind the creation of the different Lush scents. They are all so different and rather like poetry but of smell rather than words. This one is no different.
        Mark Constantine one of the two men who create Lush's special perfumes created 1000 Kisses Deep inspired by the love he shares with his wife. I can't think of many things more romantic than to have a perfume created for you. This is what Mark says about this;

        ""I always find Mo, my wife, difficult to understand, but that can then be expressed through music. I don't really get her - she always leaves a little bit to be revealed. ..... there's only so many words you can use to express love. It's very difficult. I wanted a perfume that summed that up. I did call it Untitled (The Cure song) for quite a long time. It expressed that rather enigmatic, rather difficult to pin down feeling, when you're involved with someone else, but can't put it into words. So that piece of music really inspired me"

        But when I heard Madeleine Peyroux singing Leonard Cohen's Thousand Kisses Deep - there's such wonderful lyrics in that; ... - and it summarised the feeling for me for the first time ever."

        THE SCENT

        What does this smell like? It is really hard to describe but it is a wonderful combination of citrus from mandarin and the deeper notes of myrrh and musk this combines with osmanthus which gives a fruity note. Osmanthus which also known as fragrant olive is actually a shrub native to the Himalayas and it has small, white flowers which are used to create a beautiful floral absolute that has 'green and fruity nuances'. According to Mark these combinations work together to creates the complex mixture akin to the entire spectrum of feelings experienced when in love.

        WHAT I THINK

        I love the smell of this in its small pot and can sniff it all day long enjoying the orangey aroma blending with the deeper notes o myrrh and musk with that bit of mystery too. When I put it on my pulse points, inner wrist, inner elbows and behind my ears the warmth of my body quickly makes the aromas react and I can smell the fresh citrus smell first but it is very quickly followed by the other notes.

        As with any perfume after a while you find it hard to smell on yourself as your nose sort of gets used to the smell. I notice it more when I put on something I might have worn the day before such as a jumper or maybe as I collect the clothes to put in the wash I can smell the perfume that I wore the day before. Even though the lighter notes are less obvious I can still smell all the notes combined with this. I don't know whether that is because it is a solid fragrance and it carries differently to a liquid one.

        I Love the initial orange freshness and when that fades I also love the smoky but still slightly foral with sort of autumnal notes. Not exactly dry leaves but that autumnal morning walking in a wood sort of smell missed with autumn berries. I just love it as every time I put it on I sniff and think of something else that it reminds me of.

        I find I can put it on in the morning and although I think it has worn off other people come and tell me 'You smell nice and what it is.' I notice that it is still there when I turn my head if I put it behind my ears and another place that I do enjoy popping a bit is in my cleavage as I can enjoy the wafts of aroma rising during the day.

        The nice thing about a solid perfume is that you can put it exactly where you want it. It is also very handy for the handbag as it NEVER leaks unless the weather turns very hot. It isn't a good idea for example to leave it in a car as the sun will cause it to melt. I had to be very careful when we were on holiday recently in the USA and I kept my solid perfumes in our cold bag with all our cold stuff when we were travelling from place to place. I also left them in the hotel rather than in my handbag as it was over 35°C most days and that was enough to make them very soft when in my bag.

        The solid perfumes usually have a use buy date about a year after they were made. I have not had any that I have had last longer than a year so I am not sure how the scent lasts should you have one over the use by date. I like mine too much to have them last that long as I use mine daily.

        Another good thing about these little solid perfume tubes is that when you finish them these little tubes or pots count as one container to recycle so if you take five back to Lush you can choose a FREE fresh face mask or fresh hair mask so even the container is worth something.

        If you are lucky enough to have a Lush store like the one in Derby with a full range of perfumes I recommend you to give them a try. They are not to everyone's taste as they are quite strong and a lot of them have quite deep strong and more heavy notes but I love them and spend ages listening to the stories as to the inspiration behind their creation.

        To me perfumes are a sort of experience that is more than just the smell. They are a bit like fine wines and single malt whiskeys in that there is poetry and art in their creation. These to me are all part of the perfume, the inspiration, the poetry and the images that are created by you in your head as you first sniff the perfume as well as the effect you have on the scent, the way it changes on you and your own skin. It is all part of the magic to me.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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