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2 Reviews
  • Reasonably priced
  • Gorgeous unusual scent
  • None for me
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    2 Reviews
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      14.07.2014 10:59
      Very helpful


      • "Reasonably priced"
      • "Gorgeous unusual scent"


      • "None for me"

      Lovely summery perfume

      Lush, my favourite store, recently released a number of new fragrances under the Gorilla Perfume name. These look, smell and sound very different to other perfumes from both Lush and other brands, with unusual ingredients and concepts, and I was very intrigued when I heard about them.


      The perfume is a clear liquid while the label shows yellow flowers on a green background, emphasising the natural world the fragrance is intended to evoke.

      ***The Fragrance***

      Many of the new Lush scents, including Hellstone, Flower''s Barrow and Devil''s Nightcap which I have previously reviewed, have been inspired by English lore and landscapes. Furze is one of these. Head perfumer at Lush Simon Constantine moved into a new home and noticed a prickly furze bush ? also known as gorse ? outside his back door. Furze is a typically British plant ? it actually flowers in the winter ? and it is claimed that the Vikings used it to brew beer. It is also supposed to have magical properties, protecting from curses if grown on your property.

      The fragrance is suitable for vegans.

      Neroli oil is used as a light uplifting element in fragrances, while mimosa absolute is a soft floral. The perfume also contains warm vanilla and fresh coconut aspects.

      ***My Experience***

      I first tried Furze on a day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon. I liked the fragrance straight away. It was lighter and fresher than a lot of the new fragrances, with a feminine aspect. It reminded me of ?proper'' perfume, yet it still had a unique twist.

      At first when I applied the perfume I could smell a coconutty scent with a hint of floral. I was surprised with how much I liked it ? although I like the smell of coconuts, and use body products with the scent, I never thought I''d like a fragrance that smelled of it. However, I thought this was lovely. Also surprising was the fact that the scent reminded me of English landscapes in summer, rather than a tropical island! The coconut in here is really tempered and set off by the floral aspect, so I recommend you giving it a try even if you''re not keen on coconut.

      The perfume lasted a good few hours on my skin, and even longer on my scarf. The coconutty scent faded slightly as the day wore on, giving way to a sweeter, warmer, more vanilla-like scent, albeit still with a fresh floral aspect.

      ***Price and Availability***

      Furze is widely available in Lush stores and via the website. It comes in a range of sizes ranging from 7g (GBP10) to 92g (GBP40). I''m very pleased to note that it is one of the cheapest of the new fragrances ? I hope to buy a bottle in time for the summer!


      Furze is natural and evocative, yet smells like a ?proper perfume'' and is unusual in its makeup. Highly recommended.


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      07.01.2013 17:48
      Very helpful



      One of the less deep and smoky perfumes from Lush's new collection

      Lush - "FURZE" perfume
      Lush have recently created a new series of wonderfully different perfumes and although sadly, this means many of the older ones will no longer be available, it does mean we get new lovely scents to enjoy.

      This was not one of the first perfumes in the new range that I tried but I now own this and three others and thought it was time I shared my enthusiasm for this perfume with others. I am wearing this as I do with all perfumes that review as it helps me write about the scent as can keep sniffing as I write. I have had it on since around midday and now it is about 8.30pm and I can still smell it really well on my inner wrist where I applied it today.

      My initial reaction was that this was a more 'normal' that the others in the new range. It is actually quite sweet and to me smells of coconut which is not so strange considering that there is indeed coconut in there . This is not as complex of some of the other new perfumes in the range.

      Initially you get a blast of sweet fresh coconut with a hint of leafiness. It smells like walking on the hills covered with heather or gorse while wearing coconut sunscreen.

      " Looking out of the back door of his new home, Simon found inspiration in his own garden with Furze. Furze is a very British plant and the prickly bush is also known as gorse. It even flowers in the winter. Lore has it that the flower was used by the Vikings to brew beer and if grown on your property, Furze could protect from curses or hexes - made into a broom, it could 'sweep' away evil influences. Adding coconut and vanilla, this fragrance is sure to protect its wearer from evi.."

      LUSH SAY
      " "Furze is instantly gorgeous, a lovely lick of vanilla, custardy, drawn across the back of a wooden spoon. Very soft and ever so mohairy in the background, Furze was inspired by gorse and its hardy little creamy flowers. Simon added a vanillia facet; a delightful soft touch of mimosa and a really swooning coconut framework, lending the composition a delicious blending milky cocktail feel on the skin as it dries down.""

      I love descriptions like these as they really give the perfume character and interest beyond the wonderful scents. They give personality to them. My husband loves single malt whiskeys and these too have poetry in the descriptions on the bottles which make them so interesting.

      This new range is not presented in the plain black bottles that we are used to in Lush perfumes. These are in clear square bottles and some are round classic bottles depending on the size of the perfume inside. The labels are quite different; this one is green and black. The main picture is of gorse flowers and green gorse so yellow and green are the predominant colours in this one. The name of the perfume is in black text surrounded by white ina 'Furzey' sort of font above the picture. It is sort of retro cartoon style with just simple colours and certainly very different from the plain black ones of the original perfumes. They look a bit like mini liqueur bottles or old fashioned apothecary bottles to me.

      The new perfumes Lush has just brought out are quite strong and this is one of the less strong ones. It is not a knock you over/ in your face scent and is much sweeter and more feminine than some of the other new ones but it does last a reasonable time on me. It is a really creamy sweet. Coconut scent with a hint of leafiness and slight heather note.

      'FURZE' is not such a strong scent and initially smelling it in the bottle I found it okay but not really exciting. This is definitely one that will appeal to a wider range of people than some of the others in this new range. It is creamy and reminds me a little of a cocktail like pina colada but without the pineapple juice as it hasn't got a fruity aroma. It really is quite lovely and more feminine than some of the others in this new range and I really love it.

      The label says it has: coconut and vanilla as well as other ingredients which include DRF Alcohol, Perfume, Neroli Oil, Mimosa Absolute, Hydroxycitronellal, *Geraniol, Farnesol,Limonene, Linalool
      The alcohol is the carrier for the scented notes
      Obviously the neroli and mimosa give the floral orange notes and the coconut must be from one of the other ingredients. It reminds me of holidays as the coconut scent is reminiscent of sunscreen and cocktails,

      To help give you an idea of the scents within:
      Neroli essential oil smells a little like sweet orange and is a lovely uplifting smell.

      Mimosa absolute is from wattle or mimosa and smells a little like gorse. It gave me really bad hay fever when I had it in my garden in Australia but this doesn't seem to affect me thankfully.
      Hydroxycitronellal has a floral scent, a bit like lily and sweet tropical melon.

      Geraniol is found in rose oil, palmarosa oil, and many other essential oils. It has a rose-like scent and in this perfume adds the lighter sweeter floral notes.

      Farnesol also found in natural essential oils like rose, palmarossa,neroli and ylang ylang and has the aroma of violets so giving the floral note to this perfume.

      MY VIEWS
      I absolutely love this perfume now that I have tried it a few times. It is one that reminds me of holidays because of the coconut but it does also take me back to Australia as the Furze or gorse scent reminds me of the native wattle flowers there. For me it is very evocative because of the memories and when I wear it I am taken back to place I loved in Australia walking amongst the trees wearing sun lotion. It is a happy scent with lots of pleasant memories for me so one I enjiy wearing as it gives me a warm glow inside.

      As well as using this as a perfume the lady in Lush suggested dropping some on a warm radiator and then the room becomes filled with the lovely scent and it carries right into the room.

      As a perfume I find this wonderfully happy and feel good, it is quite sweet and comfortable. This one doesn't change as I am wearing it much and stays pretty true to the original scent throughout. As I sniff from one time to the next it still takes me to Australian blossoms and coconut which I am very happy with and it lasts a good few hours, not as long as someof the others but longer than many other brands do.

      I love the new Lush perfumes. There isn't one I don't love but they are not for everyone. My daughter likes fresher lighter scents and most of these are deeper and heavier than she enjoys. This one she is quite keen on as it is lighter and sweeter I suppose.

      The majority of these new perfumes are perfumes rather than eau de toilettes and as such they really last well on both me and my clothes. They are heavier and have some oil base with lots of essential oils and as such have great lasting quality and good sillage as well. They also need to be worn on the skin to test them. Sniffing the bottle does not do the trick and even putting them on cardboard is not the same as they develop on you and change according to your skin chemistry it seems as they smell different on different people.

      There are five sizes available but save up as this is not a cheap perfume as it contains expensive oils. The smallest size is 7g for £10, then £18.50 for 25g or 28g ( not sure what the difference is here but one might come with a dropper. 43G with cost you £25 and 46g for £27.50 but if you are really lucky and can afford this then the 92g costs £40. I was lucky enough to get this from Ebay recently at a lot less so I was thrilled. I now own four of these and am building my collection slowly!
      This is one that has got me lots of compliments on how nice I smell. My husband just says 'Have you been to Lush again?"

      If you are near a Lush shop and you are a fan then I urge you to go in and try their new perfumes. Put some on then go and walk around before you start to sniff the perfume on you. That way it has a chance to develop and you are not trying to pick the scent from everything else in Lush. Wear it for a day and you will see if it is one you like. It is such a wonderful scent and suitable for many ages to wear but maybe more female than male for this one but that us a personal choice.

      Thank for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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