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Lush Gorilla Eau de Parfum Exclusive Miniatures Set

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3 Reviews
  • Cute packaging
  • Perfect for travelling
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    3 Reviews
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      20.10.2014 12:50
      Very helpful


      • "Cute packaging"
      • "Good mix of scents"
      • "Get to sample several fragrances"
      • "Perfect for travelling"


      • Price

      A set to help you decide

      My favourite store, Lush, makes beautiful and unusual fragrances under the name Gorilla Perfume. Many of these are available in-store, with some exclusively online. Several are available in sample sizes, and you can also buy two miniature sets each containing eight of the sample size fragrances. This set is the second one.

      It’s the sort of smell you can enjoy all year round – the freshness is ideal for summer, while apples can also evoke autumn and cooler weather, cinnamon being reminiscent of Christmas.

      Initially I thought the perfume smelled a bit odd, and rather like cleaning fluid! However, it did smell better on my skin than it did in the bottle, though it was more like a daytime scent as it was so light and floral.

      *1000 Kisses Deep*
      When I first smelled this I thought it was really unusual. It was light and fresh with a musky undertone, unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before. Unfortunately, after a while the scent dried down and became a bit too musky for me.

      *B Scent*
      Because this fragrance is light, I see it as more of a daytime scent, although it would be suitable for the evening at a more informal event. I feel it would suit all ages – ideal for teenagers and young women, but not too sweet and girly for older ladies.

      I’m not sure what I really think about this one. I probably wouldn’t buy it for myself as I just wasn’t keen. Sometimes I thought I quite liked it, but overall this is not one for me!

      *The Smell of Weather Turning*
      The perfume continually evolves on the skin, and lasts for several hours. I think this is one which would smell slightly different on each person, so I would certainly recommend trying it before purchasing.

      I love this scent and it is one of my favourites. It is distinctive and unusual – I can’t think of any other perfume like it. I think of it as more of a daytime perfume than an evening one, and more of a summer fragrance than a winter one, despite the ginger aspect.

      *Superworld Unknown*
      I’ve had mixed experiences with many of the Lush scents. However, I loved this one. On first application, it has a lovely citrusy sweet scent which is very unusual. Underneath I can detect some spiciness in the form of sandalwood, and there is a sweetness which comes from tonka and vanilla.

      The set contains £19.95, which sounds like a lot for 8 miniature perfume vials, but you’d pay a few pounds more if you were to buy them individually.

      I had mixed feelings about the fragrances in the set. I loved some, liked others and couldn’t get on at all with a couple. I do recommend the set, as it’s handy for working out which ones you like before you splurge on a full-sized bottle.


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        07.10.2012 23:11
        Very helpful



        Nice sample set of Lush scents


        Lush sell two sets of miniatures or sample size perfumes and each set has eight small glass bottles. The set I am reviewing in this case has these eight mini bottles:
        Love, Cocktail, 1000 Kisses, Ladyboy, Smell of Weather Turning, Ginger, Super World Unknown, and finally B Scent.

        This little set costs £19.95 in Lush shops and online from Lush but this is something that often comes up on Ebay so if you fancy trying these then I would suggest keeping an eye on Ebay.

        This sound expensive for eight tiny 2ml bottles but if you buy these individually they do vary in price. Love costs £3, Cocktail costs £3.50 , 1000 kisses costs £2.50 , Ladyboy costs £3.00 , Smell of Weather Turning costs £3.50, Ginger costs £ 2.65 , Super World Unknown costs £3.25, and finally B Scent costs £3 so the total comes to in excess of £ 23.50 should you buy these individually.


        The bottles are all identical and fairly boring glass bottles with the perfume name on a black label along the side. Each bottle has a stopper lid which I actually find fiddly and tricky to open so that is something I would change. It is a kind of rubbery stopper which I can't get a grip on and I have to wriggle it a bit back and forwards but I am always very worried I might spill the contents if I pull too hard and accidently jerk the bottle while removing the stopper.

        The tiny bottles come in a neat brown cardboard recyclable box. The tiny bottles are also recyclable of course where ever you recycle glass.

        Love is a Floral Fruity fragrance and was created in 2011 at the same time as TucaTuca and a few others. The fragrance features bergamot, amalfi lemon, lemongrass, red apple, cinnamon, jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang.

        This scent was created to try and capture the elusiveness of love. It was inspired by Mark watching his sons fall in and out of love. It is flirty and fun and teases with its changing notes. It is quite a light scent sort of apple with citrus and a hint of spiciness. I thought it was a bit underwhelming initially but once I left the shop I realised that is was quite evident and began to enjoy it more.

        "Feels like: that first rush of endorphins" is the tag line on the website.
        Initially all I got from this was the very subtle lemon notes, a sort of lemon meringue creamy rather than sharply citrus. Also blending with this creamy lemon are hints of apples and a very subtle cinnamon almost vanilla puddingish sort of scent.

        After some time I began to notice the more floral notes coming through and the rose in particular but not sure I could detect the ylang ylang but that didn't bother me as I am not the biggest fan of ylang ylang, I find it a bit sickly.
        This mix of notes almost hops back and forth and this is the flirting that Mark was aiming for. The citrus creamy notes are still there and yet the floral sweet notes also pop through from time to time.
        It is sort of like having a bouquet of roses next to a lemon meringue pie you can smell them both and each comes through at different times.

        This is one that I am never too sure about as it has a generous dose of ylang ylang. Others really love this and say it is a really sexy perfume. This is Lush's homage to classic French perfumery and the leading note is ylang ylang. This is a combination of ylang ylang, jasmine, orange blossom, oakmoss and sandalwood but for me it is just a touch too heavy on the first ingredients which I find too sickly and odd when in too heavy doses. I do know that some of my Lush friends love this one best so try it yourself and make up your own mind.

        It may be my skin because as Mark Constatine himself says of this perfume " I can put this on ten people and guarantee that they will all smell different with it on." So try it and see or smell for yourself.

        1000 KISSES
        Mark Constantine one of the father and son team who create Lush's special perfumes created 1000 Kisses Deep inspired by the love he shares with his wife. I can't think of many things more romantic than to have a perfume created for you. This is what Mark says about this;
        ""I always find Mo, my wife, difficult to understand, but that can then be expressed through music. I don't really get her - she always leaves a little bit to be revealed. ..... there's only so many words you can use to express love. It's very difficult. I wanted a perfume that summed that up. I did call it Untitled (The Cure song) for quite a long time. It expressed that rather enigmatic, rather difficult to pin down feeling, when you're involved with someone else, but can't put it into words. So that piece of music really inspired me"

        But when I heard Madeleine Peyroux singing Leonard Cohen's Thousand Kisses Deep - there's such wonderful lyrics in that; ... - and it summarised the feeling for me for the first time ever."

        What does this smell like? It is really hard to describe but it is a wonderful combination of citrus from mandarin and the deeper notes of myrrh and musk this combines with osmanthus which gives a fruity note. Osmanthus which also known as fragrant olive is actually a shrub native to the Himalayas and it has small, white flowers which are used to create a beautiful floral absolute that has 'green and fruity nuances'. According to Mark these combinations work together to creates the complex mixture akin to the entire spectrum of feelings experienced when in love.

        I love the smell of this in its small pot and can sniff it all day long enjoying the orangey aroma blending with the deeper notes of myrrh and musk with that bit of mystery too. When I put it on my pulse points, inner wrist, inner elbows and behind my ears the warmth of my body quickly makes the aromas react and I can smell the fresh citrus smell first but it is very quickly followed by the other notes.

        As with any perfume after a while you find it hard to smell on yourself as your nose sort of gets used to the smell. I notice it more when I put on something I might have worn the day before such as a jumper or maybe as I collect the clothes to put in the wash I can smell the perfume that I wore the day before. Even though the lighter notes are less obvious I can still smell all the notes combined with this. I don't know whether that is because it is a solid fragrance and it carries differently to a liquid one.

        I Love the initial orange freshness and when that fades I also love the smoky but still slightly foral with sort of autumnal notes. Not exactly dry leaves but that autumnal morning walking in a wood sort of smell missed with autumn berries. I just love it as every time I put it on I sniff and think of something else that it reminds me of.

        A rather strange sort of banana based fragrance which combines with seaweed, violet, chamomile, labdanum and oakmoss. I can't decide about this one, sometimes I love it while at other times I am not sure. Lush describe this as like ''a surreal beach party''. This is a scent inspired by sunny Brazil, hence the beach party and sort of carnival fun element which does attract me.

        I do like this one but it is an acquired taste and one that grows on you with a sweet banana initial scent followed by a mixture of earthy aokmoss and the parma violet floral but one that is unique and hard to pin down.t

        This is one of my favourites from Lush and it has a lovely creation story too.

        ""The story of how this fragrance was born is quite convoluted. Initially, the smell of weather turning was a concept that was described to us by a girl who works for us, who is also a witch. She brought her magic books and we talked about the smell of weather turning. It's a very surreal concept, so we tried all sorts of angles on it.

        Then we did some work with musician Simon Emmerson, who is also a bard and part of a druid order. He did some pieces of music, which reminded me of staying in Finland at a place where the lady had decided to make it, as it would have been back in the Iron Age. She fed us nettles and dark rye bread. One morning, I watched a man outside weeding, but it turned out to be our lunch.

        One night, all of this combined in a dream and I woke up knowing that I wanted to do The Smell of Weather Turning with old materials - materials that would have been available 5,000 years ago. At that time, it was also 2 degrees Celsius warmer in Britain - similar to how the weather is predicted to be here in 50 years' time - so The Smell of Weather Turning developed an angle of climate change."
        What does this smell like? In my view it does really smell of how the world smells after the rain. The smell you get as the first drops of rain fall of the warm grass, roads and trees. On the Lush site it describes it as "a walk through hay after a rainstorm."

        It is earthy and deep but then you get that light smell when the mint comes through but very quickly the earthy aroma comes back. It is really a very unusual scent but one I love as I am drawn to myrrh, oak moss, patchouli and those sort of deep earthy smells.

        It reminds me of walking in an English wood after the rain when all the real smells are so much headier, alive and fresh. Like the smell you get when working in a damp garden, someone's gardening shed with the mix of earth and leather and herbs drying from the ceiling and so on. It is not that it smells like a garden shed but it brings to mind these comforting images.


        This is another of the original scents that have been around since Cosmetic to Go and I remember buying it nearly twenty years ago. I am not sure if the recipe has changed but it is still a very pleasant scent and one I am very happy to wear.
        Lush say " Think Ginger Rogers , not gingerbread. A crisp and sophisticated floral fragrance."

        It really is not gingerbread and not that sweet. It has ginger in it but more the woody element of ginger root and this combines with the mimosa (wattle for all Aussies) which is a very distinctly Australian scent to me and reminds me of my garden back in Australia. Headier notes include rose, geranium, jasmine, juniper berry and ylang ylang.

        This is one that I thought might be rather dated as I remembered it from years back but I tried it and found that it was a really unusual blend of warm and sexy scents that I loved so that is why I bought this one again.

        This one was inspired by a singer Karin Park who went into Lush to buy a 'Ladyboy' perfume and left her album "Superworld Unknown" for Mark and Simon. They listened and thought the title track has such wonderfully lyrics that they would build a perfume inspired by the track.

        "The sun is up today, challenging the rain, in this superworldunknown" - Karin Park, Superworldunknown
        So taking the singer's Scandinavian roots and the song they began to create "Super World Unknown" the aroma. They were adding their thoughts about the sea and the moors when the singer came back into the shop and was talking about circuses and fairgrounds so they added some sweet aromas reminiscent of fairgrounds and came up with what we can buy now as 'Super World Unknown'.

        "If running away to join the circus smells of something good, this is it. The smell of candy floss, sherbet fountains, toffee apples and the seaside, yet it's also sophisticated... escapist perfumery really. Clever use of cocoa and vanilla absolute with cassia makes this fragrance really edible without having a single character that it can be labelled with. A new blend of juniper berry adds a breath of Norwegian fresh air and the feel of walking in the hills in summer. I've also used a new material made from tonka beans to provide a hint of reassurance. Petitgrain and bitter orange mixed with lime, lemon and bergamot create a dizzy fairground ride of top notes. All of this is rounded off with rose absolute and ylang ylang."

        It is really a very unique scent that is quite hard to describe because it really does not smell quite like anything else.

        What does this smell like? It smells initially slightly paint- like as it is strong but this is combined with a sweetness and slight oriental hints. There is definitely a ginger sweet and spicy blend but with a back note of something I am really struggling to place. It has an orange citrus combination that is very evident initially but as it calms down the creamier tonka comes through and blends with the beeswax sort of sweet warmth too. It is wonderfully sweet, slightly citrus like but has a deeper more grown up oriental tinge which creates the more exotic smell. It is very hard to describe as each time I sniff I detect something different. The heart notes of sandalwood become more evident as it sits on my skin over time.

        It is sort of like their lovely orange blossom but then it catches you unaware as it becomes more lime after the sweetness of the orange. The sandalwood in the drydown is beautifully gentle and blends with the tonka for a creamy note.

        I find it is lovely to wear day or night as it can adapt to either. It is light enough to wear during the day but the deeper more exotic notes can take it into a more evening headier scent too. It has a sort of note that reminds me of frankincense burning in a church.
        Although it is light and citrusy initially there is a hidden depth and warmth which comes from the sandalwood which has to be one of the nicest wood scents around.

        B SCENT

        This scent is one of the older ones from Lush and was originally one of the B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful perfumes which was Lush's sister company but now they are all one and this is now a Lush perfume. The same aroma used to be in one of Lush's older soaps which has now been around for some time B Scent Electro soap for those with scent memories. They may re release it as a retro at some time.

        I was thrilled to have this given to me as the smell is very light but has that lovely slightly earthy after note which I love.

        The scent in this one is strongly citrus and fennel giving a slight aniseed smell and the grapefruit also adds to the slightly un -lemony citrus. I do like the aroma of grapefruit as it is unique with a fresh but interesting smell.

        The tag line on this one to describe it on the website is ;" Feels like : kissing a lover's neck" and describes as "A stylish and utterly feminine combination of rose tempered with crisp citrus"
        I really love the combinations. This is a light fragrance and fresh yet it has that certain je ne sais quoi sort of earthiness that brings it to a whole new fragrance.

        The initial smell is citrus and the lemon, bergamot with that lovely aniseed fennel combining to bring a more interesting and layered aroma but after a short while the fennel fades into the background as does the lemon which becomes warmer and creamier. The rose and a hint of jasmine then develop bringing a sweetness and earthy floral to the mix. The sandalwood is the sweet earthy smell I am getting as it dries down. The other scents are still there but combining to create the warmer powdery muskiness with citrus lighter notes.

        I find that this is a most unusual smell: really interesting and with constant changes as it warms and develops on me. It is light and refreshing and yet is also warm and earthy too. It is not harsh like some citrus scents can be nor is it truly light and refreshing because of the dry down of these warmer scents coming in to back it up. I just love the warm lemony rose which is still very evident even when I can smell the delicately musky dry down.

        SO IN SHORT
        This set is a great gift for someone wanting to try out which perfumes they like and want to buy a bigger version of. It also is a great set to take away on holiday as you get to carry eight different smells so that you can have different scents for different occasions.

        Personally there is not one of these perfumes that I dislike. There is not really a single Lush perfume that I don't like but I do have to swap around depending on time of year and my mood or the occasion. This set allows you to chop and change and try all eight so keep an eye out for a bargain on Ebay is my advice.

        When trying a new perfume let it develop on your skin. Lush fragrances because of their high essential oil content, change and develop on your skin over time. My suggestion is to spray some on then go for a coffee or wander around the shops and keep smelling yourself every few minutes. This will really tell you what the fragrance will smell like on you.

        Don't pre judge a perfume by reading the notes, allow yourself to be surprised! Sometimes I can be a little unsure of a fragrance at first, but once I have tried it for a day I am often pleasantly surprised.
        If you find one you really fall in love with then buy the bottle because it will last longer. I love the solid perfumes as they are more reasonably priced and I have also found that if I put a smear down my cleavage I enjoy it and also sometimes I rub a little in the ends of my hair and that stays all day long and people really comment on my nice smelling hair.

        Finally don't just look at the ingredients and notes. Smell the whole perfume and then think of how it makes you feel or where it takes you to and that is what makes it fully you and personal. Remember if it makes you feel good and happy then that is what is important.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.
        © catsholiday


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          15.08.2012 22:47
          Very helpful



          BNTBTBB selection

          When Be Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful ceased to trade, I was worried that all the lovely BNTBtBB scents will disappear and only the more pedestrian Lush ones will stay. But the good people at Lush have good business sense too and they know that although expensive makeup might not be their forte, the perfumes were worth keeping. Thus Gorilla perfumes, now available online and in a haphazard fashion in Lush stores.

          There are two sets of Lush perfume samplers, and although neither is perfect this one is by far the better (the only really interesting scent missing - instead included in the standard Gorilla set with all the more boring Lush ones - is Breath of God).

          These come in 2ml glass vials, each with a very good rubbery dosing nozzle which means you can easily apply without risking spillage or having to spray.

          The fragrances included here are:

          Love. With apple and cinnamon, fresh, fruity and innocent - quite a young scent really, playful but surprisingly wearable in the day, my children like me smelling of this, especially th 6 year old boy.

          Cocktail. This is a sexy Lush classic and one of my favourite fragrances of theirs, hard to capture, compelling smell which to me always seemed quite intoxicatingly head turning; Cocktail soap was deep sparkly purple and this smells deep sparklily purple. It has ylang yland, jasmine and rose; what else is needed?

          1000 Kisses Deep. I was surprised that I didn't quite like this one as much as I hoped, it's flowery and a bit musky and leaves me a bit cold.

          Ladyboy. Very weird, banana based fragrance, with seaweed, violet, chamomile, labdanum and oakmoss; I should have hated it and I kind of did, but I kept wearing it until it run out, as it was bizarrely compelling. Lush say that it feels like ''a surreal beach party'', and it does.

          Smell of Weather Turning. One of those lovely Lush perfumes that nobody else (at least on a High Street and at such affordable prices) seems to be doing, this is apparently based on a smell of after-rain greenery, but for me the dominant notes are smokey: like bonfires in the autumn. Very herby, rich, interesting. Contains oakwood, hay, beeswax, nettle, mint, chamomile and you can actually just about smell them all.

          Ginger. One of old Lush classics, apparently inspired by old movies. Flowery but not fruity, thanks to the ginger note (FRESH ginger not ground dried one) and with some ylang ylang for sexy undertones, it's still a girly rather than very grown-up scent, but better than I expected.

          Superworldunknown. Sweet and complex with things like vanilla, tonka, rose and cocoa and more, this is supposedly fairground inspired. It isn't bad as far as sweet scents go, but not my favourite.

          B Scent. The best in the pack and in fact a good contender for my all-time-favourite fragrance, this flowery rose with a lemon note and a fennel flourish never ceases to bring joy, both sexy and fresh, I hardly ever tire of this scent.


          At a little over £2 per sample, this is pretty good value if you want to seriously try a selection of the rarer Lush perfumes. Good for collectors, too. I am very glad I bought it as the ones I knew I was glad to have again (especially the B Scent) while the new ones were almost all worth trying and I actually found some fragrances here that I wasn't convinced I wanted to buy after just a sample spray in the shop, but which really grew on me while I wore them over a few days, particularly the Smell of the Weather Turning and Cocktail, possibly also the bizarre Ladyboy. The 1000 Kisses were definitely the biggest disappointment, while Ginger was just a tad boring.

          Highly recommended to Lush fanatics, collector perfumistas or those who like to have fun with unusual fragrances.


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