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Lush Hellstone Perfume

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Brand: Lush / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    2 Reviews
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      03.01.2013 08:58
      Very helpful



      Smoky, unsettling fragrance

      Lush, my favourite store, recently released a number of new fragrances under the Gorilla Perfume name. These look, smell and sound very different to other perfumes from both Lush and other brands, with unusual ingredients and concepts, and I was very intrigued when I heard about them.

      To coincide with the launch of the new fragrances, Lush opened a temporary gallery space in east London. I visited this gallery and had a memorable experience. The fragrances were displayed as works of art, with pictures or sets used to represent the perfumes. Simon Constantine, head perfumer at Lush, has stated that he wants to develop the concept of perfume as an art form, like painting or music, and I feel that he has met with success here.

      The new perfumes come in bottles of different sizes and shapes, and look like old apothecary bottles displayed in-store. Testers of the perfumes are available, and I've been sampling this Hellstone fragrance, mainly because of the name!

      Unlike other Lush perfumes, which come in standardised black bottles, the new fragrances come in clear glass bottles of all different shapes and sizes. I really like these bottles as they are unusual and attractive. The perfume itself is a burnt orange colour which really fits in with the theme of the fragrance. The label bears a picture of the Devil hurling a rock, which is how the fragrance got its name.

      ***The Fragrance***
      Hellstone was inspired by an ancient megalith used as a burial mound 4000 years ago. Legend has it that the Devil threw this stone, and the Hellstone remains an eerie spot to this day.

      The list of ingredients is very short and I have reproduced it here:
      Jojoba Oil, Perfume, Madagascan Vetivert Oil, Opoponax Oil, Ambrette Seed Oil, Methyl Ionone, Limonene, Geraniol, Linalool

      Hellstone is the only new fragrance to be made with an oil base - jojoba. This helps the fragrance to last for a long time on the skin. It also contains vetivert which is rooty, spicy cumin and beeswax, as well as a secret 'perfume' recipe. Ambrette seed oil is an ingredient I hadn't previously heard of. The Lush website states: "Ambrette seed oil is distilled from the dried seeds of Abelmoschus moschatus (also known as Hibiscus mochatus, musk mallow and musk seed). This perennial shrub is native to tropical Asia and widely cultivated in other tropical countries."

      ***My Experience***
      The first time I tried this fragrance, I wasn't keen - one of the Lush assistants who was showing me the new scents said he thought this one smelled of barbecue sauce, and I agreed! However, when I applied it to my skin, it didn't smell of food at all, luckily!

      The scent is completely different to any other perfume I've tried before. It is unisex but I think it might appeal mostly to men. Unlike most fragrances, it doesn't seem to have top, middle and bottom notes. However, it is complex nevertheless.

      The fragrance is earthy, outdoorsy and mysterious. I can't detect any of the named individual notes in the perfume - perhaps because I don't know what most of them are meant to smell like - but it is rich and conjures up the sense of walking over a dramatic landscape in the winter, in the aftermath of a storm. I find it rather unsettling: the perfume has a smoky, slightly tangy aspect, like a darker version of the Smell of Weather Turning. 'Hellstone' is a very appropriate name for this fragrance. I don't know whether I 'like' it or not, in the conventional sense, but while I was wearing it I couldn't stop smelling my wrists, so I must have found something compelling in it.

      The fragrance has excellent longevity: it lasts on the skin for several hours, and on fabric for several days - I could still smell it on my winter coat for nearly a week after my original application.

      ***Price and Availability***
      Hellstone is widely available in Lush stores and via the website. It comes in a range of sizes ranging from 7g (£18) to 92g (£85). It is by far the most expensive of the new perfumes.

      I'm unsure how to rate this perfume. As a work of art, it is a brilliant concept wonderfully executed: evocative, unusual and rather frightening. However, I'm not sure I'd actually wear it on an everyday basis. I love Munch's painting The Scream, for instance, but I don't know if I'd want it staring down at me while I'm trying to watch TV. I prefer my perfumes to be pleasant and luxurious; I'm just not sure if this fragrance is practical.

      Overall, I've decided on four stars because it really is a good fragrance - just not incredibly wearable, as well as being very expensive.


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        21.12.2012 18:10
        Very helpful



        Another wonderfully smoky scent from Lush

        Hellstone - Lush new Perfume
        I finally managed to get into Lush in Derby to try the new perfumes. I smelled them all then chose two to sample more seriously. I chose 'Hellstone' and 'Voice of Reason' as they were the two that appealed to me and I had tried others previously . These were pretty powerful in the bottles which initially put me off but once I tried them was hooked.

        Taken from the Lush website:
        "We find Simon Constantine in cold January, trudging across fields searching for the eerie spot known as Hellstone. The ancient Hellstone megalith was used as a burial mound 4000 years ago! As written in 1803, lore has it the Devil flung this stone! Inspired by the smells of unearthed roots and freshly turned earth, the Hellstone inspired perfume uses vetivert, cumin and beeswax."

        The Lush perfumiers then used this inspiration of earthiness and roots with dampness and chose vetivert which is such a deep earthy note and combined this with cumin and beeswax in jojoba oil to carry it and created this wonderfully earthy perfume.

        I love the fact that Lush perfumes are created from different stories, music or experience rather than just a group of people in a laboratory just mixing things together until they find a combination they like.

        THE BOTTLE
        This new range is not presented in the plain black bottles that we are used to in Lush perfumes. These are in clear square bottles and some are round classic bottles depending on the size of the perfume inside. The labels are quite different, this reddish orage with a picture of a leaping shouting devil in the middle. The name of the perfume is in black with 'Hellstone' above and 'Set In Stone' below the picture. It is sort of retro cartoon style with the colours and certainly very different from the plain black ones of the original perfumes. They look a bit like mini liqueur bottles to me.

        Jojoba Oil to carry the other ingredients and because this is a light oil rather than alcohol the scents last longer on the skin as they don't evapourate so quickly.

        Madagascan Vetivert Oil which gives the deep earthy heart to the perfume.

        Opoponax Oil is also known as sweet myrrh, and comes from a tree in the same family that produces myrrh resin. It has a similar scent to myrrh but with a slightly sweeter scent with overtones of wine as well.

        Ambrette Seed Oil is a vegetable substitute for musk and gives a musky note. It is a lovely rich warm woody and slightly floral note which is very lasting so great for perfumes that you want to last well.

        Methyl Ionone is a synthetic creation which has a sweet and powdery quality to fragrance and is added to many expensive perfumes on the market.

        Limonene gives a citrus sort of orange like scent in perfumes.

        Geraniol is found in essential oil and has a rose sort of odour.

        The overwhelming scent that hits you in this one is the vertivert. This is woody hideouts in the forest combined with an old library filled with comfortable leather chairs and polished wooden floors. This is heavy and very earthy but it also has hints of creaminess and sweetness but this only softens the earthiness rather than coming through on its own at any time.

        This is such an amazingly lasting perfume that I put on in the morning and could still really smell on me when I went to bed over twelve hours later. On my clothes this lasted even longer, my jumper sleeves still smelled of this perfume for the entire next day and my scarf and coat smelled for days. This is one strong perfume and not one that you would need to top up at all during the day.

        The sillage is also really good as so many people commented on my unusual scent or told me I smelled nice. This is not something you can check yourself but as so many people commented I think it must be good.

        This is another pretty expensive perfume as for 7g you will be paying £18, for 25g you will have to find £35, for 28g also £35 ( not sure about the two different prices for the same size). For 43g you will pay £45, for 46g you will be paying £50 and finally for 92g you will have to find the huge amount of £85 so I think that if I do mange to save up for this it will be the 7g size!

        Although this is expensive I do think it is one that lasts so well and has such a strong scent that it is worth the money. You won't need a lot in order to enjoy the aroma with this one.

        I am not sure this one will appeal to all. This is a heavy woody vetivert aroma so if that is your scent of choice then give this a try, if you prefer light floral fragrances then this may not appeal to you.
        If you do like earthy scents then although this is expensive you do get a really lasting scent that you can enjoy for a good long time each time you apply it.

        I love these new perfumes from Lush and this is such a lovely cosy comforting sort of sitting in a leather chair by a wood burning fire sort of scent. It makes me feel cosy and reminds me of playing in the woods or sitting around a smoky bonfire on a damp November night and this gives you the warmth that you get from drinking a hot drink on a night like that.

        This reminds me of Laphroig Single malt whiskey but this is a scent while that is the flavour. I love the fact that Lush create perfumes based on experiences and indeed they have also worked with cocktail creators to make perfumes that you can drink and I would love to try those!!

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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      • Product Details

        Lush Gorilla Perfumes / Very deep earthy strong fragrance from the new Lush perfume selection

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