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Lush Icon Fragrance

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Brand: Lush

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2013 08:35
      Very helpful



      A disappointing scent from Lush

      I'm a huge fan of the store Lush and am trying to sample all their products. Lush have a related side business, Gorilla Perfumes, from which you can purchase their fragrances. These are available via the main website and some of the perfumes are also available in store.

      Icon is a fragrance that has been around for years, well before I got into Lush. It used to be a soap as well, but is now only available in fragrance form and only on the Lush website. It is available in the following forms at these current prices:

      Atomiser - £35 (the larger perfume bottle)
      Spritzer - £17 (the long, thin one)
      Sample size - £3.50 (This is the one I have)

      I thought Icon was also available as a solid perfume but I couldn't find it on the Lush site - perhaps it is out of stock or has been discontinued.

      Lush say:
      "If this perfume was a man, he'd be a troubled literary genius dressed in crushed purple velvet".

      "Mark created Icon as a play between light and dark, sparkling and smouldering - and he'd still like to work on the formula some more; like aiming for impossible perfection where perhaps the little irregularities are exactly what makes it resonate so beautifully. I'd say leave it alone and let us enjoy it. It's fabulous".

      The image of the troubled literary genius really appealed to me and was the main reason I wanted to try this fragrance. I am a big fan of poets such as Lord Byron and any perfume inspired by him must be good - right? I also liked the description of the fragrance itself.

      The main notes of this perfume are myrrh, orange blossom, bergamot, mandarin and sandalwood. Myrrh is one of the main ingredients of incense and has been in use for thousands of years. Sandalwood adds an earthy base tone to the fragrance. The perfume also contains orange blossom and bergamot. These are light, citrusy fragrances and contrast with the other ingredients in an interesting way.

      In the bottle, the perfume smells amazing - I could sniff it all day. It reminds me of incense with a citrus twist. The scent is quite masculine, and I could definitely imagine men wearing it, but at the same time this doesn't put me off - I don't normally like unisex perfumes and prefer more overtly feminine fragrances but I find the scent to be dark, intense and sexy.

      Unfortunately the amazing smell doesn't transfer well to my skin. When I dab it on my wrists the incense and citrus fade to reveal more of a sandalwood smell. Within a short time this turns to a slightly musty scent. After half an hour or so it begins to smell incredibly musty and not pleasant at all. In fact it caught in the back of my throat and gave me a bit of a headache. The scent lasted around four hours on my skin, which isn't amazing although in this case I was rather pleased as I didn't like it!

      I was really disappointed with the way this perfume developed on me as it smelled so lovely in the bottle and on me it just smelled awful. I definitely wouldn't buy it again although I wouldn't automatically warn someone else against buying it. Everyone's skin chemistry is different and the fragrance probably smells lovely on some people. I would recommend purchasing the sample vial first, however, just in case the same thing happens to you!


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