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2 Reviews

Brand: Lush

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    2 Reviews
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      11.04.2013 16:00
      Very helpful



      A bit pricey and average smelling

      Inhale This

      This is one of a pair of fragrances, no prizes for guessing what the other one is called, you got it, "Exhale". It's a unisex fragrance.

      This is supposed to be a bit weaker than the Exhale type. This is taken from the "Breath of God", and was created by Simon Constantine and is based on his "Breath of God" fragrances.


      The bottle is for want of a better word, boring. It looks like a medicine bottle really, just a dark brown with a black top. Not something to brighten up your dressing table. If that matters to you then avoid it.

      It has a screw top lid so you have to be a little careful not to use too much of the oil. It's a nice size to fit in a bag on the plus side, which I think it was designed for.

      Is it any good?

      The scent itself is not for everyone, it has a kind of fruity smell but I'm not sure it's feminine enough. The description of this by Lush is actually not too far off what I feel you get.

      It has an outdoors feel to it, which I believe was intended. Apparently it was inspired by a trip to Tibet, well that's all very nice if you are taken in by marketing blurb. Ultimately, it's your nose that will tell you and mine is sitting on the fence a little on this one.

      The good news is that the smell does not fade away too quickly, it could still be smelt several hours after applying it to my skin and that's quite rare I find.

      The price for this is £16 for a 15ml bottle, so it's not exactly cheap.


      Unfortunately there are no samples available so it's your money at the end of the day but to be honest I'd probably not buy it again as it's just not a scent I think is worth the money.

      It has grown on me a little since I first used it but it's not a go to scent for me I'm afraid.


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        18.03.2013 08:19
        Very helpful



        Lighter half of the Breath of God fragrance

        My favourite store, Lush, makes a number of perfumes under the Gorilla Perfume name. Most of these are scents which come in black bottles with spray nozzles, but there are also a few perfume oils among the range.

        One of the Gorilla perfumes is called Breath of God, designed as a 'play of light and dark' and inspired by Simon Constantine's visit to Tibet. The two aspects of the perfume are both available individually as perfume oils, called Inhale and Exhale. Here I'm going to review Inhale, the 'light' side of the fragrance.

        As a perfume oil, this fragrance comes in a small dark glass bottle with a screw top. To use it, you simply tip the bottle up and dab some onto your skin. The bottle is very secure and the oil doesn't leak, which is a good thing. It's also small and compact, ideal for carrying around.

        ***The Fragrance***
        The Lush website describes this fragrance as "the mysterious, transparent, fruity half of Breath of God". The main notes are melon, neroli, rose and ylang ylang, creating a light, fresh and fruity fragrance, tempered by black pepper, sandalwood and vetivert.

        ***My Experience***
        I really liked Inhale when I first smelled it. I thought it had a fresh, natural scent, fruity with an exotic twist. It really did make me think of being outside in the mountains. Away from the other half of Breath of God, the pleasant light fragrance can be shown off to its fullest extent. It is an uplifting fragrance and very nice to use. I actually prefer it to the full Breath of God scent.

        Unfortunately Inhale fades rather quickly, lasting for less than an hour on my skin. I suspected this as when I tried Breath of God the darker aspect to the scent soon began to dominate. The lighter side just can't compete.

        Another use for the perfume oil could be as a household scent, in an oil burner perhaps, or a scented bath. You could add a few drops to your radiator, and the warmed scent could spread around the room. Alternatively, add a drop or two to a tealight.

        ***Price and Availability***
        Inhale is priced at £16 for 15ml, which I think is a little pricey for something which doesn't last very long. However, being an oil, the scent is more concentrated and it is made with real essential oils, which are pricey.

        I really like Inhale - it is an uplifting scent, evocative and refreshing, but is unfortunately let down by poor longevity. I probably wouldn't repurchase, which is a bit of a shame.


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