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Lush Ladyboy Solid Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    4 Reviews
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      19.10.2012 21:16
      Very helpful



      An unusual scent from the creators of Lush perfumes

      Lush perfumes - Ladyboy
      "Ladyboy is unisex and completely adorable"

      We are very lucky in Derby because our lovely Lush shop in the Westfield centre has the entire range of Lush perfumes as well as the essential oil elements of some. Lush sells a fairly large range of perfumes now and every scent comes in three or four different forms. There is usually a solid perfume which tends to be the form which has the shortest staying power, the next is a small spray which is less concentrated than the 30ml black bottle which has the strongest concentration. Many of the scents also have a small 2ml sample bottle too which is usually in the same concentration as the mini spray or spritzers which I believe has 8ml in it. The solid perfumes weigh 12g so they are not huge but I rather like them to carry in my handbag as there is never a danger of any leakage and you can quickly pop a little on your pulse points without spritzing others in the bargain.
      HOW MUCH?
      The perfume I am reviewing here is the small 2ml sample which was a gift from one of the staff in Lush one day. The solid perfume is £7.50, the small spritzers are £15.00, the large 30ml version is £31 and the 2ml sample sells for £3. I think this is one of the more expensive of Lush's perfumes. The solid version usually offers good value and is often the one I buy myself as you don't need a lot to get a pretty decent aroma but you do have to be careful if it is very hot weather as it does melt very easily. This is actually not particularly strong in the solid form but as it is rather an odd little number I am not sure I will be tempted to buy it again. But I am growing to like it more the more I wear it so who knows?


      This scent is one of perfumes originally from the B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful perfume range which was Lush's sister company but now they are all one and this is now a Lush perfume.

      I bought this just because I feel that I must have EVERY one of Lush's perfumes and am trying to get all these before some are removed from the shops at the end of this year ready for new fragrances coming in.

      The scent in this one is quite an earthy sweet scent and you can certainly smell the banana but it is balanced by the oakmoss and chamomile so that it isn't sickly in any way. The violet also adds that sexiness to the mix and that really gives it an edge that I do like. I keep changing my mind about this one. Some days I love it while other days I am not so keen.


      This is Mark's take on Ladyboy :

      "The banana isn't some kind of a joke. The finished scent on the skin is sophisticated and contemporary in my opinion. Ladyboy is an intriguing blend where the combination of seaweed and violets creates a blend that - instead of shocking or disturbing - just smells as if it it's about to become the fragrance that everyone's wearing."

      On the website Lush say:
      " It is for those who are truly daring. This fragrance was designed for bare skin.
      Its quirky and sexy amber scent was originally sketched out in honour of Brazilian beaches and their uninhibited inhabitants. Anyone with an eye for contemporary style and cheeky fun should grab it."

      The tagline for this one is: "Feels like : a surreal beach party"

      Taken from my A-Z Guide by Tania Sanchez and Luca Turin:
      "B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful fragrances have often turned out so weird, rich and novel that one ends up approaching them as one would a difficult crossword, expecting whatever pleasure they provide to come only after a sustained effort of understanding. This one is no exception, with a strange faceless start that feels like a fragrance seen from the back, and a heart note that eventually settles into an autumnal hum: a muted, sullen, basso profondo of linseed putty (labdanum), wood smoke (oakmoss and fucus) and sweet amber (another facet of labdanum). Be warned: this is a fragrance that only works on skin, so ignore the smelling strip."

      This is Lush and all their perfumes come in the same packaging. The large atomiser is simple and plain black glass. I find that is good in that it keeps the perfume fresh as it is in the dark but annoying in that you can't see what is left.

      I like the simple packaging as I fell the effort has gone into the scent not the bottle but I have to admit I do like pretty bottles and these don't look so great on my dressing table. The other problem is that all the bottles are the same so you have to keep the little cardboard tag on the bottles to tell which is which.
      The spritzer comes in a small black spray, again difficult to see how much is left and is not recyclable through Lush. The sample is a tiny glass bottle which is clear and has the name on the outside on a black label and can of course be recycled with other glass.

      Finally the solid perfume which I have comes in a black tube, a bit like a fat lipstick and this is recyclable through Lush. If you take five of these or a mix of these and the black pots then you can choose a free fresh face mask or fresh hair mask from them as a reward. What a fabulous incentive and one I make good use of so thank you Lush.


      This was apparently the perfume chosen by the Swedish/Norwegian singer Karin Park when she first visited Lush stores. She is also the inspiration for 'Superworld Unknown'

      I am really growing to love the combinations. This is a creamy earthy and VERY sexy smell. If you like 'Daddy Oh' shampoo the violet smell of that comes through in this. It is a kind of earthy sweet parma violet scent. It is a perfume designed to have you as the last ingredient so don't bother trying this on a spray of car as it doesn't work at all. I find I have to let my solid one develop on me at least half an hour to get the full benefit of the scent combinations working together. It is like a creamy violet pudding kind of scent but as I say the earthiness holds it down and keeps it grounded so that it is more than just banana and violets.

      The initial smell is sweet and banana but very quickly the creaminess comes through and the earthy notes but the one that lingers for me is the deep violet which is heady and sensual. The earthiness is like autumn leaves and smoky bonfires in a garden of violets and bananas. Surreal is how Lush describe it and that image is just that surreal.

      It really is like nothing else I have ever smelled and strangely compelling as I do keep coming back to it. Initially I thought it was not that exciting but it has really grown on me and I now really do like it.
      I am not sure that I would wear it to a posh sophisticated do but the powdery violet scent is oddly becoming quite addictive. I think it is one of those acquired taste sort of smells so i would suggest that you try before you buy or try the sample size as it is only £3 so not a huge amount to waste if you hate it.

      I find that this is a most unusual smell: really interesting and with constant changes as it warms and develops on me. It is earthily creamy sweet yet has that sexy violet note that bangs on through. You also get the seaside freshness from the seaweed and the dry down of these warmer scents coming in to back it up the rather unusual banana makes this a more interesting scent than you would imagine reading the notes ..

      As I write my review I am wearing this. I always wear the perfume I am reviewing as then I can keep sniffing it and remind myself of what smells I can detect. I love writing perfume reviews because of this I sit and sniff then write a bit more.

      This isn't a specially feminine fragrance, and is marketed as unisex but again it would not be one I would buy for my men in the family as I really think it is one that appeals or doesn't. In fact I am not sure I would buy it for anyone as I do feel like many Lush perfumes, that is is one you should try on your own skin before making a decision.

      I would suggest that this could be worn anytime and anywhere providing you like it. It isn't girly and sweet so would suit a range of ages and even possibly men too as it suggests.

      I am growing to like this more the more I wear it. I love having different perfumes to wear as my mood changes and I find this is quite a sensual one.

      Mark and Simon Constantine don't think along traditional lines and so the scents they create and very unusual. They keep on inventing and I keep on trying them. This is a keeper as it is different and fun but will possibly soon only be available on line so if you fancy trying then go and try it soon.
      Another good one Lush.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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        30.03.2012 20:33
        Very helpful



        I really like it

        Lush are an amazing company that sell handmade bath and shower products as well as various other bits and bobs. All of their products are made from natural ingredients and are vegan friendly. Their products are also not tested on animals and instead they use human volunteers to try their products before launching them. Their range of perfume, known as gorilla perumes was launched back in 2010 and I remember everyone going insane - at the time Lush was still a relatively new, novelty kind of thing amongst my group of friends and everyone rushed out to try the new range. Lush have a range of different perfumes including miniature sets, sample sized bottles, large bottles and solid perfumes available either in tin form or 'stick' form. I have three bottled Lush perfumes which I love and two of the solid perfumes, and my boyfriend got me another one - the Ladyboy solid perfume for Christmas last year as a little stocking filler type of present.

        This perfume retails at £7 for the solid version which I have and there is also a sample size available for £3, a spritzer for £14 and an atomise for £30, so this is by no means a cheap perfume, but it is affordable when bought in the smaller sizes and I like that there's a sample available because if you're uncertian whether you want to buy a large bottle you can buy the sample first and make sure before splashing out £30. The packaging for the perfume is unusual and very kind of 'sleek'. It comes in a medium sized rectangular tube which reminds me a little of an oversized tube of lip balm. It also works like a lip balm; you screw the bit at the bottom to expose the solid perfume as you would with a lip balm. The lid just lifts off and on and is simple to use. The packaging is unisex and very basic. It's black with white font on the front which simply has the product name written on the front in usual scribbly kind of Lush font.

        The packaging is a bit silly in my opinion because it makes it hard to distinguish which perfume is which - I have three of these and they all look the same and I can only tell the difference by lifting the lids off or by reading the font on the front which isn't always practical as I store them in a makeup bag. This isn't a massive issue though. To use the perfume you simply take the lid off and rub the tip of the perfume, which is flat and made of a waxy type of feel to it, onto your skin. You then need to rub it in and it's just like a very thin and lightweight body butter type of feel. I use it on my wrists and neck. It's green in colour and I was concerned it would leave shiny green marks on my skin but I assure you it doesn't - it leaves no trace of green at all. It also doesn't irritate my skin.

        Ladyboy isn't a scent i'd of chosen myself (it was a gift) as it is marketed as unsex. I personally like very sweet, girly, feminine & floral scents but nevertheless I was happy to try it and I actually love it! The perfume is for those who are truly daring, according to Lush, due to the quirky and sexy amber scent. The ingredients are banana, seaweed, violet, chamomile, labdanum, oakmoss, which all are pretty bizzare, but it does, suprisingly work. I was a bit worried it might smell a bit too foody and strong due to the banana but it has a rich, sensual smell which is unique and it makes me feel quite comforted and warm inside. It's a fresh scent while not making me feel refreshed if that makes sense? It's really nice and I can see why Lush describe it as smelling like a surreal beach party! The smell does take a while to get used to but I adore it, it's more for casual wear (eg house parties, day to day, casual meal out) rather than for special occasions (eg weddings, family meals) and so on, it's a young, fresh and vibrant scent with a bit of a funky, unusual edge to it, and I really would reccomend it. It's also long lasting and lingers on my skin for a while. It's quite strong at first but the smell dies down after an hour or so while still being noticeable.

        I just asked my boyfriend Marc if he likes the scent on me so that I could include a males opinion of it in my review (as it's a unisex perfume) and he'd completely forgotten he'd bought it for me and looked at me like i'd gone insane when I asked him if he liked ladyboy perfume, so I dug it out and gave it to him to sniff. He said it smelt really nice and proceeded to put some on his neck, so it's obviously a hit!


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          25.03.2012 12:12
          Very helpful



          A lovely summer scent from lush

          Lush solid perfumes are some of the best value fragrances out there in my opinion. I am always treating myself to one as they only cost a few pounds so I can feel as though I am treating myself without breaking the bank. They have a wide variety to choose from so I can pick one to suit my mood and best of all 90% of the perfumes available are gorgeous.

          I was first interested in Ladyboy solely due to the name and was hoping that it was going to be a mix of masculine and feminine. It turns out that it isn't but it is still absolutely gorgeous anyway.
          The main ingredient in Ladyboy is banana which sounds like it is going to be disgusting but it really works in this perfume. The other ingredients are seaweed, violet, chamomile, labdanum and oakmoss.

          Lush describe the perfume as being like a surreal beach party. I'm not sure I get surreal beach party from it but it is most definitely a summer fragrance and one that I have been using the past few days during the warm weather.

          Banana might be a main smell in this but it doesn't really come out when I am wearing it. I do get a sense of it but that is more due to the sweetness of the perfume than anything else. There is also a musky scent that is mixed in with it. Rather than masking or overpowering the sweetness the musk really does help to compliment it. It is really unusual and smells nothing like any other perfume I have got.

          I find that Ladyboy is really good for lasting a long time on my skin too. I usually put some on my pulse points and I can smell it for most of the day.
          The one thing to look out for when using this as a solid perfume is the oils contained in it. It is coloured a bright green and it does actually leave a slight stain on the skin and I have noticed that it can leave oily marks on my clothes which are really difficult to get out.

          Ladyboy solid perfume costs £7 and uses all natural ingredients and is suitable for vegans. It is a gorgeous summery scent and one that I am enjoying wearing. It can also be purchased as a perfume spray but this is more expensive and costs £30.


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            18.01.2012 13:27
            Very helpful



            This scent is really different from anything else - I love it!

            Today I will tell you all about the Ladyboy solid perfume by Lush!

            Shopper's appeal
            When I was in London last summer, I wanted to treat myself to something nice by Lush. The shops are everywhere nowadays, we even have some in Germany - but going to Lush still is something for me that has to to with my London trips. ;) It's a neccessary part for me! So since I had some money to splash and splurge, I took a look at the perfumes there for the first time and the Ladyboy one caught my attention because of the funky name. I went to try it and was fascinated - the fragrance was just my thing! So I simply went for it!
            My good experiences with Lush products defenitely helped my decision as well.

            The packaging
            The solid perfume comes in a chapstick-like packaging. You unscrew the cap and push the contents up from below and then you simply rub it over your skin.
            The stick itself is black with the usual white labelling on it. Directions are given as well: Melt your solid perfume directly onto your wrists and neck, rub in for an immediate dose of your favourite aroma.
            The ingredients are listed as well and it is stated that the product is suitable for vegans. The label also says that you can bring back five empty containers of Lush products to the shop to get a free fresh face mask. The internet website for the fragrances, www.gorillaperfume.com, is also given.
            The stick is easy to use and it hasn't leaked at all.

            My experiences
            On the Lush website, the Ladyboy scent is described as a perfume with a "quirky and sexy amber scent". Seaweed and violets also help to make it.
            It is really, really hard to describe this unique scent. It reminded me a bit of inscence, but in a very soft way. Ladyboy is sweet but has a gentle musky edge ot it as well, making is suitable for both men and women. The smell reminds me of sunny days, but also of warm nights and intense feelings.
            The scent really stands out and is a perfume for a confident person I think. People usually notice it when I wear it and ask me about it. It's unlike any other perfume I have ever had.
            It doesn't smear and the green colour doesn't transfer to your skin. It's easy to apply and lasts quite a while. I usually reapply a few hours later. I've been using the stick a lot and I feel like it doesn't get any smaller, so it will defenitely last you a while!
            I've bought the liquid scent a bit later (the small one), but the solid perfumes brings the scent out best!
            My skin has shown no negative reactions to the stick. If you're an allergic or have very sensitive skin, I recommend to try the perfume out in the shop and wait a little before buying.

            The ingredients
            Organic Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Candelilla Wax, Perfume, Chamomile Oil, Labdanum Resinoid, Violet Leaf Absolute, Oakmoss Absolute, Seaweed Absolute, Titanium Dioxide, Methyl Ionone, *Limonene, *Linalool, Colour 42090, Colour 19140
            *occurs naturally in essential oils

            The price
            The Ladyboy solid perfume is £7.00 and you can buy it in Lush shops and at the online shop at www.lush.co.uk.

            I've fallen in love with this scent. It's exactly my thing. The scent is so unique and interesting - musky and sweet at the same time. I've never had a solid perfume before and I discovered I really like this. I highly recommend it!


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