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Brand: Lush

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2013 08:54
      Very helpful



      Lovely perfume, shame about the name

      In 2012, Lush released a number of limited edition Retro products to celebrate Valentine's Day. One of these was the Leap Frog Fragrance. Designed to smell like the Leap Frog ballistic, I liked the sound of this perfume but didn't purchase it straight away as I had other priorities for my Lush money. However, the scent is still on the website so recently I gave in and bought a bottle.

      The perfume comes in the usual Gorilla Perfume bottle. This isn't particularly exciting, but it fits in with Lush's aim of making perfume about the scent not about the packaging. Also, the minimalist packaging is better for the environment and the bottles are made from recycled materials.

      The bottle is black and tapered out towards the top with a plain black lid. The black and white label reads: "Gorilla Perfume Forum Special" and has the name of the perfume and an ingredients list. The bottle seems opaque but if you hold it up to the light you can see how much liquid you have left inside.

      The bottles aren't foolproof: a number of customers complained that their perfume bottles had been leaking. I haven't had any problems with mine as the seal around the lid was securely attached. Lush will replace any damaged or leaking bottles, but obviously it would be better if the problem never occurred at all.

      My understanding is that these bottles are an improvement on the glass ones the perfumes previously came in, so that's something!

      ***The Fragrance***
      The ingredients list for Leap Frog reads like one for a designer perfume. It contains jasmine and rose absolutes, both warm florals commonly used in fragrance, as well as sandalwood, a common base note, which is woody and rich. Neroli oil is calming and reenergising, with a sweet, fruity aroma.

      ***My Experience***
      I am familiar with the Leap Frog fragrance as I've used the Leap Frog/Frog Prince ballistic in the past. The product isn't returning for Valentine's Day so I'm glad I've got a bottle of this fragrance!

      It has been said on the forum that Leap Frog, intentionally or unintentionally, smells like Chanel No. 5. Having never smelled Chanel No. 5, I can't confirm or deny this but it certainly smells like an expensive posh perfume. The sensual, layered fragrance is amazing from the moment you spray it on the skin. There is a definite strong scent of jasmine, alongside the fresh, floral aroma of rose. Neroli stops the perfume from being too heavy and sandalwood adds a woody base.

      The perfume lasts for several hours on my skin, during which time it remains rich and layered, but becomes more woody and deep. It bears all the hallmarks of an expensive designer perfume, and I love it. Though I tested it out during the day, I feel that it is more of an evening perfume.

      ***Price and Availability***
      A bottle of Leap Frog costs £23 and even though it was originally meant to be a limited edition perfume, it is still on the website! I don't know if it is being made permanent or if it could vanish any day, so I recommend buying some sooner rather than later if you would like to own a bottle.

      Leap Frog is an amazing perfume, perhaps slightly let down by the name. Understandably it was named after the ballistic which inspired it, but it isn't the most glamorous or attractive name. Don't let that put you off though, as it really is a lovely perfume!


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