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Lush Lord of Goathorn Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    2 Reviews
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      19.04.2013 08:45
      Very helpful



      Rewards patience

      Lush, my favourite store, recently released a number of new fragrances under the Gorilla Perfume name. These look, smell and sound very different to other perfumes from both Lush and other brands, with unusual ingredients and concepts, and I was very intrigued when I heard about them.

      To coincide with the launch of the new fragrances, Lush opened a temporary gallery space in east London. I visited this gallery and had a memorable experience. The fragrances were displayed as works of art, with pictures or sets used to represent the perfumes. Simon Constantine, head perfumer at Lush, has stated that he wants to develop the concept of perfume as an art form, like painting or music, and I feel that he has met with success here.

      The new perfumes come in bottles of different sizes and shapes, and look like old apothecary bottles displayed in-store. Testers of the perfumes are available, and I've tried Lord of Goathorn since its belated arrival in-store.

      Unlike other Lush perfumes, which come in standardised black bottles, the new fragrances come in clear glass bottles of all different shapes and sizes. I really like these bottles as they are unusual and attractive. Lord of Goathorn, however, only comes in one size - the 25g bottle with the dropper top. The perfume itself is an earthy dark brown shade, and the pink label has a picture of a seaman on the front.

      ***The Fragrance***
      This unusual scent was inspired by a fisherman living off the coast of Poole, home of Lush, who lived a surprisingly eventful life, rubbing shoulders with smugglers and royalty. It is made up of seaweed, basil and lime, not a combination I've ever come across before! It is suitable for vegans.

      ***My Experience***
      I'd heard mixed reviews of Lord of Goathorn, but I thought it sounded intriguing so I determined to try it. I've been visiting Lush stores a lot in order to sample the new fragrances and see how they work on my skin. With some trepidation, I headed to one and applied some of this fragrance.

      I was not keen on the fragrance at all at first - it smelled like fish! While the salty, pungent aroma certainly evoked living by the sea, I'm not entirely sure I would want to smell like that. Luckily, within ten or fifteen minutes the fishy scent had died off and while the fragrance still had a salty tang, other elements of the scent had come out, such as the herby basil and citrusy lime. On me, the perfume eventually died down to be rather aniseedy, though still rich and evocative with a smoky atmosphere.

      The fragrance lasted for several hours on my skin, which impressed me. I certainly grew to like it by the end of the day.

      ***Price and Availability***
      Lord of Goathorn costs £29 a bottle which is in line with the other Gorilla perfumes. It isn't as widely available as some of the others: at the time of writing it was showing as 'Unavailable' on the website but it was still present in every store I visited.

      I hated Lord of Goathorn at first but grew to quite like it after trying it on my skin. It's very unusual and different and I like the fact that it has a history behind it. It certainly fits in with the ethos of Gorilla Perfume, which involves turning fragrance back into an art form.

      I strongly recommend trying this perfume in-store. Don't buy it without sampling it first, in case you hate it! Also, don't dismiss it out-of-hand because of the initial fishy smell. This does go away and you are left with a fascinating, bizarre scent.


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        07.02.2013 13:32
        Very helpful



        Not one of Lush's best scent creations

        Lush Lord of Goathorn

        This has to be one of the oddest perfumes I have ever smelled. Lush in Derby had just the one tester bottle in there today and so naturally I had to try it. I opened the bottle and thought it was vile when I smelled it a bit like creosote or something dead really awful. However I thought some of the other new perfumes had smelled a bit odd when sniffed in the bottle so I dabbed a goodly quantity on my inner wrist and then recoiled.

        The initial blast is truly powerfully foul. It smells like a wharf side with fish and seaweed, tar and ropes but pungent and rather yukky.

        I spent some time in the shop buying stuff and chatting to the staff as I always do and we all thought this was one we probably wouldn't be rushing to buy. Some were more polite and said it was an acquired taste and maybe it was one you either loved or hated!

        They did offer to wash it off but I decided to leave it on and see if it changed at all. For at least half an hour the notes of tar and ropes still hung around but fortunately the fishier rank notes did fade after about twenty minutes.

        After about an hour the scent did improve and became quite licorice like on me. On my clothes the stronger notes still hung around a bit more but in fact it became far more acceptable after about an hour or so.

        "Inspired by a longshoreman known as the Lord of Goathorn, this is a distinctly marine-like fragrance. Its initial intriguing seaweedy smell turns to smoky lime and basil lifted on a sea breeze."

        According to Basenotes this was
        " Inspired by a small, uninhabited peninsula off the coast of Poole - and the fisherman who lived there and had his boats commandeered by smugglers who would then leave him bounty. The smell evokes the sea using seaweed, lime and basil."

        Lush managed to create a distinctly atmospheric one here but not sure if it is one I will be rushing to buy. It is an acquired taste to say the least and I can't see many people wanting to smell like an old fisherman really!

        Lush used seaweed absolute combined with tarragon oil and basil oil to create this one. I can't imagine how tarragon and basil combined with seaweed to create quite such an odd aroma. If it was just seaweed then it wouldn't be so bad but where did the tar and fishy aroma come from?

        THE BOTTLE
        This new range is not presented in the plain black bottles that we are used to in Lush perfumes. These are in clear square bottles and some are round classic bottles depending on the size of the perfume inside. The labels are quite different, this one is a deep pinky red and white. There is a man with a cap and a sack walking and he is in black and white. The name of the perfume is in black with 'Lord of' and 'Goathorn' below the picture. It is sort of retro cartoon style with the colours and certainly very different from the plain black ones of the original perfumes. They look a bit like mini liqueur bottles to me.

        The overwhelming scent that hits you in this one is the seaweed combined with fish and that of tar and ropes. After some time it does improve and the scent becomes one of liquorice which is much more pleasant, sadly you will have to put up with the bus emptying and everyone moving away from you before it mellows to the preferable liquorice scent.

        This is such an amazingly strange perfume and the odd scent lasted far longer than I wanted it to. The more pleasant liquorice aroma lasted until I washed it off that night. On my clothes it was the nicer scent that stuck fortunately so I didn't have to wash my jumper the next day. This is one strong and powerful perfume and not one that you would need or want to top up at all during the day.

        The sillage I can't comment on as I went straight home and by the time I got there it had calmed down a bit. Nobody actually recoiled from me but then nobody said I smelled nice either!!

        I am sorry all of you who are thinking of buying this as my Lush shop only had the tester bottle and it doesn't seem to be available on line either despite being on the website so you will have to watch the Lush website with anticipation and wait patiently.

        I am quite sure this one will not appeal to many people. This is a unique scent and a very odd one too. I certainly will NOT be buying it.

        If you are in a Lush shop test with great care - you never know you might like it!!!

        This reminds me of strange liqueurs we have bought when abroad that tasted disgusting when we get home. I love the fact that Lush create perfumes based on experiences but this is an experience I can live without!!

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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