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Lush Old Delhi Station

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Brand: Lush

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    2 Reviews
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      05.04.2013 22:25
      Very helpful



      A really fabulous scent from Simon at Lush

      Smell of Freedom Part 1 - Old Delhi Station

      Lush have created many interesting and original perfumes over the years and one of my all time favourites is The Smell of Freedom which is a creation of three distinct parts from three distinct parts of the world blended to create a wonderfully original perfume. This was a popular fragrance but Lush also chose to sell the three distinct elements separately. These perfumes were inspired by three people with their own stories told to Simon Constantine about their different parts of the world inspired. These stories inspired Simon to create the different scents.


      I love hearing the inspiration behind the creation of the different Lush scents. They are all so different and rather like poetry but of smell rather than words. This one is no different. I really admire Mark Constantine and his philosophy and the fact that he does things he really believes in. His story about how this perfume came to be is another great, rather poetic sort of story.

      This perfume is again the result of some of Simon's experiences. He met three different people in very different places but all were survivors from some sort of hardship but the common thread was freedom.

      The perfume was created using local ingredients and the 'Smell of Freedom'" opens with a fresh, herbal accord and reveals its complex, spicy and woody nature as it warms on your skin."

      Who were the inspirations for this? The first was a combination of seeing a painting of a wrongly executed Aboriginal and the Aboriginal struggle to reclaim land that is rightly theirs. To recognize this Mark uses Australian sandalwood, lemon myrtle and fire tree oil. These combine to give both a floral and woody note to the perfume. This element is Fire Tree.

      The second inspiration was a journey to meet a Tibetan monk. From this journey Simon used ginger, clove and black pepper which adds the spicy, oriental scents. This is Old Delhi Station.

      Lastly Simon met a man who had been held in Guantanamo Bay and then freed and from this experience Simon added Oudh, frankincense and sandalwood which gives the depth and woodiness. This is Oudh Heart.

      This is sold in a small brown glass bottle with a screw top lid like those you buy essential oils in so no time has been spent creating pretty bottles the effort has gone into the perfume creation.

      From the first time I tried this in our Lush shop in Derby I fell in love with it. It is supposed to be " like : a train journey through India" and the scent is described by Lush as " rich, warming and spicy."

      I always love anything with patchouli in it as I love the warm earthiness and hippy sort of smell from patchouli. Combining with patchouli we have clove, black pepper, sandalwood and jasmine which are all such wonderfully powerful scents. Clove is warming and unique while sandalwood is India for me, every time I smell sandalwood I think of the lovely carved sandalwood figures that fill Indian shops with the sweet warm aromatic aroma. Black pepper is uplifting and yet spicy and warm too while jasmine is beautifully heady and so sexy. They combine to give a unique scent which is India in a bottle. It is chai tea and sandalwood carvings in spice shop and just sniff and shut your eyes and you are there.

      I love mine and managed to track it down for a reasonable price on Ebay having admired it for months in the shop. I use this sparingly as I find a little goes a long way being perfume oil and all the essential oils in this one are fairly powerful smelling oils. On me this scent lasts a good few hours and is still detectable at the end of the day if I sniff hard enough especially on my clothes.

      If you are feeling in the mood for a more wide ranging smell of this then because it is an oil you can add it to a carrier oil for a massage or even pop some in oil on an oil burner in a room.

      I love this scent and am so thrilled that I managed to get myself a bottle. It usually sells for 20 pounds for 15ml and I think considering the strength and ingredients that that is a fair price really.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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        22.03.2013 08:29
        Very helpful



        Interesting aspect of the Smell of Freedom scent

        My favourite store, Lush, makes a number of perfumes under the Gorilla Perfume name. Most of these are scents which come in black bottles with spray nozzles, but there are also a few perfume oils among the range.

        One of the Gorilla perfumes is called The Smell of Freedom, an unusual scent inspired by figures from around the world. Three individuals in particular inspired the perfume, and each of these inspired a different aspect of the scent.

        These aspects are each available to buy as a perfume oil. They are named Old Delhi Station, Fire Tree and Oudh Heart. This review will discuss the Old Delhi Station fragrance.

        As a perfume oil, this fragrance comes in a small dark glass bottle with a screw top. To use it, you simply tip the bottle up and dab some onto your skin. The bottle is very secure and the oil doesn't leak, which is a good thing. It's also small and compact, ideal for carrying around.

        ***The Fragrance***
        Old Delhi Station was inspired by Simon Constantine's journey through India on the way to meet a Tibetan monk in exile. Designed to evoke a train journey in India, the scent comprises spicy and woody notes including clove, black pepper, sandalwood and jasmine, as well as exotic patchouli.

        ***My Experience***
        I liked the scent of this straight away. I could detect the patchouli, which I really like, and the slightly spicy tang of cloves and black pepper. There was a lighter floral aspect to the scent too, which I really liked.

        I have never been to India but this perfume smells like I think India would smell, if that makes sense! The exotic patchouli and combination of other incense-like ingredients combine to create a very heady, pleasant scent that is unlike any other patchouli-based scent I've ever smelled. The perfume lasted a few hours, which was impressive.

        Another use for the perfume oil could be as a household scent, in an oil burner perhaps, or a scented bath. You could add a few drops to your radiator, and the warmed scent could spread around the room. Alternatively, add a drop or two to a tealight.

        ***Price and Availability***
        Old Delhi Station costs £20 for 15ml, which is rather pricey. However, being an oil, the scent is more concentrated and it is made with real essential oils, which are pricey. The scent is long-lasting.

        I really like Old Delhi Station and would consider purchasing it, although I think it would be more suited as a household scent in an oil burner than a perfume on the skin. It is exotic and luxurious and I really like it.


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