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Lush Sikkim Girls Perfume

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Brand: Lush

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    2 Reviews
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      02.04.2013 11:07
      Very helpful



      Lovely new scent from Lush

      Lush, my favourite store, recently released a number of new fragrances under the Gorilla Perfume name. These look, smell and sound very different to other perfumes from both Lush and other brands, with unusual ingredients and concepts, and I was very intrigued when I heard about them.

      To coincide with the launch of the new fragrances, Lush opened a temporary gallery space in east London. I visited this gallery and had a memorable experience. The fragrances were displayed as works of art, with pictures or sets used to represent the perfumes. Simon Constantine, head perfumer at Lush, has stated that he wants to develop the concept of perfume as an art form, like painting or music, and I feel that he has met with success here.

      The new perfumes come in bottles of different sizes and shapes, and look like old apothecary bottles displayed in-store. Testers of the perfumes are available, and I've tried Sikkim Girls a few times now.

      Unlike other Lush perfumes, which come in standardised black bottles, the new fragrances come in clear glass bottles of all different shapes and sizes. I really like these bottles as they are unusual and attractive. The perfume itself is an orange-brown shade which is earthy and dark. The label on the bottle has a picture of two exotically-dressed women.

      ***The Fragrance***
      Many of the new Lush scents have been inspired by ancient British folklore, but Sikkim Girls is an exception. Sikkim is a land-locked Indian mountainous state in the Himalayas, and Sheema Mukherjee, a musician and composer, was in Darjeeling when a café owner warned her about the dangerous Sikkim Girls. "When asked why, the owner said they had seduced and stolen away his son-in-law. Somehow they had accomplished this whilst covered head-to-toe and simply with a subtle yet sexual sway of their bodies."

      The fragrance is suitable for vegans and, as the list of ingredients is so small, I have reproduced it here:

      DRF Alcohol, Perfume, Jasmine Absolute, Frangipani absolute, Tuberose absolute, Benzyl Salicylate, Citral, Coumarin, *Eugenol, Geraniol, Benzyl Benzoate, Citronellol, Farnesol, Limonene,Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal

      Jasmine, frangipani and tuberose along with a number of secret 'perfume' ingredients combine to form this exotic and unusual fragrance. These are unusual florals and I have rarely come across them, with the exception of jasmine, when I have tried perfume.

      ***My Experience***
      I first applied Sikkim Girls in a Lush store using the available tester. I have tried it a few times in order to get a feel for the fragrance.

      The scent is musky and exotic, and I liked it straight away, although I was surprised by the fragrance: I had thought it would be darker but there was a sweetness within the scent that was unexpected. I thought it would be a slightly masculine fragrance, but in fact the scent makes it rather feminine.

      I really liked the scent, which I found pleasant and unusual. I couldn't place any of the ingredients, but it certainly didn't smell like any other scent I've experienced. The smell was evocative and made me think of hot, exotic places like India - which I'm sure was the intention!

      I found that the scent lasted a long time: several hours on the skin, and even longer on clothes. It would make a perfect perfume for evening as it is exotic and evocative, strong but not overpowering.

      ***Price and Availability***
      Sikkim Girls is widely available in Lush stores and via the website. It comes in a range of sizes ranging from 7g (£14) to 92g (£65). It isn't as pricey as Hellstone but is more expensive than some of the other new fragrances.

      I really like Sikkim Girls and I would consider purchasing some of this fragrance. It fits in with the Gorilla Perfume ethos of exploring scent as a work of art, while remaining pleasant and wearable. Definitely recommended by me.


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      27.12.2012 18:10
      Very helpful



      One of the new Lush perfumes - gorgeous

      SIKKIM GIRLS - Lush perfume

      When I finally managed to get into Lush in Derby to try the new perfumes I smelled them all then chose two to sample more seriously. I chose 'Devil's Nightcap and 'Sikkim' as they were the two that appealed to me most by their names and the smell of them in the bottles. I was really taken with Sikkim Girls as it's quite sexy and heady. It is a wonderful combination of jasmine, frangipani, vanilla, and tuberose.

      A story told by Sheema Mukherjee who sang for the Lush inventors and her last track was called "Sikkim Girls" - which inspired Mark and Simon to invite her to the lab and create an appropriately seductive scent - this is the result.

      Sheema told them the story of how she was warned to stay away from these "dangerous girls" by a cafe owner in Darjeeling. Apparently, despite having their faces covered, the Sikkim Girls had managed to seduce and steal away his son- the perfume came from this idea and Sheema's song.

      The resulting tuberose and frangipani fragrance is extremely beautiful, and, according to Sheema, the authentic smell of a Darjeeling flower market.

      This new range is not presented in the plain black bottles that we are used to in Lush perfumes. These are in clear square bottles and some are round classic bottles depending on the size of the perfume inside. The labels are quite different; this one is red and brown/black. The main picture is a beautiful picture of two, presumably Sikkim girls The name of the perfume is in black slightly squiggly text above and below the picture. It is sort of retro cartoon style with the colours and certainly very different from the plain black ones of the original perfumes. They look a bit like mini liqueur bottles to me.

      Like all the new perfumes Lush has just brought out bar two which are lighter and more like eau de toilettes, this is a strong powerful scent that lingers for a long, long time. Sikkim Girls is one of the stronger ones and initially smelling it in the bottle I was interested but became hooked after wearing this for some time. This is definitely one that takes over your interest and becomes far more worthwhile after some time on the skin and keep smelling it as it develops and changes as it really is wonderful, quite sexy yet feminine, a strong jasmine tempered by tuberose to be rounder and less 'in your face' than jasmine sometimes can be.

      The label says it has: Jasmine, tuberose, vanilla and frangipani in the mixture. Sikkim Girls has a true rose but a more rose geranium aroma and it is heavy rather than a light floral with a warm heart. It is not spicy but neither is it overly sweet; it has a flirty sort of sexuality which echoes the story of the girls hidden under clothes yet giving out messages to men that drive them wild.

      The heady frangipani note blends beautifully with the warm cosy creamy vanilla and into this mix comes lovely floral tuberose and heady sexy jasmine absolute.

      I love frangipani and can remember collecting the flowers as a child in the Caribbean and we would add water and create our own 'perfume'. The flowers are just so tropically heady and wonderful and perfect in my opinion for a perfume.

      Vanilla is creamy and warm and adds a depth and comforting hug to the floral notes.

      Jasmine is sexiness in a flower. It is the oil that is added to anything that you want to make sexy. Lush use jasmine in Lust perfume and soap and so many of their products including Godiva, my favourite solid shampoo.It is heady and powerful and just so wonderful.

      Tuberose is a more complex exotic sweet floral scent. It is quite different from rose and is actually a white flower that is night-blooming white and actually has absolutely no relation to rose. The name actually comes from its swollen, tuberous roots. It has is a complex smell that is sometimes lush, green, cool but also exotic, sweet and at times the more buttery scents come through.

      MY VIEWS
      I love this perfume now that I have tried it a few times. It is both sexy and feminine with a flirty sort of heart. The tropical floral mixes with the heady jasmine but is subtle rather than in your face jasmine of Godiva shampoo. This one is flirty, ladylike yet don't let those lowered eyes deceive you this is full of promise of what might be to come.

      As well as using this as a perfume the lady in Lush suggested dropping some on a warm radiator and then the room becomes filled with the lovely scent and it carries right into the room.

      As a perfume I find this wonderfully sensual and it changes as I am wearing it and even as I sniff from one time to the next it flits back and forth between gentle tuberose and the sexy heady jasmine. It is not as strong as some of their other new perfumes. I find it lasts well but not the twelve hours that I get from the really powerful ones like Hellstone and Flower's Barrow and Devil's Nightcap.

      I love the new Lush perfumes. There isn't one I don't love but they are not for everyone. My daughter likes fresher lighter scents and most of these are deeper and heavier than she enjoys. This one she does like though as it is lighter and has more subtle notes.

      The majority of these new perfumes are perfumes rather than eau de toilettes and as such they really last well on both me and my clothes. They are oil based with lots of essential oils and as such have great lasting quality and sillage as well. They also need to be worn on the skin to test them. Sniffing the bottle does not do the trick and even putting them on cardboard is not the same as they develop on you and change according to your skin chemistry it seems as they smell different on different people.

      There are five sizes available but save up as this is not a cheap perfume as it contains expensive oils. The smallest size is 7g for £14, then £27.50 for 25g or 28g ( not sure what the difference is here but one might come with a dropper. 43G with cost you £37.50 and 46g for £40 but if you are really lucky and can afford this then the 92g costs £65. I am rather hoping for the small bottle for Christmas as I have now tested it at least six times and have truly fallen for this one. Guess what was in my present pile this year??!!

      Every time I have worn this after visiting my local Lush shop I have received compliments about how nice my perfume is. My husband actually commented about this one when I came home wearing it so it obviously does carry that hidden secret scent message! Having received many complements I know it has great lasting quality and sillage too. It lasted on my sleeves of my top and also on my coat sleeves that I was wearing when I applied the perfume. This is great as my coat now smells lovely too.

      If you are near a Lush shop and you are a fan then I urge you to go in and try their new perfumes. Put some on then go and walk around before you start to sniff the perfume on you. That way it has a chance to develop and you are not trying to pick the scent from everything else in Lush. Wear it for a day and you will see how many people comment of your perfume. This is a beautifully truly feminine scent and one that I will be wearing for some time as I do love it.

      It is such a wonderfully feminine perfume with deep notes and lots of character. I love it.
      Just in case you were wondering sillage is how much fragrance follows you or is left in the room when or after you are in it and this perfume has great sillage qualities.

      Thank for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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