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Lush the Smell of Freedom Eau de Parfum

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6 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    6 Reviews
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      19.07.2012 10:24
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      A wonderfully inspiring perfume from Lush

      Lush - The Smell of Freedom 30ml Atomiser

      We are very lucky in Derby because our lovely Lush shop in the Westfield centre has the entire range of Lush perfumes as well as the essential oil elements of some. Lush sells a fairly large range of perfumes now and every scent comes in three or four different forms. There is usually a solid perfume which tends to be the form which has the shortest staying power, the next is a small spray which is less concentrated than the 30ml black bottle which has the strongest concentration. Many of the scents also have a small 2ml sample bottle too which is usually in the same concentration as the mini spray or spritzers which I believe has 8ml in it. The solid perfumes weigh 12g so they are not huge but I rather like them to carry in my handbag as there is never a danger of any leakage and you can quickly pop a little on your pulse points without spritzing others in the bargain.

      HOW MUCH?
      The perfume I am reviewing here is the 30ml atomiser version of Smell of Freedom which I have had for some months now . The solid version costs £7.00 while the small spritzers are £15, the large 30ml version is £32 and the 2ml sample sells for £3.25. I think the solid version offers good value as the 2ml wouldn't give me many uses and the solid one has given me plenty of use over the last month I was away and I still have plenty left. You don't need a lot to get a pretty decent aroma but you do have to be careful if it is very hot weather as it does melt very easily. I would also suggest that keeping it in the fridge may affect the scent so would not advise that.

      I love hearing the inspiration behind the creation of the different Lush scents. They are all so different and rather like poetry but of smell rather than words. This one is no different. I really admire Mark Constantine and his philosophy and the fact that he does things he really believes in. His story about how this perfume came to be is another great, rather poetic sort of story.

      This perfume is again the result of some of Simon's experiences. He met three different people in very different places but all were survivors from some sort of hardship but the common thread was freedom.
      The perfume was created using local ingredients and the 'Smell of Freedom'" opens with a fresh, herbal accord and reveals its complex, spicy and woody nature as it warms on your skin."

      Who were the inspirations for this? The first was a combination of seeing a painting of a wrongly executed Aboriginal and the Aboriginal struggle to reclaim land that is rightly theirs. To recognize this Mark uses Australian sandalwood, lemon myrtle and fire tree oil. These combine to give both a floral and woody note to the perfume.

      The second inspiration was a journey to meet a Tibetan monk. From this journey Simon used ginger, clove and black pepper which adds the a spicy, oriental scents.

      Lastly Simon met a man who had been held in Guantanamo Bay and then freed and from this experience Simon added Oudh, frankincense and sandalwood which gives the depth and woodiness.

      These three individual fragrances were now all combined to create 'The Smell of Freedom.' The lovely lady who I spend hours talking to in Lush in Derby always inspires me with these wonderful stories and these always draw me towards perfumes as much as the scent itself almost.


      What does this smell like? In my view this doesn't smell as woody as I would have imagined given the ingredients. For me the initial opening is Australia and walking down amongst lemon gum and lemon myrtle trees as they really have the most wonderful strong lemon yet tree and garden sort of smell. It isn't a lemon of a real lemon it is quite distinctly Australia lemon scented trees. I used to have several lemon scented trees in my garden in Australia and I do miss the wonderful smells of the plants there.

      This lemon opening then dies down a bit and blends to become more spicy when I can detect the sandalwood and ginger both of which are favourite smells of mine. Sandalwood takes me straight to India and the smells of the carved sandalwood things, the incense sticks and it is just India to me. Ginger is such a clean clear smell that blends with others perfectly while lifting it slightly too.

      Fire tree is so distinct and a very interesting smell, kind of woody and herby and it distinctly Australian again. I have friend in Australia who has Aboriginal roots and works with Aboriginal people and this is a scent she uses in her soaps that she makes. Just by the way in passing, you can buy this by itself from our Lush and I do like it and might add it to my 'Wish List' but it is very expensive!

      The more earthy , deep notes begin to work themselves through as the lasting quality of oudh,orris and sandalwood blend together but still that hint of the floral sweeter notes does come through.

      This is just a lovely strong powerful perfume that almost shouts out 'Freedom' as you wear it. It is far from subtle so if you like flowery gently light perfumes yu probably won't like this.


      The main notes in this are these :lemongrass, lemon myrtle, neroli, jasmine, ginger, fire tree, clove, black pepper, sandalwood, oudh, orris. I have mentioned many of these but the jasmine comes through with the heady floral notes and is very evident. Jasmine is something that comes in a lot of Lush stuff and is such a wonderfully sexy fragrance.

      AND ALSO
      Once I sniffed this in the shop I just had to have it. It is actually quite hard to smell different perfumes in the Lush shop as there are so many smells going on in there. What I usually do is put the perfume on using the samples there. I then go off and do my shopping. I do one perfume at a time. If I like it still after I have finished my shopping it then does on my 'Wish List'.

      I have to admit I do buy a lot on Ebay as you can often get them cheaper there. I just look for which are on there and bid to a certain amount. I miss out on loads but I decide what I am prepared to pay and stick to it. I also ask for them for gifts from the family too and that is how I have built up my collection.

      I have the 30ml atomizer in this so when I put this on it REALLY lasts well all day long. The concentration is pretty intense so you have to be careful not to be too generous with your application. Instead of spraying in the air and walking through it like they advice for perfumes I just spray a small amount on my wrist insides and then spread this where ever I want it as it is quite dense.

      Although I know it lasts all day I do find that I start to not be able to smell the perfume on myself after a while however my husband often says you smell nice later on in the day when we have a hug or a quick cuddle when preparing the meal other people comment on the perfume I am wearing so I know it does last.

      This is another of Lush's heavier deeper perfumes and will appeal to those who like earthy heavier scents. It is not subtle at all.

      This has to be another of my favourites. I like lots of different scents but I am often drawn to the earthy notes but this one reminds me of the Australian bush and the wonderful smells of their trees and plants and for me this is just such a great evocative smell I could happily sit and sniff it all day.

      I do have to say one negative thing about the little black bottle atomizers is firstly they are all identical apart from a small cardboard label so if you lose the label you have to rely on a sniff test or look underneath at the small sticky label. The other thing is that they are not entirely leak proof. I would never take one travelling at they do have a tendency to leak through the lid a bit. I keep mine upright and because they are in black bottles they are protected from the light so I can keep them out on top of my bathroom shelf.

      The solid perfumes usually have a use buy date about a year after they were made. These black glass atomizers just have a made by date so it is up to you to decide if they are less true or faded after a time. I have had some that I have had longer than a year and I don't think they smell any less strong or altered in any way but maybe after five to ten years they might but I don't know. I like mine too much to have them last that long as I use mine daily.

      If you are lucky enough to have a Lush store like the one in Derby with a full range of perfumes I recommend you to give them a try. They are not to everyone's taste as they are quite strong and a lot of them have quite deep strong and more heavy notes but I love them and spend ages listening to the stories as to the inspiration behind their creation.

      To me perfumes are a sort of experience that is more than just the smell. They are a bit like fine wines and single malt whiskeys in that there is poetry and art in their creation. These to me are all part of the perfume, the inspiration, the poetry and the images that are created by you in your head as you first sniff the perfume as well as the effect you have on the scent, the way it changes on you and your own skin. It is all part of the magic to me.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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        23.03.2012 21:28
        Very helpful



        An unusual scent but not one for me unfortunately

        I am a big fan of lush and their Gorilla range of perfumes and have tried them all over the years. I usually buy myself one every couple of weeks but I stick to the solid perfumes as they are cheap enough for me to buy without feeling guilty for treating myself whereas the sprays are quite expensive so I save them for only my absolute favourite scents.

        The majority of the Gorilla perfumes are absolutely stunning but there are a few exceptions which I am not overly keen on. The smell of freedom is one of those that judging by the ingredients I thought I would love but it didn't just work on my skin.

        The smell of freedom contains lemongrass, neroli, jasmine, sandlewood, black pepper, ginger and jasmine.
        As you can see from the list of ingredients it is a mixture of spicy and floral and when I tried it in the shop I thought it smelt very unusual but quite lovely. I could really pick out the jasmine which is one of my favourite scents but there was something else that was just too heavy and it overpowered the more floral notes in the perfume smelling almost masculine.

        It isn't a particularly girly fragrance so it might suit someone who is looking for something a little different from the usual flowery women's fragrances but for me when I applied it to my skin I started off liking the scent but after a while the spicy almost herbal smell was a bit overpowering and left me feeling a little sickly.

        To my mind it is definitely a summer's fragrance and I could see this sitting well with sunny days and long summer evenings. It has an almost Mediterranean feel to it but again there is something in it which stops it from being that perfect summer smell.

        To be honest I can't quite put my finger on why I didn't like this fragrance all that much. It has all the right things in it to make it gorgeous and when I smell it on other people I still love it but there must be something in it which just didn't react well to my skin as it most definitely changed scent on my skin as to what it was originally.

        I think that if you are looking for something a little different then you should maybe give this a try and see how it reacts on your skin as you may find that you like it but unfortunately it just wasn't for me.

        You can buy this perfume from lush in a £32 atomiser, a £15 spritzer or the one that I bought which is the solid perfume which costs £7.


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        20.04.2011 19:53
        Very helpful



        Not for me

        The Smell of Freedom is one of the fragrances from the Lush gorilla perfume range. I got this last summer when there was a promotion on to get seven mini bottles of fragrance for £7 and it is the last one I am to review.

        The Smell of Freedom comes packaged in an extremely unattractive short, fat, black bottle. All of the Lush perfumes have similar packaging and I have said before that I simply don't like them. Lush always claim their plain packaging is due to their desire to spend money on the ingredients in the product rather than the packaging it comes in. I usually support that, but to me, fragrance is something special and should be the exception to the rule. Even a plain glass bottle (like Lush used to use for their perfumes) would be preferable to this.

        The Smell of Freedom is an unusual name for a fragrance I'm sure you will agree and I was very curious as to what this would smell like. The Lush website states that this scent 'opens with a fresh, herbal accord and reveals its complex, spicy and woody nature as it warms on your skin'. It is suitable for vegans and is one of Lush's more expensive scents.

        The perfume contains amongst other ingredients, sandalwood oil, orris oil, oudh oil, jasmine absolute, neroli oil and lemongrass oil. I think that sounds like it could be quite a nice combination when written down on paper, but as I have found out, these things don't always work when put into practice.

        The scent of this when first applied is rather heady. I have found this to be a common theme with the Lush perfumes, they all seem to be incredibly strong. I think the scent that comes across most is the jasmine. Normally I like the scent of jasmine, but I felt that combined with the woody scent of the sandalwood it actually smelled too strong and a little bit sickly. There is also a sharpness to the scent when first applied which I assume comes from the neroli.

        Once the fragrance has settled down and been on the skin for a while, I feel that it improves slightly. It becomes more floral although there is still a sharpness to it. Bizzarely the woodiness of the sandalwood seems to disappear and I don't notice it at all, which is unusual as sandalwood is often used as a base note, and I would have expected to be able to smell it right up until the scent wore off.

        The intensity of the fragrance dies down a bit after time too and isn't quite as overpowering as it is on first application. On the whole though, I have to admit that I don't really like this fragrance at all. It's certainly an unusual scent, I'll say that for it, but to me, I'd say it was a fragrance more suited to being used in a soap or something like that, than as a perfume. Even then, perhaps a mans soap, as there's nothing particularly feminine about the fragrance.

        One positive I have to say about this scent, is that it is long lasting. It doesn't seem to fade even when you want it to, so should last all day!

        The prices of this scent are as follows and you can buy it from www.lush.co.uk

        2g vial (the one I have) - £3.25
        10g atomiser - £15
        27g spray bottle - £32

        Needless to say, I would not pay those prices, and I would urge you to buy the sample vial first before splashing your cash on the bigger size, as like I say the combination of oils sounds nice on paper, but isn't quite so great in reality.

        Overall, another Lush scent that I am not impressed with. Other than longevity, I don't really have anything positive to say about it, it's too heady and strong for my tastes and the scent too unusual and masculine, so I certainly won't be buying it again and wouldn't recommend it.


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          22.12.2010 16:56
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          This was another Perfume that I tried in a sample. The name never gave anything away about this and I didn't even smell this before I got this. It was more that I wanted to try something new and due to the great price of this I thought why not.

          I always go into the Shop to buy my Lush products. I like getting them there and then and being able to look and smell some things before I get them. A while ago Lush were selling some Perfumes in little 2ml samples for £1 each. Not sure if they still do, but I think it was a great idea to do this. After all it was a great way to try something and although 2ml doesn't go all that far it gives a generous shot of a Perfume and you can make your mind up weather you like it or not.

          You also get this in Solid Perfume and the normal spray bottle but not sure of the size or price of it. I think the bottle costs around £32 but not sure how small or large the bottle is.

          This bottle isn't that exciting. This is more due to the little bottle. It is just like 1 of those little sample Vials that you get. A tiny little glass tube which has a plastic lid and a thin plastic reed that goes into the tube. You can use the plastic bit to rub this over where you want it rubbed, or just tip the vial up and get the liquid out this way.

          So how does this smell? It is a bit unusual but nice as well. This smells a bit unisex, and there is a slight heavy musky scent to this. Some of the notes in here are Lemongrass, Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Ginger, and Neroli. This has a strangly calm smell to it. Not a Herbal scent but there is a slight woody smell to it, and the Ginger and Pepper add some zest and spice to it. The Sandalwood gives a slight warming scent which is nice and the Lemongrass gives this a bit fruity and musky twist to it. It's all a bit weird and such a strange mix of notes, but it all works together if that makes sense.

          This is a nice crisp and clean-ish smelling scent. Not 1 I would choose to use again, but it's just that it wasn't the kind of scent that I generally go for, but for the £1 that I paid for this and since I used this up in the 1 go then it was all ok for me.

          Worth a try especially if Lush still does these sample sizes and you never know you may end up liking this.


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            08.11.2010 22:28
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            Unusual but interesting perfume

            If you're a Lush fan at all, you'll know that Lush have recently introduced a new range of perfumes, Gorilla Perfumes, which even have their own website. The range includes the longstanding Lush perfumes Karma and Vanillary, a couple of perfumes which were originally part of the Retro range, reincarnations of perfumes from B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful (Lush's now-defunct sister cosmetics company) and some brand new scents, of which The Smell of Freedom is one.

            I received The Smell of Freedom in the form of a sample, when I ordered the special promotional set of 7 sample perfumes for £7 from the Lush site. Sadly prices have now increased. Like the other perfumes in the range, The Smell of Freedom comes in four forms:

            Atomiser: 27g of perfume in a black atomiser bottle, for £32.00
            Spritzer: 9g of perfume in a long thin spritzer bottle, for £15.00
            Solid: 12g of product in a black solid perfume container, for £7.00
            Sample: small 2g vial for £3.25

            As far as I can work out, the perfume is available on both the Lush website and the new Gorilla Perfume website, but the sample size only seems to be available on the Gorilla Perfume site.

            The Smell of Freedom is quite different from the other scents in the sample pack and contains lemongrass, lemon myrtle, neroli, jasmine, ginger, fire tree, clove, black pepper, sandalwood, oudh and orris. Some of these ingredients sound familiar and some don't.

            This is what Lush say about the fragrance:
            "The Smell of Freedom was inspired by Simon's meetings with people that had suffered hardships. He used essential oils from their local regions and created something inspiring. It's a profound fragrance that starts off fresh, crisp and herbal and evolves into something greater."

            When I first tried the perfume my initial thought was that it seemed to be quite a unisex fragrance, not too masculine but not especially feminine, and smelled very fresh, like open moors (hence the 'freedom' name?). I found the scent interesting and kept sniffing my wrists to try and decide what I thought of it.

            I kept it on all day and I have to say it grew on me. It's a very unusual scent, evoking grass and the outdoors in general. I've worn it a few times at work, and find it's a really relaxing scent to use, as I can smell my wrists and imagine I'm in the middle of a field or a wood, skipping over the heather like Cathy and Heathcliff, not sat in front of a computer in an office!

            The perfume is long-lasting, too. I put it on in the morning before work, and could still smell it when leaving at 5pm, although it had weakened a bit.

            Overall, I was impressed with this perfume, despite being unsure what to make of it at first. I see it more of a 'mood-altering' fragrance more than a strict perfume, and it's unisex as opposed to the very feminine fragrances I usually wear - It's not something I'd wear on a night out - but I'd certainly consider buying a bottle to help alleviate stress or something like that! I'd definitely recommend popping into Lush and trying some on to see what you think!

            Lush have this to say about the concentration of their perfume:
            "Our Gorilla Perfumes are made from some of the finest perfumery materials in the world and we don't use any unnecessary packaging. The concentrations of our different perfumes are excellent value:

            Solid perfume sticks are 10% perfume in our low-odour Ultrabalm base.
            Spritzers are 15% perfume in alcohol.
            Atomisers are 20% perfume in alcohol.
            When you compare those with the usual concentrations out there:
            Colognes are usually 4% perfume in ethanol.
            Eau de toilette, usually 10-12%. Eau de parfum, usually 12-20%.
            Pure perfume, usually 20-40%"


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              02.11.2010 22:46
              Very helpful




              I think everyone likes to have their bit of freedom and there is such a thing as the smell of freedom - like when you go for that long walk along the beach and you can smell the sea air or the dew in the forest. With Lush's new Gorilla perfume range, one of the perfumes tries to capture exactly that - The Smell of Freedom.

              The Smell Of Freedom is available in 4 different forms - bottle (£32), atomiser (£15), solid perfume (£7) and a 2ml sampler (£1). I purchased the 2ml bottle. It is tiny and fits nicely into your handbag so you can carry it about. It is made of glass and has a little black rubber stopper in the top. There is a black label wrapped around it which has the name of the perfume in the tradtional Lush font.

              The Smell Of Freedom is supposed to be a scent which sets you free and makes you feel free.

              The Smell of Freedom perfume is made up of scent notes which include: Lemongrass, lemon myrtle, neroli, jasmine, ginger, fire tree, clove, black pepper, sandalwood, oudh and orris root.

              I was very excited by this scent when I first sniffed it. My nose was tingling with the warmth of the woodiness it was giving off and I couldn't wait to get it on my skin. I dabbed a small amount of the perfume on my wrists and was blown away. The scent is a mixture of spice and woods. It is almost complex and I find it hard to smell all the notes as one minute a note is there and when I inhale to smell it more deeply it has changed into something else. The smell reminds me of a walk along the beach in Bournemouth the day after bonfire night. The air smells smokey but you can also smell the sea air clearing it away. It is lovely. It is a nice earthy scent.

              The scent is not too strong but not weak either. It has just the right amount of strength in my opinion. It is long lasting, two dabs on my wrist was more than enough to last me all day and when the wind blew in my direction it picked up the scent nicely and blew it back towards me.

              Whilst wearing the perfume I did feel really free. It sounds so cliche but I did feel lucky to live in a society where I am free to go where I want, when I want and to be able to feel the fresh air.

              Definately one to try if you like the earthy scents. It is a nice adult scent. I don't think it would be a great scent for teenagers though.


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