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Marks & Spencer Florentyna Eau de Toilette

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    5 Reviews
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      11.02.2015 14:09
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      Florentyna reminds me of Grandma in a Good Way

      I had been given some Marks and Spencer vouchers as a present and this is what resulted in me visiting my local M&S store. I browsed the whole store and was surprised at the range of the cosmetics that they sold. I ended up being in M&S for ages testing all of the perfumes out.
      Even within the Marks and Spenser Florentyna range there are a fair few varieties. My favourite is the original Eau de Toilette which has a dark box with a floral pattern on it.

      There are a few different sizes of this fragrance available:
      100ml - £12
      30ml - £7
      10ml - £3

      The larger bottles have a cute flower top and the smaller one is a plain cap so it works in handbags well and at these prices I think this perfume is a real bargain. I ended up buying a 100ml bottle and a lovely handbag sized 10ml bottle.

      Marks and Spencer Florentyna Eau de Toilette smells very floral and quite sweet. The description given by M&S is:
      A classic floral fragrance with sophisticated top notes of gardenia blended with a harmony of jasmine lily of valley, orange blossom and subtle musk undertones

      I personally find that the smell reminds me of my nan but in a good way and I don’t find the smell too dated to wear but nice and nostalgic. The smell lasts for a whole day and definitely has staying power without being too full on. When I have worn this perfume to work I have had pleasant comments saying that my perfume is lovely and sweet smelling.

      I definitely recommend this product if you like sweet floral fragrances at a bargain price.


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      27.06.2011 14:04
      Very helpful



      Makes a great reasonable priced gift


      One of my Christmas presents last year was a gift bag with items chosen and placed inside it from the Marks and Spencer Florentyna range. One of the items that I found inside was the one that I am now reviewing, the Florentyna Eau De Toilette spray.

      First of all, I admit that this isn't a fragrance I would have purchased for myself. One reason for this is that I am not a regular shopper at Marks and Spencer. On the rare occasions that I shop in this store it will probably be for underwear or night wear but not often for toiletries. Another reason would be that, although I am no longer in my youth, (but in my 'prime') I still somehow thinks of Marks and spencer toiletries as 'old fashioned.' I suppose this is because the older generation, when I was a youngster, used M&S products. But, now that I've tried and tested this range, I have to say, that it is a pleasant surprise and of good quality, in my opinion, although admittedly still not one of my very favourite perfumes.

      But seeing how reasonably priced this fragrance is I really do have to say that it is excellent value and superior to other fragrances costing around this price or double the price.


      On first spraying this I thought it had a dry very powdery smell and, not surprising, if going by the name, very flowery.
      After twenty minutes or so I think the powdery effect disappears leaving, in its place, a strong yet still flowery aroma.

      It's definitely floral and has a strong, powerful smell, although not too heady. I would say that it is slightly on the strong side for me and, although I like floral fragrances, I really prefer them to be more subtle so that the fragrance is interesting. I like to smell and wonder if I can detect the different notes; is it an aroma of flowers or spice, or perhaps fruit? Well, to me this one isn't particularly subtle. But saying that it IS nice and pleasant and I do like to wear it. When remembering its extremely reasonable price I find it impressive, although it doesn't quite compare to my favourites.


      Marks and Spencer say that Florentyna is:

      'A classic floral fragrance with sophisticated top notes of gardenia blended with a harmony of jasmine, lily of the valley, orange blossom and subtle musk undertones.'


      As I have already mentioned, when first applying Florentyna, it has a powdery smell, soon replaced by a stronger and more lingering effect. This lasts exceptionally well. I was in fact, most surprised at its longevity.

      I found that, even after wearing this perfume for several hours, it could still be detected easily. It has to be well up there with the long lasting fragrances which usually would cost far more than Florentyna.


      Florentyna does make a welcome addition to my fragrance selection. It also would, in my opinion, be a lovely gift for women of all ages. I believe it would be popular with most females, young through to mature.


      I would wear this on most occasions but, as it is fairly powerful and long lasting, it would be good for evening, or perhaps if going out for the day. I have worn this for both day and evenings, but wouldn't use it for VERY special occasions purely for the reason that I have other fragrances which I think are that little bit better. But it wouldn't be out of place if worn for a special occasion. I would say again though, that when taking into account the low cost of this, it really does exceed expectations.


      Packaging varies slightly according to which size is purchased. I have the 30ml size and this comes in a white box with pretty flowers on it.

      The bottle itself is pretty and feminine and has a white flower design lid.

      The 10ml size is plainer and is ideal to carry around in a small handbag.


      The Florentyna range is available from Marks and Spencer, either in store or online.

      The range includes Eau de Toilette in various sizes, as well as Eau de Parfum, soaps, body spray and more.

      Here is a selection of some of the available products by Florentyna:

      Florentyna Eau de Toilette 100ml- £12.00
      Eau de Toilette 30ml - £6.50
      Eau de Toilette 10 ml- £3.50
      Florentyna Eau De Parfum 70ml - £19.50
      Florentyna Body Spray 100ml - £3.00
      Florentyna Shower Crème 200ml - £4.00
      Florentyna Body Lotion 250ml - £4.00
      Florentyna Body Powder 150g - £4.00
      Florentyna Classic Fragrance Soaps - £3.50


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        17.05.2010 14:36
        Very helpful



        Very impressive perfume

        I always thought of Marks & Spencer perfumes to be for the..erm, older lady shall we say, and up until a former work colleague buying me the 'Perfection' gift set I had never tried anything from their range of toiletries as it's not a shop I tend to frequent often.

        I found 'Perfection' to be a perfect scent for me (see what I did there!..Sorry) so when I was bought a 'Florentyna' gift set as a Christmas present from my husband's Aunt I didn't quite know what to expect as it sounded very heavy on the floral notes, which is not really my thing..

        Though I have since used the gift set up and purchased a singular bottle of this scent this is what I will be reviewing.

        I purchased the 30ml sized bottle of this for the very shockingly low price of just £6 from the store itself. The perfume does however come in a larger 100ml size, costing only £12, which is far more economical if this were to become your signature scent.

        The perfume comes housed in an attractive, transparent and quite sturdy glass bottle. It's an oval shape and upright standing and is simplistic yet very attractive with it. There is no fuss about the design of the actual bottle as it is plain apart from the Florentyna wording directly in the centre. The white plastic top which guards the nozzle is the centre piece here as it's in the shape of a pretty rose - I like this touch and makes the perfume look more expensive and designer than it is.

        I must just point out also the bottle comes in an equally attractive white box which is adorned with pink flowers - again giving the impression this is on a par with more expensive brands.

        Down to the fragrance..is it any good?

        This perfume is made up of;

        Top notes:

        Heart notes:
        Lily of the valley
        Orange blossom

        Base notes:

        On reading what notes this was made up of before I had actually even tried this I would have been put off by the gardenia and lily of the valley straight away.
        I don't mind subtle floral fragrances; preferring light airy summery scents when it comes to floral perfumes so I was shocked that I took to this.

        On first spritzing the perfume onto my skin I was aware how strong it initially seemed and was sure this would be too strong a scent for me. The gardenia was very obvious and on a whole my first impressions were of that it was far too flowery and almost sickly sweet - not my cup of tea at all.

        After the scent started to settle onto my skin however, I noticed the lily of the valley and orange blossom which combined gave a lovely warm scent.

        Once the fragrance had 'settled' onto my skin it left a heady floral but mainly musky scent that I must admit I liked. A lot.

        I can't rave enough about this perfume.
        It's not what you expect once the scent settles down and a few small spritzes on your skin lingers for several hours without a need to top up - unlike some of the more expensive designer brands I've tried in the past.

        For the price this is of exceptional value and will remain a firm favourite of mine. The fact that I like this and Perfection so much has prompted me to try some more of M & S perfumes as the quality and price are second to none.

        Highly recommended by me and it gets 5 shiny stars for certain.


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          19.10.2009 13:05
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Leaves you smelling of spring!

          I passed a woman on the street who smelled absolutely wonderful. After asking her what fragrance she was wearing, I found out that it was Marks & Spencer's perfume; Florentyna. That night, I went online and ordered a bottle of it straight away.

          This is a perfume I normally wouldn't even think of buying, I don't really 'trust' own brand perfumes nor do I venture into Marks & Spencer much. But the fragrance smelled absolutely exquisite and I had to have it!

          Packaging & Bottle

          The packaging is a white box with a picture of a pink flower on the front. It looks really beautiful and it is quite basic, but I think that makes it look better. In gold, the words 'Marks & Spencer' are written, along with the name of the perfume 'Florentyna' and then below that 'eau de toilette' is written in dark pink.

          The back of the box doesn't have a picture, it's just plain white. It does have the description of the fragrance, warnings and ingredients, which are;

          Alcohol Denat, Parfum, Aqua, Benzyl Salicylate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Citronellol, Hydroxycitronellal, Benzophenone-1, Benzophenone-3, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Benzyl Benzoate, Isoeugenol, Citral, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Evernia Furfuracea, Benzyl Cinnamate, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Sulfate, BHT, CI 17200, CI 19140.

          The bottle is also very simple and classic. It is a roundish, clear bottle with 'florentyna' written in gold at the front. The top is shaped like the flower on the box, but is a kind of frosted white plastic. The top is easily pulled off to reveal the gold spritzer bit underneath. The liquid inside the bottle is a kind of soft pink colour which you can barely see, but it is there.

          I think the bottle and packaging look wonderful, although they are simple and made out of cheap materials (both of which are recyclable - apart from the plastic top), but it is a cheap perfume so I wouldn't expect it to be all crystal and diamonds.

          The fragrance

          This fragrance is described as a 'classic floral fragrance with sophisticated topnotes of gardenia blended with a harmony of jasmine, lily of the valley, orange blossom and subtle musk undertones.'
          I have no idea what each of these fragrances smell like on their own, but altogether they are wonderful. It is such an uplifting, beautiful fragrance, it reminds me of spring. Although, you could wear this fragrance all year round, it brings a smile to your face and makes you happier.

          The fragrance is actually very similar to the pink Cutex nail varnish remover...I know that makes it sound really, really horrible. I don't mean the actual strong smell of the liquid, I mean the after scent you get once you've used it.

          It is quite strong, but not in an overwhelming way. It also lasts all day, which is great as I don't tend to like carrying perfume around with me.

          The woman I asked about this perfume said that she regularly gets people coming up to her asking her what fragrance she's wearing, so that shows that it's a lovely perfume.

          Other products

          You can get all sorts of Floretyna things, all available from Marks & Spencer.
          Florentyna Shower Crème 200ml - £3.50
          Florentyna Body Spray 100ml - £3.00
          Florentyna Hand & Nail Cream 100ml - £3.50
          Florentyna Body Powder 150g - £4.00
          Florentyna Soaps (3 x 75g bars) - £3.50
          Florentyna Foam Bath 250ml - £3.50
          Florentyna Bath Crystals 250g - £3.50
          Florentyna Soap Roses (8 roses) - £3.50
          Florentyna Body Lotion (100ml) and Eau de Toilette (30ml) set - £9.50
          Floretyna Body Cream 200ml - £4.00
          Florentyna Dusting Powder 75g - £7.50
          Florentyna Vanity Case Beauty Gift Set (Body Lotion: 100ml, Shower Crème: 50ml, Eau de Toilette: 30ml) - £12.00
          Florentyna Beauty Gift Pack (Body Lotion: 100ml, Shower Crème: 100ml, Hand & Nail Cream: 100ml) - £9.50
          Florentyna Beauty Gift Pack (Body Lotion: 50ml, Shower Crème: 50ml, Eau de Toilette: 30ml) - £19.50
          Florentyna Eau de Parfum 70ml - £19.50
          Florentyna Body Lotion 250ml - £4.00


          The perfume comes in two sizes;

          30ml which costs £6.00 and 100ml which costs £12.00.
          It is more economical to purchase the 100ml one as it is three times the amount, but only double the costs.

          It's a very good price for such a nice fragrance that lasts.


          I am completely in love with this perfume! It's fresh and floral, it totally brightens up your day. I love the big range of other products of the same fragrance, if you're not really a big perfume wearer - there are loads of other products to get you smelling wonderful. It is very cheap, which is reflected in the simple packaging, but not in the scent.

          Has also been posted on Ciao! under the same username.


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            07.11.2000 16:53
            Very helpful



            If your looking for a perfume with real staying power than I would have to recommend you try Marks and Spencers Florentyna (the pink cased one as opposed to the green). I abosutely love this perfume and priced at around £10 for 100ml this is definately value. The bottle is lovely with a clear rose shape top to it. They also make lovely presents for people (and yes that lovely time of the year is fast approaching!!!) in gift sets with everying from soap to body lotion and small perfume spray. This year they have a lovely little gift set of a small teddy bear with a small bottle of Florentyna again priced at £10 - I Want One!!! The scent as I stated lasts all day, if I spray before I go to work I can smell it at the end of the day but without that sickly smell that some tend to have. Its a fresh flowery smell and makes me feel all special and clean!! Go on all you men out there treat your ladies to some Florentyna this year!!!


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