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M&S Gold Glow Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2013 00:58
      Very helpful



      A nice addition to a perfume collection

      ~~~~GOLD GLOW Eau de Toilette~~~~

      I really can't remember ever having purchased a fragrance, or in fact much at all in the way of toiletries or cosmetics from Marks and Spencer, either for myself, or indeed for anyone else. It just doesn't occur to me to shop at Marks and Spencer for anything other than lingerie and occasionally clothing and even more rarely food (as food is quite expensive in there) and I so don't think that I have ever purchased a fragrance from within their stores. However, I did have a look upon their shelves the other day while I was purchasing underwear and I do now have to admit that their toiletry section did look quite appealing. But one of my sister-in-laws (along with my brother) has long been a big fan of this famous shop and has over the years bought for me and my family a quite a few birthday and Christmas gifts from good old M&S, both in the way of clothing and toiletries.

      The fragrance that I am now wearing for the purpose of this review is called Gold Glow. This was part of a welcome gift from my brother and sister-in-law. We tend to spend around the same amount on each other and, because of this, I know that this fragrance wouldn't have cost very much. But I can't quite recall on what occasion this nice gift was received but seem to remember it was a Christmas gift.

      I am reviewing a small spray (25ml) of the Gold Glow Eau de Toilette. I believe this is known as a purse size bottle which it is as it's of an ideal size to carry around in a handbag, even a purse type clutch bag.
      Gold Glow can be purchased as an EDT. It is available in various sizes and as gift sets as well as several individual complementary bathing products.


      Gold Glow is advertised by Marks and Spencer as:
      "A fresh sparkling fragrance to add glow with top notes of citrus and pear, leading to a heart of jasmine, orange flower and honeysuckle wrapped in white musk and sandalwood.

      When this scent is first sprayed I always find it fairly strong, in fact initially it is, in my opinion, rather too strong, but after ten to fifteen minutes it seems to settle well and becomes altogether softer and of a much more subtle aroma.


      I would say that Gold Glow EDT has an average staying power. I would say that I believe it lasts as long as many more expensive fragrances that I own so it is probably fair to say that it is good value wise. But I do feel that Gold Glow will need topping up from time to time if wearing for a few hours.


      My 25ml spray came in a small but long pretty white box with a gold design (to signify the glow I believe) and matching lettering.
      The fragrance comes in a glass bottle which is clear but also has gold designs upon it. The lid is shiny and also golden.


      Well, Gold Glow will suit any female really, although I think because it is sold by Marks and Spencer it will probably be purchased by and for the post teenager and probably will more likely be worn by the over thirties female. However, the actual scent should suit anyone who likes a fresh aroma, in my opinion.

      ~~MY THOUGHTS~~

      Gold Glow isn't one of my favourite fragrances but I have to admit that it is pleasant and really much better than I had at first expected. Probably if the same fragrance was contained in a bottle with a famous perfume brand name on it then the smell might have some in raptures over it but, it isn't. Instead it is manufactured for reliable and well respected Marks and Spencer and is not an expensive brand from an exclusive perfume house.

      But it DOES have an attractive aroma to it. I believe all of the notes contained in this Eau de Toilette can be detected, especially the orange flower and musk, although I'm never certain of perfume notes and with some fragrances can only say whether it is floral, woody or floral. In the case of Gold Glow, I do actually like the smell of all the individual notes and in my opinion, they blend very well. I would say that after the notes have settled it tends to be slightly more floral than fruit in its aroma.

      I would also say that this is a very feminine scent and one which I would personally be more likely to wear of an evening than in the daytime, although it is fairly fresh and because of this some might think it more fitting to wear as a daytime scent.

      I am glad that my Gold Glow EDT is in the small 25ml size because I have many of the larger size fragrances but am always pleased to have smaller sizes for travel. This small purse size fragrance is a very handy fragrance to own. The small container is able to fit easily inside my often full handbag. I also find it is most ideal for travel being small and it certainly doesn't take up barely any space in my suitcase, although it would be even more suited for travelling abroad, when faced with limited luggage weight allowance, if it were made from plastic, therefore even lighter.
      Gold Glow can be purchased from Marks and Spencer outlet and can also be found on E Bay.

      As this fragrance was a gift I'm not sure about the exact price but believe it would have cost around £8.00.


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