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Marks & Spencer Autograph Blush

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2 Reviews

Brand: Marks & Spencer / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women / Type: Blush

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    2 Reviews
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      26.01.2014 12:16
      Very helpful




      I received this eau de toilette as part of a gift a few years ago.

      Mine is a 25ml bottle. The bottle I have is tall and cylindrical with a clear sticker on the front with 'Autograph Blush' written on the front above a floral design.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      It is by Marks and Spencer so it can only be bought from Marks and Spencer.
      A full size 100ml bottle costs £18.00.

      ~ Scent ~
      I really like the scent of this and I have used nearly up all of my current bottle unfortunately.
      It is a light, pleasant, floral scent.
      The fragrance has top notes of bergamot, cassis and violet.
      The middle notes are raspberry and rose.
      The base notes are vanilla, amber and musk.
      I wouldn't describe this as a sweet scent and I can't really detect the fruity notes in this. It is more of a delicate, floral scent. It is quite subtle on my skin, but I do catch a whiff of it now and again when I am wearing it.
      I find it quite difficult to pick out any of the notes individually in this fragrance. It is just light and floral.
      I think this fragrance would suit women of all ages. It is inoffensive and it is one I have been wearing recently when I have had a cold. Because it is light and subtle, it never makes me cough or aggravates my throat like some stronger fragrances sometimes do.
      I wore this a lot when I first got it, which is why the majority of it has now been used up. It is a great size to just throw in your handbag so that you can use it on the go. I ended up taking it out of my handbag during a clear out and I barely ever reached for it again after that.
      I don't feel that the scent really develops much on my skin. It doesn't seem to change as it wears down. The scent lasts on my skin for about 4 hours before completely fading, which isn't great.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I like this scent. It is a lovely, subtle, floral fragrance.
      I would like another bottle when my last few drops are used up, but I don't think I would want 100ml of it and £18.00 is more than I'd like to pay for a bottle of this.
      I think the scent is really nice. It is feminine and elegant, but the fact that it only lasts a few hours on my skin and the scent doesn't seem to develop much suggests to me that this is not a good quality fragrance.
      I think this fragrance probably deserves 3/5 stars, but I do really like the scent.


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      03.05.2010 13:34
      Very helpful



      Really like it.

      Marks & Spencer Fragrance - Blush

      What is it?
      A fragrance by Marks & Spencer.

      This particular fragrance has a fresh floral note with bergamot and cassis giving sparkle to a pretty violet accord. Water fruits and soft raspberry mingle with dewy rose in the heart which reaches into a background of warm amber, creamy vanilla and silky musks. It also claims to be a captivating fragrance to refresh and uplift.

      What do I think?
      I really like this fragrance. The first time I tried this, I immediately knew that this was going to be one of my regulars. Without looking at the ingredients, my first impression of it was a light delicate rose aroma that wasn't too heavy, strong or overpowering. It is a very feminine smell and being pink, it does seem like a bottle of rose water. However, after reading off the ingredients, you can only tell what's actually in it having by actively 'smelling it out', beside this the main theme is still rose water.

      I'm not actually a big fan of the vanilla / musk combination, there are so many perfumes that have this, and it was just nice to have found something that wasn't this, but still, after reading off the box, it still contains 'the duo'. Anyway, for the first day or two, it isn't really noticeable, but after smelling it for a few days and also if you leave the perfume on the fabric for a few days, the vanilla and the musk is actually the only scent that lingers - so it really is in there(!).

      Another thing about this fragrance is that is has this 'cosy home' feeling, so it also has a kind of calming effect.

      Although from Marks & Spencers, it costs only £3.99 for a 30ml bottle and comes in a decent box. This is only the eau de toilette but I don't think you need this fragrance to be any stronger or concentrated that this, as it's 'light' floral quality is one of the best things about it.

      Thanks for reading

      ©Leighsa 2010.


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