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Marks & Spencer Perfection Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      16.01.2011 02:58
      Very helpful



      Definitely worth considering, especially for vanilla fans

      Marks & Spencer sell a wide range of affordable fragrances. One of my friends is a huge fan of them, and likes to try new ones from the collection as soon as she's finished the previous bottle. They're affordable enough to wear every day.

      I decided to treat myself to a bottle of Perfection after reading some very favourable reviews of the fragrance. Like all M&S fragrances, it's available in a 50ml purse spray for £6, and a full-size 100ml bottle for £12. The full-sized bottles all have an individual design or shape, whereas the purse sprays are just cylindrical for convenience. Occasionally, M&S also sell 10ml bottles for £3.50, which is a very convenient way to try out the perfumes, and a perfect size for a small gift; especially useful when the 3 for 2 offer is underway. However, Perfection doesn't seem to be available in the 10ml bottle. I purchased the 50ml bottle, because it seemed wise to try a smaller size until I was sure I liked it.

      Being the purse spray, the packaging was a simple cylindrical glass bottle with a gold cap, presented in a classy, simple cardboard box. The perfume itself was a yellowish colour, and the decoration on the bottle was simply text.

      The natural-spray mechanism worked very well. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the fragrance (I had used a tester in the shop, too). It wasn't a simplistic or old-fashioned fragrance. It smelled much more expensive than the £6 price-tag.

      Marks & Spencer state that the top notes are manderin, cherry blossom and raspberry; the heart notes are jasmin, rose, orange-flower and peach, and the base notes are amber, creamy vanilla, cedarwood and velvety musks - which all sounds rather nice. I must admit I could not detect all of those notes, but I can't do so in a lot of expensive perfumes, either; I just don't really have the nose, perhaps. The impression I got from the perfume was a sweet warmth.

      After a couple of nights out wearing the perfume, I did start to find it slightly cloying. I think that is because I'm not really a vanilla fan at all; I don't like vanilla shower gels or anything like that, and I tend to prefer fragrances that don't contain vanilla as a note. Perfection isn't overwhelmingly vanilla, as it's a very well-balanced fragrance, but the sweetness is certainly there. It has a freshness to it, and my friend commented that he liked it. I think sometimes I start to get 'associations' with perfumes rather too quickly, and went off the perfume as I hadn't enjoyed my night out much, as odd as it sounds.

      Overall, I think this is great value, and a very well-crafted fragrance from M&S. It has some sillage, and fairly good lasting-power, and can be frequently reapplied because of its reasonable price. However, this perfume is not for me.

      I don't really think it's comparable to the output of specialised fragrance houses but it really is very nicely designed, and would make a good gift. It certainly gives some of the modern 'celebrity fragrances' a run for their money!


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        11.02.2010 15:43
        Very helpful



        see review

        I never thought I'd be one for buying perfumes from Marks & Spencers, mainly because I'm ashamed to say it conjures up images of grannies..

        I first became aware of this perfume -Perfection- when I was bought a gift set containing a small purse size scent along with body lotion and shower cream.

        It was bought as a birthday present from a co worker (who is a grandmother) around 2 years ago and on opening it I thought 'Oh, M & S gift set; won't be anything I like!' without even knowing what it smelt like.

        I'm ashamed to say it was put in a cupboard and almost forgotten about, until recently when I was having a tidy.

        Deciding to open it and finally have a sniff I was utterly amazed at how beautiful the perfume was and instantly regretted the decision not to have used it sooner..

        The scent~
        The one I'm reviewing today is the purse size 25ml so differs in appearance to the one in the picture above but is the same scent.
        Incidentally, the one above is actually the 50ml size bottle which can be bought for £12 from most M & S stores.

        The bottle of the 25ml is approximately 4 inches in height and is a cylindrical design. The glass of the bottle is clear and the perfume can be clearly seen which is a pale gold in colour. (I keep calling it a perfume which is wrong as it's an Eau de toilette - *slaps wrist* - sorry.)
        All this is topped off with an elegant gold top which houses a small gold coloured push down spray.

        What does it smell like?~
        Top notes:
        Cherry blossom

        Heart notes:
        Orange flower

        Base notes:

        My opinion~
        Once I'd opened the scent and spritzed some onto my wrists I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely it was - it wasn't what I'd imagined it to be like at all. I thought it would be suited to a different generation shall we say but it has a youthfulness about it.

        Now out of all the notes listed above I could definitely detect the cherry blossom and raspberry straight away on first spritzing onto my skin.

        Once the scent had settled down though, the cherry blossom and raspberry were still there but there was a really subtle vanilla and musk vibe going on and all the notes seem to compliment each other perfectly.

        Would I recommend it?~
        Definitely yes.
        This has honestly got to be one of the nicest perfumes/eau de toilette's in my collection (and I have a fair few). It's a very warm scent but isn't spicy, and though on first spraying it on it may seem quite strong it soon settles and isn't overpowering.

        I used this first thing in a morning and several hours later the scent still lingered on my skin so it's got staying power. All this for £6 is truly a Perfect edition to my perfume collection!


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