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Mayfair Just Musk Eau de Toillette

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Brand: Mayfair / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2013 01:52
      Very helpful



      Nice but not as nice as I remember



      I suppose that I got interested in wearing perfumes as a teenager, probably at around the age of fourteen or fifteen. Most of these fragrances would have been from the cheaper (even cheapest!) end of the market and would have been eau de toilette sprays although, being part of a large extended family where we all met up to celebrate Christmas and would exchange presents, I did do quite well at times. I think that some of the presents myself and a female cousin received were quite expensive and good brands at times but at this age I would have usually preferred the cheaper but popular brands that I had actually heard of.

      Towards the end of my teenage years I would have spent a little more. I remember having a big party for my eighteenth and receiving lots of lovely perfumes and they weren't cheap and cheerful either, I'll have you know.

      One particular school friend and I both loved our fragrances and as we sometimes got ready to go out in one or another's homes, we would try each other's perfumes. We both had similar tastes and I remember Blasé (which I am pretty sure was by manufacturer Lenthéric). I think I would detest this aroma nowadays and find it headache inducing but loved it then and my friend and I almost drowned ourselves in it.

      Actually Lenthéric fragrances were popular with teenagers of the 1970s and when we wore these along with our Miners make up and clothes from Chelsea Girl boutique we thought we were the bees knees and we had a great time at The Spooky Lady or Cherry's disco.

      One of my favourites (and of several of my friends) also by Lenthéric was a fragrance called 'Just Musk.' This one wasn't as strong and perhaps as overpowering as Blasé but made up for this by just spraying more on!

      Recently I was speaking to a friend about the fragrances we loved in the good old days and she mentioned that she had seen 'Just Musk' but it was in a different bottle than the one we used to buy.
      About a week before Christmas a present arrived by post from this friend and one of the gifts inside the parcel was a 100ml bottle of 'Just Musk' Eau de Toilette spray.


      On looking at the bottle I saw that it was indeed packaged differently from the 'old' Just Musk which I am fairly sure used to be a cylindrical bottle but it is similar in its style as it is obviously intended, still, to put one in mind of the orient. I am puzzled because my bottle is reminiscent of the old Lenthéric packaging but when looking for stockists I have noticed that the packaging seems to vary somewhat. It is now made by a manufacturer called Mayfair although I think they must have taken over the manufacturer Lenthéric or perhaps be licensed to manufacture some of the old 1970s Lenthéric fragrances. I am not sure.

      I have to admit to not really being overly impressed with the bottle but do prefer mine to some other designs that I have seen, I think this might be for the cologne rather than EDT spray, where it actually, I think, looks rather masculine and makes me think of an aftershave.

      The rectangular container that I have is clear with the amber coloured liquid showing through. Just Musk is written on the bottle, as well as oriental symbols/lettering, in black. The lid is black.


      I couldn't wait to try this scent to see if it was as I remembered from years ago but I have to say on trying it that I feel it just isn't QUITE same, or at least not in my opinion. It IS nice and it IS very SIMILAR but I think it just seems to lack something. Of course it could be my memory failing me but I feel it is a touch lighter than when manufactured formerly. It is difficult to say exactly how but I think it lacked the somewhat heavy oily fragrance and indeed feel, of the Just Musk of the 1970s.

      The notes are not truly 'just' of musk as jasmine, coriander, cedar, iris and sandalwood are also included.

      I think that on first smelling this scent after spraying it upon my skin it smells attractive and has an interestingly exotic aroma. I do feel that these notes can be detected after a while but for me they were a little too faint.
      But it is an interesting smell none the less and does make a difference to my usual fragrances. Yet although I do find Just Musk to be a nice fragrance I would not class this particular fragrance to be one of my favourites.


      When I think back to my younger days and the heavy spraying of fragrances amongst myself and my friends, I can only hope that this perfume when manufactured then did not last too long and give everyone a headache. The Just Musk fragrance that I now possess doesn't last for very long, I feel and it is lighter than I remember it. I do feel that a musk type fragrance should really be more lingering and sensual and have longer staying power.


      In my opinion this fragrance is suitable for any age group from teenage to mature women. Musk is, I think, a fragrance you either like or don't and if you like this smell as a bright young thing then you probably still appreciate it when you're older although probably healthier finances and perhaps a more experienced nose might mean that you may prefer the aroma of mush to be manufactured by a different and perhaps a more expensive manufacturer.

      I would recommend this fragrance for evening wear.


      As my Just Musk was a gift I do not know where it was purchased from or the price paid. However, I have found some stockists and prices for the Eau de Toilette spray in 50ml and 100ml sizes and also for the cologne. They are as follows:

      Amazon EDT 50ml spray £7.95 (was £9.95)

      Fragrance Direct Eau de Cologne Spray 100ml £4.50

      http://www.perfumeshopping.com/just-musk.html EDT Spray 100ml £9.95

      EDT Spray 50ml Price £6.22


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