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Miss Sixty Miss Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Miss Sixty / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      27.06.2011 08:10
      Very helpful




      I have tried quite a few of the Miss Sixty Perfumes. More so due to the price of them and although I would probably brand the scent of them as being more for the Teenage market in my eyes, I do like to wear cheaper and cheerful scents and at a cheaper price then I don't mind to try them without smelling them first.

      This looks like the picture - as usual. The box is bright enough and yes it doesn't look expensive but it isn't expensive anyway. The bottle is quite pretty. The bottle part its self is perhaps a bit plain looking but the large silver coloured Flower jazzes it up a bit and looks nice and pretty.

      The scent of this is pretty Fruity smelling. The notes in here are Pear, Melon and Violet. So perhaps not as many notes as some Perfumes, but what is in here I like so it is all ok. When you first spray this you get the Juicy Melon scent and I would say that you can smell this more than the Pear. The Violet provides a slightly Musky and rich scent to it, but the Juicy Melon mixes in good with this anyway. This lasted a bit longer then I was expecting after I sprayed this. I had put this scent in the same bracket as other teenage scents such as Charlie but after spraying this I could still smell it a few hours later. Not the strongest smelling scent after these hours though but still detectable.

      Price wise you will pay around £8 for the 30ml and £10 for the 50ml. This is also available in a gift set with the 30ml Perfume and a 50ml Body Lotion and Shower Gel for around the £14 mark so would make a nice enough present.

      I am nearly finished this bottle and perhaps I would buy this again. It is a nice light and Fruity scent. It will never be my favourite scent out there or even close but it is nice for a little change.


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      26.04.2010 19:01
      Very helpful



      an okay buy if bought cheap

      . ==Miss By Miss Sixty EDT Spray==

      ==My Story==

      I am always on the look out for products that I have not tried before and if I spot something that is of a cheap price then I am prone to picking it up even if I don't really need the item in question. Himself doesn't agree with this method of shopping so I will try to do most of my purchasing on the sly and have become rather good at doing so.
      I am a bit of a sucker for perfumes and will often fall into the trap of thinking that if there is a name attached to the perfume then it should be of a good quality and smell nice. This is often not the case and therefore I am stuck using up bottle of scent that are not really that nice.

      I purchased this particular bottle of perfume in my local Boots store and it was not one I had ever seen before so I was instantly intrigued. I had also previously tried other Miss Sixty perfumes and had been fairly pleased with them.
      This perfume wasn't kept behind the glass cabinet with all the other perfumes though and was in the section with the perfume that perhaps have less appeal such as "Exclamation" and the like so this did make me a little wary but again I usually like to make my own mind up so threw the box into my gradually increasing shopping basket!

      ==The Product==

      The bottle of perfume is housed within an outer cardboard box which gives adequate production of the glass bottle inside and of course details all the information of the perfume such as ingredients, fragrance smell and contents details.
      The design of the box has been done to look slightly like a pair of jeans as the colour is light denim blue and the name of the perfume, "Miss" is on a label like box with a stitching look to it. There is also a large pink flower on the box and to be honest I did feel the whole design was probably aimed at a younger purchaser than me.
      However I didn't let this put me off as I am not too old just yet (I did get asked ID the other week although Himself at 5 years my senior got asked too so I guess the old dear had lost her specs!)

      The perfume was of course not overly expensive seeing as it was not housed behind the glass windows with all the other perfume but it did cost a little over £10 for a 30 ml bottle.
      Having looked on line it doesn't seem like a perfume that is stocked and sold in many stores as even the on line Boots didn't seem to have it listed. The perfume has been out since 2008 so it is not a particular new fragrance so perhaps it didn't sell very well and they are just trying to shift the old stock! However I did see if for a higher price on one website and as well you could choose to buy it in a bigger sized bottle if you so wish.

      The bottle inside the box is of a pretty basic design with a clear glass body in a chunky square shape. The perfume which can be seen through the bottle is a light translucent pink colour and this works well with the pink and silver label on the bottle stating the name of the perfume.
      The lid is also made of clear glass in a square shape and this is easy to pull off to reveal the silver squirter nozzle in which the fragrance is dispensed.

      As with any perfume I am always cautious when first applying it just in case it is too strong and I go squirting a whole load on and smell like the perfume counter!
      Just with one full press of the squirter a fairly good amount of the perfume is released from the bottle however the scent is not overly strong so a god three or four squirts of the bottle is needed to get a really good coverage over the body and on the wrists.

      The perfume is described as floral and fruity and I can certain smell this from the first spray as the fruitiness comes straight out and whacks you in the nose. There is a really strong and sweet melon tone that is the leader of all the fragrances and this really does remind me of the summer and cocktails. The floral and fruitiness of the fragrance is really nice and light and not too overpowering. If anything I would say that the perfume is on the weaker side of the fragrance and they could of afforded to make the scent a touch stronger.

      Off setting the floral and fruitiness of the perfume there is an underlying muskiness to it which gives it slightly more depth and maturity to it and this part of the perfume seems to be the bit than has the most longevity as by the end of the day this is the part of the perfume that I can smell the most.

      ==My Opinion==

      On the whole I do like this perfume and I think the scent although it does seem rather young in its feel will be perfect for the summer season. It is fresh and light and although does have a musky undertone this works out really quite well overall.

      The price I paid for the size of the bottle was good in comparison to other brands selling the same sized bottle. The scent does last for a good period of time however it doesn't smell as it does when first applied as the fresh and fruitiness seem to disappear leaving behind the muskiness which for me is not big problem and I would think the reapplication during the day would be needed to keep the fresh and summer scent of the first spray.

      I have got to say though that it does remind me slightly of a perfume that I once bought from Avon and I expect that I would have paid half the price of this Miss Sixty one as Avon perfume are cheap and cheerful although can be rather good.
      Therefore because of this is makes me wonder if indeed you are paying for the name of the perfume rather than the actual smell or long lasting abilities. But then again I guess this is really what most of these perfumes that are behind the glass doors in Boots really are. High priced because of the name they have on them.

      I think this product deserves a 3 out of 5 star rating and some what of a recommendation but only if can be bought at a cheap price and possibly for a younger buyer. It is most certainly not one of my favourite perfume but it does make a bit of a difference to have one that smells so fruity with a citrus scent as this is not like any of the other perfumes I own.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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