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Monoi Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      10.07.2012 12:21
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      A lovely tropical fragrance

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

      I'm a big fan of French beauty company Yves Rocher's products which most people who are familiar with my reviews will no doubt be aware of by now. Although I adore their skin care ranges I particularly have a penchant for their fragrances and am often lucky as a 'loyal customer' (their words not mine) to receive miniature samples whenever a new fragrance is released.

      One such sample, which then prompted me on to buying the full size version, was this - 'Water Vahines' EDT which my review will now focus on.

      *~*What Yves Rocher have to say about this*~*

      "...Let yourself be transported to a beach paradise with this sensual eau de toilette and its tropical scent. Tiare and Ylang Ylang flowers mixed together in a vanilla base, like the caress of an exotic breeze..."

      Water Vahines is Paraben free and is made up of botanical based ingredients which are Coconut oil and tiare flower extract and exudes the tropical aroma of monoi.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      For anyone interested in purchasing this EDT or any Yves Rocher products they can be obtain in a few different ways:

      *By ordering online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk

      *Ringing their orderline/ customer services number on 0870 049 22 22

      *Browsing in store as they have shops sporadically dotted about in Britain and throughout Europe

      *Ordering via their mailing leaflets which are posted every 5 to 6 weeks to your home

      *By checking out Ebay, where there are often many bargains to be found at much cheaper prices

      The EDT comes presented in a quite basic and sturdy thick glass bottle, which actually looks quite masculine in my opinion in comparison with other YR fragrances. It is available in one size at present which is a reasonable 100ml and currently costs £ 12.50 though I purchased this as soon as it was launched at an introductory offer price of just £6. The EDT is accessed via a small metal nozzle which is a dark brown/ bronze in colour and is protected by a matching lid of the same colour. The rest of the bottle is quite basic being in transparent glass which is almost rectangular and veers in ever so slightly towards the neck with the bare minimum of decoration on the front in the form of a brown coloured flower etched on the front along with the logo.

      The bottle comes packaged in a far more attractive looking box which is an ocean blue/ turquoise and is just generally more aesthetically pleasing but at the end of the day it's how the fragrance smells that matters and whether it has longevity or not that matters the most.

      *~*My experience of wearing Water Vahines*~*

      I must admit when I received the sample originally of Water Vahines EDT the name alone did little for me and it wasn't until I read the accompanying leaflet that I found out it contains tiare flower and coconut - which are two of my most favourite scents. I am a big fan of monoi oil in general and when buying anything from Yves Rocher I always find myself drawn to the sun care section which is where the monoi products are stocked.

      When I first sampled this on my skin I was instantly in love with it's warm and sunny composition and immediately placed an order for the full sized 100ml bottle. On using the full sized product I found the lid easy enough to remove and the nozzle was adequately sized so when pressed it released a large amount of the EDT but in a fine spray which covered a large area of my skin, so one or two spritzes is all that is required when using.

      The EDT is an uninspiring beige/ yellow in colour and at the risk of sounding crude looks similar to a water sample I handed in at the doctors when I had a kidney infection recently - not the prettiest of colours but this disappears on contact with skin luckily and dries instantly.

      The first thing I noticed when wearing this was the initial strength which is quite overpowering when first applied but after a few moments it does start to fade to a comfortable degree. This has very prominent coconut/ floral aroma so if you are not a fan of either then this will not be appropriate, as I am a fan of both coconut and tiare flower scented products I personally find this absolutely stunning.

      Once applied liberally to my skin (though not too liberally due to the strength) I find that Water Vahines offers something much more than the average EDT. It's a rich and sumptuous fragrance that despite it only being an Eau De Toilette it holds it's own when it comes to staying power and it's longevity is somewhat impressive. It may not last as long as a parfum would but when I have worn Water Vahines it's been noticeable for almost 4 hours with the tropical fragrance still being detectable on my clothing last thing at night.

      I personally like to wear this layered with other monoi body products as I feel it adds to it's staying power, though as I've just mentioned if worn alone it does exceed the 3 hour mark to around 3 and a half/ 4 hours. As much as I adore YR fragrances I have found that in the past they start off noticeable but fade very quickly but this isn't the case here thankfully.


      Personally I find this EDT simply stunning to wear (if not to look at!) but that is because of my preference of monoi, coconut and tiare flower scented products. I think for the price I paid £6 is a complete bargain but even at full price of £12.50 I think it's very good value compared with some of the more premium fragrances that Yves Rocher offer.

      The longevity is impressive for an EDT but if applied in a morning it will need topping up throughout the day as it does become slightly faded and just offers a subtle scent as time passes though this could be said for most fragrances I suppose.

      If you are a fan of tropical scented body products then this will instantly appeal, as it does to me, and reminds me of sunny climates and lying on the beach so I think it would be an ideal EDT to take away on holiday on for wearing on a return home to recreate a holiday ambience perhaps.

      I would suggest this EDT is probably the most suitable for wearing throughout the day as it does tend to fade to a more subtle scent and personally I prefer something a little heavier and headier on an evening though this is simply my own opinion.

      For the money this EDT is fantastic and is very easy to wear. It is a warm and inviting fragrance with a real sunny composition that gets compliments whenever I wear it and for this reason I'm awarding it the full 5 stars.


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