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Morgan Light My Heart Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Morgan / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      06.04.2011 21:59
      Very helpful



      keeps me coming back for more!

      <3 Light My Heart <3


      The price of this perfume is very reasonable, for 35ml the price is usually around £7.00, the perfume is also sold in larger bottles too.


      The perfume comes in a quite curvy white bottle with a textured silver pattern on the front with a sequin in the middle, to use you simply press down on the top and the perfume comes out.

      Mine was given to me as a present and came as a gift box which also came with a body lotion.

      The box it came in is square and white with red dots splattered over it and a see through pattern on the front which is the same as the one on the bottle.

      It also has the products name and the Morgan logo and some useful information such as the amount you have purchased ect...


      When I first looked at the bottle I thought it looked very average looking and didn't expect much from it.

      The bottle is very comfortable and easy to hold in your hand and the spray comes out very easily.

      Morgan Light My Heart is meant to be a floral woody musky fragrance just for women.
      If you are interested, I found information about the notes in this perfume on the Fragrance website, as I like to know what notes perfumes contain, I guess other people would find it useful too:

      TOP NOTES: Passion fruit and pink grape fruit.

      MIDDLE NOTES: Water lilly and white amber.

      BASE NOTES: Patchouli, musk and white sandalwood.

      When first spraying the perfume you are not over whelmed by a powerful smell, the smell is very light and refreshing and smells amazing, it smells quite artificial if you know what I mean?..

      I find this scent to be very modern and fresh, smells quite fruity and makes you feel very girly whist on, I would say it is also quite unique, a lot of perfumes can have the same kind of smell but I have never come across another one with the same kind of smell.

      I think this perfume is good for younger women, I can't imagine my gran or mum wearing it, that's for sure! it just has a young smell about it.

      I also think this is a more natural day fragrance than a night one, the smell reminds me of spring and summer days ( probably because that is when I would wear it the most! )

      The downfall of this though is the staying power, it didn't last long at all, maybe half a hour? it really isn't the best for that, I run out of the 35ml bottles in a heartbeat, if it wasn't for the bad staying power I would give this 5 stars.

      As bad as the staying power though I find myself going back to this often, I love it for casual day wear and the smell is lovely.


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      25.01.2010 13:05
      Very helpful



      nice scent shame about the staying power

      If you have read any of my reviews, you may have noticed that I review a lot of perfume. Perfume and Jewellery are my only two vices and until quite recently that could of have been an expensive habit. However since I have started shopping online I have found there are so many perfumes you can buy for reasonable prices, Light My Heart By Morgan is one of them. At perfume point you can get 35ml of this perfume for £7.95 which is much cheaper than most places.

      Morgan is a French fashion line, established in 1967 apparently as a "Cheap Chic" fashion house for teens, however they only started introducing perfumes in 2003. Light My heart was introduced overseas in 2004 but a bit later in Britain

      The box for the perfume is attractive (probably nicer than the bottle). It is white and square and quite narrow. It has a little red square on the top and Light My Heart is written in big silver letters across the front. Beneath that is a little silver tattoo design and below that Morgan is written in black writing. I really like the box, well as much as you can like a box and I think it is quite distinctive.

      I have had quite a few Morgan perfumes and they all have a similar shape which I found reminded me of a body, a strange body but still a body. When I looked around on the internet I found that the bottles were meant to resemble a torso (a word I associate with crime investigation shows rather than perfume!)The bottle for Light My Heart also goes with the torso style.
      Unusually for perfume Light My Heart comes in an opaque white bottle. The only other perfumes I can think of that do this are Floral by Paul Smith and Diesel Plus Plus, however I feel that the opaque white style works best with Light My Heart.
      Around the midsection of the bottle (I think of it as the belly button) there is a glittery silver tattoo (same as the box) which I think suits the bottle, but which some people might feel looks cheap.
      This bottle doesn't have a traditional sprayer, but rather the whole top of the bottle is the pump you press to release the perfume and I have never had any problems using this. Having looked around on the net there appears to be variations in the style of the bottle some have frosted bodies (or torso!) and silver lids.

      When you first spray the perfume you do not get an overpowering scent of alcohol, you tend to smell the perfume straight away. The first scent you get is a soapy freshness that is incredibly light and refreshing, then a mild citrus smell which is pleasant and is probably due to the grapefruit in this perfume. To me the perfume then begins to smell quite musky, with a slight fruitiness. This perfume is said to contain raspberry musk (whatever that is, I thought musk was something to do with Deer) I couldn't tell you whether the scent of fruit is actually raspberry, but given the fact that I described it as musky and fruity before I read the ingredient raspberry musk I suppose it must be. It is an incredibly unusual scent, which I would describe as watery as it is such a clean, and fresh smell. This will sound strange but I feel it smells like fragrant bath water, maybe it unconsciously reminds me of some kind of bath or shower gel, because I have no idea why I make that association.

      Unfortunately this perfume does have a rather large drawback and that is its staying power. This is definitely the weakest perfume I have ever had. I thought Green Tea was weak, but it has nothing on this. Light my Heart will maybe last for less than an hour as a strong scent and then it fades almost completely. I suppose this is because the perfume is such a light scent, however it is still disappointing. It also didn't inspire much interest from my boyfriend, I gave him the bottle to smell and he just shrugged his shoulders and said it wasn't bad. So from that reaction I would say it is a casual daytime fragrance, it is far to light for anything else.

      So although I like the scent, I feel Morgan really should have made more of an effort to make a perfume with adequate staying power because if it had, then Light my Heart could have been quite a decent perfume.


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        08.12.2007 22:24
        Very helpful



        Not bad at all!

        I first came across this fragrance in TJ Hughes on offer for five pound for a 35ml bottle, not having a lot of cash at the time it was within budget to treat myself and of course its Morgan, and the more fashion conscious of us will know that its quite a nice, fairly expensive fashion brand! So I had a sniff thought 'that will do' and I had it to add to the the rest of my collection.

        Morgan, who???....

        Morgan De Toi is a clothing brand, owned by the French company Morgan SA. A hip French brand, Morgan has a long history and makes sexy feminine fashion today with its slogan 'Crazy For You'.
        The company was established in 1947 to sell lingerie, but has since diversified. At present it has over 600 retail outlets worldwide, selling jewelery, fragrances and all sorts really!

        The packaging....

        It comes in a white box with silver writing saying what the product is with the light my fire tattoo emblem on the front. Looks quite young in design. The bottle is white plastic, plain and compact part from the tattoo emblem of fire in silver glitter with a little red stick on jewel on in. Its push down spray , integrated in to the bottle with Morgan De Toi engraved into it. Very simple and modern and I do love the 'waist' on the bottle as it gives a decent grip when squirting it but overall its not my taste! I love beautiful bottles and this couldn't be described as that.

        The fragrance...

        I've searched the net for a description of this fragrance so I could compare my description to it. However I cant find a description of it anywhere and this product is no longer stocked in Boots or Superdrug so you'll have to trust my word here!

        Its floral and I think I can smell Jasmine, Rose and Honey and musk undertones running through it. If you like musk I think you'll like this one as its unusual, mixed with heavily scented flowers. Its very sweet but not girly sweet and sickly, its more refined than that. Its very deep and rich and although I've seen the prices for this on the Internet, I'm still shocked its this cheap and can only assume that with so many other perfumes on the market (even Morgan has loads now since this fragrance came out) that this isn't popular.

        Its quite a heavy perfume, by that I mean I'd wear it at night as its really long lasting and on me it doesn't quiet down its stays vibrant and bold which is exactly what I like and because you don't need to spray too much (too much actually makes me feel sick to be honest) its a long laster in the bottle.

        This is no way its my favourite perfume and I've had this ages but its definitely not my worst and compared to a lot of famous expensive brands it could actually teach them a trick or 2!

        I'd say this perfume was designed for the younger woman in mind and to me maybe that's why this perfume hasn't done so well. I feel a more 'mature' lady would prefer the smell of this this fragrance but the packaging and name may put them off it. For such a mature fragrance they went all out wrong on the design and its wrong for Morgans image.
        It kinda baffles me lol


        A very nice perfume but not to everyone's taste. I wouldn't just buy this one off the net on a recommendation from a review and it's difficult to get hold of to sniff first but I always see Morgan perfumes on offer in TJ Hughes so my advice is keep it in the back of ya head as one to try if you ever see it out and about.

        35ml Eau De Toilette £12.00 HQoutletstore.com
        35ml Eau De Toilette £10.50 Islandcosmetics.com
        50ml Eau De Toilette £11.99 Supadrugstore.com
        All with free delivery.

        Men's version of this is available too!


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      • Product Details

        A fruity fragrance with top notes of grapefruit and passion fruit, middle notes of water jasmine and white amber, and base notes of white sandalwood, patchouli and raspberry musk /

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