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Morgan Morgan Femme Eau de Toilette

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5 Reviews

Brand: Morgan / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    5 Reviews
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      11.08.2009 17:27
      Very helpful



      Fruity and floral but not overpowering.

      When I received a bottle of this perfume as a gift a few years ago I was a little bit dubious for a couple of reasons, firstly, I'm always dubious when someone else chooses a fragrance for me as smell is such a personal preference, and secondly Morgan was a name I associated with fashion rather than fragrance. I'm pleased to say that when I eventually gave it a try I was very pleasantly surprised.

      The Claim:

      "Morgan de Toi perfume by Morgan was launched in 2003, the scent is distinctively feminine with subtle tones of floral essences and fruity undertones. Morgan de Toi perfume is a firm favourite with fashion conscious young women looking for a chic perfume that accentuates a vivacious lifestyle."


      The fragrance comes in a deep red and silver box with an outline of the bottle and morgan de toi in white printed on the front. The bottle itself is a distinctive shape, the shape of a curvaceous body which I think is really different for fragrance of this sort. The bottle itself is clear but it has a silver and red spray at the top which gives it an added touch of glamour. The bottle has a quirky little charm where a belly button ring might be which is really cute.

      The Fragrance

      I have read that the perfume has a "Top note of blueberry blossom, pink pepper. Middle note of amber crystal, black jasmine, nectarine. Base note of agarwood," but to be honest I find it difficult to distinguish any individual scent.

      What I really like about this fragrance is that it isn't too heavy. Although when you first spray the scent there is quite a strong smell it's not overpowering, and once dry you are left with a light slightly sweet floral scent that is long lasting.

      Price & Availability

      As this is a stand alone eau de toilette rather than part of a range of products of the same fragrance it isn't generally available in most department stores and perfume shops although I have noticed that gift sets tend to be available in certain specialist perfume shops around Christmas time. In stead, the fragrance tends to be found in shops such as Boots & Superdrug with their similar stand along eau de toilette and eau de cologne products. The fragrance is also available on many cosmetic and fragrance websites although it can sometimes be difficult to find somewhere that has this in stock and so I've been known to buy a bottle on e bay when I'm running low.

      The price of the fragrance varies widely. One website I've visited recently claims that it has a RRP of £19.99 for a 30ml bottle but I've been able to find this for less than half the price in various places over the years so it is well worth shopping around.

      In summary at this price I'd say this fragrance is well worth a try. It's quite a light fragrance and so could be worn either during the day or in the evening.


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        06.04.2009 23:14



        Morgan Femme sprays exoctic scents and has a unqiue and classy bottle

        Morgan Femme
        is a product that every girl should own!

        Morgan Fmme is a great fragrance especially for girly types. I decided to buy it because of its unique `body` bottle design with a pink embedded gem and when i had a quick whiff of it, it smelt incredible. It has a sweet fruity smell (probably berry and apple) and isn't too strong which is what perfumes i normally go for and i only got it for 12 quid when i brought it from Superdrug. It was a bargain and it came with a Morgan bracelet but you can buy it in a set with the Morgan De Toi body lotion.

        There is nothing bad about Morgan Femme except it does need a bit of strength to press down (if you have weak fingers) and spray the perfume because of the way you need to hold it. Morgan Love is also quite strong at first but a while after you spray it, it smell sweet and isn't very strong.

        Overall I would sya this is an excellent perfume to buy as a gift for someone or for yourself


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        26.12.2008 20:21
        Very helpful



        Bargain perfume with long lasting scent..

        Christmas presents this year I expected to be pretty scarce as no one has a lot of money.. How wrong was I? Very it seemed as my boyfriends family were passing down the gifts to me in abundance.. Which I was very appreciative of.. Always grateful for a gift!!!
        So when I received it a few days before Christmas before adding it to the pile of gifts I had already received I had a shake of the box.. Enabling me no realise that I had indeed received something watery, I guessed that it could be perfume because the box was small enough for perfume and there was a slight scent coming through the wrapping paper..

        As far as I know I had never seen this perfume before, surprisingly enough considering it is a quite big brand name.. Morgan isn't a small company by any means.. I was shocked by the price of this when I had a look today after opening my pressie yesterday..

        Onto the review..

        What is Morgan De Toi?

        Morgan De Toi, is a clothing brand, owned by the French company 'Morgan..' Originally established in 1947. To merely sell lingerie however over the time, is has branched out into selling everything from lingerie, to clothing and even perfume..
        However nothing Morgan sell is exactly cheap, unfortunately.. However you might be pleased to know this perfume isn't too expensive itself..!

        If you are looking for Morgan products, you can find them on the high street in retail stores and online is a wide variety of websites.. I have also found Morgan products in some other outlet shops at discount prices!

        What do I look out for? The box?

        The box is around 10 centimetres high and 6 centimetres wide, the box is actually a very sweet pale red almost pink metallic colour, with a silver lid that surprisingly compared to most perfumes Is open easily without ruining the box..

        The box itself has a photo of the perfume on, however if you turn the box to the side it has a full view of the perfume contained in the box, making the perfume look a little pink.. Obviously it has the name of the fragrance on the top and the Morgan logo with the heart on a circle, making it an almost instantaneous recognisable brand to customers.. The writing on the box is almost like handwriting suggesting a more handmade and natural smell to the perfume.. (In my opinion anyway!!)

        What does the bottle look like?

        The bottle is obviously smaller than the box or it would never fit in..!
        The bottle is in the shape of a curvaceous body, with the dark red base.. With the plain clear perfume inside the red base does an effective job of making the perfume look a pale pink colour if you look at it from the right angle, obviously there is the little tube that the perfume gets pulled up to the top of the bottle to be spritzed out into your skin in..
        The perfume is a spray as I have already mentioned, the spray comes from a red pump in a silver case, the pump itself has 'Morgan De Toi' written on well actually emblazoned across it in the same fancy handwriting as is featured on the box..
        The bottle has a little charm on it which is quite sweet looking, it is a little silver ring moulded onto the bottle with a tiny heart on the ring with a small red jewel in the centre.

        So what does it smell like?

        The scents included in the perfume are as follows..

        Bilberry flower,
        Pink pepper,
        Agar Wood,
        Crystal Amber and,
        Pink pepper..

        When you first take a spray of the perfume onto your wrist the fragrance can be very overwhelming because it is very strong, my first impression of the scent when first sprayed is a very tangy scent, not overly flowery but more wild and fruity, which I would imagine in the Nectarine in the perfume.
        Given about a minute in the akin it begins to smell a little warmer which is the Crystal Amber of the scent coming to the surface, however the tangy smell is still there but it isn't as strong as when first

        For the first few hours of wearing the perfume it is very noticeable, if you were to walk into a room after just putting the perfume on, you would surely make an entrance because it is quite pungent, but not in an insufferable kind of way, more of a oh what's that lovely smell kind of way..!
        I applied this perfume at around 1pm today and I can still smell it quite strongly despite it only being on my wrists, now it is a very warm fruity scent and is not overpowering. This scent is meant to be used for evening wear, which is a good idea because when you are fighting out with other peoples scents at a party this one is sure to stand out above the rest..!

        Where can I find this perfume?

        I have yet to find this in my high street Superdrug, but it is in Boots, and most fragrance stores..

        The prices range from £4.99 to around £10.99


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          12.12.2008 20:52
          Very helpful



          Definitely recommended for under a fiver!

          I went into Boots today before work, the idea was to have a look for Christmas presents for my friends and family but I ended up spraying lots of perfumes to choose a new one for myself!
          I was looking at the special offers stand and had a spray of loads of testers, I wanted something different to my usual sweet perfume; Thierry Muglers Angel.
          I found this little bottle and had a spray, gorgeous; this was the one. I looked at the name on the bottle and tried to find the price on the price list hung above the stand, no sign of it so I presumed this was a full price one someone had put back in the wrong place, just my luck!

          Then I spotted another tester bottle near the full price perfume cabinets and there it was inside the glass cabinet with an amazing price tag of just £4.99!! (This is a 35ml bottle by the way)

          According the Boots website, this is currently half price so even at full price I think it's a bargain.

          Morgan De Toi
          Morgan De Toi are a clothing retailer owned by a French company. They are a fairly expensive fashion brand so knowing this I expected a pretty decent (but expensive) perfume.
          They have stores worldwide and sell clothing, jewellery and perfumes.

          The box
          This perfume is in a really gorgeous box, its metallic red with a picture of the perfume bottle curving around the right hand side; this is in a paler red/silver colour. The Morgan De Toi branding is along the bottom of the front of the box and along the top is the brand name in curly fancier writing.
          I'm thinking of grabbing a few of these for Xmas presents as the box looks lovely for a gift.

          The bottle
          I'm a girly girl and the bottle does matter to me, I want it to look pretty on my dressing table.
          This bottle ticks all the boxes!
          It's made of clear glass with a red base which kind of reflects the colour up into the clear perfume inside. The bottle is in the shape of the female body with a cinched in bit for the waist, where the belly button would be is a little silver ring which dangles off the bottle; this looks like a piercing. The silver ring has a red gem in the centre of a tiny silver heart, very girly and gorgeous!
          The lid of the bottle is silver and the bit you press down to squirt is made of red plastic set into the silver lid.

          The perfume
          According to the Morgan website this perfume is made up from:
          Bilberry flower, Nectarine, Pink pepper, Crystal Amber, Black Jasmine, Agar Wood and Patchouli.

          It is described as a sensual scent.

          At first it seems quite strong; I've just sprayed some on my wrist to talk you through the scent of it. The first thing I can smell is a slightly citrusy tang (from the nectarine I guess) it smells different to any other perfume I've ever owned but I love it already.
          After around 30 seconds the scent warms up and I can smell the amber and patchouli coming through, its starting to warm up and at this point it reminds me very much of YSL Opium, a favourite of mine; just a milder version.
          After a minute or so, the warmness of the amber and patchouli is still there but I can now detect the pink peppercorns, a strong hit of spice.

          Its very feminine but not at all flowery, I'd describe it as sweet and spicy; not the same type of 'sweet' as any sweet smelling perfume I've tried though, Its not at all sickly or something a teenager would wear.
          It's a sexy smell which I'm sure would attract the office hotty at Xmas parties if you had your eye on him!

          I sprayed some on my other wrist before I started work, that would be about 12.30 and the smell has gone. I wish it had lasted longer but it's a small enough bottle to take out with you I think so that won't be a problem.

          I definitely recommend this perfume, it looks lovely so would make a great gift and I can tell you it smells really good too, not at all like you'd expect a £5 perfume to smell, it's a rich and expensive fragrance!


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            05.12.2008 17:58
            Very helpful



            Lovely perfume at a very reasonable price

            I have been using this perfume for a few years now and it is one of my favourites. It is a good everyday perfume but could also be used for any occasion.
            The glass bottle is an hourglass shape with a red and silver push down top. The bottle is see through which is useful as you can see how much you have left.

            It is described as having :
            Blueberry blossom
            Pink pepper
            Amber crystal
            Black musk
            On first spraying it there is a definite citrus smell which would be the nectarine although it is in no way overpowering. Very fresh and light and with a hint of the black pepper to spice it up

            Once it has settled after 15 minutes or so I can still smell the first notes of the perfume but now the floral aspect comes in with a very light hint of jasmine.
            The final drydown is a muted mix of the fragrances mentioned above but with the patchouli and musk being more dominant now but in no way is it cloying or overly strong.
            Overall this one is a fresh, fruity and light fragrance with subtle undertones of spice. I can't help but keep sniffing it when I wear it as it is such a pleasent smell and I have had many compliments on it.

            I tend to wear this more during the daytime as it is so light and refreshing however I have used it at night for a special occasion and it has worked well. The staying power is extremely good especially for the low price. If I spray some on in the morning it will last all day which surprised me as it is Eau de Toilette and not as concentrated as the perfume which tends to last longer.
            The best bit is the price! For a 50ml bottle I paid £9.99 at Superdrug and on checking feelunique.com (formerly known as Island Cosmetics) they are asking £9.50 inclusive of delivery.

            To sum up I would say this fragrance is uplifting, fresh, fruity and suitable for any age group and at the price hard to beat.
            There is a shower cream and body lotion to compliment the range usually as a gift set along with the eau de toilette.

            Thank you for reading


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