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Mypa Madonna Nudes Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mypa / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2012 16:54



      Nice looking bottle for my dressing table!

      Since the age of fifteen I have been a huge fan of Madonna, she is my idol much to my parents disaproval as you know she is rather crude at times Madoona some how seems to get away with it every single time. Lol.

      The packaging~

      Comes in a red box with pictures of Madonna whem she was younger looking at the photographs on the bottle and the box I would say when she was in her twenties. Madonna Nudes perfume is clearely shown in gold writing on the box. The bottle is a made of frosted glass, with a red lid and gold spray button. It contains 3.3 fl oz of liquid. This perfume is made in france. Has a very sweet scent to it reminds me of jelly bean sweets. The smell is very strong for about ten minutes but does calm down after a few minutes. the fragrance lasts for several hours after. This is not no where near my most favourite perfume i have ever used but is not the worst either.

      I would recommend this fragrance for the youger age group teenager I am thirty four and feel rather old to wear this now.


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      25.12.2009 09:21
      Very helpful



      Not for me sadly this one!

      When it comes to perfume I'm a complete hoarder and there is no stopping me buying new one's even when I know in my heart of hearts I need no new stuff!

      However from a young age I've been a Madonna fan and I'm very up for buying anything Madonna 'inspired' whenever possible even though way back I tripped her up on Bond Street and she called me a cow once upon a time! lol.

      This perfume came from Boots and cost me £15.00 and lets be clear this isn't a 'Madge made product'. Nope....it is a Madonna 'inspired' one and good ole Madge got nothing to do with it at all and she may not even know if it's existence lol!

      The Packaging:

      Dark red oblong box and to the bottom of it there is a 'film' of black and white photographs of a young Madonna on there. On the front of the box in gold and black writing I'm told it is Madonna 'Nudes 1979' Eau De Parfum For Lady, Paris and the size is stated. On the back of the box other information listed includes ingredients and contact details for MYPA (the manufacturer of the product). The bottle is long, glass and slightly frosted again with the same pictures of Madonna on it and it has a red coloured plastic pull on/off lid to the top of it concealing a push button gold coloured spray button to the top of it. To me it all looks very cheap indeed and reminds me of cheap copies of perfume that we find on markets and in cheapo chemists and the likes lol.

      A Bit About The Product:

      The Mypa brand has launched a mass-marketed collection of four fragrances inspired by the encounter in 1979 of then unknown Madonna with photographer Martin Schreiber. They met to work on a series of nude photos. The perfumes are called Crazy, Kiss, Jeans, and Pop, each being packaged in a different color....

      This Perfume:

      Well although it isn't called 'heart' on the box I assume it this one as it meets the criteria for that fragrance totally when I searched for information online about this fragrance!

      It sprays out of the bottle with ease and it's a very rich smelling fragrance indeed. Very layered in it's approach it richly but smoothly smells on vanilla really with a hint of musk to it and a very slight fruity smell to it which is meant to be of pear. It's rather sweet and girly and maybe she was when she met the photographer but to me and all I know of Madonna this isn't a fragrance I would particularly associate with her at all.

      I would think this is an evening fragrance and would appeal to real sweet perfume and vanilla lovers alike. It's a perfume that a couple of spays of this will linger on the skin for hours upon hours and I would advise caution not to go overboard as I did spray a couple too many squirts of this on my skin and ended up with people around me complaining about the smell making them feel a little sick!

      I like it but like I said earlier for me this isn't good ole Madge at all and it is a little on the sweet and girly side of things for me personally!

      By the way I did see this on tv the other day being talked about and the chances of it becoming a collectors item is high! If your interesting in purchasing this I would look about for it online!

      Thi review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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