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Nature Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews
  • Subtle yet long lasting
  • Lovely aroma
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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2014 01:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Subtle yet long lasting "
      • "Lovely aroma"


      NATURE is subtle yet long lasting

      This eau de toilette was a gift from a friend, given some years ago. I've used it sparingly. And it still smells good.


      I remember "Nature" came in a pretty yellowish box but that has long gone. Now I am left with the bottle which is tallish and narrow. It has a plastic stopper which has the appearance of glass. The bottle has branch design on both sides and the word “Nature” is printed in black on one side in small lettering. The design is very subtle and natural looking.

      My bottle has the splasher type of application rather than a spray. I do prefer a spray but then it was a gift so I won’t complain. I'm always grateful to receive a gift, especially of a nice fragrance like this one.


      Notes are mainly flora and a touch of fruit. Mandarin, mint leaves, daphnée, Lily-of-the-valley, cedar, rose, jasmine and freesia blend well.

      I love the smell of freesia which can be detected along with Lily-of-the-valley and rose. I think the jasmine aroma gives this perfume its strong scent and helps it to last well. And yet, the jasmine doesn't take over.


      I would describe this scent as being, like the bottle design, subtle and natural.
      It is quite strong and long lasting. A little really does go a long way “Nature.”
      Yves Rocher says, about this scent:

      “A breeze that carries the scent of velvety moss and crunchy bark, fruity mandarin that mingles with the thrill of fragrant rose, jasmine and freesia... Nature Eau de Toilette offers you an essential timeout in nature.”

      Flowery words but quite apt, I would say.


      I think this lovely natural scent will suit most skins and women of all ages. However, I do think it might not appeal so much to teenagers and twenty somethings, as it isn't exactly a high fashion perfume.

      I would say this eau de toilette is best described as a charming pretty scent that is natural and has stood the test of time.

      I would say that it is a nice scent to wear of an evening but owing to its natural aroma it is a great one to daub here and there for daytime wear.


      I find that Yves Rocher Nature lasts very well. In fact, I was surprised by its longevity, believing that such a natural and subtle smell wouldn't last but I was wrong as it really does last well.


      This is a lovely eau de toilette from Yves Rocher. It’s long lasting yet subtle and pleasant and just that little bit different.

      I would recommend it.


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        06.06.2012 21:50
        Very helpful



        This is a beautiful fragrance that is obviously still a top seller even after 18 years and it's easy

        *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

        As most people who are familiar with my reviews will know I have a love of beauty items from the French company Yves Rocher. I have been using their products most of my life as my mum always bought YR products and I remember spending money from my first wage aged 17 on an Yves Rocher, so it's safe to say I am a huge fan.

        There aren't many ranges that I haven't tried (barring some make up as I simply don't wear much, if any) but one thing I can say is I've tried just about every fragrance that Yves Rocher has launched in the past 18 years or so that I have been a customer. I haven't actually bought full size bottles of everything as I've been very lucky to receive small samples every time a new addition to the fragrance family has been launched. The samples range in size from 2.5ml vials to miniature 7.5ml bottles which give a good indication of how the fragrance will come across on my skin as there are ample uses even in the 2.5ml vials.

        This review will focus on my experience of wearing Nature EDT.

        *~*Price, packaging and availability*~*

        Nature is available in both male and female versions and has proven a popular product over the years and has never been retired (up to press). The female version in EDT form is available in a 60ml spray and priced at a very reasonable £12.95 - which for an Yves Rocher fragrance is very good value.

        The EDT comes presented in a green glass bottle which is upright standing and has a slight curvature to it, more so on one side. The glass has a slight green tinge and embossed is a leafy design, which along with the plain green lid is meant to give the impression of a leaf and have an overall 'natural' look; hence it's name of Nature.

        As this is an Yves Rocher product as usual it can be purchased in the following ways:

        *Online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk
        **By phoning 0870 049 22 22
        ***In one of their stores
        ****Through their mailing lists, where they offer a 3 month credit facility (subject to status of course)
        *****Through Ebay where a large number of items can be found at half the price

        *~*The fragrance itself*~*

        Nature EDT is classed as being in the Green Floral grouping and is made up of the following notes:

        Crushed Mint Leaves

        Headspace Daphnée


        *~*My experience of wearing this*~*

        I have to start by saying that although this particular fragrance has been around for a while now, launched back in 1994 to be specific, it's not a fragrance I've worn much of over the years and I don't really have a valid reason as to why not.

        When Nature was first launched I remember buying a full size bottle and was happy enough wearing it despite it being a 'green and leafy' scent, something which I am not normally a fan of preferring warmer oriental fragrances as a rule. When I placed an order with YR a few months ago I was sent 3 vials of 'natural' EDT's as a free gift, one of which being Nature, which struck me with nostalgia as well as a new found passion for this simply stunning fragrance.

        *Please note, though this review focuses on the sample size I have owned and used the full size bottle on several occasions in the past*

        On applying Nature to my skin I was pleasantly surprised with just how fresh and truly natural this scent is and though the packaging has a slightly older retro appearance these days having not differed in the last 18 years, the fragrance itself is incredibly fresh and not remotely dated.

        The EDT kicks off with a citrus splash with the opening notes of Mandarin feeling fresh and with just the right amount of citrus for me personally. I'm not a fan of anything too zesty or citrus based but the mandarin used here is lively and smells extremely authentic and makes an interesting collaboration with Crushed Mint Leaves. The mint on it's own could come across as too cool, despite offering a sublime freshness, but mixed with the mandarin it is counteracted and I love the result when I first apply this to my wrists and neck.

        The EDT takes on a more floral theme once it starts to dry with the delicate notes of Lily Of The Valley making themselves known. I have absolutely no idea what 'headspace daphnee`' is at all so I can't comment on whether it makes it presence known or not, but what I do know is the lily of the valley more than makes up for anything Nature may be lacking as it is soft and delicate with an almost powdery feel but without coming across as *too* floral if that makes sense.

        The fragrance settles on a deeper note of cedar, though it still retains it's leafy freshness as the cedar just seems to add a much needed injection of warmth into the EDT which saves it from being too 'cool'.


        I had honestly forgotten how much I liked this fragrance and think it partly got pushed to one side in the likability stakes as Yves Rocher introduced more modern and up to date perfumes/ EDT's. As mentioned the actual EDT smells beautiful and so fresh and indeed natural that it's hard not to like it, though the packaging is a little outdated these days.

        One thing I love about YR products is how natural they smell and as their products are made using plant based materials this is evident more so here in this EDT as it offers a rich leafy aroma that smells of freshly cut grass with the addition of the citrus/ mint and floral notes. Although this is quite a strong fragrance when applying it at first, it does fade to a more comfortable degree and personally find it suits my skin for general daytime wearing.

        Longevity wise it's quite reasonable as even tough it does start to fade slightly after applying it the EDT can be detected for at least 4 hours. There are a plethora of matching products available including shower gels and body lotions so if you wanted to layer the fragrance to make it longer lasting then this is also an option as the full size bottle is rather bulky and heavy to carry around in your bag.

        This is a lovely fragrance that I had simply forgotten about but will make sure I look into buying a full size bottle when I next place an order as it is simply a forgotten gem that smells divine.

        5/5 from me.


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