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Nina Ricci Love in Paris Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Nina Ricci / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      25.01.2014 16:54
      Very helpful



      Love' In this perfume

      I've had my eye on this Nina Ricci Love In Paris eau de parfum for a while.
      When I buy perfumes I usually buy the biggest bottle available because it takes longer to get through them and I hate it when a bottle is less than half full. I think it looks uncared for. I know I'm weird, but a fuller bottle looks far more appealing and larger bottles look fuller after more sprays than smaller bottles!

      The bottles I found available online were 30ml or 50ml so that was the choice I had. The 30ml bottle and the 50ml bottle have slightly different designs.
      They are the same shape; they have a rectangular shaped glass bottle, which curves downwards at the top and a long clear plastic lid which curves upwards.
      Both bottles have, 'Love in Paris' across the right hand side of the bottle, but the 30ml bottle has a little heart after the word Paris and then 'NINA RICCI' underneath in small letters.
      On the 50ml bottle there is no little heart and instead in large letters across the bottom of the bottle is the word, 'NINA'.
      I opted for the 30ml bottle because of the little heart. I know that's sad!
      The perfume itself is a light orange colour.

      ~ Price ~
      I bought this perfume from tescodirect.com at the discount price of just £11.10 for the 30ml bottle.
      It is also available on allbeauty.com for £16.65 (RRP £26.00) for 30ml or £24.85 (RRP £35.00) for 50ml.

      ~ Scent ~
      This was a blind buy. I hadn't tried this prior to my online order, but I had read some good reviews and had been curious to try it for a while.
      It has top notes of bergamot and star anise.
      The heart notes are apricot, jasmine, peony and rose.
      The base notes are musk, woods and vanilla.
      The scent reminds me of lily-of-the-valley. I really like it, although I don't actually like the scent of lily-of-the-valley!
      It has that clean, green, fresh scent to it. It does have a floral element, but I couldn't honestly pick out any of the floral notes in it individually.
      The bergamot is evident as the fragrance begins to settle on my skin and then the lily-of-the-valley scent dominates the fragrance as the bergamot calms down a bit. The scent is not harsh like I usually find lily-of-the-valley to be, but it softens even more as the perfume wears down. There is a slight muskiness as the scent wears down further, but I can still smell the lily-of-the-valley type note right until the perfume wears off.

      It is quite a mature scent that I can imagine would be popular with more mature women rather than teens or younger women. Although it is a mature scent, I wouldn't say it smells particularly expensive like I find more mature scents often do.
      It lasts on my skin for about 5 hours before wearing off.

      This scent does not make me think of Paris and/ or love. From the name I would have expected a more sophisticated scent, but it is pleasant all the same.

      It is a very pleasant scent and although it isn't my favourite fragrance I would consider repurchasing it if my bottle was to run out. It is very feminine and elegant. I feel that it is quite unique and different from the other fragrances I own so it definitely has a place in my collection.
      I would recommend this fragrance especially if you can get it for the price I paid.


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      17.12.2011 15:53
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Lovely perfume

      I am ridiculously fussy when it comes to perfumes, which has it's advantages (I don't buy lots because it's rare that I find any I like!) and it's disadvantages (I'm hard to buy for!) I often find fragrances smell lovely on other people, and when I try it it just doesn't suit me. I don't like overly powerful perfumes, nor flowery, musky or overly sweet perfume. I told you - I'm fussy! However this little lovely has past all my scent tests, and has actually earnt it's placing on my dressing table.

      Love In Paris is one of many perfumes by Nica Ricci but is a bit of a pain to get hold of. I originally bought mine from the chemist I work in but we no longer stock it, and I've never seen it in Boots. Having said that I've just had a nosey online and it's actually selling on the TJ Hughes website for £12.99 for 30ml bottle...bargain!

      The packaging isn't anything to write home about, which is a shame because I'm a sucker for a pretty bottle. It comes with your typical spray top and as far as I am aware only comes in an eau de parfum, which is stronger than a watered down eau de toilette.

      * Notes *

      Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Green of Violet, Star Anis& Fresh Rose.
      Middle Note: White Peony, Velvety Apricot & SheerJasmin.
      Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Clear Musks &Vanilla Touch.

      With a perfume named Love in Paris, you already have an idea of how you're expecting it to smell. I was hoping for a light, romantic scent (if a perfume can be romantic?!) Anyway, I wasn't disappointed.

      As with most perfumes, this needs to settle on the skin before you can get a true idea of the scent. Immediately after spraying it's a little too sweet and cloying and I wasn't overly impressed. However once it settles, it really is lovely. You can detect the scent of the apricot , which whilst fruity isn't overly sweet. It's floral enough to feel and smell feminine without being too strong. It has quite a distinctive scent which I love about it, because there's so many perfumes out there that smell the same.

      It's quite a light scent so isn't too overwhelming but that's perfect for me, and my husband who sneezes if I wear something too overpowering! Despite this it's still long lasting, and not one of those perfumes that you constantly have to reapply. I actually prefer the base scent after the initial sweetness has worn off so I'm glad I don't have to keep spraying it. It's longevity is probably helped by the fact it's an EDP rather than an EDT.

      Due to the light fruity scent, I'd say it's suitable for both the young and the not so young. It's not too sweet that I associate it with cheap celebrity perfumes aimed at teenagers, and it's not overly floral or musky to smell like you've been raiding your grandma's dressing table.

      It really is lovely, and suitable for both day and night time. It's my "go to" perfume which is perfect for any occasion and even my husband likes it! Result!


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    • Product Details

      Launched in September 2004 this enchanting fragrance has top notes of bergamot, star anise and rose, middle notes of white peony, velvety apricot and sheer jasmine and base notes of sandalwood, cedar wood, musk and vanilla.

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