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Nina Ricci Premier Jour Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Nina Ricci / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women / Type: Day Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      15.09.2011 13:53



      absolutely gorgeous!

      I love this perfume and have been wearing it now for about eight years.
      It is very hard to find in the UK, but can often be found for sale abroad or at duty free in the airports. It can be bought online at amazon or ebay, or other specialist shops. I think this adds to the perfumes charm as it is unlikely you will smell it on someone else. It's also nice when someone asks you what your perfume is as they've never smelt it on anyone else before. Prices online vary a lot, but it can normally be bought for about £30 for 100 mL. There is also a tiny 30 mL bottle which is brilliant for popping in your handbag for refreshing before a night out etc. The 30 mL bottle sells for about £15 on amazon, but is very expensive on ebay, so if you're buying this product on ebay, make sure you check the bottle size or you could be getting a very bad deal.
      The perfume is a pleasant pale orange colour. I've never noticed any problems with the colour staining fabrics, but the perfume will stain silks, as will all perfumes.
      The scent lasts well into the day, and I can still smell it on my wrists 12 hours after spraying. The smell is not overpowering, and is not at all sickly. This perfume has citrus and floral tones running through it.
      I really like this perfume, but wouldn't recommend it to a friend as I want to keep it for myself!


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      30.06.2011 20:14
      Very helpful



      A delicate floral fragrance that is lovely for a summer's day

      I love pretty perfume bottles and have a collection of them in my bathroom. I used to wear fragrances by Nina Ricci all the time when I was younger and my favourite one was Le Belles De Ricci - Almond Armour. Although her fragrances are not really the type of perfume that I would choose for myself now, I still frequently end up receiving perfumes created by the designer as Christmas presents from family members.

      Premier Jour by Nina Ricci is designed to be a subtle and discreet fragrance that becomes part of who you are rather than an obvious additional scent. It is supposed to represent the continuous joy and sense of fulfilment of the women who has everything she wants. Premier Jour means First Day in French and the fragrance was released in 2001 to represent the beginning of a new century so it is far from being a new fragrance.

      The fragrance is a largely a floral one. There is an initial top note of Yellow tangerine that is extremely obvious but fades within a few seconds. It is followed by the gentleness of Morning Dew Gardenia and Vanilla Orchid. A touch of almond is added to the heart of the fragrance and a woody depth is used to create the bottom notes thanks to Mysore Sandalwood and Musk.

      Packaging and Price
      The bottle is very attractive to look at and it makes the fragrance look classy and expensive. The bottle appears as if there has been three circles of glass stacked one on top of the other and that are slightly out of line. The bottom two are transparent while the top circle is in fact the lid and that circle has a pale golden frosted appearance which is translucent.

      Though the glass you can see the honey coloured perfume inside. The lid has a hole in the top and it is easy to put the lid on upside down if you're not concentrating. When you pull off the lid, you see the silver dispenser which you push down to release the fragrance.

      The bottle comes in sizes of 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. I have the 100ml size and although I don't know the exact price because it was a present, it will have cost around £35 to buy. It is available in large department stores such as Boots, perfume shop and on many online websites. The price varies greatly so it's a good idea to shop around.

      My thoughts
      This fragrance is solely a floral one in my opinion after that initial citrus blast that lasts a matter of seconds. I was disappointed that I couldn't detect any vanilla at all as it is one of my favourite aromas and there is no sweetness to the fragrance whatsoever. I can't smell any woody aromas either and the musk is extremely gentle and barely there. The floral scents are obvious and evident.

      Quite a powerful spritz is released with each push of the button and one push is enough to cover each wrist more than enough. If you hold the bottle at a distance, it releases a gentle mist, if you hold it close to your wrist then you get a wet pile of fragrance on your skin.

      This fragrance isn't particularly strong at all and nobody has ever really commented on it. It is more like a body lotion smell than a fragrance in my opinion but this is obviously longer lasting. The aroma seems to be part of you rather than a fragrance that you have added. I can smell it strongly when I put my wrist to my nose but it isn't a perfume that I am constantly reminded that I am wearing.

      The fragrance will remain on your skin until you wash it off, so it has good staying power. Reapplication isn't really necessary which means you won't need to use as much as the bottle will last longer. This fragrance is also unusual in that it doesn't seem to intensify as you add more, it remains on the same level of strength.

      It is more of a day fragrance than a night one as it lacks power and intensity but that is the way that it has been designed. You could easily wear it to work everyday and never get fed up of it. It is delicate and gentle and would suit the classy and sophisticated lady. As it is so floral, it is probably better suited to summer days but it could be worn in winter too without seeming out of place.

      The fragrance isn't fun or sweet enough for me so I don't wear it very often at all but I know that one day I will grow to appreciate it more. If you like delicate floral fragrances that are subtle and suited for day time wear, then this fragrance will be perfect for you.


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