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Clarins Elysium Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Clarins / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    1 Review
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      17.06.2010 12:22
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      While this perfume holds for quite some time, I don't think this is quite something for me. I received this as a gift but frankly speaking, the overpowering floral smell was a bit too generic for me- not to mention the fact that I seriously risked smelling like a mobile atomizer. However, if you happen to have a penchant for somewhat heavy and intense scents, this might just be the perfume for you. The staying power is quite okay in fact, it lasted for hours when I wore it. I, however, learned the hard way that this cannot be applied on clothes- it stained my clothes and the stain is still refusing to come out! Personally, I found myself smelling a little bit like my granny and her own overpowering floral perfumes when I wore this! Had this been a light floral, I wouldn't have minded it as much but the heaviness of the scent really bugs me.

      The bottle most definitely reflects the scent. Old fashioned and simple, it's literally the kind of bottle which I would personally except to smell very flowery. The bottle is softly rounded and transparent to reveal the pale gold liquid inside, and it's topped with a nice white cap. It's however, not that easy to hold and might slip quite easily. Another issue that I've got with this bottle is that the cap gets a bit tricky to open and close- the shape means that I usually have to jiggle it to close the perfume again, and that's usually quite annoying when I'm in a hurry.

      As soon as you open the bottle, the predominant scent is definitely a blend of Roses and Freesias. If you ask me, these two flowers smell quite overpowering on their own and it might not have been such a great idea to blend them together. Moreover, the first spray carries a very strong whiff of alcohol- or at least this particular generic smell which you usually get in air fresheners. Thankfully, the initial smell doesn't take long to lighten up and it soon reveals other, more pleasant smells. I would say that it the secondary smells are just a touch fruity, maybe something like papaya or melon. While these scents would have been great on their own, I'm not overly fond of a blend of papaya, rose and freesias. There was also a hint of something a little more spicy or musky and this was definitely followed by sandalwood. Moreover, according to the box, this perfume is also supposed to contain honeydew and some other earthly fragrances, along with jasmine (as if it needed more floral), but frankly speaking, these were extremely hard to discern under the powerful floral smells. I was quite dismayed to see that while the rose-freesia smell lightened up a bit after some time, the overall perfume remained quite heavy and too intense for me.

      It's also quite powdery to the skin and that's definitely not a pleasant sensation. Also, I would certainly say that one spray is more than enough- the smell is really too heavy for me to spray more than once. That's quite a shame because I usually like to be spray myself extremely liberally before I leave home. But it definitely has plenty of staying power. In fact, this really clings to the clothes and I would smell it all over my blouse the following day- which wasn't such a good thing since I truly am not fond of this perfume. But if you're interested in the perfume, you definitely won't be disappointed by the staying power because it's really, really strong. Just wear it over your clothes like I did because it really causes ugly stains.

      The good thing is that it seems to be gentle on sensitive skin. This is supposed to contain alcohol but it must be in quite low doses since my skin neither burned nor got irritated- and believe me when I say that my skin's sensitive enough to flare up at the very first drop of an alcohol-filled perfume. If I were to wear this perfume again (which I seriously doubt I will), this is not something I would wear for an evening, neither for an important daytime occasion. It's rather something which I would consider suitable for rather boring family gatherings, job interviews or the likes, because according to me, this perfume is too dull, too overpowering and too generic smelling for other occasions.

      Overall, I would recommend this only if you happen to like heavy flowery smells. It's a bit too generic for me but my best friend happen to like it, so maybe I don't like this so much because it's simply not my style at all. The staying power is really great, though, so you might be entirely pleased with it if floral's your thing. Not for me, I'm afraid!

      Unfortunately, while Amazon stocks other Clarins perfumes, this particular one is not available over there. But you can purchase it on the following site- with worldwide free shipping:

      The price is at £42.96 for a 50ml bottle.

      ~Thanks for Reading~


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