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Paco Rabanne Paco Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Paco Rabanne / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: Unisex

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    2 Reviews
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      08.11.2010 16:59
      Very helpful



      great aroma

      Its crazy that paco rabanne original is here as a unisex aroma. I wear this and have done for years and although women tell me they love the smell I have not come across one who wears it herself.

      I wear this on and off and a bottle will last for a long time. I mix and match with what I wear and paco rabanne original will suit many of my moods. I think any man can wear it well as it sits on that happy position of being just right for most people.

      I like the green glass bottle with easy clear lines and a shape that works great with the black plastic bottle lid you twist to the side to get off. I think the box in metallic green with the silver edge is great too, classy, stylish and easy to look at.

      The aroma I get from paco rabanne is a good one. I can wear it any time any place and it will fit. I think anyone can do the same. Its easy , its smooth its classic it doesn't get up your nose in a bad way.

      This is a 1970s aroma but I think it still works. I don't think it has dated and I will always enjoy wearing it. It lasts well and is lighter on your skin than the xs and xs black can be.

      I think this is an aroma that uses many herbs like rosemary, aromatic clary sage and rosewood. I like these first aromas that hit me as they are very inviting. I do detect the lavender in this when it goes on and that stays with me for a long time when I have this on. I like lavender and my nose it good at knowing its there.

      The strong bits in this are warm amber that stops this being too cool and cold, lots of musk for a long lasting smell and oak moss for a woody finish. The sweetness I get briefly in this is honey and it is good natural honey aroma that goes perfect with every thing else.

      I enjoy wearing this and would recommend it. I can pay just £19 for a 50ml bottle of this and it will last a long time. I have had a bottle for over a year and its been used on and off but still smells great.


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      23.10.2007 18:45
      Very helpful



      A scent with ATTITUDE ... Need I say more

      I am plunging into the unknown here - Reviewing a fragrance is one that I have yet to take on - unfamiliar territory and so I’m sort of approaching it slightly blind as to how to go about it. So I figured the best way to tackle this review is head on - no inhibitions - You the readers will be my judge & jury - I await the verdict. The cologne I am going talk about is one that I am well-known with and one that I simply cannot be without. It is the focal fragrance that houses my bathroom and showeroom shelves and has done so for the past eight years. If somebody asked me to describe this scent in two words then I would say Paco Rabanne is simply: PERFECTION & BALANCE. A classic men’s fragrance that will never go out of style - a scent with attitude.

      I was a little a toddler when this eau de toilette spray first came out - I was six years old. How is one supposed to know about a fragrance that came out more than thirty years ago? - The odds of me stumbling across this particular fragrance & smell were pretty slim. What with all the other top brands in the forefront of the perfumery world as well as an array of new designer scents being launched on a constant. So there was no way I was going to be made aware of this hidden & forgotten cologne. That was until good old duty free - Alicante airport summer of 1999, browsing the aisles to buy someone a gift, I also ended up buying myself something - that something being a 100ml Paco Rabanne Pour Homme bottle and was I glad I did. It has now become my main fragrance used for most of my casual and formal occasions - an inviting aroma that never fails to impress, an exciting blend that poses many questions when worn.

      Whats that you’re wearing? Or what a nice smell - What fragrance is that? Or you always smell nice lol - After eight years of constant use people still stop to ask me about the scent. Noses twitch with a pleasing acceptance when getting a whiff of the Paco Rabanne aroma - enticing you to want to know more. When compared to the other aftershaves I have used, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme has been by far the most popular when attracting the ladies & continues to do so - a manly and inviting odour that women can’t resist. A sharp fiery pungent smell that when entering a room you leave a fresh and clean sensation in the air and when leaving the room the aroma still remains. At work even when not seen around the office building some of my work colleagues say “I know Roberts in because I can smell him” - interpret that what ever way you wish lol but in this case they mean I SMELL GOOD lol.

      Let’s talk about the man himself for a bit - Paco Rabanne is a fashion designer who was born in the north of Spain, a city called San Sebastian in 1934. Commonly known as the Basque country. My mother was also born in the north of Spain, Basque country as well, the city of Bilbao - Both cities are practically neighbours. My point being that maybe the reason why I like this fragrance so much could be due the familiar culture - You see the Paco Rabanne aroma has that sort of Mediterranean smell to it , the right combination of masculinity woodiness and citrus scent that I find countries like Spain , Italy , Greece , Portugal tend to use more. On the other hand I find that more fruity and citrus aromas are more popular in the UK.

      Paco Rabannes merchandise can be found virtually anywhere in Spain , of course you get your other top brands but they do go that extra yard to make sure Paco Rabannes products can be seen as well as heard. Having said that however, Paco`s latest edition to his collection of men’s fragrances has fallen short in my estimation. Black XS, Eau de Paco & Ultraviolet - none appeal to me. I don’t think his latest men’s fragrances all of which have been created in the last seven years will be able to stand the test of time like the classic Paco Rabanne has done. I do stock up when going abroad; I buy at least x4 100ml bottles of this fragrance. - Like I said I can’t be without it.

      [A quick overview on packaging & presentation:]

      Paco Rabanne Pour Homme

      •Designer House: Paco Rabanne
      •Year Created: 1973
      •Fragrance Notes: vibrant & manly smell - rich & spicy
      •Staying Power: 6-8 Hours
      •Scent strength: Moderate.
      •Target Age: 25 Plus
      •Recommended Use: Casual & Formal

      Packaged in a dark green box the presentation is nothing special but what is special is what hides within the box. A classy looking tinted green bottle that stands elegantly on any bathroom shelf - the shape of the bottle is best described when compared to a whisky flask - Easy to hold and grip, a well contoured bottle that sits nicely on the palm of your hand. Not like many of the weird shaped bottles you find today - they may look good but there not practical when applying or standing. The Paco Rabanne spray/apply mechanism is very unique - the bottle has no top to it, instead it has a shiny chrome push button effect when applying on neck. One that is durable and one that will sure see out the empty bottle and still function as good as day one. The pump action spray feature is something that has not been quite mastered by some brands - I`ve had to throw away half used bottles of aftershaves in the bin because of this - they either break off or just stop working altogether. The spray mechanism and the shape of the bottle make applying so quick and easy - A few squirts on the neck is all that is needed, immediately creating a refreshing and clean pleasing aroma. Paco Rabannes excellent staying power will see out those long working days or the hot summer months where we tend to sweat more. A scent that is not overpowering or unbearable but perfectly balanced.

      [A quick overview on scent & target audience:]

      Paco Rabanne pour homme is an aromatic fern fragrance which is mixed with an array of scented notes:

      •Oakmoss & Honey Tobacco
      •Geranium & Clove
      •Lavender & Thyme

      The above combine well to create a rich and sharp spicy aroma - Most definitely a very manly odour, one that generates the right combination of woodiness and citrus smell. This Paco Rabanne fragrance is aimed more at the mature man but having said that those who are 25 years and above would find this eau de toilette cologne a top of the range pick. As nice as this fragrance is I would not recommend it to the younger age group - too strong & very manly. - don’t think this scent will go down to well with the teen crowd but then again I could be completely wrong. Aroma scents are a personal thing - what one finds off putting another may find pleasing.

      [A quick overview on products & prices:]

      A mistake that can so easily be done when purchasing this product is buying the Paco Rabanne aftershave instead of the Paco Rabanne eau de toilette spray - Why ? Don’t ask me why but my friends and family do - they know how much I like this fragrance but sometimes they buy me the wrong 100ml bottle. Even though they have the same name and bottle shape the scented aroma is different as well as the colour of the bottle - one is a tinted dark green whilst the other is a transparent bottle. Despite the obvious visually my friends and family at times still buy me the aftershave instead of the eau de toilette spray. I appreciate the gift don’t get me wrong but it annoys me when I`ve told them several times that it’s the dark green bottle I like not the aftershave. Could it be that they do this because the aftershave is cheaper lol - Hmmm I do wonder sometimes. Okay then, below are a list of prices and some of Paco Rabannes Pour Homme products available to you:

      Paco Rabanne eau de toilette spray is available in five bottle sizes:

      • - 30ml - £ No price - Too small so never enquired.
      • - 50ml - £ 25.00
      • - 100ml - £36 but I can buy in Spain for around £19.00
      • - 200ml - £50.00
      • - 1000ml - £160

      Paco Rabanne aftershave splash is available in three sizes:

      •75ml - £20
      •100ml - £24
      •200ml - £37

      You also have products available that give off the exact scented fragrance as the eau de toilette spray - they are:

      •Shower Gel - 100ml will set you back £12.00
      •Aftershave Balm - 100ml will set you back £19.00
      •Deodorant Spray - 150ml will set you back £13.00
      •Deodorant Stick - 75ml will set you back £ 11.00

      I am now starting to not only use the fragrance but also Paco Rabannes additional products as well - I find they are good value for money , just like the fragrance I get no skin allergies or bad reaction when using the gel or the aftershave balm - leaving my skin fresh , clean and revitalised - right out of the shower scent. Purchasing the above will always be found in top retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges, Debenhams, John Lewis but smaller retailers and chemists may struggle to meet demand. Another option is to trawl the websites or in duty free shops when abroad. Paco Rabanne is an international name that is well established in the perfumery world.

      [My Final Verdict]

      I keep a good variety of colognes and so over the years I have come across many bad scents as well as good. We all have our favourite fragrances and evidently Paco Rabanne pour homme is mine - a scent that has all the elements of class, seduction, and elegance. So what ever your taste or lifestyle I’m sure this fragrance would fit the bill.

      Highly Recommend !! -

      Thanks - © Strood 2007 @17.40 23/10/07


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