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Paco Rabanne Ultrared Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Paco Rabanne / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women / Contents: 80 ml

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    4 Reviews
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      03.05.2011 09:51
      Very helpful



      A fruity floral summer fragrance with notes of vanilla, licorice and red berries.

      This fragrance by Paco Rabanne was released in 2008 and there is a version for both men and ladies. This one focuses on Red Berries while the men's is based on Blood Oranges. I chose this fragrance because I already loved Black XS by Paco Rabanne and also because I saw this one was based on Vanilla which I am addicted to.

      I bought mine on the Strawberrynet website without ever having smelt the fragrance which is something I've never done before. It's almost like buying a piece of jewellery without seeing it, a risky business but I liked the description and the ingredients so I decided it was worth it.

      It is a fragrance which had a combination of fresh fruitiness and sweet flowers. I think it's quite a fun and flirty aroma that is seductive, indulgent and delicious. The top notes are created using red fruits that you would expect to find in the wilderness. The Redcurrant and Wild Strawberry give the fragrance a touch of summer and elegance.

      At the heart of the fragrance is Jasmine, Star Anaise and Licorice. Jasmine is a delicate but powerful flower and the scent can clearly be detected here. Star Anaise is a star shaped bud and has the same sort of scent as Aniseed. The plant based Licorice provides the fragrance with a sweetness that is similar to the one provided by the Star Anaise.

      The Base notes include Marshmallow, Cedar and Vanilla. The Marshmallow provides further sweetness and the Vanilla gives it a delicious body. The Cedar gives it an exotic depth that, when mixed with the other ingredients, make the fragrance seductive.

      Paco Rabanne Ultrared comes in a similar type packaging to DKNY Be Delicious. Except instead of their famous apple design, this looks almost like a squashed apple. It has a silver metallic top which a pale red rim and then translucent red glass on the bottom half through which you can see the perfume. In order to dispense the liquid, you push down on the top half.

      Mine was on offer on Strawberrynet and I bought it for about £37. I chose the 80ml bottle as it actually cost less than the 50ml bottle on the website. A smaller 30ml bottle was also available. The fragrance can also be found in many large department stores, most perfume shops and from a variety of online websites.

      When you first smell this fragrance, you may be disappointed to discover that the red summer fruits can hardly be detected at all. It is the sweet middle notes that comes shooting towards you and the body of the bottom notes. I love sweet fragrances and this one is almost like being in a sweet shop but with a grown up twist.

      The perfume is fairly light and not as long lasting as other fragrances that I own. You'll need a few squirts to get the desired effect and you may need to reapply by the evening. I haven't found that many people comment on this in comparison to Black XS which all my friends love. On the flip side, nobody has said they dislike it either.

      All in all, this is the perfect fragrance for gentle summer days. If you don't like sweet aromas then you won't like this but if you do, this will be right up your street. Just don't buy this expecting to get a summer berry blast because you'll end up disappointed.


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        05.08.2010 13:33
        Very helpful



        I fell in love with this scent, because it's a fun scent. Maybe you'll love it too.

        Paco Rabanne Ultrared EDP

        I have the 80ml bottle.
        It comes in a simple box and I have to say, I think the design of the bootle is so cool - It's round, and rather than have a lip, it has a silver dome that you press.
        I just looked at the bottle, and turned it upside down to discover that the actual glass is pinky red tint.
        I love the bottle because it's easy to hold and I think it looks really good.
        I like having it on my drawer, and it certainly does attract a lot of positive attention.
        I don't actually know how much it cost, because I got it as a present.

        I have had this since March, so that is about 4 months, and I use it maybe 2 or 3 times a week, and it's still about 3/4 full.
        You don't need to use a lot of it, because the scent lasts all day.

        The actual scent is fruity, but a little bit musky, in my opinion.
        It's not an overpowering fragrance.
        I feel it's a young and fun fragrance.

        Smells lovely, not an overpowering scent, but scent is a personal thing, it lasts a long time, and its well presented.


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        13.08.2009 17:37
        Very helpful



        This fragrance is a great combination of fruity and oriental scents

        Paco Rabanne ultrared is ultra unique. The packaging consists of a rectangular box, half of which is red and the other half is pink, the bottle is like two half spheres joined together, one is silver and one is red, and the two are joined by a pink rubber strip. Unlike most fragrances this doesn't have a spray dispenser, instead you have to squeeze the bottle to release the perfume, which in my opinion is quite quirky. The fragrance contains the following notes: red currant, wild strawberry, licorice, jasmine, marshmallow, cedar, star anise and vanilla. When sprayed the fruity notes immediately hit you, but then it starts to mellow out and more sophisticated scents come out which are rich. I believe this could be worn both day or night because although fruity, its also oriental and sensual so its a great mixture of scents. A bad thing about this scent is that it has really poor staying power, a couple of sprays will only last between 3-5 hours so you would need to re-apply throughout the day, but the actual perfume has a decent consistency, so its not too wet and nicely settles into the skin. This fragrance is quite expensive, at around £30-40 for a 50 ml bottle and it can be bought at major retail stores such as boots and john lewis and online at amazon and eBay. Overall i would describe this fragrance has being quirky and fruity with a seductive twist.


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        20.06.2009 18:35
        Very helpful



        Perfect for day or night

        Ultrared is a "Floral, Fruity, Oriental Fragrance" from Paco Rabanne. It is a unique scent that oozes individuality and quirkiness. It is one of my favourites and is versatile enough for wear on any occasion. I would use it for day or for night. It's a scent that's guaranteed to turn heads. "An electrifying fragrance that dares to play with the contrast between sparkling and ardent".

        Price and Availability:
        The perfume is available in 3 different sizes. 50ml, 80ml and 100ml.
        It is quite pricey and retails at around £36.50 for the 50ml but if you shop around you'll be sure to find it cheaper.


        Extract taken from http://www.pacorabanne.com
        Top Note:
        'Mara des Bois' Strawberry - a very natural, fruity and juicy scent similar to wild strawberry, with colourful orange blossom notes.
        Groseille - A red fruit note very sparkling, acidulous which brings a touch of freshness.
        Middle Note:
        Jasmine Sambac - A white floral note, rich and creamy, with a hint of honey smell.
        Marshmallow - An impertinent and soft note, very feminine and sensual.
        Star Anis - An original note which brings freshness.
        Base Note:
        Cedar - The vibrant and dry character of this wood signs the fragrance.
        Vanilla - A mouthwatering and smooth effect to accompany the acidulous red fruits.
        Amber - An ingredient which brings very sensual warmth and balances the sparkling fruity notes.

        My opinion of the scent:

        Personally, I can't identify any of the ingredients mentioned above but I do agree it's a fruity scent yet has a luxurious creamy note to it. It's very feminine yet unlike any other fragrance I've smelt before. The smell is distinctive but not over-powering and keeps you wanting more. It's a sensual and seductive scent with a uniqueness that you'd come to expect with a Paco Rabanne fragrance. In my opinion, it's very elegant and sophisticated.

        The Bottle:

        "A gleaming sphere, whose ultra-femininity appeals to desire and passion."
        The bottle is made up of two disc like parts, one rose tinted glass and the other silver metal. These two parts are joined by a pink rubber section. The end result, a very striking and unique perfume bottle. I have the 50ml version and it sits nicely in the palm of my hand and will fit in my handbag.

        Using the perfume:
        To spray the perfume you hold the bottle silver side up and gently squeeze the bottle. It took me a while to work this out which I'm quite ashamed of as it's not really that difficult...

        To be honest I was a little disappointed that this didn't last longer, as the fragrance is so striking you'd expect to smell it hours and hours later, but sadly this isn't the case. To be sweetly scented for the duration of the day I'd say you'd need to reapply two to three times.

        I'd definitely recommend this product. It's one of my favourites and it's unlikely anyone else will be wearing anything similar as it's so different. 10/10 for Mr Rabanne.


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      • Product Details

        A fruity floral Eau de Parfum with notes of red currant, wild strawberry, star anise, licorice, jasmine,marshmallow, cedar and vanilla /

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