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Paris Hilton Heiress Coffret

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Brand: Paris Hilton / Type: Gift Set

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    1 Review
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      12.07.2012 00:54
      Very helpful



      An easy to wear fragrance

      ~Heiress, by Paris Hilton~

      Having previously bought a very nice Heiress gift set which had a full sized fragrance, a body lotion and shower gel presented within a smart looking satin effect make up bag, I was more than pleased when I came across an Heiress Coffret gift set that was reduced to half price. In my opinion the Heiress coffret I bought came neatly presented in a simple yet effective looking fragrance gift box, which showed that the products within came from the Paris Hilton fragrance range. Whilst I wouldn't have perhaps looked at this fragrance set had I not experienced the lovely bubble gum scented fragrance that the EDP has, having previously worn this fragrance and liked it, I jumped at the chance to purchase it so cheaply.

      I have worn my Heiress EDP both on its own and also layered with the other body care products that came in the set and found over all results to be rather good. I have found that the fragrance on its own has a slightly softer effect that fades a little more quickly over time, although this can be helped a great deal by using the body lotion on freshly washed skin prior to spraying on the EDP, which I feel helps retain the fragrance a little longer. The shower gel is lightly fragranced with the same girly pink fragrance that you get in the body lotion, which makes it a good match for the EDP when fragrance layering in my opinion. I have found that the shower gel on its own does feel much softer than the body lotion or EDP and the fragranced effect the gel has does fade rather quickly if not topped up by the other two.

      ~Product presentation and ease of use~

      The shape and size of the fragrance bottle can make it rather prone to being knocked over if not handled with care as the glass bottle is very tall and stands on a small sized square base. The squared off column shape of the bottle does look very smart and stylish in my opinion, but as it can so easily be knocked over I feel the height of the bottle is a slight negative point. In use I have found that even when the bottles I have had have been knocked on to the floor by accident they have remained intact and in working order. In spite of the issues with the bottle being easy to knock over, I feel that I like the over all look of the fragrance bottle, as it has a very pretty metallic silver/ metallic pale pink strip down one side that can be seen through the other 3 sides of the bottle.

      When looking at the fragrance bottle through the lightly tinted fragrance inside you can see an array of glittery sparkles which are set on to the metallic strip. The glittery/ sparkly bits tend to catch the light giving an attractive effect that enhances the look of the fragrance bottle in my opinion. The silver toned fragrance spray applicator works well to deliver a nice fine spray of fragrance to the skin and there have been no issues with the applicators on the fragrance bottles I have used seizing up or becoming blocked. The plastic see through fragrance bottle lid stays on reasonably well when on a dressing table, although it isn't something that would stand up to staying put if the fragrance bottle was thrown about inside a handbag.

      I feel that the shower gel and body lotion containers are both easy to handle with lids that can be used as a base on which to stand them if wanted. In my opinion it is easy to squeeze a small amount of shower gel or body lotion out of these plastic tube type containers in order to use either product and then twist the lids back on to keep the remaining gel or lotion fresh and ready for future use. The colours used on both containers are pink and girly yet compliment the fragranced shower gels and body lotions they hold, as this is a very pink and girly feeling fragrance that is warm and enjoyable to wear.

      ~Fragrance notes~

      Top notes (the initial blast of fragrance). ~ Think of juicy passion fruit and zingy orange with the addition of sweet yet slightly tangy peach granita. Add a bubbly champagne mimosa cocktail and you are heading in the right direction of what to expect from the short lived opening blast of this fragrance.

      Mid notes (a smoother blend that hits the nose around 20/ 30 minutes after that first spray) ~ A smooth mix of exotic star jasmine, tiare flower and ylang-ylang, followed by warm and sweetly fragranced honeysuckle, tangy dewberry blossom, and pink feeling grenadine all work very gently to enhance the bubble gum pink aroma of the fragrance.

      Base notes ( the staying power of the fragrance) ~ A combination of earthy yet floral violet leaf, woody and slightly smokey vetiver, almond/ vanilla scented tonka bean, and fragrant blondewoods, with the vanilla based tonka bean scent being the main base note that I can detect when wearing the fragrance for any length of time.

      ~Wearing the fragrance~

      When I wear the Heiress fragrance EDP I am reminded of a soft, smooth yet girly feeling sweet pink scent that I find very easy to live with. The longer the fragrance stays on the skin the more I feel it smells like soft fruity and lightly tangy vanilla scented bubble gum. From the outset there are obvious fruity hints of peach and passion fruit that come through, which over time soften quite a lot. A sweet bubble gum fragrance mixed with soft vanilla is the overwhelming scent that I can smell when wearing Heiress for any length of time, as the florals (ylang ylang, champagne mimosa, star jasmine and honeysuckle) do tend to get a little lost after an hour or so, meaning that I am unable to detect them much after wearing the fragrance for a while. In my opinion the base notes are not overly strong in this fragrance as time goes on, with the slight exception of tonka bean which does add a very soft vanilla effect to the bubble gum blend. Wear time on the skin is average in my opinion and top up sprays are needed from time to time if wanting to wear this fragrance for a full day.

      ~Price/ product rating~

      I have found that the cost of an Heiress gift set can vary greatly, with prices ranging from £17 to £30 per set depending on the size of the product containers included. A full sized 100ml bottle of fragrance, along with 90mls of body lotion and 90mls of shower gel can be commonly found within these gift sets, which I feel offers best value for money. In my opinion Heiress is a very pretty pink, vanilla bubble gum style fragrance that will appeal to younger fragrance wearers or those who like a sweetly scented summer style fragrance. I have found this fragrance to be very easy to wear on summer days or warmer evenings when the bubble gum fragrance works well on warm skin. The fragrance is both light and pretty with a young feel that lasts for some time on the skin, although top up sprays are needed from time to time if wearing this all day as it does fade over the course of a few hours. My rating for this fragrance is 4 stars.


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