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Guerlain Champs Elysees Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Guerlain / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      26.02.2011 16:11
      Very helpful



      not one I'd buy again

      Guerlain is a beauty brand founded by Pierre Francoise Pascal Guerlain in 1828. The French brand is now directed by Jean-Paul Guerlain and offers innovative, quality beauty products including makeup, skincare and fragrance.

      *~*Guerlain & Fragrance*~*

      Guerlain currently offer just over 20 fragrances for women. Many of them are widely available though some are quite rare and difficult to locate. The fragrances available include Samsara, Insolence and Idylle.

      *~*Champs Elysee*~*

      Champs Elysee is a famous area in the heart of Paris and the inspiration for its namesake fragrance. This review discusses the Eau de Toilette but an Eau de parfum, a pure perfume and a body lotion can also be purchased if desired. Champs Elysee is based on seduction and the promise of love.


      The glass bottle holding the perfume, is based on triangular shapes of 2 different sizes. The main part of the bottle offers 2 sharp edged triangles sweeping downwards. The sides are greeted with 2 smaller triangles sweeping upwards and you could be forgiven for thinking of the Louvre museum in Paris. The lid edges away from the triangular presence and takes form in clear rectangle. Champs Elysee is written in gold along the top and Guerlain at the bottom completing the look.


      As with any fine fragrance, Champs Elysee has been created with 3 different set of fragrance notes.

      *Top notes - a floral opening to rose petals and mimosa leaves

      *Heart notes - a blend of mimosa, buddleia and blackcurrant

      *Base - woody notes and vanilla finish off the scent

      *~*Availability & Price*~*

      Online stores appear to offer the best deals for this EDT. It is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes.

      www.escentual.com - £35.00/£49.50/£72.50
      www.cheapsmells.com - £18.59/£23.44/£33.89 (cheapest offers)

      *~*My Thoughts*~*

      I love my perfumes but buying them full price can be expensive if I end up not liking a particular one. Where possible, I like to obtain some samples or a miniature bottle of the more expensive scents and decide whether or not I wish to purchase the large bottle. I get most of my samples online through ebay as I find the department stores don't wish to give them out unless you are spending a fortune with them.

      Guerlain is a brand I have become slightly famiiar with over the past year or so. They are far from cheap but I believe you pay for the quality you receive through their products. Back in December, I became the proud owner of a collection of miniature perfumes and have enjoyed trialing them out. In this collection, there were a few Guerlain perfumes and this review discusses my use of the Champs Elysee. I have been to Paris on 2 occasions now and find it to be an amazing city full of culture and experiences so I hoped my EDT would allow me to relive my time in Paris.

      The bottle is quite attractive and although I have a miniature, it is almost identical to the full size. The full size bottle seems to have more quirky features and a faceted appearance but the miniature is the beautiful. It is a dab bottle I have and it can be placed into my handbag should I wish to top up the scent when out and about.

      *~*City Love*~*

      Clicking open my bottle and going in for a close up sniff, the scent is immediately appealing. It isn't a powerful scent but it is inviting. I dab a small amount onto my wrists and then my neck and am welcomed by what I can describe as a quick developing aroma! At first sniff, a fresh, floral arrangement takes hold..it is clean and gentle and although florals don't appeal to me too much, I was able to appreciate this one. Within 10seconds or so, the florals are uplifted and the rose becomes the dominating scent. It is joined by a sweet undertone which takes the edge of the rose a little.

      The heart of Champs Elysee spends little time pushing through and is generous but not overly exciting. I consider Paris and in particular the Champs Elysee to be a vibrant area but the aroma omitting here doesn't enthrall me. It is pleasant enough there is no doubting that but it lacks something different to make it stand out. The mimosa which didn't make itself known in the top notes brings itself to the top of queue in the heart. It is light and clean and although I am not familiar with the buddleia note, it must be in there offering a powdery infusion to the floral elements. The blackcurrant is there but I think it has been there as the sweet undertone from the start and is now diluted and unwilling to come through at a more concentrated level. It is worth noting that although not listed as a fragrance note, a light, minty aroma seemed to work its way through the heart.

      The heart was a bit disappointing but stuck around at an acceptable level for around 3-4hours. The closing scent gripped me the most as it combines 2 notes that I love the most. Sweeping in with an earthy, warm woody aroma it sticks like this for around an hour. The first I wore this, I was annoyed that the vanilla didn't come through quickly but it was worth waiting for. The warm woodiness is joined by a naturally sweet and appealing vanilla. It isn't an absolute vanilla but certainly concentrated enough to add a beautiful level of sweetness to the scent. It is creamy and places itself close to my skin for a further 2hours.


      This is quite a light scent that would suit Spring/Summer wear for during the day. Perhaps if you are just out and about and want to be wearing something. Its neither a young nor mature scent but you really do need to appreciate florals to carry it off.

      *~*Recommendation and Conclusion*~*

      Unfortuantely I wasn't entirely impressed with the strength and determination of Champs Elysee EDT. It is a lovely scent don't get me wrong, but it lacks anything special. Looking at the cheapsmells website, it can be picked up cheap enough to use as a back up scent. I do recommend it on that basis but don't expect an amazing quality just because its Guerlain as you will be disappointed!

      Thanks for reading x


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        05.01.2011 12:27
        Very helpful



        If you can handle the sweetness, this might be just the thing for a carefree summer day.

        Guerlain's Champs Elysees is a perfume with two incarnations: Jacques Guerlain created the first, now lost version in 1904, while the perfume in its current form was reorchestrated by Jean-Paul Guerlain and released in 1996. It's actually seen as a bit of a failure as a perfume nowadays as it failed to make much of an impact on the market at the time, but it must be doing something right because it's still available everywhere! Champs Elysees is categorised as a true floral perfume, very sweet and almost entirely flower-based.


        Champs Elysees is unashamedly feminine and unabashedly Parisian - the Guerlain flagship store is on the Champs Elysees and this perfume is an attempt to capture some of the spirit of Paris. The box is gold-coloured with abstract shiny gold lines, capped at each end with a pink strip at the bottom and a larger pink rectangle at the top, bearing the words "Champs Elysees". It's simple enough and in the usual format of Guerlain perfumes; the bottle is a clear glass offering which shows the very pale yellow (almost clear) perfume, tapered at the bottom with a flat base to stand it up and a glass lid. It's not as beautiful as the Mitsouko bottle or as innovative as the Insolence bottle, but the whole effect is nevertheless quite elegant and classic.


        The top notes of Champs Elysees are floral and sweet, sweet, sweet: rose emerges first, but not a heavy type of rose - this incarnation is light and sparkling, very fragrant without being sickly, and backed up by the further sweet, light fruitiness of peach and something that smells a little bit champagne-like to my nose. There's nothing watery about the top notes (Champs Elysees is far from being aquatic or citrus) but the initial scents lack depth or conflict; they sparkle, certainly, but all the sparkle is very 'surface', not backed up by anything deeper underneath, or any darker notes to add interest. In fact, the whole effect at first is very clean and clear, perhaps a little soapy, with a lot of brightness.

        The middle notes, developing after about 30-40 minutes, are dominated by mimosa blossom, which is a strange sort of scent - very delicate and definitely floral, but with a hint of wateriness and soap too. I've heard it described as being 'cucumber-like' before, and that seems to fit the bill very well, actually; it's the sense of water and liquidity but also a certain floral/vegetal quality which definitely comes out at this point. Buddleia makes an appearance at this point, adding some heaviness but not much variety as it's still a very floral scent. For such a light, floral, sparkling kind of perfume, the sillage on Champs Elysees is unbelievable - it remains very potent even as the top notes die away, so be careful about how much you apply and be prepared to scent the whole room you're in!

        As the middle notes turn into base notes, the scent becomes much creamier and, if it's possible, even sweeter. The heavy and floral buddleia becomes smooth almond - not gourmand-type almond (there's nothing foody or edible about it) but scented and pastel-ish, kind of like the scent equivalent of a sugared almond. The champagne reappears, but in a flatter, less sparkling form, along with a definite hit of vanilla which combines with the almond to produce a really creamy, almost powdery effect which lingers on and on and on.

        This might just be my skin, but at no point did I notice this scent losing any of its sweetness or developing anything approaching woodiness/musk; I've read a couple of descriptions which say that there's a 'woody' scent which appears in the base notes, which I suppose may be true on certain skins, but it's never there for me.


        I acknowledge that there is much to appreciate about this perfume. I like its 'happy' qualities - it's bright, sparkling and very fresh, perfect for a good mood and warm clear weather (although maybe not hot weather, as it's potent stuff and the almond and vanilla would get a bit too much). I like the interpretation of the Parisian theme and the fact that it's anything but cheap-smelling; there's no doubt that this is a quality perfume, well-blended and with a nice development as far as it goes. If you like your scents sweet, feminine, easy to wear and very floral/clean, this might well be a good bet.

        So there's nothing wrong with Champs Elysees: it's very likeable, inoffensive and easy to wear, it's got some personality and a certain charm, but - but - but I'm afraid it's just not particularly interesting. Compared to the great perfumes by Guerlain (Mitsouko, Shalimar, Vol de Nuit or even something like Samsara, to name just a few) it's uncomplicated and lacks a lot of the layers which make a truly brilliant perfume. Perhaps a lot of its trouble is its very easy-to-wear qualities themselves; it doesn't demand much and doesn't develop very far or go anywhere interesting or surprising. I have a bottle and do wear it sometimes, particularly in the summer, but it's not usually my first choice.

        I would have liked to smell the original 1904 Champs Elysees formulation, but seeing as it's incredibly rare and costs about £14,000 if you can even manage to locate a bottle, something tells me I won't be getting to try it any time soon!


        Champs Elysees is, like all Guerlain perfumes, quite expensive and not always widely available in standard high-street shops, though unlike something like Vol de Nuit which is becoming very difficult to find, anywhere that has a Guerlain concession will probably stock this one. Try Debenhams and House of Fraser; if you're in London then all the big department stores will have it. I've also had some luck with Guerlain perfumes in independent chemists, too, so it's worth checking. It is expensive, though, retailing at about £93 for 100ml EDT.


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          12.02.2003 22:56
          Very helpful



          This is one of my "can't live without " beauty products! I stumbled across it in 1996,when it first came out.I was seeing massive ads about this "great new fragrance from Guerlain",so in the end I was really curious to try it.(I'm always up when it comes to a new scent as I love changing them!) I bought the little 50ml bottle,so if I wasn't satisfied I could always say I didn't blow my money off..(not that it was a cheap expense anyway..) well as soon as I sprayed onto my wrist I got totally hooked. This perfume is just pure bliss!It's pure mimosa ,so if you like that flower I'm sure you won't be disappointed by Champs-Elysées.Of course the scent is very feminine and sweet,and I have to tell you that if you overuse it it could be a little bit cloying.I've never used the Eau de parfum,I guess it's very strong,as the Eau the toilette lasts for almost a whole day! This is a scent for every day,every occasion.If you're going to school,or to work,or even if you have a posh soirée I'd recommend it to you.What can I tell you,since 1996 I never miss to have Champs-Elysées on my dressing table,and I even bought the other products from the same range,try the Body Lotion which is as great as the perfume itself!


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        • Product Details

          Created in 1996, this feminine scent possesses a blend of floral rose, blackcurrant, mimosa leaves, hibiscus, and almond wood.

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