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Prada Candy Eau de Parfum

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5 Reviews
  • sweet is you like that
  • Lasts well
  • not a lot of development
  • Very sweet
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    5 Reviews
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      19.08.2014 11:53
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "sweet is you like that"
      • "Lasts well"


      • "not a lot of development"
      • "Very sweet"
      • Expensive

      This is a vanillary creamy concoction and pleasant enough but I still would not buy

      This is not a flashy unusual bottle like some posh perfumes. This is sleek and simple but still quite classy looking. The bottle is clear so the contents can be seen. That is good in that you get to see what is left but it does mean that you should keep it in its box or in the dark as light makes the perfume deteriorate. The bottle the n has a pink typical Prada coloured trim and a black lid. The lid comes off and under that you have a spray nozzle.

      Top Notes : Musks- which is unusual to have as a top note and this is a deeper scent with a rather powdery note in this

      Middle notes: Benzoin- This is a lovely creamy vanillary aroma and it does come through in the perfume.

      Base notes: Caramel- this perfume seems back to front to me as you usually get this as a top note but this is the toffee aroma which mixes with the benzoin to give the caramel toffee sweetness.


      This would never be a perfume I would have chosen just from the name alone. I am not drawn to sugary sweet. I prefer musky heavier earthy perfumes myself.

      It doesn't really do anything , it goes on sweet and vanillary and stay as that throughout. I didn't find it had much sillage as when I put some on my daughter I couldn't smell it on her even though that day I had not worn it myself.

      I could still smell it on me about three hours later and in fact faintly even another few hours though if I wanted to go out and smell of this I would have refreshed it. It stayed on my clothes as the next day I could still smell it on them.

      This is a perfume that I feel would appeal to those who like sweet perfumes and probably the younger market rather than a sophisticated perfume.

      This is in no way a unisex perfume, it is pretty in pink, girly, frilly and sweet in my view. It certainly isn't subtle as it whacks a big sweet hit with a slightly floral note to me. I don't know where the floral comes from but it does remind me of honeysuckle .

      The perfume fragrance is widely available.
      You can buy the 30ml size for around £40, the 50ml size for around £53 and the 80ml one for about £71.

      I cannot see me buying this perfume as it just is not my taste. I am not girly and sweet craving enough. I am happy to have had the sample to play around with but it has told me that this one is not for me.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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        03.08.2014 17:58
        Very helpful


        • "beautiful smell"


        • none

        prada candy

        On a recent anniversary, after dropping serious hints, my husband bought me some Prada Candy products, including this gorgeous smelling perfume. I love anything to do with Prada and as I can't afford any of their bags I decided the next best thing was some of their beauty products. 

        Prada candy is described as, "Pure pleasure wrapped in an impulsive charm.

        Excess is everything, and the Prada Candy fragrance is pure indulgence, combining exceptionally high quality ingredients in excessive proportions. It is the scent of a hedonistic and provocative girl, a confident darling whose sense of self and sensuality is expressed in the intensity of her fragrance.

        The unique and provocative cocktail is impossible to ignore, instantly seducing the senses with a wild shock of pink and gold. Timeless Musks drape concentrated Benzoin and Caramel, making for a deliciously unexpected signature that retains the sophisticated Prada charm."

        So, as you can see, there is a lot of clever marketing concerned with this perfume, aiming it at people that want a really seductive fragrance. For me, I find it's the perfect perfume for the evenings when I'm on a nice night out or on a date as it really does make me feel quite grown up and sophisticated. 

        To me, the first type of smell I get when I apply this perfume is a powdery musk which really envelopes my whole body. Then, when that musk smell settled I am left with quite a sweet, vanilla fragrance that gives this perfume it's staying power in my opinion. 

        The fragrances included in this perfume are listed as:

        Musks- A refined veil with a silky, powdery texture.

        Benzoin- Addictive and sensual, with warm and sweet vanilla-scented honey accents.

        Caramel- A playful and unexpected note with a sweet and delicious character.

        The bottle is gorgeous and again very sophisticated looking. It's a beautiful round tube of gold, making the perfume inside also appear golden and sophisticated and then thee is a flash of bright pink at the top of the bottle making it look bold and a little bit flashy but definitely in keeping with the Prada image. All in all, a perfect grown up perfume. 


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        28.01.2014 15:54



        Sweet, Fruity, AMAZING. Recommend it any day.

        You speak english if you're reading this right? so read the TITLE of the perfume again... Exactly... CANDY! And might I say HOW candy-like this is:
        First off, it has that ''sugary'' kick that one gets from eating candy... this perfume does it as well, as soon as you put it on, honey you're in for a treat (pun intended)
        This is really sweet and fresh and young but at the same time it is still a very classy perfume. Can be worn by any age group I think. If I could, I would buy it all over again because my current bottle is EMPTY but the sad thing is it is Sliiiiightly expensive and my pay has not yet come..so *fingers crossed* a relative's b'day is coming soon, maybe I'd bum a few sprays before we go out :P

        If you really like that sweet vanilla and sugary smell, with a hint of elegance in it, then this is the perfect perfume for you (convince your boyfriend or something, Valentine's Day is coming soon *wink wink* - take him to a perfume store and point at it 'by accident'), or maybe you have a friend who likes those qualities in a smell? Then trust me..... this right here - GOOD STUFF!!!!


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        27.12.2013 12:49
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a fantastic warm vanilla scent with a rich caramel twist

        As we all know, Christmas has just passed and one of the lovely gifts I requested was Prada Candy Eau de Parfum. It's strange as I am a total sucker for advertising, and it really just looked nice on the advert and I had never smelt it in my life before, but trusting the sensuous advert and reading about the notes online I figured it sounded nice enough so asked my mum to get it for me - now I love it!

        The bottle is quite simple, much like the picture, of a cylindrical transparent bottle, where you can see the orange perfume inside, with the pink Prada rim and a black bottle lid a bit like a stopper, which you pull off to reveal the spray nozzle. I think the bottle looks quite elegant and it looks beautifully on my chest of drawers. I got the small 30ml bottle so it is nicely sized and not over the top.

        The scent of the Prada Candy perfume (in my opinion) is really unique and like no other perfume I have had before. The notes are a gorgeous combination of caramel, musk, vanilla and Benzoin. It all combines for a scent that to me is really sweet, girly, very warm and is like vanilla with a more deep twist and long lasting heat. I am a big fan when it comes to vanilla perfumes, and this is the best I have had by far with it's unique aroma which soaks in to create a really comforting, attractive smell which whenever I have hugged someone in the last 2 days they ask what I am wearing!

        I really like this perfume as I feel that the New Year is dawning and I want a new image and with that a new scent. It oozes powerful ness and vibrance in it's rich smell and when settles in my skin or clothing, I am often sniffing myself enjoying the atmosphere! I definitely think it's target audience is the more sophisticated, confident woman, it is not a scent I think is girly or floral or subtle in any way.

        It's a very bold, strong scent that I think will make people sit up and take notice and for me the introductory Benzoin essence is what captures my attention with the caramel and vanilla working it's way through patiently and gives this scent a lot of longevity as a few sprays in the morning really last all day.

        Overall, I am loving this perfume, and since I hadn't even sniffed it once before it was given to me as a gift I am proud to call it mine and will definitely be continuing to buy it for the forseeable future! It costs £55 for the 30ml EDP and it's a lovely statement scent, that could be worn daily but would have much more effect as a special occasion perfume, like dinners or dates etc. I have to give it 5 stars and I am currently recommending it to everyone I know!


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          28.03.2012 16:47
          Very helpful



          I prefer eating candy to wearing it!

          Prada Candy was launched in August 2011 and in the run up to Christmas this fragrance seemed to be everywhere I looked. Although I had no real interest in trying it, I must admit I didn't complain when I was given a sample vial!

          Although I do not own the full sized product, I must say that this has to be the most well packaged sample I have ever seen. Most companies just stick the vial inside a folded card, but this one came in an oversized box with the same design as the full sized product. The little spray is even adorned with gold lettering, so it did give the impression of quality if nothing else. The full sized bottle, I am less impressed with. It has an art deco theme with the rounded bottle having a band of pink around the top and an oversized spray button. Although I can see the sort of look they were going for, to be honest I personally think it has come off looking rather cheap and it's disappointing that I am more impressed with the appearance of a sample vial than I am the full bottle!

          With a name like Candy, of course I was expecting this fragrance to be particularly sweet and sugary. The top note of the fragrance is said to be musk, with a heart of benzoin and a base of caramel.

          When initially sprayed, the first thing I detect is what smells like burnt caramel with an earthier edge and a slight sharpness of alcohol. The best I can say at this stage is that I find it pleasant, yet not particularly remarkable. It does not 'wow' me at all and to be honest the first time I used it I was a little disappointed, as from all the hype I had expected something that would blow me away.

          As the fragrance settles on my skin, the musk really becomes evident and although I would not particularly have thought it, it goes well alongside the sweetness of the caramel, which can still be smelled in equal measure. When I think of musk, my mind flashes to the mid nineties when myself and my friends discovered cheap musk scented body sprays, which we would wear in a choking cloud, presumably thinking it made us grown up. Thankfully there's none of that here, the scent smells quite luxurious and the musk gives the fragrance depth, whilst the caramel base provides a sweet creaminess. Even when the fragrance is fading, the creamy caramel scent lasts right up until the end and never feels too sweet or sickly.

          I'd say the staying power of this scent is around five hours. It's not as good as I may have hoped from a brand like Prada, especially when I consider that the last hour or so I can smell it, it is very muted on the skin and can only really be detected up close. I should note, that I only ever use a maximum of two sprays at a time, perhaps longevity would be less of an issue if I was a bit more liberal with it.

          In terms of what age I would recommend this to, it's rather hard to say. I don't find it to be a sophisticated 'grown up' scent, yet whilst I think the sweetness will appeal to younger women, the musk gives it an edge that would mean a more mature lady could carry it off just as well.

          I personally prefer this as a daytime scent, although I think you could get away with using it in the evenings too. It has a slightly warming quality to it, which I feel makes it suited to the cooler months and I don't think it is a coincidence that this fragrance was released just prior to the autumn.

          The fragrance is available in three sizes. It is widely available and can be found in Boots as well as most department stores. The following prices are taken from the Debenhams website but of course will vary depending on where you shop.

          30ml - £40
          50ml - £53
          80ml - £71

          I do think these prices are rather high although most fragrances tend to be expensive when first released and the price may go down a little, the longer this has been available. I personally do not like the fragrance enough to pay even the lowest price, for £40 I would want something a bit more 'special' and stand out.

          Overall, I do like Prada Candy, but I can't see myself ever owning the full sized bottle unless I am given it as a gift. The problem with the fragrance for me, is that it's not special or interesting and doesn't have the wow factor I had expected. There are a lot of sweet, light scents like this on the market that are much more reasonably priced. As well as that, it does not help that the staying power is also remarkably average. So, whilst it is a nice fragrance, I think I would only recommend it if you can get hold of it at a much more reasonable price than the RRP.


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      • Product Details

        Prada Candy ; enriches the Prada's unique position in the fragrance universe with another vision, one that is uniquely colorful, pop inspired and explosive.  Prada Candy combines the style of the original oriental Prada Amber For Women with an overdose of vanilla and benzoin, a touch of musky and powdery sophistication and a joyful carefree explosion of caramel.