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Prada Infusion d'Iris Eau de Parfum

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8 Reviews

Brand: Prada / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women / Type: Infusion / Contents/Size: 50ml

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    8 Reviews
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      28.07.2013 17:02
      Very helpful




      I got Prada Infusion d'Iris as part of a gift set along with the matching body lotion.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      The eau de parfum is available as a 50ml or 100ml spray or a 400ml splash!
      The 50ml eau de parfum is £35.95 at cheapsmell.com (RRP £47.50).
      The 100ml eau de parfum is less than £1.00 more. It costs £36.67 at cheapsmells.com (RRP £64.00).
      The 400ml eau de parfum splash (comes without a spray pump) costs £53.95 at cheapsmells.com (RRP £115.00).

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottle is quite chunky. It is quite tall and rectangular shaped. It is made from clear glass with a silver coloured oval shaped metal plate on the front with, 'Prada Milano' embossed on it.
      The lid is cylindrical and silver on the top with a thick band of a light mint green coloured material going around the outside of it.
      I really like the bottle. It has a very classic look and I love the metal plate on the front.
      The perfume itself is a yellowy-green colour.

      ~ Scent ~
      I love the scent of this fragrance.
      The top notes are mandarin, galbanum, orange and orange blossom.
      The heart notes are iris, cedar and vetiver.
      The base notes are incense and benzoin.
      To me it has a very floral powdery scent. I cannot detect any fruitiness in this fragrance. It has a slight woody edge as well, which comes and goes.
      To me this fragrance is what iris smells like. I used to have an iris scented hand cream and it smelled like this fragrance.
      It is powdery and quite sweet, but it doesn't smell cheap. I think it is a similar scent to violet or liquorice flower. It reminds me a little of Lolita Lempicka eau de parfum.
      I personally can't detect any of the other notes listed in this fragrance.
      I wear this as a day time perfume and I have found it to be long lasting and I can smell it on myself throughout the day. It lasts for around 8 hours on my skin, which I have been impressed with.
      I really love this perfume and have worn it quite a lot since I first got it.
      I think it would appeal to women of all ages and although it is quite sweet I still think more mature women would enjoy it as much as younger women.
      There are no sharp or harsh notes in it at all.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      This is a lovely sweet powdery floral perfume. I love the scent.
      I would recommend this fragrance and I would buy it again if my bottle was to run out. It can be picked up for a reasonable price.
      I like the bottle that it comes in. It has a nice classic design and I like the detailing on the little metal plaque on the front.


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      24.10.2011 14:12
      Very helpful



      A fantastic fragrance but not a fantastic price :) highly recommended

      Prada infusion d'iris perfume (100ml)

      I bought this perfume when I was on a royal Caribbean cruise (this august) and it was the most expensive perfume I have seen (although there are a lot more expensive perfumes) and I think it was the most expensive perfume in the store on-board the ship. The perfume is the first Prada perfume I have ever bought and it is amazing in my opinion.

      - About the perfume

      The perfume bottle I have is the 100ml bottle, it is a spray bottle but this perfume is also available in a splash bottle - with no spray dispenser. This perfume was launched in 2007 and there are various sized bottles of this perfume including: 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and a huge 400ml splash bottle. Other products from this scent includes: scented draw liners, purse sprays, refreshing tissues, linen water, bath and shower gel and a gift set is available (all from debenhams).

      - Packaging

      The packaging and bottle design for the perfume is fairly simple although it is really nice. The box that the perfume comes in is mint green in colour and the text on the box is easy to read. The bottle itself is see-through/transparent so you can see the level of perfume left in the bottle and the bottle is fairly big and it looks quite expensive - as it should because it was really expensive. Due to the large size and fairly heavy weight of the bottle, this would not be great for traveling but you can buy an atomiser which would rectify this problem.

      - Scent

      *Top notes

      Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Neroli

      *Heart notes

      Iris (Iris Pallida)

      *Base notes

      Incense, Cedarwood (theperfumeshop.com)

      The top notes of a perfume are the scents that you can smell as you
      spray the perfume onto your skin, these are light molecules and they
      evaporate easily. So the citrusy scents of mandarin, orange blossom and
      neroli will not last very long on the skin before the middle or heart notes
      emerge. The middle or heart notes of a perfume are the scents that make
      up the majority of the perfume that you will smell throughout the day -
      so in turn these notes will determine if the perfume will be classified as a
      floral, woody or oriental scent etc (the fragrance group or family). The
      main scent of this perfume is Iris - in particular Iris Pallida - which is an
      iris native to the dalmatian coast. The base notes within this perfume are
      incense and cedarwood which are the heaviest of all of the molecules that
      make up the fragrance, therefore they have the longest staying power.

      I personally love this scent, as I bought this fragrance on the cruise when
      I was in Italy, it always reminds me of Italy which I love. The fragrance in
      my opinion is very spring/summery as it smells so fresh and fruity/floral.
      The scent is very unique and I have not found a perfume that smells like
      this before, it is just gorgeous. The scent reminds my of happy memories
      and of summer but I will wear this perfume throughout autumn/winter
      but not as much as I would wear it in the summer months.

      - Longevity

      The longevity of this perfume for me is what makes this fragrance stand out over all of the other fragrances I have owned. The perfumes I own last for a maximum of about five to six hours but this perfume lasts for so much longer. I spray this perfume of my wrist, my sleeve and sometimes my neck and I find that this fragrance lasts a bit longer on my clothing than it does not my skin. I find that after about eight to nine hours I can still smell the fragrance on my skin (my wrist) which I think is fantastic. But when I spray this perfume of a scarf that I am wearing I can still clearly smell the perfume on the scarf the next day! The longevity of the perfume is just amazing and it is the most long lasting perfume I have ever come across.

      - Overall positives

      The overall positives of this perfume in my opinion are as follows: the bottle is really nice and expensive looking (as it should be), the fragrance is just gorgeous and the notes all work so well together and transition from the top, middle/heart and base notes is very pleasant. The longevity of the perfume is just amazing! It lasts for a day on my clothing and for about eight to nine hours on my skin. Overall, I plan on buying this perfume for many, many years and I would also highly recommend this perfume to anyone!

      - Overall negatives

      The overall negatives of this perfume in my opinion are as follows: the price of the perfume is very expensive - but it is so worth the money in my opinion as I only need one spray on my wrists and one spray on my clothing and I will be smelling lovely for the rest of the day. Not even the large price tag can take a star of the rating of this perfume.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this perfume when I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise (this august) and on the ship everything is priced in American dollars. This perfume is 100ml and it was $100 - which obviously a dollar for every milliliter - which is really quite expensive but in my opinion it is well worth the money as it lasts for so long on my skin and clothing, it is amazing! This perfume is available in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and 400ml bottles. Also in the UK the price of this perfume is not as expensive as on the Royal Caribbean ship - in the UK the prices of this perfume are as follows:

      Debenhams: 50ml = £51, 100ml = £68.50, 200ml = £79
      Cheapsmells.co.uk: 50ml = £40.95
      House of fraser: 400ml (yes, 400ml) = £128



      *Lasts for a minimum of eight hours on my skin
      *Bottle design is gorgeous and the nozzle sprays the perfume quickly, easily and evenly
      *You only need one spray of the perfume as it is really strong/powerful which I love
      *The scent is gorgeous: it smells light, fresh, summery and floral which works so well as a fragrance in my opinion
      *More economical than other perfumes I use as one spray only lasts for about 8/9 hours on my skin and for a whole day on my clothing
      *Quite widely available


      *Price - but in my opinion it is well worth the money as it lasts for ages and I think one bottle will last me quite a while

      And to answer my title, I think it will be not surprise what my answer will be - yes, it is the best fragrance in the world - in my opinion anyway!

      Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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        15.08.2011 10:21
        Very helpful



        not all that good considering its Prada

        Prada is a well established fashion house. They specialise in expensive shoes and handbags but all also offer a range of fragrances for men and women.

        *~*Infusion D'iris*~*

        Prada Infusion D'iris claims to be a light and fresh scent due to the various natural ingredients that have been blended to create it. It is also promoted as being sophisticated and elegant. The actual name of the scent is down to the process of drawing scent notes from the root of the iris plant.

        Infusion D'iris is available in many forms. For a quick burst of scent, there is an Eau de Parfum and an Eau de Toilette. The scent can be layered thanks to addition products such as bath soap, shower gel, body lotion and also refreshing tissues. To extend the range further, the Infusion D'iris scent has also been infused into a linen water for your iron and sachets for your drawers! Of course every product in the range comes with a premium price tag.


        The EDP is presented in a weighty, rectangular glass bottle. The bottle is clear allowing the slightly tinted perfume to be visible. A round, silver lid tops the bottle and the Prada name is etched onto the front of the bottle.


        As with any perfume, Infusion D'iris has been created through various sets of fragrance notes. Each set of notes develop as the perfume wears on the skin and can smell different on other people.

        *Top notes (the first scent detected which will be short lived) - orangle blossom, neroli and mandarin

        *Heart notes (the main body of the scent) - iris

        *Base notes (the final scent detected on the skin) - woods and incense


        Prada Infusion D'iris is widely available on the highstreet and online.


        30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml (£32.72 - £67.14) Purse spray set 3 x 10ml EDP (£42.07) Refill set 3 x 10ml EDP (£28.04) It is worth noting if you adore this scent, you can purchase large bottles in a set with a funnel and splash bottle. These come in a 400ml (£108.79) and 750ml (£191.24) size!


        30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml (£38.50 - £64.50)

        *~*My Thoughts*~*

        My perfume collection appreciates rejected perfumes from others as I'm not feeling flush enough at the moment, to purchase anything new. My sister also loves her perfumes and often offloads some to me. One which she gave me a few months ago, was a 30ml spray bottle of Prada Infusion D'iris. There was around half left which given how rarely I sprayed this, lasted me the last few months!

        I have had mixed experiences with Prada perfumes in the past as I do feel for the price they charge, the perfumes aren't of the highest quality. The bottle design of this EDP is rather masculine in my opinion and doesn't look very special really. It wasn't until researching prices for this review did I discover the huge range of Infusion D'iris products that were actually available. I've never known a perfume to be infused into an ironing water but I suppose there must be a market for it..somewhere!

        *~*Infuse Me Prada!*~*

        Pressing down the spray top, a fine mist of perfume is released and settles neatly onto the skin. I'm not keen on splash bottles so certainly prefer the convenience of a spray bottle. The initial scent is favourable. The notes would determine quite a fruity opening and this is almost accurate. The mandarin is quite subtle a sweet and rests on a leafy, fresh bed of scent which is owed to the neroli and orange blossom. It is a light, delicate scent with an airy feel about it though it wasn't as noticeable as it could have been considering it is an EDP.

        Around an hour later, the top notes start to subside and the scent deepens a little. Iris isn't a fragrance note that I am overly familiar with but seems to offer the main focus as the heart of the scent comes into play. I can't say it pleased me too much in all honesty. I found it to be lacking anything special to make the premium price worth it. It isn't very distinctive but offers a sort of musky, floral scent which has a weird chemical tone about it.

        The heart of Infusion D'iris lingered and stayed consistent for around 4hours which isn't ideal for an EDP. Thankfully the base notes offered a pleasant change to the awful heart note but still lacked that much needed boost to bring it up to a decent standard of scent. There was a smooth, woody theme going on with earthy undertones. It was quite nice but basic and lasted another 3hours or so before leaving my skin.


        The subtle nature of Infusion D'iris allows it to be ideal for day time wear and could be used daily if you liked the scent. Its simplistic nature would allow the scent to suit any age.


        This certainly isn't the cheapest scent but not as expensive as some of the Prada scents when you consider buying a larger 200ml bottle. In all honesty, I wasn't overly keen on Infusion D'iris as I felt it was a little bland and cheap smelling. I have used it sparingly over the course of the last few months but could never get in to it enough to considering purchasing a bottle for myself.

        For a brand such as Prada, I would have expected something a bit more distinctive and longer lasting on the skin.

        Thanks for reading :)


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          25.10.2009 20:01
          Very helpful



          You'll smell wonderful but not for long

          This is such a lovely smelling perfume, however you'll find it's one that doesn't linger for very long. Some may say this is a good point as it means it's niether cloying nor overpowering, but if like me you like people to stop and ask you what you're wearing then it won't get you that, unless you reapply every few hours! So perhaps more of an everyday smell than a real show stopper, begs the question is it worth the price tag?

          I must say though that it a very good scent for those who can't decided if they're a girl or a lady. It has a depth of fragrance to it which lends itself to a more sophisticated woman, yet the overtones are light and floaty. So if you're of two minds about how you want to be seen then this gives you both. A great asset in a perfume I say.


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          13.07.2009 14:51



          A very fresh scent, that lasts throughout the day. One I would definitely recommend!

          Although this perfume can be a bit pricey I would definitely recommend it to any girl! I first smelt it when I got into my friend's car, who was wearing it at the time, and the whole car smelt of Iris'. I thought that it was a very clean and fresh scent and was very impressed that the smell was so strong.

          I personally like my fragrance to last through the day and I really feel that this fragrance really delivers. Even though the floral scent is very fitting for the summer, I do believe that you could easily wear it during any season.

          I had my eye on this Prada fragrance for a while but I was put off by the price for so long. Eventually I bought my bottle from a duty free counter at an airport and because I felt I was getting a good deal I don't now feel that I have to be so restrained with the amount I use!

          In summary- a very fresh and long lasting fragrance!


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          11.06.2009 21:57
          Very helpful



          My favourite!

          I have tried many perfumes, and this is my favourite ever. It has a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance that evolves throughout the day. The name, 'Infusion d'Iris', apparently refers to the iris-scent. I wouldn't recognise the scent of iris, but it is definitely floral, with base notes of vetiver (this is what most perfumes have as their base).

          It has a young scent- no heaviness or soapy traces- and reminds me of summertime, though it could be worn in the depths of winter to perk you up!

          I normally use about four spritzes in the morning, and it sees me through a whole day.

          This perfume is on the expensive side, but I was drawn to the pretty light green packaging, and I'm so glad I was because I will never need any other scent!

          I bought mine from a department store, not sure if you can get it in chemists.

          It comes in at least two sizes, I have the small one but because it lasts so well I'm still on my first bottle!


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          17.05.2009 15:08
          Very helpful



          A gorgeous fresh scent

          Eau d'iris smells, as the name may suggest, of irises. NOt my favourite flower but I thought I would try it anyway. At first it was nothing special, bu then it began to grow on me. I was walking around and kept smelling this wonderful scent, and only realised it was me after a long period of time. The top notes (notes include mandarin, orange blossom, galbanum, iris, incense, benzoin, cedar, lentisc and vetiver) are bright and sunny. It is a very fresh, light and summery fragrance, but if you want it to last I suggest that you spray quite a lot on. It is quite earthy, but not as much as some other iris fragrances. Prices start from around 30 pound, and in my opinion Prada's Eau d'iris is well worth the money. It smells so much nicer, and more unique than the so-called "celebrity scents" which I wouldn't give place on my dressing room table.


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          02.02.2008 15:19
          Very helpful



          A fine fragrance with the perfect combination of fresh, sensual florals and masculine undertones.

          Launched: 2007
          Classification: Woody oriental

          Thought I prefer wearing perfumes from the renowned French fragrance houses such as Guerlain, Lancome and Cacharel, I also regularly follow what the most notorious fashion design houses are up to in terms of new fragrance releases which are often in fact olfactory reformulations of known, classic perfume blends.

          With this new fragrance Prada breaks away from their embrace of the stronger, darker range of Prada Eau de Parfum (2004) and Prada Eau de Parfum Intense (2005) where patchouli and amber were the most prominent notes. Infusion d'Iris is a distinctive, light and fresh perfume that is probably already popular with many classic and chic fragrance fans.

          The bottle

          In tradition with Prada style, the bottle is of the well-known understated simplicity and elegance and has a 'pre-war' luxury feel. The tall, rectangular clear bottle has a Prada Milano in grey letters engraved on a plate. The engraved logo is surrounded with a delicate chain motive crowned with an emblem on the top. The box is light green and somewhat oversized.

          The fragrance

          Top notes: mandarine, orange blossom

          The first minutes on my skin of this very attractive, classic and chic fragrance revealed that Infusion d'Iris is a woody oriental and not an oriental woody perfume. For me the difference lies in the woodiness, which is a lot drier and more pronounced here than in most orientals and the oriental feel only adds a nuance to the fragrance.

          Prada's new addition started out with a clean, fresh citrus note which was slightly woody and smelled like bitter, green orange.

          Middle notes: orris, neroli

          The fragrance then nicely developed into a warm and sensual heart, with the iris flower coming into full bloom. An addictive combination! I noticed smelling it on myself over and over again.
          To my disappointment, this phase only lasted for a couple of hours though I applied the fragrance generously.

          Base notes: benzoin, frankinsense, cedar

          What I was left with was a a soapy and woody base - with all the flower notes gone! This drydown smelled rather masculine or like an aromatic unisex fragrance at best.

          Apart from my skin chemitry this must be due to the somewhat upside down development of the woody and floral notes. As the woodiness is apparent throughout from the start it will only be fleetingly replaced by delicate florals and will eventually dry down to a woody base - delicious though.


          The lack of heavy base notes such as the ones used in Prada Eau de Parfum makes Infusion d'Iris very light and delicate - whether that is an advantage or a disadvantage depends on the wearer.

          Overall, Infusion d'Iris is a balanced fragrance in that the florals do not dominate over the green notes. A fine fragrance that has the perfect combination of delicate freshness, floral sweetness and woody earthiness in a unique and sensuous blend.

          It is currently one of the most expensive perfumes on the market
          as you'll probably have to use double the amount for a decent wear for an eau de parfum. Try it for a day to see how much you need to spray on. Ideal as a gift as its delicacy is likely to appeal to all ages and tastes not to mention the designer tag!

          Available: department stores (John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Fraser)


          £ 42 / 50 ml eau de parfum
          £ 52.60 / 100 ml eau de parfum
          £ 61.20 / 200 ml eau de parfum
          £113 / 400 ml splash + 30 ml refill bottle

          Now I understand why these unusually big sizes for an eau de parfum!

          Infusion d'Iris is also available range of other products such as scented tissues, linen water, bath and shower gel, body lotion, soaps and candles. Prices from £23.50 (2 x 50 ml soaps) .

          Staying power: 3 / 5
          Composition: 5 / 5
          Value for money: 4 / 5
          Overall value: 4 / 5

          Thanks for reading my review.


          ©powered by lillybee


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        • Product Details

          Prada Infusion D'Iris ; is a contemporary eau de parfum that reinforces Prada's connection with the artisan traditions of classic perfumery / Full of high-quality natural ingredients, Infusion D'Iris is clean, fresh and light and at the same time sophisticated and elegant / It is an intimate and personal scent that envelops you / The name Infusion D'Iris is inspired by the ancient and revered six-month-long infusion process used to draw soft, fresh notes from the root of the iris plant.

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