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Prada Tendre Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Prada / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      28.12.2012 00:13
      Very helpful



      Stunning perfume, scary price.

      I am not a huge perfume consumer but it is something I love receiving as a gift because I do like to try new fragrances. This is something I received for Christmas so I thought I would share my opinions.

      This perfume comes in a beautiful rectangular glass bottle. It has a silver coloured metal pump and a purple fabric dispenser when activates the spritzer. This harks back to perfume bottles from the 50s and before. I love the way it evokes classic and vintage style in a really modern way with this very sharp and clean rectangular bottle. I think the overall effect is extremely stylish, modern and feminine without being overly girly. The perfume inside finishes it off with a lovely pinky coloured liquid that really sets off the other colours in this design.

      The design is so elegant and stylish that I really had the highest expectations for the perfume, and it lives up to them. The perfume, like the bottle, is effortlessly feminine and elegant whilst being inherently youthful, fun and fresh. I think the scent is really a beautiful mixture of very fresh and clean notes with an underbelly of deep, sensual and mysterious scents which combine to make this intriguing and invigorating fragrance.

      The notes in this perfume are benzoin, plum, patchouli, verbena, cedarwood, labdanum, cardamon, mate leaves, sandalwood, jasmine and vetiver. That's quite a mixture of notes but they blend together elegantly to give you initially a very fresh, floral and lightly spiced smell. This deepens into a woody, earthy smell and ultimately leaves you with elegant spiced sweet notes which are very sexy.

      This perfume is absolutely beautiful, and every bit as elegant and sexy as the brand itself. That said, the price is a bit of a deal breaker for me. This perfume costs roughly £26 for a 30ml bottle which is on the more expensive end of what I would be willing to pay for such a little bottle. Understandably this is an expensive brand and so the perfume comes with a big price tag. Because of that I'd definitely be happy to ask for it as a gift but I'd be reluctant to splash out on this with my own money.

      Overall, a beautiful perfume but a scary price.


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      20.01.2011 21:36
      Very helpful



      swapped it with my sister

      Prada is an Italian fashion brand founded by Mario Prada. Whilst the main focus is on menswear and womenswear, the brand also offers shoes, accessories and perfume.


      The Prada fragrance range includes only a few choices and each fragrance is generally accompanied by its matching body products. The current line up for the ladies includes :

      *L'Eau Ambree EDP
      *Infusion d'Iris EDT and EDP
      *Prada EDP
      *Prada Tendre

      *~*~*Prada Tendre*~*~*

      Prada Tendre comes in Eau de Parfum form with a matching body lotion and shower gel being available. The perfume was released in 2006 and resembles the original Prada. The scent is described as being classic, hypnotic as well as fresh and vibrant. The scent was created by Carlos Benaim and Clement Gavarry.


      Prada perfumes are well recognised but not for obscure bottle designs.Prada Tendre captures the design of the original Prada and also L'Eau Ambree in a rectangular, clear glass bottle. The bottle is made of thick glass giving it a heavy and sturdy appearance and feel. A simple click on, silver lid adorns the top and Prada is imprinted in silver on the front.


      The fragrance notes seem to differ between websites but I have taken them from the main websites that I personally trust to provide the correct information.

      *Top notes - Tendre welcomes us to appreciate the initial blast of lemon, mandarin, neroli and Italian bergamot.

      *Heart notes - the body of Tendre is an infusion of Guatemala cardamom, tea leaves, Haitian veviter and Indian jasmine.

      *Base notes - Tendre is concluded with a a deep blend of Indonesian patchouli, Indian Sandalwood, benzoin and Virginian cedar

      *~*~*Availability and Price*~*~*

      Prada Tendre doesn't appear to be as widely available as other Prada fragrances. The prices below are from online stores stocking Prada Tendre.

      www.cheapsmells.com : 80ml refillable EDP £40.80/Gift set including 50ml EDP, 100ml body lotion and 100ml shower gel £40.80

      www.amazon.co.uk : same as above for 80ml and gift set. 7ml EDP also available at £4.99

      *~*~*My Thoughts*~*~*

      Browsing ebay last month, I came across a seller offering a Prada Tendre gift set at only £18.99. The box was slightly damaged but I couldn't resist and treated myself to the set. I did have some Christmas money left over so this seemed the perfect way to spend the rest of it. Now, you know me and I always like to test perfume before I buy it but on this occasion the deal was too good to miss for Prada so I was buying blind!

      My set promptly arrived and although I am not familiar with Prada perfumes, I was eager to try this out. I decided to sell the body lotion and shower gel on ebay as I have too many designer ones at the moment and although they haven't sold yet, they usually do so for around £20.00 for the set..now this works out that I would get the perfume for free! The simple design of the bottle is high quality and quite sophisticed, It looks expensive and stands out on my dresser as a designer bottle.

      The sprayer on the bottle gives off a short, sharp blast of perfume onto my wrist and neck leaving a slightly sticky texture on my skin. This doesn't last long and once dried on it feels quite powdery and smooth. The initial scent is overpowering and took me by surprise. It is a weird, citrussy blend which seems to have been blended with a strong, musk note which I simply do not like. I can handle a citrus approach when it is fresh and inviting but something just isn't right and it doesn't sit right with my skin at all. I hoped that the top notes would quickly settle and be more desirable.

      The heart of Tendre makes an appearance within a few moments and doesn't do anything to impress me in the slightess. Its strength is undeniable but it is cloying and too heady in my opinion. Perhaps my nose is so used to floral hearts that Tendres offering just doesn't appeal to me. The heart is too confusing and the notes seem to have been thrown together with no real reason or method. Its complicated nature makes picking out the individual notes a difficult task but I pick up on something spicy with an unusual floral note which certainly doesn't resemble the classic jasmine.

      The heart notes remain strong and evident giving off a rather headachingly powerful aroma for around 2hours which isn't all that long for an EDP. The base notes are appreciated as they are the most bearable combination within Tendre. Deep and woody, Prada have put more effort into the base than they did the rest of the scent and I love the combination. The base contains and even blend of the notes and none overpower. It is warm, inviting and ever so slightly creamy. It sits quite close to the skin giving off a glowy scent which has been quite pleasant through the cold spell we have had. The base sat on my skin for around 4-5 hours before becoming non existant.


      Prada Tendre is a powerful scent that if one decided to wear, could pull off during cold winter evenings. Its strength would suit evening wear at a party providing you aren't sitting beside one person all night as you may overpower them with a musky aroma! Ok if mingling though!

      *~*~*Conclusion and Recommendation*~*~*

      Unfortuantely I cannot recommend Prada Tendre. Its notes would lead you to conclude a fresh and vibrant scent but it is the complete opposite..it is dull, unimpressive and only the base is appreciated by me. It doesn't last very long at all and considering it is an EDP from a high quality brand and also the price, this is very disappointing.

      Prada Tendre doesn't suit my skin or nose very well at all but my sister quite liked the scent. We decided to swap perfumes and I have ended up with an Avril Lavigne one which I don't mind as I really didn't pay anything for the set as the shower gel and body lotion will be sold soon enough. I am glad to be rid of it!

      Thanks for reading x


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        07.09.2009 20:38
        Very helpful



        This is a lovely, light fragrance which most people would like. Makes a good 'safe' present choice!

        This is my everyday perfume that I wear to work on a daily basis.

        For those of you that have the original Prada eau de parfum the tendre version is basically the same fragrance, but a lot lighter. Although it is an eau de parfum you'd be forgiven for thinking it is an eau de toilette.

        The perfume itself is a very pale orange/pink colour and comes in an elegant rectangular glass bottle with silver plating on the top. The silver plating is engraved with the key ingredients of the fragrance. As it's quite a light fragrance, I use quite a few squirts and do find it needs re-applying in the middle of the day.

        I would describe the scent as young, fresh and invigorating. Notes include siamese benzoin, plum accord, Indonesian patchouli leaves, verbena, cedarwood, labdanum, cardamom, mate leaves, Indian sandalwood, jasmine and vetiver.

        I think most people would like this fragrance as it is very pleasant. I received the 50ml size in a gift set as a present but have just checked on feelunique.com and they sell the 30ml size for £26.50. You can also get co-ordinating products such as body lotions.

        Once my bottle has gone I probably wont buy this perfume again as there are others around the same price range that I prefer e.g. Gucci II. If I received another bottle as a present though I wouldn't be disappointed. This perfume would make a good, safe present for someone as I think it would be hard to find someone who disliked this scent.


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