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Revlon Charlie Black Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Revlon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      13.12.2010 19:13
      Very helpful



      A good budget buy

      ~ Cheeky Charlie Black!~

      Being what you may call a fragrance fanatic means that I am like a moth to a flame when I come across a fragrance that is reduced or on a special deal or offer, as I feel it offers a good way for me to sample a new and unknown fragrance. When out and about I came across the range of updated Revlon Charlie fragrances some time ago and as they were reduced to just a few pounds each I decided it would be a good time to acquaint myself with what they all had to offer. Amongst the fragrances I purchased was the Revlon Charlie Black fragrance that I am reviewing here.

      I recall that although it was the super low sales price that captured my attention when I saw this fragrance for the first time, I also felt that the bold, modern and eye catching design used on the fragrance box stood out from the crowd. In my opinion the black, silver and white theme of the fragrance box appeared to be very different from the other fragrances in the same range. I cannot really say that the fragrance box is in any way classy as in my opinion it isn't, however I do feel that it is youthful and full of fun, which I think that is what the updated Revlon Charlie fragrances are all meant to be about. I feel in this case I can forgive the fragrance box for being shall we say a little over the top and in its favour it certainly did catch my eye as I bought the fragrance.

      Having experienced the Charlie Black fragrance fully I feel able to give it an honest, well rounded and balanced review. My thoughts about Charlie Black include my views about the fragrance and functionality of the product, the look and feel of the fragrance box and bottle, plus the value for money aspect offered by this budget fragrance. I do feel that the main appeal of the product is the price, as for an everyday fragrance Charlie Black can be worn as generously as you dare, (bearing in mind its strong and sharp initial scent of course) as the fragrance truly is a budget buy product that won't break the bank in my opinion. I feel that Charlie Black is a fragrance that won't cost too many pennies to replace should you use it all up too quickly, making it something that could be worn as an every day fragrance if wanted. I also feel that if you can over look the cheap looking fragrance bottle and its bold looking product box the fragrance itself can provide a good day wear product for those that like this type of fragrance.

      ~Is this scent one of Charlie's Angels?~

      Revlon say that Charlie Black can 'bring out the rebel in you', using a combination of 'sparkling mandarin, cherry and white musk'. The fragrance is part of the Charlie Collection, which Revlon say includes a fragrance to suit every mood, giving you the confidence to do your thing'.

      As far as the Charlie Black fragrance goes I am of a rather mixed opinion about it if I am entirely honest, as there are a number of conflicting influences in the fragrance that sometimes work for me and sometimes (don't depending on my mood). I feel that Charlie Black does try to be similar to some very well known fragrances with its almost 'Elnett Hairspray' kind of opening scent that is reminiscent of a couple of very well respected players in the fragrance field (although things do soften and settle down later on with this fragrance). When I first sprayed the fragrance on I didn't take to it in an instant and had to let it settle before I could make my mind up about it and because of this I feel that the fragrance is a grower rather than an instant hit (although of course this is just my personal opinion). Had the initial overly strong Elnett Hairspray scent continued without softening a little once the fragrance had dried on my skin, I feel I may have been unable to wear the fragrance at all. Luckily it did mellow, although it was never too far away from its opening gambit unless I wore it for some time allowing it to truly settle down, which is why Charlie Black is not a true Charlie's Angel in my opinion.

      ~Budget priced Charlie Black !~

      When I first used this fragrance I was reminded of the sharp and almost up your nose to the point of enveloping you in a mist of heady hairspray feel that fragrances such as Dune and Obsession can give if sprayed on too thickly. Thankfully once the fragrance had settled down a little it softened down to become a far sweeter and more fruity feeling fragrance that was a little easier on the nose. When I first wore Charlie Black I was amazed by how very similar the opening of this fragrance seemed to be to a couple of other well known fragrances although Charlie Black lacks the class that they undoubtedly have in abundance. Having worn this fragrance on and off since I bought it I wouldn't say that Charlie Black will set your pulse racing and have you jumping for joy at its fantastic unique fragrance although you might be excited by its amazingly cheap purchase price! What this fragrance lacks in finesse it makes up for in its cheap sales price.

      The makers of this fragrance would like us all to think that the fragrance has a 'sparkling ' quality about it as the blend of mandarin, cherry and white musk used in the fragrance are meant to make us all feel sparkly and bright when we spray on a little or a lot of the fragrance. I cannot really agree with having felt that way when I wear the fragrance at all sadly, as there is a distinct lack of so called sparkle coming from it, I would say the fragrance is pleasant enough to wear and nothing more. I feel that Charlie Black gives off a very strong initial opening followed by a slightly fruity yet sweet fragrance that lasts for a good few hours before fading away to next to nothing. Charlie Black is pleasant to wear and I feel it certainly would be a good cheap buy for those who favour substituting cheaper day wear fragrances for their more expensive and luxurious feeling cousins.

      I really couldn't separate one scent from another within the fragrance as much as I tried, other than to say that the musky aspect was there during the later stages of the fragrance when I wore it and that did slightly soften the sharp initial impact that the fragrance had. As this fragrance feels very bold once sprayed onto the skin I would say that it is not for the faint hearted. I feel that even when Charlie Black goes past its overpowering opening hairspray scent is still has a strong sweetly scented blend to it that may not appeal to everyone so it might be something that should be sampled first and bought later should it prove to suit. Over all Charlie Black offers good value for money making it an inexpensive day wear fragrance you can spray on and top up time and time again in my opinion.

      ~The look ~

      The bottle that the Charlie Black fragrance comes in, is if I am honest a very cheap and poorly done affair that reeks of budget brand tat and I feel that is rather a let down. I wonder if the makers of the fragrance feel that with their target market for the Charlie Black fragrance being geared towards a younger fragrance buyer, (who is perhaps more likely to buy purely based on price rather than on the quality of the product presentation) that costs could be cut with no loss of sales. If that is the aim of the producers of the fragrance then they have done a good job at cutting costs and doing away with fancy finishes as what you see is what you get with the fragrance bottle. I don't feel this cheaper product presentation will appeal all that much to more mature fragrance buyers who like a degree of luxury from their fragrance purchases, although younger/ more cash strapped, or savvy fragrance buyers may be able to see past this and see good value for money in Charlie Black. I see the fragrance bottle as being a purely functional object in this case, as it lacks that luxury quality and pampering feel that many women love.

      The clear glass used to make up the Charlie Black bottle is functional and contains the fragrance within it well enough in my opinion. The slightly prismatic shape gives an easy to hold bottle shape that wont be easily dropped or broken as it can be held in the hand without fear of it slipping. The spray applicator functions in a most basic form only and looks and feels to be of a cheap construction with it giving out a fair amount of fragrance each time if used with care. The lid of the fragrance bottle is in a clear, rather dull looking material and to my mind looks rather insipid and boring. The lid is made from an almost matt clear looking plastic and although in use I found it sat well on top of the fragrance bottle it was purely functional and had no real style or design to it of any note that I found appealing. The only nod to a little more expense and thought is that the Charlie logo that has been imprinted onto the plastic lid, other than that the over all look is plain, boring and rather cheap which is in keeping with the look of the rest of the fragrance bottle in my opinion. I would say that the mix of colours used on the product box immediately caught my eye when I was looking at the rest of the Charlie fragrances which where on display on the day I bought this fragrance.


      Over all I feel that the fragrance offers outstanding value for money for a budget style day wear product and I feel it certainly has a market ready and waiting for it. I don't feel that the product is as refined as the fragrances I have compared it to, yet it does offer a very similar feel and for that alone it may be worth investigating if those scents are favorites.


      I feel the main appeal with Charlie Black is in the bargain prices that the fragrance can be bought for, as this means the fragrance can be sprayed on/ topped up as often as wanted without the wearer having to worry about the high cost of buying another bottle. As an every day fragrance it is most often no more than £5.95 for a 30ml sized bottle and can be bought for as little as £3.97 when reduced in many major stores such as Boots and Superdrug where it can easily be found on sale. I feel this makes the fragrance a good value buy if it is something that appeals to you.

      ~Product rating~

      As far as rating the Charlie Black fragrance goes I feel that in this case one needs to take into account not only the scent of the fragrance and the longevity of it when on the skin. I feel that the price of the fragrance is a large part of what actually makes this a very wearable fragrance for many women young and old in spite of the budget style product presentation and uninspiring looking fragrance bottle.To give Charlie Black a rating that is fair when taking everything into consideration I feel that a 3 star rating is about right. Although that isn't a particularly high rating in terms of what is available to buy, I do feel it is more than fair and reflects the capabilities of the fragrance when its worn over the course of the day. If the fragrance were to be rated on price and value alone then I would perhaps have awarded it an extra star as it really is a good bargain buy that is similar to a number of more expensive fragrances.

      Summary: A good budget buy


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        07.12.2010 08:58
        Very helpful




        I remember Charlie Perfume from when I was younger. We are probably going back about 16 years when I was using Charlie last and my favourite was always Charlie Red. There was only a few Charlie Perfumes out as I can remember, but there seems to be quite a few more added to the range since I can remember.

        I picked up a bottle of this in savers. There was a tester of this out, and although it didn't smell all that designer or fancy, it smelt crisp, clean and fresh.

        I got this in a 30ml bottle and it cost me a bargain £2.99. After looking online it seems that this is available in quite a few places. Not sure how long this has been out.

        The box is alright. I am guessing that the black on the box is more to do with the Black name. It is just all black and white on here. A plain rectangular box. The bottle looks alright. It is a simple looking glass bottle. The lid is frosted plastic. It looks sort of cheap, but then again it is.

        So how does this smell? It's nice enough. According to the website "Charlie Black has a sparkling creation of mandarin, cherry and white musk." So sounds all ok. Since this has White Musk in it then I would assume this is more for young teenagers as I think the Charlie brand is for anyway. You can smell all the notes in here and since there is only 3 notes in here then these are easily identified. The Mandarin is nice and Citrussy, the White Musk is that bit heavier and with a dash of Vanilla kind of scented Musk, and the Cherry is nice as well.

        This lasts a good enough lenght of time as well. Not that long lasting but long enough and due to the price of this I didn't mind to reapply it.

        This is a nice light and fresh scent. If you want something nice and don't want to spend all that money on it or don't need some big designer scent then I think this would be a good one for you.


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        04.11.2010 21:13
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not one I shall be buying again

        ==Revlon Charlie Black EDT Spray==

        Hello, I am Newby2 and I spend far too much money in Boots because I have a 10% discount card (don't tell Himself).

        This was just one of many fragrances that I couldn't help but put in my basket when browsing in Boots due to the fact that there was some money off the RRP making a 30 ml bottle a mere £3.97 pence! How could I not buy it to try! The usual price is hardly expensive at £5.95 p but a saving is a saving nonetheless!

        The perfume has more or less the same design as all the other perfumes from the Charlie range but this one is a black and white zebra print type outer cardboard box. It is more up my street than the bright pink Charlie I had bought with it so I assumed I would like the fragrance more (me judging books by there cover is a regular occurrence).

        So inside the box you get a rather simple design of bottle but it is a clear glass bottle which is what I usually like so that you can see how much you have got left and how much time is needed before another trip to Boots! The triangle shape of bottle is here again as with all the Charlie scents but there is a cloudy white plastic lid to go with this one and the liquid inside the bottle is clear too. On the whole it looks nothing special or exciting once out of the box and it is a shame they didn't follow the zebra type of print from the box on to the bottle.

        The perfume is released by a spray nozzle and I find you need around 3 or 4 sprays to get a good smell and a good coverage although the scent is not that strong so some people may need more to get the desired aroma on them and their clothes.

        The aroma of the perfume is far more deep and muskier than the other Charlie fragrance I purchased that day and I would have to say it is my least favourite. I really like the initial smell as there is a burst of fruit which smells rather like cherries and possibly melon but I find this smell is far too quick to disappear and the base notes of musk linger on the skin for the majority of the time. It remind me of an Avon perfume that I used to own which may indicate the slight cheapness of the fragrance.

        The lasting effects of this particular Charlie perfume are not as good as the others from this range that I have but again for the price this is only to be expected. I am not overly keen on the muskiness that is left on the skin as I find this more noticeable than any of the fruity scents that are described on the outer packaging.

        On the whole I feel that this is not a perfume that I would buy again as the smell is not something that I feel works with me or lasts very well. The price is cheap and the muskiness may well be to other people's liking but unfortunately this is not one for me.

        For these reasons I feel that awarding a 2 out of 5 star rating is only right for this Charlie Black perfume.

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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